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 The Third Elder brought Sorceress An Sheng and Jiang Ling as they appeared in front of the restaurant.

Today, although the restaurant had made the crowd burst out in rage and people wanted to expel Bu Fang from Heavenly Mist City, the Third Elder's dignity still existed. Seeing him, the horde of people quietened down as they looked at him and waited for him to speak.

Bu Fang knitted his brows. Standing in front of his restaurant, he indifferently looked at the old man.

Sorceress An Sheng behind the old man continuously winked as if she wanted to send Bu Fang some messages.

The Third Elder's eyes studied Bu Fang. This was the first time he saw the young chef who was called out by the Shura Sovereign. The Shura Sovereign called out for his surrender when he attacked the Pill Palace.

Even though this young chef was just an excuse for the great Shura Army to attack the Pill Palace, as he could become such a great excuse, there was no way Bu Fang was an ordinary person.

Rumor had it that this little chef killed many experts of the Ancient Shura City. It was one of the main reasons why the Shura Sovereign used him as an excuse.

However, the Third Elder didn't come here for that young chef but the handsome Nether King standing by him. Jiang Ling had told him that expert was the one she had released from the Heavenly Secret Territory as per his orders.

When the Third Elder saw the Nether King, he was secretly excited.

"Everyone, leave. The Shura Army isn't attacking our cities because of that young chef. Be rational, we can't blame him for this." The Third Elder took a deep breath, then turned around and spoke to the enraged crowd.

The Elders of the Pill Palace held high prestige. Although they couldn't be compared to the Palace Master, many people still had to listen to them.

As the Third Elder had spoken, many people in the crowd began to retreat.

As they weren't really willing, they only walked out of the restaurant area and continued to watch the situation from a distance.

When Bu Fang saw the group of people leave, he glanced at the old man in surprise but said nothing. He turned around, walking back into the restaurant.

The Third Elder took Sorceress An Sheng and Jiang Ling and entered the restaurant. After he entered, he observed the place with a calm face. As he found the environment quite good, he gave a compliment. Turning to Nether King, his face excited, he said, "Sir, do you remember me?"

As soon as the Third Elder saw the Nether King, his eyes became more thrilled, and the wrinkles on his face twitched.

The Nether King was baffled. Who was this old man? Why did he have to remember some old guy? However, scrutinizing the old man for a while, the Nether King sucked in a cold breath.

"You're the little boy I ran into when I traveled around the Hidden Dragon Continent! How did you become so ugly?" The Nether King was extremely surprised.

The Third Elder was really excited when the Nether King recognized him.

As it turned out, the Third Elder and the Nether King had something between them in the past.

As the Third Elder was respectfully talking to the Nether King, Sorceress An Sheng, who had been a regular customer of the restaurant, conveniently ordered food for the three of them.

Bu Fang didn't disturb the chat between the Third Elder and the Nether King. He went back to the kitchen and started cooking.

When the aroma of food filled the air, Bu Fang began to serve his dishes.

By the table, the Third Elder and the Nether King had finished chatting. At this moment, the Third Elder had a glowing and satisfied countenance.

Bu Fang frowned with surprise. His eyes shifted between the Third Elder and the Nether King. What in the world happened between these two?

Placing a plate of Red Braised Meat in front of Sorceress An Sheng, Bu Fang pulled a chair over as he sat down and exhaled a long breath.

"Weren't you staying in Heavenly Pill City? How did you find the time to visit Heavenly Mist City?" Bu Fang asked suspiciously.

As the Magical Hand Conference had ended, this voluptuous lady should have returned to Heavenly Pill City. Bu Fang didn't expect to see her here.

Hearing Bu Fang's question, An Sheng, who wanted to eat more, looked a little distressed and sorrowful.

She used the chopsticks to pick a cube of steaming, aromatic, Red Braised Meat and brought it to her mouth. She said with a sad voice, "Heavenly Pill City... Heavenly Pill City has fallen into the enemy's hands."

Bu Fang was a little perplexed.

Heavenly Pill City had fallen? It's the biggest Pill City of the Pill Palace... Heavenly Pill City shouldn't be that weak, right?

Several days earlier, Heavenly Shine City was defeated. It had only been a short time since they heard about the news of the fall of Heavenly Shine City. Was Heavenly Pill City not protected by experts?

"The Ancient Shura City said that you're their target... We didn't buy it. It's just an excuse they had made up! Without support from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, even if the Shura Sovereign was stronger and braver, he wouldn't have the guts to attack our Pill Palace!" Following An Sheng, the Third Elder spoke while shoving a cube of Red Braised Meat into his mouth.

As soon as the meat entered his mouth, the wrinkles on his face seemed to come alive, and his facial muscles started to twitch.

This meat... was so delicious!

Hidden Dragon Royal Court? Bu Fang was a little baffled. The Valley of Gluttony was a force under the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Did they do that to find a new Valley of Gluttony?

