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 In the teleportation array inside the Pill Tower of Heavenly Mist City, a sudden radiance burst out dazzlingly, startling a lot of people. Why did the formation suddenly start to glow like that?

After fifteen minutes, many figures began to appear. There were so many people coming that they covered the entire teleportation array.

The experts of the Heavenly Mist City were dumbfounded when they recognized that the people coming were actually the famous experts of the Pill Palace. Those were the experts from the Star Tower!

Isn't that the Palace Master Luo Danqing? Why did he come to Heavenly Mist City?

As they were still surprised, some of them suddenly realized something which caused the expression on their face to change. It became ugly as they grimaced.

Many people were walking out of the teleportation formation as their faces were filled with grief. As soon as they left the formation, they kneeled on the ground and started crying.

Instantaneously, a sorrowful air filled the area.

After Grandmaster Xuan Ming got the news, he immediately went over. When he looked at the scene in front of him, he was startled.

When he learned about the actual situation, Grandmaster Xuan Ming almost fainted as he never imagined that the supreme expert of the Pill Palace, the Palace Master, would be defeated and chased out of Heavenly Pill City. It was a final resort for him to retreat to the last pill city, Heavenly Mist City.

How terrible did the situation have to be in order for this to happen?

Did it mean that the Pill Place would be defeated in that war? Would the Shura Army from the Ancient Shura City trample over them soon?

Luo Danqing, the Palace Master, grimaced. After he stabilized his wound, he wore a dark expression on his face all the time. He glanced at everybody then said casually, "Make sure you're always in your best condition. The terrible war isn't over yet. The Shura Army will attack Heavenly Mist City soon. We don't have time to mourn."

Listening to their Palace Master, their hearts shivered as they raised and nodded their heads in agreement.

However, every one of them was actually slightly quivering inside. Apparently, they had lost their hope in this war...

After the Third Elder and the Fifth Elder received the news, they rushed over to meet the others.

The Third Elder couldn't believe in his eyes. How could they be defeated that quickly?

Actually, he was about to head over to Heavenly Pill City in order to join the battle there. As it turned out, the city was taken down before he was able to do anything.

"The attacker from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... Their purpose is to make our Pill Palace another Valley of Gluttony," said Luo Danqing with an ugly expression plastered on his face.

If it hadn't been for that God-Slaying Bow, there was no way he would be defeated so quickly. The Shura Sovereign was really powerful, but he was just as strong as Luo Danqing. He wouldn't be able to conquer Heavenly Pill City that fast.

Finding a little chef was just their excuse... Everything they'd done was because they wanted to overthrow the Pill Palace!

The elixir industry was a big enticement indeed. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court, this overbearing force, couldn't hold their greed anymore!

Recalling the two shots from the man called Jiao Ya of the Heavenly Spring Holy-land, Luo Danqing's face turned a shade darker...

Sorceress An Sheng looked a little tired and pallid. She looked around with a complicated expression. She didn't think that she would return to Heavenly Mist City in the end... Of course, she didn't think that she would return to Heavenly Mist City in such a sorry state.

"Prepare a secret chamber for me. I need to treat my wound. Third Elder, you take some people to that little restaurant to see what that young chef is and how he turned into the excuse the Ancient Shura City used to attack the Pill Palace. Alright... Everyone, seize the remaining time we have to recover. The bitter war is still going on."

"Even if our Pill Palace is destroyed, we still have to chew their flesh off!"


Heavenly Pill City was defeated.

This breaking news was spread to every corner of the Heavenly Mist City in just a moment. Someone had also disclosed that the Palace Master, Luo Danqing, had brought the Star Tower and his geniuses to the Pill Tower of the Heavenly Mist City the previous night. The Heavenly Mist City's Pill Tower would be the last line of defense.

The entire Heavenly Mist city started boiling up as soon as they got the information.

None of them bought the news initially. Heavenly Pill City held a supreme position in the Pill Palace. It was the strongest city among the three Pill Cities.

However, no one had ever thought that the mightiest city in the Pill Palace would be defeated.

The Palace Master was severely wounded and had to retreat to Heavenly Mist City. He even had to build a new base there.

How could Heavenly Mist City stop the Shura Army which was as fierce as a tiger?

For the time being, the citizens of Heavenly Mist City were in a state of anxiety.

Many of them were desperate as they didn't know what to do. Some were even prepared to leave the city. However, today, Heavenly Mist City was under a blockade. No one was allowed to leave. An air of terror filled the entire city. Under such panic, someone spearheaded the motion and wanted to place all the blame of the war on the dark horse chef mentioned by the Shura Sovereign.

