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 A group of people slowly walked out from Star Pill Tower. The heavy stone gate was accompanied by a long rumbling sound as dust flew all around as it slowly opened.

The long robe swayed and was dragged along on the ground. The Pill Palace's head, Luo Danqing, had a bland expression on his face. There wasn't joy nor sorrow on his face. He had been waiting outside the stone gate for a group of experts. They looked up to Luo Danqing zealously.

Pill Palace's head, Luo Danqing, was every alchemists' hope. Under the pressure from the Shura Army, as well as the unmatched Shura Sovereign, Luo Danqing was their only hope.

Grandmaster Gu He was overwhelmed with respect. With Sorceress An Sheng behind him, he glanced at Luo Danqing curiously.

Luo Danqing might not look extremely handsome, but his men were able to feel calm when they looked at him. He was just like a cool breeze who gave everyone peace of mind. That gentle smile on his face calmed many people down. Especially those who were feeling extremely tense.

Of course, in addition to the experts, there were other genius alchemists from the Star Tower who stood proudly around the grandmasters. They were the top ten alchemists, each at their peak, and were highly skilled. They practiced in the Star Tower and understood the true meaning of alchemy. They were disciples of Luo Danqing, who had cultivated them, and they greatly respected him.

"Ancient Shura City is here to attack our Pill Palace. Do they really think that it's easy to bully our Pill Palace? Listen to the reason they gave us... They claim that a cook from our Pill Palace killed their people and snatched their Shura Tower and they were here for revenge. Do they think it's a good enough reason to cover up their dirty deep? What a joke..."

Luo Danqing paced gently as his robe dragged across the ground. As he spoke, his voice was tranquil yet powerful as it swept through the entire tower.

Heavenly Pill City's Star Pill Tower was the largest within the Pill Palace. It stood above the rest, with countless experts and powerful alchemists.

Luo Danqing's gaze swept across many of the alchemists.

"It has been many years, but the Shura Sovereign still has the same overbearing madness. If he wishes to bully us, then so be it. There is no need to come up with such a weak excuse to make things difficult for the little cook. He is looking down on our Pill Palace... Since he wishes for war, our Pill Palace shall not be afraid to receive it.

"Although we are alchemists, we must let this entire continent know... Alchemists do not only make pills! If they make us angry, we will go on the offensive against them!"

Luo Danqing's words seemed to have some kind of power. It made the experts' blood boil and their gaze became fierce. They were ready for the war.

"To war! Alchemists are not people to belittle!"

Sorceress An Sheng raised her small fist eagerly. While looking at the assertive Palace Master, her beautiful face flushed red!

The Palace Master is so daring! There's nothing to be afraid of!


Heavenly Mist City, Cloud Mist Restaurant.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant now was surrounded by people from Heavenly Mist City and not a single person could get through. All those people had eyes filled with resentment as they were determined to transfer the pressure they received from the Shura Sovereign over to the people in the restaurant. Their goal was to utterly destroy the restaurant and send those involved out of Heavenly Mist City.

Xiong Shi, being the leader of the group, was feeling the most agitated. He finally had the chance to carry out his revenge!

"Bu Fang! You killed the people from Ancient Shura City and seized their divine tool... The destruction of Heavenly Shine City is definitely linked to you! You've caused our Pill Palace to face the pressure of the Shura Sovereign and there's no way for you to avoid your responsibility!"

Xiong Shi glared at Bu Fang and roared!

However, Bu Fang was disinclined to bother with them at all. He remained his lazy self. What's more, he went and said something to anger them further.

Whitey's body shimmered and it appeared near Bu Fang. It stood in front of him like a small hill and sent a huge amount of pressure to the group.

"Troublemakers shall be stripped and thrown out!" Whitey's mechanical voice resounded. Even as it was raining heavily outside, there was no way to stop Whitey's determination to strip everyone.

The group felt a chill. However, in the next moment, there was a surge of wrath as they protested from the injustice!

"Animal! You caused our Heavenly Shine City to fall into the enemy's hands. How dare you still stay in the Pill Palace!"

"Get lost from the Pill Palace! Get lost from our Heavenly Mist City!"

"You sinner... You should beg our Pill Palace for forgiveness! The Shura Sovereign is only looking for you!"

There was a huge stir of emotions among the group. They held umbrellas while waving their fists around as they glared at Bu Fang.

In a flash, the crowd's anger caused more people to gather around. If it were someone else, he or she might already have been intimidated. It was a pity that the person they ran into was Bu Fang. He was a lad who had always been calm and composed.

Even with everything which was happening, Bu Fang remained expressionless.

He simply looked at the crowd foolishly.

The Shura Sovereign attacking the Pill Palace had something to do with him, however, he was definitely not the sole reason why the Shura Sovereign attacked the Pill Palace... If the Shura Sovereign was really looking for him to cause trouble, why not just find him directly in Heavenly Mist City?

Cloud Mist Restaurant was situated directly in Heavenly Mist City. Bu Fang was not afraid of anything and the restaurant wasn't going to grow legs to flee.

However, the Shura Sovereign decided to attack the Pill Palace first. Even a fool would know there was some deeper meaning behind it. The Shura Sovereign reasoned that the attack was to get revenge on a cook... A magnificent sovereign attacking a powerful force in the continent just to get revenge on a single chef?

If that was the case, Bu Fang would definitely feel honored.

As such, for this group who were deceived, Bu Fang had no interest in them at all. He had seen many of their sort in his previous life.

