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 The Shura Sovereign directed his anger at the dark horse chef and shouted at him. This took everyone present by surprise.

Not only did his actions confuse many members of the Pill Palace, but it also caused the other factions to be somewhat amazed. Nobody had expected that the sole reason for the invasion by Shura Sovereign was to retaliate against the dark horse chef.

Originally, they were still afraid that the Shura Sovereign would attack their factions with his army. Not in a million years did they think that the true motive behind his invasion would be to get back at one particular chef.

Those from the Pill Palace got even more infuriated. What did Shura Sovereign take them for? A soft persimmon that could be smashed at his whim?

Within the Pill Palace, there were those who thought even deeper and cursed the existence of that chef. The chef was the one who caused the invasion by the Shura Sovereign and consequently caused the fall of Heavenly Shine City and the loss of countless experts' lives.

Facing the indomitable Shura Sovereign, they found it easier to hold their resentment against this seemingly weaker dark horse chef.

Bu Fang could clearly tell that there was a decline in the number of customers patronizing the Cloud Mist Restaurant. In fact, on certain days, with the exception of regulars like Nangong Wuque, there were hardly any customers at all.

Obviously, some of these customers were influenced by Shura Sovereign's words. The rest were simply too afraid of the Shura Sovereign and began distancing themselves from the restaurant.

"Those people are too cowardly! What does the restaurant have to do with the Shura Sovereign kicking up a fuss... The Shura Sovereign is obviously just finding an excuse to invade the Pill Palace. Owner Bu just happened to be the scapegoat this time," Nangong Wuque said indignantly while chewing on a Chili Strip.

Nangong Wan sat down demurely and sipped on her Sour Plum Juice, with a faint glow appearing on her face.

Nether King sucked on a Chili Strip with his mouth open, giving a blissful expression. It seemed as though that fellow would be content as long as he had a Chili Strip.

Nethery pouted and sat at the side, savoring her delicious Dragon Blood Rice and the icy cold Sour Plum Juice.

Although there were fewer customers now, the remaining patrons were eating even more heartily than before.

"Little Ha, don't you think those people who directed their resentment toward Bu Fang are all retards?" Nangong Wuque grumbled to the Nether King as he chewed on a piece of chicken.

Nether King opened his mouth wide and twirled the Chili Strip around in his mouth. The aroma of the Chili Strip started to spread out in his mouth and the taste of the Abyssal Chili Sauce exploded like fire, causing a surge of heat to well up in his nasal cavity.


After lightly exhaling, the Nether King stuffed the last Chili Strip into his mouth before opening his eyes and glancing lazily at Nangong Wuque.

"What's there to be angry about? People are always like that. Besides, it's their loss to not eat this young fella's food. This Spicy Strip is delicious!" The Nether King said.

Nangong Wuque thought for a while before concluding that what the Nether King had said made sense.

Bu Fang stepped out of the kitchen, garbed in a white and red swallow feathered robe. His outfit made it seem as though he was glowing with vitality. After shaking his wet hands dry and wiping them off, he exited the restaurant. He pulled out a chair and sat down at the entrance of the small store.

Bu Fang reclined on the chair and lazily closed his eyes. He exhaled lightly and looked completely at ease.

It was drizzling and gloomy outside but that did not seem to affect Bu Fang's good mood at all.

It had been quite a while since he could simply sit back and relax like that, Bu Fang thought to himself.

Just when he was about to doze off, a series of footsteps echoed in his ears. An enormous shadow stood in front of Bu Fang, forcing him to open his eyes.

"So, it's you?" Bu Fang was slightly startled as he looked at the figure in front of him.

The person standing before him was not anyone else but Yang Meiji. It was the person who sold the Cloud Mist Restaurant to Bu Fang at the very beginning. Bu Fang had a good impression of Yang Meiji.

Yang Meiji was an extremely persistent man... no, a very persistent manly woman.

"Owner Bu, how are you still in the mood to slack off here? Don't you know how serious the situation is right now?!" Yang Meiji said angrily when she saw how relaxed Bu Fang was.

She had just completed her isolated cultivation in the Pill Tower when she received the shocking news.

The Shura Sovereign was attacking the Pill Palace because of a certain chef from the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Wasn't this chef Bu Fang?

Because of the words of the Shura Sovereign, the people from the Pill Palace were divided. One side felt that the Shura Sovereign was simply looking for an excuse to invade their Pill Palace. The other half believed that the Shura Sovereign only attacked the Pill Palace because of that one puny chef. Therefore, as long as that chef was handed over to the Shura Sovereign, his anger would be appeased.

In any case, the loss of one measly restaurant was insignificant to the Pill Palace. Sacrificing it to preserve the Pill Palace was a small price to pay!

With the aggressive attacks by the Shura Sovereign, the Heavenly Pill City fell into a crisis and more people within Heavenly Mist City started to lean towards the latter reasoning.

When Yang Meiji received this news, she was at a loss. Therefore, she had rushed back to inform Bu Fang to leave Heavenly Mist City and go into hiding until this disastrous time blew over.

However, upon seeing the calm look on Bu Fang's face, Yang Meiji felt that her concerns were completely unfounded. This fellow was not afraid of anything.

