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 Once again, the Shura Great Army was ready. At that moment, the soldiers were very close to Heavenly Mist City!

After several days of silence, this news immediately spread out to every corner of the city.

Early in the morning, the entire sky was gray and hazy with thick black clouds. It seemed to be a prelude to an approaching storm. This sort of air made the people agitated.

At that moment, the atmosphere of the Heavenly Mist City was also reverent. Every citizen looked desperate.

The Shura Army had gone too far... They had destroyed Heavenly Shine City and defeated Heavenly Pill City. Today, they didn't even want to spare the last city of the Pill Palace. At this pace, they wanted to level the Pill Palace entirely!

This was the hunting-down-to-the-last-member situation!

What was the kind of resentment between them that the Ancient Shura City had to treat the Pill Palace so mercilessly?

Some people in the city had a cold and lifeless look on their faces. They were born as citizens of the Pill Cities and even if they died, they would be ghosts who belonged to the Pill Cities. Even if the Shura Army was more aggressive, they wouldn't give up.

The alchemists had changed their slovenly appearance which they had during their time practicing alchemy. They put on the brand new alchemic robes, following the soldiers to the city wall. The imposing aura immediately expanded, slowly reaching and shrouding the enemy in the distance.

They all wore an imposing manner which they never had before. Although they were just alchemists, when they were called on to protect their homeland, they all had courageous auras around their bodies!

Star Tower, which was originally situated in Heavenly Pill City, was now placed in Heavenly Mist City.

The starlight twirled around the Star Tower, unceasingly releasing immense energy.

Many high-level managers of the Pill Palace were standing under the Star Tower, waiting in silence. Today, the Shura Army would come. They needed a pillar, which would be their Palace Master.

As soon as the Palace Master came out, they would have the power to confront the Shura Army.

After a long time, the Star Tower's archaic great doors slowly squeaked open. A figure strolled out as he emitted a surging aura which filled the place. Pill Palace's Palace Master, Luo Danqing, had a light flashing on his body as his energy was continuously rising. The emerald-colored soul ladder above his head bloomed with a blinding light. It seemed as though Luo Danqing's wound had completely recovered.

Looking at their mighty Palace Master, many experts regained their confidence. They excitedly watched Luo Danqing, waiting for his order.

"Our Pill Palace is not weak! The Shura evildoers have destroyed our Heavenly Shine City and Heavenly Pill City. They want to destroy our homeland. We can't just sit still and wait for death. We must stand up and resist! Today, if the Shura traitors don't die, we will perish together!

"Even if we have to perish, we will bite off the bloody meat from their bodies! We will let them know that they are not allowed to shame us!" Luo Danqing bellowed, his breath was heavy, his sharp, unrivaled eyes gazing at the sky out there.

A roar echoed from the mouths of the Pill Palace's experts.

The experts in Heavenly Mist City began to take action. They stormed toward the city wall, with their faces resolute.

For this battle to be the last battle, they had to fight for their dignity!


The bronze gate of the Cloud Mist Restaurant was open.

Bu Fang stood at the restaurant's entrance, looking at the blood-colored clouds gathering, and his face gradually turned cold.

The Nether King leaned against the door frame and his lips parted as he sucked on a Chili Strip, drawing it in and out of his mouth. His eyes also studied the far spot in the sky, but his face was cold and unconcerned.

"Such a colony of tiny ants. They want to shoot the Netherworld creatures to death... I, this King, must teach them some human manners!"

Hearing him, Bu Fang turned his head away, glancing at the Nether King through the corner of his eyes.

"Then you should get up there. Why you are here, eating Chili Strips?"

"I'm waiting for the right moment. Moreover, the main character will always be the last to arrive on the stage... If I go out there recklessly, I will lose my reputation, won't I?" The Nether King didn't mind Bu Fang as he sucked on his delicious Chili Strip. There was a satisfied expression on his face.

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. Nangong Wuque cocked his head closer and whispered into Bu Fang's ear, "I think our Little Ha is afraid that he will lose and won't be able to eat Chili Strips for three days. That's why he's trying to eat as much as he can now."

"You mischievous little brat, don't talk nonsense... It's just two days!" The Nether King responded seriously.

Bu Fang and Nangong Wuque rolled their eyes.


The Heavenly Mist City didn't have large and high city walls like the Heavenly Pill City. However, to the city's experts, this faint-looking city wall was filled with an imposing aura. Standing on the Heavenly Mist City's wall, all the experts wore maniacal face, which made them look invincible.

The Shura Sovereign curled his lips when he saw the scene.

Indeed... Under terrifying pressure, even the rabbit would bite you back, let alone the Pill Palace's experts. They wanted to stake everything on the final fight.


The Shura Sovereign's experience in war was much more than these bunch of alchemists who knew nothing except alchemy. Besides, he understood their psyche at this moment.

