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 A drawn-out yawn resounded.

A slightly cold breeze blew over, making Bu Fang open his sleepy eyes. He had fallen asleep on his chair unexpectedly.

Ruffling his hair, Bu Fang stood up from his chair. He checked the sky and found that it was already dark outside.

Turning his head, he took into the restaurant. Nethery had already gone into the Netherworld Ship and she was fast asleep. Lord Dog was snoring, Eighty the chicken was having its nap in the nest in a corner of the Path-understanding Tree.

Stretching his body, Bu Fang brought the chair back to its place and closed the bronze gate. He went to the kitchen to practice his culinary skills and left it afterwards. He climbed upstairs to the second floor.

Walking past Yang Meiji's room, he saw the light still on. It seemed as though true energy was rippling from inside the room. The true energy was mixed together the aroma of a pill and heat waves were also coming out from the room. No doubt, Yang Meiji was assiduously practicing her alchemical techniques.

Bu Fang didn't disturb her and returned to his own room. He carefully closed the door and went straight to the bathroom. After taking a shower, he covered his wet hair, lay down and closed his eyes, drifting away in his sleep.


In front of Heavenly Pill City, the giant Green Lotus Flame was revolving in the sky, burning the void. Its terrifying energy and heat shook the vault of heaven.

From the ground, a jet of sword light shot up overbearingly, bringing with it a frightening sword cry.


They collided, and the fierce impact caused a huge explosion.

Shura Sovereign wore a cold expression as he wielded his long sword. Countless sword light shadows surrounded his body as they shot toward Luo Danqing, who in turn moved his arms as the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame he controlled changed continuously, transforming into all kinds of strange animals.

It was the Alchemist Fire Control Technique. As the Palace Master of the Pill Palace, his Fire Control Technique had reached the acme. The flames were now his arms to change and move to whatever his mind willed.

Shura Sovereign's sword energy was really frightening as his Shura Sword was a real divine weapon. Each jet of his sword energy smashed on the Heavenly Pill City's great protection formation as energy rippled unceasingly. The formation seemed as though it was about to collapse at any moment.

The more the Shura Sovereign struck, the crazier he became. His handsome face showed his excitement and his eyes were red. He was using all of his swordsmanship techniques while his true energy erupted in the sky. On top of his head, the blood-colored soul ladder was continually vibrating, releasing sufficient true energy, which made the Shura Sovereign fiercer and more excited.

The emerald-colored soul ladder above Luo Danqing's head also glittered, helping him confront the Shura Sovereign with ease. Their fight was so wild and fierce that it sent shivers down the spines of the onlookers.

The experts of the Ancient Shura City were so excited watching them.

The experts under Shura Sovereign's governance exploded in roars. They gripped their spears as they attacked Luo Danqing.

Those people also had the blood-colored soul ladder above their heads. However, they only had one step, which meant that they were still weak.

At the same time, the elders stormed out of the Pill Palace, wearing the same loose robes as the one on Luo Danqing. While they were moving, their alchemic fires shot to the skies, entangling with the experts from Ancient Shura City.

Screaming and roaring shook the entire sky as energy filled the area.

The great protection formation array which surrounded Heavenly Pill City was activated instantly, stopping the advances of the Shura Army.

The experts of the Heavenly Pill City who followed Luo Danqing got their spirits back. They were in an uproar as they charged out of the city in order to do battle with the great Shura Army.

Rhythmic and sonorous noises sounded. The battle began!

The entire Heavenly Pill City turned into a sea of blood where murderous aura and blood energy filled the place. Alchemists of the Pill Palace were killed and experts of the Ancient Shura City were slaughtered... The terrifying yet beautiful crimson-colored blood had almost accumulated into a rolling river.

The battle reached the climax instantly. So many experts had taken action, making the entire Pill Palace the center of the battlefield.

At the same time, many experts from the other forces were watching they battle as they loitered around the Pill Palace. They were waiting for the final result.

Under the given circumstance, they wouldn't want to join the others.

This battle was ferocious indeed. However, if they really wanted to obtain the result of the battle, they had to watch the battle which was taking place in the vault of heaven.

To see if the Shura Sovereign or the Palace Master was stronger.