"What's there to be afraid of... This restaurant is run by me. Anyone who dares to cause trouble here will be stripped and thrown out," Bu Fang said indifferently as he continued to recline on the chair, with a smile tugging on the corner of his lips.

This overbearing proclamation left Yang Meiji in shock. She opened her mouth to say something, but no words emerged. By now, she was so anxious that sweat dripped continuously down her face.

"Oh, I give up! However, I will be staying in the Cloud Mist Restaurant for a while. After all, this restaurant belongs to my dad. I can't do nothing and watch it get destroyed," Yang Meiji clenched her big fists and said fiercely.

"Oh, we've still kept your room for you. It's on the second floor," Bu Fang said.

Seemingly infuriated by Bu Fang's laidback attitude, she stomped into the restaurant. However, upon entering it, she caught sight of Nangong Wuque, who was relishing his Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup sitting not too far away. Her angry countenance immediately softened and she even became a little embarrassed.

With her face blushing, she blurted out coquettishly, "Master Nangong... You... You're here too."

"Oh, old Yang, it's been so long since I last saw you! Thanks so much for returning me my Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, I still hadn't found a chance to thank you properly yet! Order anything you want, it's on me!"

Nangong Wuque said as he laughed heartily upon seeing Yang Meiji.

"No... There's no need, that Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame belonged to you anyway. It's only right for me to return it to you, I... I still have something on..."

Blushing furiously and feeling extremely embarrassed, she covered her face and fled after saying only two sentences to Nangong Wuque.

Nangong Wuque gave a look of confusion as he chewed on a piece of chicken.

The Nether King with a Chili Strip still in his mouth bellowed with laughter as he looked at Nangong Wuque's confused face. Being extremely perceptive, he already had a clear understanding of the situation.

Yang Meiji had never thought that Nangong Wuque would be in the restaurant. She sprinted up the back stairs leading to the second floor and plastered her back against the wall. She held her hand to her pounding chest and gradually exhaled deeply.

Thinking about how Nangong Wuque invited her for a meal, her face turned red again and her heart was filled with sweetness and warmth.

Hiding behind the wall, she snuck a few covert glances towards Nangong Wuque who was still busy eating. Whenever he felt her gaze on him and looked behind him, she immediately retreated behind the wall again.

Shyly slapping her face to sober up, she climbed to the second floor.

Bu Fang was extremely touched that Yang Meiji came back all the way to Heavenly Mist City just to warn him. However, regarding the news about how he was in danger, he wasn't worried in the slightest.

As he had said, if anyone dared to cause any trouble in the restaurant, Nethery would strip them and Whitey would throw them out.

Bu Fang merely wanted to run his business in peace. He only wished for all his customers to be happy eating his food.

If any troublemakers came, Bu Fang would not show them any mercy.

The one thing that restaurant owners hated most was a troublemaker.

The weather in Heavenly Mist City those few days was gloomy and overcast. The thick heavy clouds would slowly gather as raindrops slowly accumulated in them. When the clouds could no longer hold the weight of the droplets, rain would gush down from the heavens in torrents.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps broke through the droning pitter-patter of rainfall.

Bu Fang opened his eyes lazily. The first thing he saw was a group of people rushing menacingly toward him in the distance. A while later, that crowd of people surrounded the entrance of the restaurant.

Within the restaurant, the attention of many customers was attracted by the overbearing air exuded by the crowd. They all walked to the front of the restaurant and looked on as they continued eating.

There were a lot of people, at least, too many for Nangong Wuque to count.

Amongst the crowd, there were alchemists and natives of the Heavenly Mist City. They held up umbrellas to stave off the rain and stared at Bu Fang with vicious looks in their eyes. The leader of this group was someone whom everyone was familiar with, Xiong Shi. He pursed his lips and led the crowd toward the restaurant, staring at it with a resentful look on his face.

Xiong Shi was an alchemist of Heavenly Shine City. However, before he managed to return to Heavenly Shine City, it was ruthlessly destroyed by the Shura Army. Xiong Shi was now homeless and after hearing what the Shura Sovereign declared, he had a new target to vent his frustrations.

So, all of this was because of this dark horse chef! The chef that defeated him! The humiliation of the past and the animosity would finally be resolved once and for all. In addition, there were many in Heavenly Mist City who harbored feelings of hatred toward Bu Fang, all of whom Xiong Shi was able to gather and form into a group to confront him today.

The goal was to capture Bu Fang and deliver him to the Shura Sovereign. With that, the Shura Sovereign's rage would be appeased and the Shura Army would be withdrawn.

With such strong emotions, the tension in the air seemed to turn solid and it became somewhat tangible.

Still reclining on his chair, Bu Fang gradually opened his eyes fully. He stared emotionlessly at the crowd and stood up slowly. He gave himself a stretch and continued looking calmly at them.

"If you're here to eat, welcome. But, if you're here to cause trouble... I'll have to strip you all and throw you all out. I will strip you as you come. If all of you come, I'll strip the whole lot of you."


In the kitchen, Whitey's purple eyes began flickering. Half of its head poked out behind the wall as its eyes flashed with incandescent light.