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 The mocking laughter around Zhou Tong left his face burning with shame.

He had never thought that there would be a day where he would be mocked by this bunch of fools. It was completely unbelievable!

As the genius chef of the Valley of Gluttony, his usual conversation partners were all influential holy sons and maidens. Their statuses were sky high and incomparable to rabbles such as these. Despite that, he could still afford to act haughtily in front of those holy sons and holy maidens.

"All of you shut up!" Zhou Tong howled furiously at the crowd surrounding him while attempting to hide his lower body. His eyes were red and bloodshot. His visage was akin to that of a maddened lion. Should his lower body be fully covered, the crowd around him might be intimidated by him.

However, the combination of the furious look with his naked lower body... The more they looked at it, the more hilarious it seemed.

Zhou Tong turned his head and stared viciously at the restaurant and the thin, slender chef who was standing inside it.

"How dare you treat me like this! Are you not interested in the good fortune from the Valley of Gluttony?! Many chefs can only dream of this golden opportunity!" Zhou Tong gritted his teeth and shouted indignantly.

Hearing this, the laughter surrounding Zhou Tong gradually softened and eventually disappeared. All the customers looked toward Bu Fang. According to Zhou Tong, the Valley of Gluttony seemed extremely impressive. If Bu Fang offended this fellow and lost this opportunity, it would truly be a waste.

Zhou Tong immediately felt as if he had the upper hand.

Valley of Gluttony's good fortune... He seriously did not believe that anyone could resist it!

With his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in hand, Bu Fang's figure started to move. He walked out from the restaurant, stood at the entrance and looked emotionlessly at the fully naked Zhou Tong.

"If you desire the Valley of Gluttony's good fortune, you need my guidance. Obediently apologize to me now and I may still give you that chance..."

"Are you finished? If you're done, then screw off..." Bu Fang could not be bothered to talk to this guy anymore. He was full of doubt. Were the chefs from the Valley of Gluttony all so retarded? Every single one of them was so fastidious yet so incompetent.

First, it was Wen Renchou, now it was Zhou Tong.

Wen Renchou was still better, initiating a Chef's Challenge after saying that he wanted to challenge Bu Fang in the culinary arts. That was fine.

However, this Zhou Tong...

Bu Fang felt that this child was surely an angel with clipped wings in his previous life. It was the only explanation for his complete lack of intellect. Going on and on about the Valley of Gluttony's good fortune... with an expression as if he was doing charity. He got stripped and yet he remained so haughty.

What gave him the courage to act so pretentiously?

After calmly delivering his piece, Bu Fang could no longer bother with Zhou Tong, who looked as if he was about to explode from sheer rage. Bu Fang dispersed the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife into green smoke and with a flourish of his robe, he turned around and strode elegantly back into the kitchen.

All Zhou Tong could see now was Bu Fang's shrinking back view. Zhou Tong could hardly believe his eyes. This guy... actually rejected the good fortune bestowed upon him by the Valley of Gluttony?!

Was he crazy?

Zhou Tong felt that he must have met a fake chef.

As the laughter around him came to life once more, he could not bear it anymore. He stared at the restaurant with hatred in his eyes and muttered, "Damn it! You will regret this sooner or later. When that happens, don't come crying to me that you want another chance to join the Valley of Gluttony!"

After saying that, Zhou Tong turned and fled, leaving only his white and pristine rear end facing the customers.

This was merely a distraction. After turning into the laughingstock for the customers for a while, it would then be tossed to the back of their minds and forgotten.

Cloud Mist Restaurant continued its booming business.


In Heavenly Shine City, a loud explosion resounded!

The city walls were instantly breached and the magical formations protecting them were also destroyed in the explosion. A large gaping hole appeared in the towering city walls. Dust billowed and debris landed everywhere.

Within Heavenly Shine City, figure after figure dashed into the sky. Every single one of their faces carried an intense killing intent.

Wearing his alchemist robe, Grandmaster Yao Guang emitted intense true energy. He was the first to rush into toward the Shura Army with a furious bellow. He had a look of resolution in his eyes. He would defend the city, or die defending it!

Similarly, in the Shura Army, experts were rising into the sky as well to battle with Grandmaster Yao Guang.

Numerous battles broke out in an instant. Although the alchemists of Heavenly Shine City were defending with their lives, they could hardly stop the advance of the Shura Army. There was a countless number of deaths.

In a tent, an aura of boundless pressure could be felt. A palm which blotted out the sky instantly congealed in the sky. A dense mist of true energy floated about the giant palm covering the sky and each intricate line on the palm was clearly visible to the onlookers.


The giant palm slammed down to the ground viciously

Grandmaster Yao Guang spat out a mouthful of blood as he resisted the palm!

However, with that one palm strike, Grandmaster Yao Guang was instantly defeated!

With that one palm strike, Grandmaster Yao Guang felt his life slipping away from him.

Before he died, he stared vehemently at the tent, with his eyes full of hatred and indignance.

"Shura Sovereign, you won't come to a good end!"

Grandmaster Yao Guang only had time to scream that last curse before he was crushed into meat paste.

A first-generation master alchemist of Pill Palace perished just like that.

The power of the giant palm in the sky did not seem to have weakened at all. It crushed down ruthlessly on the city walls and the once majestic city walls could not bear the impact of the palm strike and collapsed miserably...

Too many Heavenly Shine City's citizens died that day.

A handsome figure strolled out of the tent.

Garbed casually, the Shura Sovereign looked toward the crumbling Heavenly Shine city and smiled to himself.