The winner would determine the result of the war.

In the formation of the Shura Army, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert clasped his hands. His eyes were deep and calculating. He watched the sky where the other two were battling and a frown appeared on his face.

Luo Danqing, the Master of the Pill Palace, was truly powerful. He was worthy of his reputation of being the supreme expert in the Pill Palace.

However, although the Shura Sovereign was a level lower, his fighting skills were still brutal. The murderous booming noise filled the sky.

The Shura Sword was urged to its limit, which was the ultimate ability of the Shura Sword Will.


It didn't look like the Shura Sovereign could kill Luo Danqing.

The expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had a light flash past his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he turned to observe the jade-faced Luo Danqing. This man was really strong. However, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court didn't need such an expert.

The Pill Palace was the holy-land of the alchemists. How could it stay independent from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court?

It had to be like the Valley of Gluttony, which became a force which depended on the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. It was the only way for the power of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court to be continuously upgraded.

The expert curled his lips upwards. Light flashed in his hand and instantly, an ancient-styled-looking longbow appeared in his hand.

His gaze locked onto Luo Danqing who was in the sky and the expert slowly drew his bowstring. In a split second, energy gathered and materialized into a light arrow...

The green lotus flames and the blood-colored Shura Sword dyed the sky. As they collided, the energy caused fluctuations everywhere.

All of a sudden, the indifferent Luo Danqing felt his heart tighten whilst fighting against the Shura Sovereign. He felt a cold, murderous will shoot toward him. It was so quick and terrifying that his body started to quiver.

What's going on?!

Luo Danqing's pupils shrank. He struck a blow and the green lotus flame bloomed, forcing the Shura Sovereign to step back.

However, another uproar of screams burst out underneath him.

Beaming with silver energy, an arrow that could pierce even the void shot toward him.

"What's that? How can it be so terrifying?" Luo Danqing paled in fright, hurriedly placing his arms in front of his chest. A huge amount of green lotus flame appeared and formed a giant beast which swallowed the light arrow.

However, there was a "pfff" sound and the green lotus flame beast cracked.

Luo Danqing's face turned ashen as a hole appeared in his chest. In the middle of his wound, a vicious light started to corrode his body.

Blood splashed across the sky. Luo Danqing coughed and vomited blood unstoppably, with his body staggering in the sky.

The Shura Sovereign frowned, holding the Shura Sword tightly in his hand. He stopped his attack, sweeping his cold eyes toward the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert who was putting away his ancient-styled longbow with a smile hanging on his face.

"Did this sovereign ask you to take action?!" bellowed the Shura Sovereign.

What did that fellow want? Did he think that the Shura Sovereign couldn't beat Luo Danqing? Even though the Shura Sovereign's soul ladder had one less step than Luo Danqing's, if he tried his best, he wasn't weaker at all!

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert taking action shamed him.

Luo Danqing had a pale face. The arrow had hurt him badly.

His eyes drilled into Shura Sovereign for a while, then he coughed blood once again. His red blood splashed everywhere.

"I can defeat you!" said the Shura Sovereign coldly.

He stood on his chariot, arrogant and combative.

The corners of Luo Danqing's lips rose. This non-verbal gesture enraged the Shura Sovereign.

Shoving an eight-mark spirit pill into his mouth, Luo Danqing tried to stabilize his wound.

"The Heavenly Spring Holy-land God-Slaying Bow! You are from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's Heavenly Spring Holy-land?" Luo Danqing covered the hole in his chest while his cold voice reverberated in the sky.

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court's expert laughed.

"You, the Jade-faced Alchemist, are really extraordinary. You survived a shot from the God-Slaying Bow. From Heavenly Spring Holy-land, I am... Jiao Ya is my name," answered the middle-aged man.

Luo Danqing coughed blood again, with his eyes dark and meaningful.

"Well, a bow without an arrow... Did you want to kill me with that? You're looking down on me..."

"I got arrows, but I have to save them to kill the Netherworld's creatures... I shouldn't waste them on you. It's not that I'm looking down on you... Anyway, you're still not strong enough," stroking his bow, Jiao Ya said with a faint smile.

