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 Nangong Wuque was taken aback as he looked at the Nether King. This was the first time he had seen Little Ha use an ability. Could he also be hiding his true strength?

Was that man, who claimed to be the Nether King, really such an incredible existence?

Nangong Wuque suddenly felt delighted and stared at Little Ha.

The stare sent chills down the Nether King's spine; he had no idea what Nangong Wuque was thinking about.

However, since he had already obtained Bu Fang's promise, the Nether King was ready to show his hand. After all, it would not be a loss since he would get to eat some delicious Chili Strips, while these unpleasant people would be stripped of all their clothing.

As such, under many curious gazes, the Nether King shook his hair gracefully before walking out slowly. He stood right in front of the people from Heavenly Mist City.

The experts from Star Pill Tower creased their brows as they looked at the Nether King with a strange gaze. They did not recognize him and had absolutely no idea who he was. The only information they had was that there was a lifeless puppet in this restaurant, the Netherworld Woman, and a fat dog that could utterly decimate the Shura Sovereign.

However, the report did not include an amusing and flirtatious man within the restaurant.

Three Chili Strips in exchange for him showing his hand to strip them of what they wore?

Where did such an amusing person come from? He actually held himself so highly... He actually said that he was going to strip all of them for three Chili Strips!

"Who are you? Please do not offend us for no reason! That chef is our Pill Palace's offender... If you mix around with him, things won't end well for you," the expert said.

"Hahaha... The young ones now are so mischievous." The Nether King raised a finger and pointed at the group of Star Pill Tower members and puffed.

As if!

The Star Pill Tower experts' face turned dark. They were giving that man a warning, yet he dared to mess with them. Was everyone related to this restaurant sick in the head?

The Star Pill Tower experts were at a loss for words.

Xiong Shi glared at the Nether King and snapped, "Since you wish to ignore our warning, you should move closer to the center of the restaurant. Don't even think about taking a step away!"

They were determined to seal this restaurant!

The Nether King narrowed his eyes at Xiong Shi. This person actually had the guts to suggest that he will run away...

"Mischievous indeed," the Nether King's lips twitched and he said.

The group of men was speechless. You are the mischievous one! Your entire family is mischievous!

Xiong Shi swayed his body and made a strike at the Nether King. His hands formed claws as it shot towards the Nether King. He wanted to grab this lifeless fellow and throw him into the restaurant.

However, before Xiong Shi could do so, he was dumbfounded. That was because the aura around the handsome yet unreasonable man in front of him started to change. The air around him seemed to have frozen, stopping Xiong Shi in his tracks.

Xiong Shi's expression remained shocked. What just happened?

The Nether King simply flipped his hand as he glanced lifelessly at Xiong Shi. Reaching out with a finger, he touched Xiong Shi between his eyebrows.


Xiong Shi was sent flying backward and all his clothes were ripped off his body.

His stark naked body rolled on the floor.

"One," the Nether King counted.

There was a roar of commotion. The entire area broke out into commotion as the other party actually dared to initiate an attack.

The Star Pill Tower experts glared furiously at the Nether King.


The aura behind an expert became concentrated. Even though they were restraining themselves because of the dog within the restaurant, they wouldn't just let others humiliate them. It was especially so since they were people who belonged to the Pill Palace. Not to mention the fact that they were currently in a Pill City which was the territory of the Pill Palace at that very moment.


A violent energy surge was generated, almost as if it was going to raise all the dirt on the ground. The expert sent forth the concentrated surge of power. There were five chains made up of true energy behind him and they swayed around without end.

The Nether King seemed to have become smaller before such immense power.

However, the Nether King's gaze remained peaceful and indifferent. There was no trace of worry at all. Looking at the Star Pill Tower expert, his expression was as calm as well water, without sadness or joy.

"Youngsters..." the Nether King said faintly.

The sound that ensued was like the ringing of a morning bell. It was almost as if a giant hammer was slammed into the ear of the expert from the Star Pill Tower. The expert's eyes suddenly turned white for a moment. His face was stiff and the aura around him immediately dissipated.

The Nether King flipped his hand again and raised a finger. He touched the Star Pill Tower expert right between his eyebrows with that same finger and the expert's face turned pale before he was sent flying back. In the air, his clothes burst apart, revealing his stark naked body.

"Two," the Nether King counted faintly.

He leisurely took a few steps forward, almost as if he was taking a leisure walk in the park.

Every time he raised a finger and touched his opponent's forehead, his opponent's clothes would fly everywhere and the person would be sent flying backward.




"How many am I at now..."

The Nether King lost count all of a sudden. Unable to remember where he stopped, he rolled his eyes.

In front of the door of the restaurant, Nangong Wuque watched the scene with his eyes wide open. His jaws were open and there was a look of disbelief on his face.

He was doing so leisurely, like a person on a whole new level... Was he really Little Ha? The Little Ha who always carried with him a Chili Strip... The Little Ha who came and went around so leisurely.

To think this Little Ha was so incredible!

Nangong Wan watched all the bodies fly backward and her small fair hands covered her eyes. With a face flushed red, she uttered to herself, "Owner Bu, you hooligan."

Bu Fang looked at Nangong Wan foolishly. He wasn't even the person lying on the street naked. How could she say that he was a hooligan?

Whitey's gray eyes shimmered. It rubbed its head with its large paws as it watched the Nether King who was getting more and more excited as he stripped the men of their clothes. Even Whitey was at a loss of what to do.

Nethery pursed her lips and had an excited expression on her face as she watched the scene in front of her. Her body started to float in the air and her hair swayed in the wind. It seemed as though she wanted to join in the action.