Thus, he didn't order an immediate attack on the city. Instead, he had everyone stay at their spot and adjust their formation.

Luo Danqing appeared on the city wall, wearing a blue alchemic robe. His face was as cold as ice while gazing at the Shura Sovereign.

"Hmm? Your wound recovered so quickly. Did you use some secret technique or forbidden pill?" The Shura Sovereign wore his battle armor and metal helmet as he stood on his chariot to gaze at Luo Danqing who was standing on the city wall. He held the Shura Sword on his shoulders.

Many people on the Heavenly Mist City's city wall changed their countenances. They turned to observe Luo Danqing and they had a frightened expression on their face.

Secret technique or forbidden pill... They all had terrible side effects. Using them could harm the user's foundation and even his life.

"I am the Pill Palace's Master. I don't need that sort of shortcut. Since you got the experts of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court on your side, you are helping the Hidden Dragon Royal Court to conquer our Pill Palace, aren't you? If so, our Pill Palace wouldn't just stand still and stretch out our hands to be tied! If you want to fight, let's fight!

"We, members of the Pill Palace, will fight until the last member standing!"

His words had motivated and affirmed the experts of Heavenly Mist City. They were all stirred up and started to roar with rage.

The Shura Sovereign smiled indifferently. He clapped his hands and a prison cart slowly came forward. That prison van held the Heavenly Pill City's Great Elder. At this moment, the Great Elder was pale and a trickle of blood rolled down from the corner of his mouth.

The people of the Heavenly Mist City turned indignant when they saw the cart.

Luo Danqing's eyes became very cold at this moment.

"You shouldn't treat a respected expert like that!" Luo Danqing growled, his aura rocketing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The temperature on top of the city wall suddenly increased. A green lotus flame revolved above Luo Danqing's head and it emitted an endless might.

"Haha, you shouldn't be enraged. I spared his life because I admired him." The Shura Sovereign looked at the crowd of angry people from Heavenly Mist City. The corner of his mouth tilted upwards as he said, "Don't be angry. We should make a deal first."


Everybody was bewildered; Luo Danqing frowned. They didn't know what the Shura Sovereign wanted to do.

"What deal?" asked Luo Danqing coldly.

The Shura Sovereign caressed the Shura Sword, his hand stroking the icy cold blade.

After a moment, he raised his head and fixed his gaze onto Luo Danqing, "Use a citizen of your Heavenly Mist City to exchange for the Great Elder's life."

Everybody went into an uproar! Using the life of someone in Heavenly Mist City to exchange for the Great Elder's life... What in the world was the Shura Sovereign after?

Does the Shura Sovereign want the Palace Master's life to trade for the Great Elder's life? How could they agree with this condition!

"You're crazy!"

Luo Danqing shot the Shura Sovereign a cold look.

Shura Sovereign looked unconcerned. He gently exhaled before turning to Luo Danqing, "Don't worry, it's not your life. I want to use your Great Elder to exchange for that little chef's life. It's... fair enough, right?"

Using the dark horse chef to get back the Great Elder's life? So, this was the Shura Sovereign's original plan?

Everybody was shaken when they knew about the Shura Sovereign's offer.

Palace Master Luo Danqing couldn't help but turn hesitant. It was a really attractive offer. The Great Elder was a Divine Soul Realm expert. It wasn't a bad deal if they could use a chef they had never met to trade for his life.

"No! Palace Master, the Shura Sovereign's words are misleading! We can't buy it no matter what!"

As Luo Danqing was hesitating, the Third Elder's cry boomed, startling him. Luo Danqing turned to watch the group of people behind him. He saw that the fighting will on their faces vanished!

The Shura Sovereign... Good calculation!

"Well well well... Seems like you won't agree to this condition. We'll change it then," The Shura Sovereign continued to study Luo Danqing. "You guys bring that chef to the city wall. I want to see what kind of lowly chef dares to kill our Ancient Shura City's experts and steal our divine tool. How about it? If this condition can't be met..." The Shura Sovereign lowered his voice.

The Shura Sword in his hand swept out with a fierce momentum. The sword energy shot up furiously into the sky, stopping right above the Great Elder's head.

"I'll kill him!!"

Everybody at the scene shivered. Luo Danqing couldn't breathe.

At this moment, the Third Elder didn't say anything because it was no use for him to say anything.

On the city wall, everyone was breathing so hard that their breaths became audible.

Luo Danqing's eyes stopped when he looked at the Third Elder.

"Third Elder... You... You should go and bring that little chef here," sighed Luo Danqing.

The Third Elder opened his mouth but he realized that he couldn't refuse the Palace Master no matter what.

However, just a moment later, a nonchalant voice filled the skies.

In the sky, a cold, pitch-black Netherworld Ship slowly came into sight.

Standing on the front deck was a slender figure. Bu Fang didn't change his complexion as he looked at the Shura Army underneath the ship.

"No need, I'm here."