All of them thought that their plight was due to the dark horse chef. All of them demanded to see him.

For now, the citizens of the Heavenly Mist City were all standing up in rage.


Early in the morning of the following day, the rain had finally stopped and the sky was clear. A beam of warm sunshine crept through the window, shining on Bu Fang's bed.

He opened his eyes and felt the tender sunlight. He couldn't help but stretch his body.

Putting on the Vermillion Robe, Bu Fang cleaned his face before leaving his room. He started to walk towards the restaurant.

A moment later, he bumped into Yang Meiji who was standing sadly by the entrance of the kitchen. Yang Meiji, this big lass, had squeezed into the stairway and she made the space look extremely small.

"Why are you standing here?" Bu Fang looked at Yang Meiji suspiciously.

"I wanted to enter the kitchen but that chunk of iron didn't allow me to... I wanted to make a plate of Egg-Fried Rice, but I couldn't." Yang Meiji looked so sad. No matter what, she had handed over this restaurant to Bu Fang. She never would have thought that she wouldn't be able to enter the kitchen at all.

The kitchen was a very important place. Of course, non-authorized people couldn't enter it.

Bu Fang eyed Yang Meiji. He still remembered that the Egg-Fried Rice she made didn't even possess a trace of the genuine aroma of the real dish.

This woman's deadly cooking skill could be compared to the loli's, Xiaoyi. How could he let her enter the kitchen freely?

"Alright, go to the restaurant and wait. Just order what you want to eat," Bu Fang said.

After talking to her, he walked into the kitchen. Yang Meiji looked at Bu Fang's back as he entered the kitchen and felt even sadder.

Whitey's purple eyes twinkled as its gaze didn't leave her body. She subconsciously shivered. Feeling bored, Yang Meiji turned around and left the restaurant. She wanted to open the bronze gate to start today's business.

However, at the moment she opened the door...

There were many pairs of murderous eyes staring at her and they were all bloodshot. Yang Meiji shuddered.

What's going on?!

Yang Meiji was dumbfounded as she didn't know what had happened.

Why is there a crowd surrounding our restaurant? All of them look so furious. It's really scary. You guys are so scary!

Bu Fang heard the noise so he stepped out of the kitchen. He frowned when he saw the horde of angry people.

Why were so many people gathering there?

Hmm... The stripping show yesterday wasn't enough to subdue them?

Bu Fang stood outside of the restaurant as he looked at the group of people standing outside. They were rolling their eyes as they screamed at his face.

And at the same time, the air was filled with terror and despair, which made Bu Fang more perplexed.

"Get the hell out of Heavenly Mist City!"

"Hand this mastermind over! Take him to the ruined Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City!"

"As long as we hand him over, Heavenly Mist City can stand firm!"

This crowd of emotional people was extremely enraged. Compared to the previous day, their flames of rage were much bigger.

Unknowingly, Nethery and Whitey had appeared behind Bu Fang. Whitey's purple eyes twinkled. When Nethery saw those people, her unimaginably beautiful face looked excited. Was this girl excited because she wanted to strip them?

Bu Fang was speechless when he saw Nethery's facial expression...

Anyway... Whitey was the one who was in charge of stripping...

The crowd pushed and squeezed toward the restaurant all of a sudden.

Nangong Wuque and the Nether King walked out of the crowd toward Bu Fang. They were a little surprised when they saw the scene.

Nangong Wuque scratched his head, "Old Bu, did you do anything to trigger gods and humans alike? Why are there so many people here to cause trouble for you?"

Bu Fang threw him a glance and he said casually, "Take a guess."

"Think about whether I would make a guess or not... Obviously, I wouldn't." Nangong Wuque rolled his eyes. He knew that Bu Fang didn't know what happened either.

The Nether King leaned against the door frame, playing with a tuft of his sleek, black hair.

"Well, it seems like I didn't strip you guys enough yesterday. You actually sent yourself up to my doorstep. It seems like all of you want to see the Nether King's stripping finger again."

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd erupted.

The crowd parted again as a few figures slowly walked to the front.

When he saw them, Bu Fang became somewhat baffled. It was because they were people he was familiar with. Except for the old leader with a loose robe, the white-haired Jiang Ling and Sorceress An Sheng were both acquainted with him.

Obviously, the old man was their leader...

What in the world was going on?