The moment someone incited disharmony, they would group together to stir up trouble. Out of nowhere, they would ask people to get lost. Regarding this kind of people who only followed the crowd and allowed the winds to guide them, Bu Fang held no interest in them at all.

"You are the Pill Palace's sinner! You animal!" Xiong Shi glared at him and exclaimed hatefully.

The group suddenly parted, revealing a few figures.

"These are the experts from the Heavenly Mist City and they came from the Star Pill Tower. They're here today to punish this cook to ease the anger of the Shura Sovereign! Whoever dares to hinder them shall be recognized as going against the Star Pill Tower! Going against Star Pill Tower means that you are going against the entire Pill Palace and there will no longer be a place for you here!!" Xiong Shi shouted.

His words were directed at Nangong Wuque and the rest.

The expert alchemists from the Star Pill Tower were cold and the aura they gave off was powerful. They looked coldly at Bu Fang who stood at the entrance of the restaurant.

"Come with us. Whether or not the Shura Sovereign's objective is you, you were mentioned by him. There's definitely some link between his attack and you. You killed their people and snatched away their divine tool. The crime is all yours to bear! The Pill Palace shouldn't be the one to take the punishment in your place!" said the expert from the Star Pill Tower. When he was done, his eyes shimmered and his imposing aura soared, all to pressure Bu Fang.

That expert was a Divine Physique Realm expert who had broken through five shackles, so he was definitely strong.

As a matter of fact, many of the experts in Star Pill Tower were powerful and were the major source of power in the Pill Palace!

Nangong Wuque and Nangong Wan went and stood beside Bu Fang. They were rendered speechless by the group and their faces distorted with anger as they found them unreasonable.

The group was trying to force Bu Fang to take all the blame!

Bu Fang was wearing his Vermillion Robe and the red and white colors on his robe swayed as he rubbed his hands together. He looked at the group of people in front of him with a calm expression on his face.

The rain outside was pouring more and more heavily and the sight was gradually becoming slightly unclear. The rain was like a curtain of pearls, screening everything else off.

"I'm too lazy to say much, but this is my restaurant. If you come to eat, I'll welcome you. If you're here to create trouble, I'll strip you bare for being unreasonable..."

Bu Fang said before reaching out to pat Whitey's round stomach.

Whitey's eyes suddenly turned ash gray and it growled, "Then... Obliterate!"



Star Pill Tower's expert raged and glared at Bu Fang, "We know that your restaurant has the protection of many powerful beings which makes you think that you can act recklessly! Don't forget, this place belongs to the Pill Palace! This is the Pill Palace's territory!"

"So what?" Bu Fang said unenthusiastically.

The Nether King leaned against the door while munching on a Chili Strip in his mouth. The look on his face showed that he was obviously extremely interested in the scene in front of him.

These people dared to threaten Bu Fang?

Did these people not know about how terrifying the fat dog in this restaurant was? Could it be that these people had something powerful to rely on?

Then bring it out!

Even after anticipating for a long while, the group still did not show any signs of action. They simply stretched out their necks as they glared angrily at Bu Fang. They didn't do anything at all.

What's this? Hurry up and stir something up!

The Nether King almost choked on his Chili Strip...What kind of joke was this group of people playing at?

The people from the Star Pill Tower were not foolish. This small restaurant had a being who could defeat the Shura Sovereign. If they were to really go head-on, they might not be able to land a hit on him! However, this was Heavenly Mist City, their home! They had more than a hundred other ways to stop this restaurant from doing business!

"Since you're not going to leave Heavenly Mist City, don't ever think about doing business here! We'll seal off your restaurant and prohibit anyone from entering it!" The expert from Star Pill Tower sneered.

Once his words landed, he and a few other experts went to cast a seal. As mysterious fluctuations started to spread out, pillars which emitted dense pill energy soared into the sky. They enveloped the entire restaurant.

This was an isolation magic array, like a cage to bind the restaurant.

Bu Fang frowned and a faint expression of anger could be seen on his face.

Only bad people would break someone else's livelihood. The group's actions had infuriated Bu Fang. If he became unable to do business, his cultivation would stagnate for sure. That was not something Bu Fang would allow to happen.

"Your restaurant... Just wait for it to close down! Sooner or later, you'll have to leave our Heavenly Mist City!" The expert laughed, "I hope that this will be able to ease the Shura Sovereign's rage."

Bu Fang stood at the entrance and said expressionlessly to the group, "what a bunch of retards."

Nangong Wuque and the rest had sullen expressions on their faces!


"Owner Bu is the winner of the Magical Hand Conference. How can you do that to him?" Nangong Wuque gritted his teeth.

"Winner? That Magical Hand Conference was a disgrace. To let a cook win and you dare to shout at us?" a Star Pill Tower expert said in disdain.

The Nether King had finished sucking on his Chili Strip. After licking his fingers, he turned his head to Bu Fang.

"These people are just too noisy... Young one, do you need this king to take action? My price is three Chili Strips."

The eyebrows on the Nether King's face raised a little as he tried to negotiate with Bu Fang.

Bu Fang looked at the Nether King. After remaining silent for a moment, he slowly said, "Old Ha... You got a deal. Strip them naked. However, do it gently."

The Nether King was taken aback and his lips twitched, "Just call me Little Ha. Don't call me Old Ha, I'm still young! Besides, young ones these days sure are mischievous. You actually asked me to strip them the moment you opened your mouth. However... I like it..."