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 Heavenly Mist City, Pill Tower.

A metal warship ripped through the sky and landed slowly on the platform in front of the Pill Tower. A human silhouette walked unhurriedly out of the warship. He was dressed in a long robe, with the edge dragging along the ground. The man clasped his hands behind his back and squinted his eyes. He strolled into the tower while Grandmaster Xuan Ming and company looked at him with respect in their eyes.

In a chamber inside the Pill Tower, Fifth Elder sat with his legs folded. His face was ashen as he coughed blood while allowing his body to recuperate.

The stone door opened and a man in a long robe stepped in, saying with an affable smile, "Old Fifth, looks like you've been rather seriously injured."

The Fifth Elder was startled when he saw the man before him. "Third Elder, why are you here?"

The Third Elder smiled, "Why can't I be here? Shura Sovereign led his troops to attack the city. Hence, the Palace Master assigned me here since he was too pre-occupied with the war."

The Fifth Elder's face grimaced, "the Shura Army... can the Palace Master handle it?"

The Third Elder shook his head then settled down at a spot in the secret chamber and sighed, "This is a unique invasion. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court is involved too. The situation now is bleak, I have to get back to the war after the business here is settled. It is obvious that the Hidden Dragon Royal Court wants to lay their hands onto our Pill Palace's alchemy skills. It's just like what happened to the Valley of Gluttony years ago."

After he spoke, the entire chamber sank into silence.

Moments later, the Third Elder broke the silence, "Old Fifth, did you see a girl with white hair when you came out from the Secret Territory?"

"You mean the white-haired girl... The runner-up from the Magical Hand Conference? White Demon Jiang Ling?"

"That's right, she's a good-for-nothing disciple of mine. Sigh. I thought this lass could win the championship after three years of sweat and pain but alas, she failed," the Third Elder said with regret.

"That lass is fine. Though she was seriously injured, her condition has stabilized and she is out of danger after consuming my elixir. The emergence of the ferocious beasts in the Heaven Secret Territory is too puzzling. I will continue to uncover the truth when I get better."

The Third Elder's eyes gleamed upon hearing that Jiang Ling was fine. He left the chamber and ventured towards the whereabouts of Jiang Ling after having some words with the Fifth Elder.

"My good old disciple, hopefully, you accomplished what your master had instructed you by successfully summoning that great man!"

The Third Elder walked progressively faster out of the room, with his eyes full of passion.


Around the Cloud Mist Restaurant, rain poured heavily and loudly through the arched heaven, not seeming to stop.

At the front of the restaurant, clothes which were ripped off the bodies of the experts started to fly around in the air, leaving no room for imagination about the horrific episode that had taken place at the front of the restaurant.

Bu Fang looked at the disappearing clouds at the far end before he strolled back to the kitchen as he continued to practice his culinary skills.

The Nether King, on the other hand, was holding onto five Chili Strips and he walked around gaily.

Nethery sat on the Netherworld Ship, swinging her fair and beautiful legs. Her black tresses were spreading out and draping along her forehead, covering her exquisite face.

Blacky lay on the ground as it took a nap; its lumps of fats shook as it breathed in and out.

Eighty the chicken strolled around the restaurant in a relaxed manner. The spirit energy around the Path-Understanding Tree was rather strong.

Whitey was back in the kitchen while Shrimpy was playfully resting on its chubby head.

The Nangong siblings were with the other diners in the restaurant.

Not long after, Nangong Wuque pulled the gluttonous Nether King out of the restaurant.

The restaurant suddenly became extremely quiet.

Bu Fang came out after practicing his culinary skills for some time. He pulled out a chair and sank into it at the front of the restaurant, admiring the drizzling rain. He heaved a heavy breath.

This sense of relaxation seemed pretty good.

The rain continued to pour, resembling beaded curtains, shady, blurry, and ceaseless.

Bu Fang looked ahead and felt his heavy-lidded eyes closing. A while later, his faint snore could be heard.


Outside the Heavenly Pill City, a fierce aura filled the skies.

Millions of shuras gathered and the horrific true energy linked together and shot through the clouds. It was as though it wanted to pierce through the clouds of the arched heaven.

The strongest men of the Ancient Shura City stood proudly, giving out a dreadful air. As they released the true energy in their bodies, the chains behind them started to sway as they seemed as though they were about to charge into the sky.

Shura Sovereign, clothed in his battle armor, had a slight smile on his demonic face. His malevolent eyes stared at the city walls of Heavenly Mist City. His smile intensified as he looked upon the opening doors of the city gate.

There was a number of women who wore battle armor standing in the midst of the Shura Army. The austere leader was the Shura Saintess of the Ancient Shura City. She held drumsticks as she slowly slammed them against the huge drum. She swayed elegantly to the beat.

The thunderous "gong" of the battle drums struck a chord in the hearts of the people. Every sound was magical and everyone's blood started to boil. It was in the middle of this incessant drumming that the energy surrounding the members of the Shura Army soared.

