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 "No need, I'm here."

A nonchalant voice seemed to linger everywhere like the evening drum or the morning bell that echoed in everybody's mind.

They all lifted their heads to watch a Netherworld Ship slowly drift toward them. The terrifying aura from the ship permeated the place. There were several figures on the ship. However, the slender one standing in the forefront deck with his head stooped was the most conspicuous.

That figure wore a cool face with calm bright eyes that watched the Shura Army underneath.

Many people hadn't grabbed a hold of themselves yet. They didn't know who that young man was, but he felt familiar. However, after a moment, everybody was terrified.

"Owner Bu?! Why had he ran to this place!"

"He's that dark horse chef! He came here himself!"

"Isn't he afraid of death? Sovereign Shura wants to see him. He wants to court death himself, doesn't he?"

People then clamored boisterously while scrutinizing Bu Fang as though they were studying a retard.

Luo Danqing lifted his head to take in Bu Fang's calm and gentle form. He couldn't help but feel moved... That was a very interesting young man.

So, he's that dark horse chef? He killed the Ancient Shura City's expert and robbed their Shura Tower?

Sovereign Shura grasped the Shura Sword. The sword energy slashed as if it wanted to cleave through the air.

He looked up and his eyes fixed on the figure in the void, the young man who was clasping his hands behind his back. Slowly, he parted his lips.

The Shura Saintess wore armor, watching Bu Fang with a complicated face. This young chef had brought her a lot of surprises. It was unexpected that they would meet each other under such circumstances.

He was a mysterious chef, indeed.

Jiao Ya, the expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, was playing with his ancient-styled black longbow. He took a deep breath when he eyed the black smoke spreading around the Netherworld Ship.

"Netherworld creatures... Is that the Netherworld Ship? The Netherworld Woman on the ship... The target appears."

On the Netherworld Ship, Nethery wore an ice-cold face. While she stood upright, her long black skirt swished in the wind, and her sleek black hair was also swaying.

Nether King pinched a Chili Strip, eating delightedly.

Nangong Wuque's legs became jellylike. He leaned against the ship and discreetly craned his neck to see the terrifying scene below. He gasped then retracted his head immediately.

"So scary... Why are there so many people!"

The Netherworld Ship dove. Nethery retrieved the ship and her team landed onto the city wall.

"Greetings, Palace Master," Bu Fang looked at Luo Danqing, giving him a nod. Bu Fang respected this man, the Palace Master who hadn't given up until this moment. Moreover, from the Third Elder, Bu Fang knew that this Palace Master had always supported him. He wasn't misled by Shura Sovereign's words.

"You are Owner Bu, right? Legendary... You're not ordinary," said Luo Danqing, studying Bu Fang.

"Oh, you're overpraising. I'm always out of the ordinary, though," Bu Fang nodded, answering seriously.

Luo Danqing was bewildered. The corner of his mouth twitched. This man had no shame. He was just trying to be courteous but this kid thought he meant it.

Giving Bu Fang a smile, Luo Danqing turned around to look at Shura Sovereign, with his sharp eyes sparkling.

"Shura Sovereign... The little chef is here. Will you fulfill your promise or not? Release the Great Elder!"

His voice was full of energy and confidence, reverberating in the sky, suppressing people's breathing.

Everybody turned to look at Shura Sovereign. The smile on Shura Sovereign's face vanished. His eyes studied Bu Fang and didn't regard Luo Danqing. It seemed like Bu Fang was his only target in this entire Heavenly Mist City.

Bu Fang arched his brows as he felt the small, jet tower hanging in front of his chest become warmer and seemed to slowly levitate. It was the same as the time he had bumped into Shura Sovereign's clone.


Bu Fang stretched his hand, caught the Shura Tower and pressed it onto his chest, with his face unexpressive. His bright eyes shot a faint glance to Shura Sovereign.

As his relationship with the Shura Tower was cut off, the indecent Shura Sovereign's face changed drastically, and his bestial eyes gazed at Bu Fang.

"You stinky chef! You dare seize my Shura Tower! Die!" Shura Sovereign said then roared angrily, with his aura instantly rocketing. "Bring this old fogy back down!" Shura Sovereign swung his arms, asking his subordinates to lead the prison van back.