Anyway, Bu Fang thought about it and figured out this possibility was the lowest.

He didn't have a big conflict against the Valley of Gluttony which would never accelerate the war between the forces. It was possible that the Hidden Dragon Royal Court wanted something from the Pill Palace.

However, he became an excuse for them to start the war.

This feeling.... Wasn't good at all!

"Young chef, here's an advice for you from this old man. Run away now... Although your restaurant is excellent, your enemy is the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's experts. Our Palace Master got hurt by an expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Even if your restaurant is stronger than what we can imagine, you wouldn't stand a chance," the Third Elder said.

Bu Fang threw him a glance, indifferently shaking his head. Run away? Impossible!

Listening to the Third Elder's words, the Nether King didn't feel pleased.

"Little fella, since I'm here, why should we be afraid of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court? This king says that I will destroy anyone who comes. If one comes, I'll strip one. A bunch comes, I'll strip a bunch. If I miss one, I will restrain myself from eating Chili Strips for three... No, two days." The Nether King stroked his hair as he spoke.

The Third Elder wore a dumbfounded face. Strip? Strip what?

There should be a gap between the two generations. However, why couldn't he understand what that king meant?

"Sigh, nevermind. If they dare to come, tell them to directly come to the restaurant. I will teach them some manners," the Nether King said with an imperious voice.

"Cough cough... Sir, I got news that the expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court has the divine weapon of his organization. A divine bow... He keeps saying that he has to use that bow to shoot the Netherworld creatures to death. Sir, I'm afraid you're their target!" the Third Elder said that with a frown.

His words instantly enraged the Nether King.

Shooting the Netherworld creatures? Where did he get that overwhelming self-confidence? Did he really think that he could kill them with only a trashy bow?

Well, this restaurant had a charming Nether King, a gorgeous Netherworld Woman, and a mangy dog who were all from the Netherworld!

How could that stinky bastard act that way?!

Could it be that the experts of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had their eyes placed atop their heads? How could they look down on the Netherworld? Did they forget how fearful they were when the Netherworld suppressed them?

It was also the first time Bu Fang heard about someone wanting to hunt down the Netherworld creatures.

He threw a glance at the lazy dog that was fast asleep at the side. That fat dog was a creature from the Netherworld too. Could it be the real target of those people?

They were seeking death...

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. He wasn't worried at all. If they dared to come, they would be smashed by Lord Dog's paws.

The Third Elder exhaled begrudgingly as he saw the bold attitude of Bu Fang's team. These people didn't know how fierce the God-Slaying Bow was. That God-Slaying Bow had killed many of the Pill Palace's Divine Soul Realm experts. Even the mighty Palace Master was hurt severely by just a light arrow. He didn't exaggerate to make it an interesting story. This little chef should flee as soon as possible!

Even though he was just a poor excuse to start the war, for their pride, they would come to find this little chef...

The Third Elder couldn't talk him out of it.

After finishing his Red Braised Meat, the Third Elder left with Jiang Ling and Sorceress An Sheng.

Also, the Third Elder had already gotten a chance to see the Nether King, which was what he had always wanted.

Of course, Bu Fang wouldn't leave the Cloud Mist Restaurant and run away. Moreover, he didn't need to run away.


It'd been several days and Heavenly Mist City had a subtle yet torrential undercurrent surging. It was because after the Shura Army had reorganized themselves, they headed south to attack Heavenly Mist City.

Continuously breaking two cities of the Pill Palace and wounding Luo Danqing, the Palace Master, with a light arrow, the great Shura Army possessed an unimaginable ferocious momentum and they were extremely frightening.

The entire army seemed as though they turned into tigers and wolves. They drew their claws and bared their fangs as they wanted to smash the last city of the Pill Palace!

They had to conquer and stomp the Pill Palace under their feet!

At that moment, there was only one target left... Heavenly Mist City!

The Shura Sovereign was wearing the combat armor while Jiao Ya was admiring his archaic, jet-black, God-Slaying Bow. His calm eyes looked straight into the distance.

Finally, they reached Heavenly Mist City.

Jiao Ya turned excited.

"No matter what kind of Netherworld creature it is that is staying on the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court will control them all!"


Cloud Mist Restaurant, Heavenly Mist City.

Dense steam enshrouded the place when Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen. He wiped away the sweat which was on his forehead. He was taking out the delicious-smelling dishes which were glowing under the light. These dishes were familiar as they included Chili Strips, Vigorous Beef Meatballs, Rampage Ramen, etc. It was exactly what an excellent gourmet array should look like.

On that day, Bu Fang traveled through half of Heavenly Mist City in order to set up that array.

Rich aroma started to spread out and half of Heavenly Mist City was shrouded in thick, mouthwatering food fragrance.

The enemy was at their front yard. They had already announced that they wanted to kill Blacky and capture Nethery.

Bu Fang had a feeling that he had to make the enemy know that... the members in his restaurant weren't easily messed with! A chef possessed the temper of a chef after all!