At this moment, the entire Heavenly Pill City quieted down. The incident in the sky made them gawk and drop their jaws. The Heavenly Pill City's alchemists opened their eyes so wide that they could even tear their eyelids. The supreme master in their eyes was shot savagely as if he was simply a prey!

The other man was even looking down on their Palace Master... He didn't even use a physical arrow! It was obvious that he was mocking them.

"Shura Sovereign, why don't you take action? How much time do you want to waste? Kill this Luo Danqing and we will be done with half of our agreement," Jiao Ya said.

Shura Sovereign indifferently swept his eyes toward Jiao Ya, "Do I, Shura Sovereign, look like a despicable man? I disdain this dark scheme!"

The Shura Sword in the Shura Sovereign's hand streaked across the sky as he said overbearingly.

Luo Danqing curled his lips as he looked at the Shura Sovereign. After a moment, he descended on the Heavenly Pill City like a jet of light.

The experts of the Heavenly Pill City gathered quickly, coming to the top of the city.

At this moment, Luo Danqing swayed, still coughing blood with a pale face...

"I was careless today... Jiao Ya of the Heavenly Spring Holy-land, I'll remember you!" said Luo Danqing.

Jiao Ya squinted. The archaic bow reappeared.

"If the Shura Sovereign doesn't want to do it, well, here comes another arrow. I have to kill you anyway!"

The bow was drawn and the arrow was shot.

The light arrow came and hissed at its breakneck speed that the victim couldn't catch it.

A series of rattling sounds arose.

That day, Heavenly Pill City's great protection formation array was shattered by the arrow. Afterward, the light arrow didn't stop as it shot toward Luo Danqing.

Luo Danqing scrutinized the arrow.

All of a sudden, a silhouette came to shield Luo Danqing, grabbing the light arrow. Screaming, he wanted to stop it. Horrendous true energy burst out, and the one-step soul ladder above his head emitted a bright radiance. It started to crack eventually.

The light arrow pierced through him, pinning him on the city wall.

"Palace Master... Run!"

Slowly, he turned his head, bellowing, "Fourth Elder!"

The emotionless Luo Danqing was finally touched at this moment. The grief on his face was a look which could be seen only on a terribly wounded wild animal.

The Great Elder and the Second Elder came to Luo Danqing. When they looked at the Fourth Elder whose chest had exploded and his soul ladder broken, tears appeared in their eyes.

A moment later, they grabbed Luo Danqing, retreating deeper into Heavenly Pill City.

"Shura Sovereign... Can you chase after them? You don't need to kill Luo Danqing but you need to clear this place. After this, we need to head toward Heavenly Mist City. My God-Slaying Bow is too hungry for the Netherworld Woman's and the Nether King's lives." Jiao Ya stroked his God-Slaying Bow, eyeing the Shura Sovereign who was still hovering in the sky with his Shura Sword.

The Shura Sovereign's eyes drilled into him but he said nothing, flying toward the inner part of the Heavenly Pill City.

In front of the Star Tower, the high-level managers of Heavenly Pill City fell one after another, with their faces filled with grief.

"We should leave now. Activate the portal formation to the Heavenly Mist City. We must bring our Palace Master to Heavenly Mist City quickly!" The hunch-backed Great Elder swept his eyes across the disciples in front of the Star Tower, with his face solemn.

After a moment, he swung his arm and the Star Tower shrank quickly. He quickly placed it into Luo Danqing's chest.

Luo Danqing was shocked. He looked at the Great Elder as he frowned and got back to his feet. He was helpless as he screamed, "Great Elder, what do you want to do? No! Don't!"

"Go!" Great Elder studied Luo Danqing for a while, sighing.

The disciples by the Star Tower activated the portal formation. Immediately, they stepped into the formation and left.

Before they left, they saw a hunch-backed, lone shadow standing forlornly in front of the portal formation.

The Shura Sovereign came through the sky. He didn't stop those people from leaving through the teleport formation and he simply watched them with indifferent eyes. Eventually, he gazed at the Great Elder.

The Great Elder cleared his throat then raised his head to look at the Shura Sovereign. The wrinkles on his face stretched as he smiled.

"Please enlighten me with your Shura Sword Will, Your Majesty."