"Our Ancient Shura City has been passive for too long. Many powers seemed to have forgotten the might of my Ancient Shura City!" With his hands clasped behind his back, he said coldly.

Beside him, the expert from Hidden Dragon Royal Court was standing silently while the Shura Saintess stood respectfully at the other side.

A long whistle sounded in the distant skies.

A beam of light streaked across the sky and sped toward the battle.

That was the peak expert from the Pill Palace, Pill Palace's Fourth Elder. He was an existence that could rival that of the Palace Master!

With the destruction of Heavenly Shine City, the Pill Palace's Fourth Elder was thoroughly enraged and vowed to slay the Shura Sovereign!

"He's just an insect..." To the Shura Sovereign, an expert who had just stepped into the Divine Soul Realm was hardly an inconvenience. Having already destroyed one Pill Cty, killing another Divine Soul Realm expert from the Pill Palace would not be anything major.

Shura Sovereign smiled. In his hand, a blood-red light shone and a suit of crimson-colored armor appeared. The bright red color caused the armor to look as if it had been stained with blood. Donning the helmet and equipping the armor, the Shura Sovereign's aura changed immensely as an intense killing intent burst forth. A long sword was unsheathed, and it seemed sentient as it whistled through the air.

Stepping forth, the Shura Sovereign dashed toward the elder from the Pill Palace. A battle between Divine Soul Experts attracted the attention of many on the battlefield. Everyone in the Shura Army revealed an expression of fanaticism as they gazed upon the blood-red figure floating in the sky.

After a few moments, the battle in the sky was concluded. Holding his sword in one hand, the Shura Sovereign descended from the skies smoothly as if coming down a flight of stairs.

Dark red blood dripped off the Shura Sovereign's sword.

Lifting the visor of his helmet, the Shura Sovereign gazed into the distance and said, "Next stop, Heavenly Pill City!"


The Star Tower in the Pill Palace looked as if it was bathed in starlight stood proudly.

As the largest city in the Pill Palace, Heavenly Pill City was the lifeblood of the entire Pill Palace. The Star Tower was located in Heavenly Pill City and it was the Pill Tower of Heavenly Pill City. It was a place where geniuses of the Pill Palace gathered.

According to legends, the Palace Master resided at the apex of the Star Tower. The elders from the Pill Palace also cultivated and trained within the Star Tower.

In an extremely small and narrow space on the highest floor of the Star Tower, a figure who was seated cross-legged opened his eyes gradually. It was as if a vorpal sword light sliced apart the darkness of night. It was incredibly brilliant.

There was a young and handsome man wearing a voluminous robe. The robe spread out widely and almost entirely covered the ground.

His long eyelashes trembled and his eyes shone with a sad light.

"The Fourth Elder has passed away," the man said mournfully.

In the next instant, the man stood up. He dragged the voluminous robe to the window of the Star Tower and looked at the prosperous Heavenly Pill City. After a long time, he gave a sorrowful sigh.

"Hidden Dragon Royal Court dares to allow the Ancient Shura City to do whatever they please... Could the Royal Court be finally making a move toward my Pill Palace?"

This man was none other than the Palace Master, Luo Danqing.

He glanced at the glory of Heavenly Pill City one last time before looking toward the distant skies.

In a distance, an ominous-looking blood-red cloud slowly gathered to envelope the entire region.

"The sky's going to change."


Heavenly Shine City had fallen!

The news that the city had fallen to the Ancient Shura City's army spread to the entire Pill Palace in an instant. Grandmaster Yao Guang and Fourth Elder had lost their lives and other countless alchemists paid dearly with their lives defending the city...

Not only did the news travel to Heavenly Pill City and the Heavenly Mist City, but even many experts of other powers got wind of it. After receiving this news, the Great Barren Sect issued a command to break all ties with the Pill Palace.

The Wind and Thunder Pavilion acted similarly. They recalled all their genius disciples and ceased collaborations with the Pill Palace instantly. It was as if the Pill Palace turned into the plague over the course of a night.

These actions were not confined only to the large influential powers. Even the small sects did the same.

Suddenly, the Pill Palace was completely isolated and without aid.

Everyone was silent and confused. Logically speaking, as the holy grounds of alchemists and the heart of alchemy in the entire mainland, when the Pill Palace was facing such a crisis, all the powers should be eager to lend assistance so as to be owed a debt by the Pill Palace.

However, this time, all the powers seemed to have abandoned the Pill Palace. It was because there was a shadow of interference by the Hidden Dragon Royal Court in the invasion by the Ancient Shura City.

Nobody was afraid of Ancient Shura City.

It was a different story when the Hidden Dragon Royal Court was involved. As the strongest force in the Mainland, the other powers were not even qualified to go against them. This was not the first time something like that happened... Something similar occurred many years before. There was a great shuffle of powers in the mainland then.

The indifference of the other powers led the people of the Pill Palace into despair. As time passed, the Shura Army began marching toward Heavenly Pill City. It was on that day that the Shura Army began disseminating the news of the invasion. Shura Sovereign's devilishly handsome visage appeared in the magical projection formation above Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Mist City. A sinister smile appeared on his face and he said coolly, "For killing a member of my Ancient Shura City and taking away my Shura Tower, pay with your fresh blood... After Heavenly Pill City, it will be Heavenly Mist City. When the time comes. prepare to die, little chef."

When everyone heard this, they were instantly stunned. The little chef in Heavenly Mist City? Could it be the dark horse chef? Could it be Bu Fang?!

In the Cloud Mist Restaurant, upon hearing this news, Bu Fang smiled and spat, "Is this Shura Sovereign an idiot?"