With a loud howl from the Shura, its imposing presence shook the nine heavens.

The Shura Army was like a piercing sharp divine sword, aimed to destroy, sparing no one.

The expert from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court looked upon it with a heavy heart.

"It has to be the Shura Army. Though the Shura Sovereign is full of himself, he can truly lead his army very well. It's no wonder then that he dares to challenge the Hidden Dragon Royal Court..."

The experts of the Pill Palace were trembling when faced with such a fiery and imposing presence of the Shura Army.

On the city wall stood the alchemist in their alchemic robes. They were terrified when they saw the fearsome army below them. The army was like an arrogant, crimson phantom spirit, akin to the Shura himself, draining the alchemists of all their hope!

The alchemists who dashed out of the city gates were even more horrified as they were more likely to face the dreadful forces directly than those on the city walls.

They were only alchemists. Even if their cultivation base wasn't weak, they were completely defenseless against the shuras who crawled over mountains of knives and swam through seas of blood.

The presence of the Shura Army was enough to cause the alchemists' legs to tremble like jelly. They almost slumped to the ground.

The Palace Master of the Pill Palace, Luo Danqing, stood at the peak of the city, dressed in a loose long robe. The strong wind blew, blowing furiously at his robe. His eyelashes quivered slightly but he was nonchalant.

He stared at the fearsome army which was as frightful as an army of tigers and wolves. His gaze seemed to pierce through the air and landed on the man who was holding a sword on the battlefield. Of course, he looked at the haughty Shura Sovereign.

Their gazes met in the air, and a thunderous buzz seemed to fill the surroundings.

"The Palace Master of Pill Palace, Luo Danqing? It's said that you are the divine soul expert who formed a three-steps soul ladder. You are one of the strongest people in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Though I might not be as talented, I enjoy challenging the strong. I would now like to issue a challenge to you with my Shura Sword." The Shura Sovereign smiled, exuding an aura of overpowering arrogance.

Luo Danqing remained impassive, "There was never any feud between the Pill Palace and the Ancient Shura City, so why are you attacking my city? Because of a little chef? We are both lords of our forces so you do not need those preposterous excuses. Could it be that the Hidden Dragon Royal Court is out to destroy my Pill Palace?"

"No... No. It is really because of the little chef. However, exterminating the Pill Palace is a bonus." The Shura Sovereign raised his sword, as the corners of his lips curled upwards and he smiled slightly.

Luo Danqing did not speak further. The evil air between his brows emerged as his gentle face changed; he became swift and fierce.


The drumbeats resounded through the skies.

Luo Danqing put his hands behind his back while listening to the drums. As he walked on the top of the walls, every step that he took in the air was as though he was walking on a flat piece of land. With every stride, his fiery presence intensified. He appeared like a humongous mountain in the eyes of the Shura Army.

The mountain was still enlarging.

It was daunting to see one man ably withstanding the brunt of the millions in the Shura Army.

The experts of the Pill Palace looked at the Luo Danqing's back and were full of admiration. This was their Palace Master, the almighty Luo Danqing.


There was a stern look on the Shura Saintess' face while her beautiful body swayed to the beat of the drums; her rhythm was awe-inspiring.

Luo Danqing shifted his glance toward the Shura Saintess. Then, he breathed out lightly and a roar escaped his mouth. That roar pierced through the imposing presence of the Shura Army like a sharp spear.

The Shura Saintess gave a soft grunt and coughed out blood as her body was flung backward.

The facet of the drum shattered instantaneously and the drumstick was flung far and wide.

"What a good jade-faced alchemist, Luo Danqing! Attack!"

Shura Sovereign's piercing eyes looked like they were spitting fire and he charged into the vault of the heavens. With his sword in his hand, the sky was filled with the scent of blood as a dreadful presence shot to the sky. The Shura Sovereign stepped out of his chariot, striking forward with his sword. True energy of overpowering arrogance stormed and swept across the battlefield.

Regardless of their allegiances, the fighters of both parties raised their heads earnestly and looked up at the two figures who were in the sky.

Shura Sovereign against the jade-faced alchemist, Luo Danqing!

They were excited beyond compare!

Luo Danqing continued his howling as his long robes fluttered. Emerald rays of light diffused, forming the three-step soul ladder. He was surrounded by a storm of energy!

"You dare to attack my city! You shall bear the brunt of my fury! The Pill Palace shall not be lorded over! The noble alchemist shall not be attacked!"

Luo Danqing's eyes turned emerald as he spread out his hands and instantly, the energy surrounding him gathered, forming a gigantic blazing green lotus in the air.

The green lotus revolved as its fiery blaze shot into the heavens.

The experts of Pill Palace were stirred up and fired up!

That was Luo Danqing's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the Green lotus of Destruction! The flame which was ranked amongst the top of all the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames!

"I do not care about what kind of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame this is. Everything will be useless against my Shura Sword!" The Shura Sovereign remained impassive as he raised his sword. The sword energy shot across the sky as it shot out.