In the meantime, Shura Sovereign's aura was still increasing. He floated, leaving his chariot, walking in the air as if there was an invisible staircase. Eventually, he hovered arrogantly.

The blood-colored cloak fluttered in the wind behind his back like the rising waves in the sky. The blood-colored Soul Stair immediately emerged above his head. The Soul Stair was very radiant, moving with the aura that could cause people to tremble.

Shura Sovereign floated up then hovered high in the sky, looking down at the crowd underneath. His electric-like eyes studied Bu Fang.

Luo Danqing's eyes sparkled in a malicious light. "Shura Sovereign! You don't keep your words!"

"My words? Sure! Give that stinky chef to me and I will release that old man at once!" Shura Sovereign said coldly, wielding his Shura Sword. The sword energy turned into a blood-colored sword light, slashing on the city wall. The city's protection formation was activated instantly. With continuous grumbling noises, many jets of light surfed across the formation to resist that gash.

The entire Heavenly Mist City was shaken at this moment.

Luo Danqing gasped as his rage continued to increase. He felt like he was fooled by Shura Sovereign! A deafening cry echoed, making everybody stuff their fingers into their ears.

"Shura evildoers! Since you've trespassed into our Pill Palace, the blood feud must be paid with blood!"

A flame burst and rose high in the sky.

The cyan Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame turned into a giant phantom, which was an unclear Ancient Demogorgon with ultimate power. Luo Danqing's body was inlaid in that phantom to control it to strike a blow to the Shura Sovereign.

At that moment, it seemed like the entire world was getting scorched, and even the air was boiling.

"Do you really think that I can't defeat you? Today, my Shura Sword wants to drink the Divine Soul's blood!"

Holding the Shura Sword, Shura Sovereign took one step forward, slashing with his sword. Immediately, a giant sword illusion arose behind him, parrying the giant flaming blow. As the two of them fought, terrifying explosions echoed and surged furiously! Luo Danqing's phantom continually backed off in the void, which had also shaken the air.

Shura Sovereign's arm shook as he smashed the energy from the giant blow. His sword rose, crushing the cyan flame, the deep-rooted ulcer. "The God Flame of your Pill Palace's fire controlling technique is extraordinary, indeed! Too bad... If you only have that then you must die today! My Shura Sword will cut you!"

Shura Sovereign's gorgeous face wore a disdainful smile.

In the next moment, the Shura Sword soared out of his hand. Then, it multiplied in the sky. One became two; two became ten; ten became thousands... So many Shura Swords packed the sky like dense, black clusters of clouds, giving people enormous pressure.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, standing on the city wall and watching the fight between the two. He was moved, though. This was a great battle between the Divine Soul Realm experts.

Pill Palace's Master Luo Danqing's fire controlling techniques were indeed extremely profound, and Shura Sovereign's sword will was also unrivaled.

Bu Fang suddenly felt interested in it. His heat control wasn't good enough. If he could improve his technique to be more exquisite, his cooking skills would greatly advance. After all, heat control had a close-knit relation with the tastes of dishes.

He looked pensive as he was thinking that he must spend time on this heat control technique to master it.

Everybody in Heavenly Mist City held their breath. This battle was related to the fate of the Pill Palace, which made each of them truly anxious.

Luo Danqing was tense. He didn't dare to be distracted or to underestimate his opponent. He must stay vigilant every second. If he let the same thing happen, in which Jiao Ya of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had shot an arrow at him, this time, his Pill Palace wouldn't have a chance!

While Luo Danqing was resisting the Shura Sword, his eyes also found Jiao Ya in the Shura Army's formation.

It would be better if he didn't look, because, as soon as he saw him, the hair on his nape rose.

He saw Jiao Ya smile strangely as he was slowly drawing his ancient-styled long, black bow. A light arrow sparkled as abundant energy congregated.

However, the arrow wasn't aimed at him but... at that young chef! This Jiao Ya wanted to shoot not him but that young chef?

At this moment, Bu Fang was concentrating on watching the battle between Luo Danqing and Shura Sovereign. He didn't feel the danger.

Luo Danqing was so anxious he wanted to alert Bu Fang.


Jiao Ya had released his hand... before he could speak.


The arrow broke through the air, approaching Bu Fang!