"Don't! Please, let's talk nicely!"

"You hooligan! Get lost!"

"My new clothes! Please don't tear them!"


The people in the Pill Palace were mad. As they watched the naked people fly around, their eyes dimmed and their minds were in chaos.

To them, the Nether King was like a frightening fiend.

Among them were a few women. Their faces turned pale from fright as they covered their chests tightly and wanted to flee. Just the sight of the stark naked bodies in a distance was enough to make those women's heart pound and they almost cried out in fright.

Please, don't...

The Nether King became more excited the more people he stripped. With one finger for one person, he was enjoying the moment.

However, that elated expression on his face was seen as the face of a fiend in the eyes of others.

This madman!

What about kicking Bu Fang out of Heavenly Mist City? What about sealing off the restaurant... They had already forgotten about the reason they were there. They were in a panic to escape before all of them were stripped naked by this guy.

They didn't want to be stripped! There was a frightened look on their faces and they decided to run away.

A few of them who were stark naked quickly pulled out a new set of clothes from their spatial spirit tools. The moment their clothes were on, a finger suddenly appeared between their brows and they were sent tumbling back again with shredded clothes.

Once again, a cold wind blew past their body.

What a wonderful feeling!

This restaurant was evil!

The Nether King narrowed his eyes a little and licked his lips flirtatiously. The young ones nowadays really knew how to play. This stripping game was really interesting!

When he returned to the Netherworld in the future, he had to try this!


A wave of energy was directed at the Nether King's heart. However, the energy quickly dissipated, but its source, the sealing array behind him, remained.

The people around him released a final sigh before collapsing onto the ground. The Star Pill Tower experts crawled up slowly and glared foolishly at the Nether King with a horrified expression!

"You pervert!"

The Star Pill Tower experts almost puked out blood.

"Is that the method deployed to seal off this restaurant? It's complete rubbish." The Nether King ignored the experts of the Star Pill Tower. His sight fell on the array that seemed to be a cage sealing off the restaurant. He reached out with the finger that had stripped countless men and touched the array.

A deafening blast resounded and the array shattered.


From the void, spirit pills dropped and landed into the Nether King's hand.

Looking at the few spirit pills, the Nether King threw them into his mouth almost as if they were beans. He closed his mouth and began to chew on them. With a few crunching sounds, the pills were crushed and swallowed.

His brows creased together and he showed an unsightly expression as if he had eaten dung.

The experts of the Star Pill Tower looked at the Nether King's expression and they felt pain in their chest. That was a six-mark spirit pill! It was fine if he ate it... However, why did he show such an unsightly expression? It was as though he had eaten sh*t!

He was looking down on the pill they made!


An expert could not take the humiliation anymore and he spat out a mouthful of blood. However, he used his hands to cover his body and staggered a few steps back.

Bu Fang simply just watched the naked people in front of him with an expressionless face.

"I would like to say... Anyone can come to the restaurant in order to enjoy a pleasant meal. However, if you are here to make trouble, I'll strip you bare. I'll strip you bare the first time and I'll kill you the next," Bu Fang's words echoed in their minds.

Even if they were experts, they could not help but feel a chill run down their spine.

They looked at the Nether King who was feeling nauseous by the wall and swallowing his own saliva. They also looked at the mysterious dog, the mighty Netherworld Woman, and the lifeless puppet. Right now, there was another change...

It was this restaurant!


No wonder they were not afraid to kill people from the Ancient Shura City! They were obviously not afraid of stealing the Ancient Shura City's divine tool...

"No matter what, you are an offender to the Pill Palace. The Pill Palace will never accept your presence here!" A Star Pill Tower expert said with a steel face. He covered his lower half before darting off.

The rest of the experts followed him, darting off in his direction.

A bunch of clean bottoms swaying in the rain... What a spectacular sight!

Nethery watched as the group ran. Her agitated heart could not help but settle with some regrets.

When the Nether King was no longer feeling nauseous and regained strength in his trembling legs, he looked at Bu Fang with a pale face.

"Young one... This king ate something bad. I need to comfort myself with the Chili Strips!"

Bu Fang's lips moved a little. Seeing the Nether King's horrible complexion, he waved his hand and three Chili Strips suddenly appeared in the air. They fell into the Nether King's hand.

Receiving the Chili Strips, the Nether King felt as though his life changed. He became alive once again! He ran to a side and began sucking on a Chili Strip. The spicy flavor made him unable to stop.

Nangong Wuque clicked his tongue in wonder at the Nether King. It was as though he had discovered a new continent.

He went over to the Nether King and asked with glistening eyes, "Little Ha, your stripping finger is incredible. Can you teach me that skill?"

The Nether King raised his head while still sucking on the strip. Looking at Nangong Wuque, who was looking at him with curiosity, he said, "Alright, but for five Chili Strips."


Nangong Wuque was speechless. This person was crazy for Chili Strips!


A violent aura filled the air in Heavenly Pill City. The experts from the Star Pill Tower gathered and the head, Luo Danqing, wore a broad robe as he stood there arrogantly. His gaze was deep as he looked at the distance.

There, the gates of Heavenly Pill City slowly opened. The roar of the gates opening resounded through the nine heavens.


Outside the pill city, the murderous spirit of the great Shura Army rose as they gazed at the experts of the Pill Palace!

The Shura Sovereign was clad in full armor. He waved his Shura Sword as he smiled nefariously. His penetrating gaze seemed to pierce through the void as he gazed directly at the head of Pill Palace, Luo Danqing.

The war had begun.