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 Upon hearing what Nethery said, the Nether King almost choked on his Chili Strip. He felt that this Netherworld woman had really been brought astray. In the past, she used to be proud, cold, and mighty. After mixing with Bu Fang for such a long time, she would even stoop to stripping troublemakers.

Nangong Wuque was slightly astonished. With a mouthful of chicken filled with spiritual essence, he gave Nethery a thumbs up and said, "Sister is really aggressive... You actually commanded Whitey to strip this guy. Serves him right for acting like a retard."

As if intimidated by the aggressive intent in Nethery's words, Zhou Tong looked at her in confusion. Were girls nowadays all so liberal? And... What was that thing hiding in the kitchen that was shooting out violet rays of light from its eyes?

Zhou Tong suddenly felt that this restaurant was very much different when compared to other places. There seemed to be many mysteries surrounding it. Not only were the customers weird, but the entire restaurant also seemed suspicious as well.

Nethery's expression was frigid. Looking at her icy countenance, Zhou Tong felt his hair rise and a chill seeped into him. He lost all his carnal desires. She was indeed a beauty... It was a shame she had to be so cold and unapproachable. In an instant, Zhou Tong felt his spirits drop. He threw his hands up and said, "Forget it gorgeous, I won't hold a grudge against you this time. Now, call your chef out. I am here to bestow good fortune on him. "

When the customers heard his words, they all looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Not holding a grudge against Big Sister Nethery? Should she thank you gratefully for being so magnanimous?

The crowd was speechless.

Did this arrogant man in front of them not know who Big Sister Nethery was? In Heavenly Mist City, how could anyone not know of Cloud Mist Restaurant's waitress, Big Sister Nethery? Beautiful and strong, awesome beyond compare!

This cocky fellow actually dared to say that he would not hold a grudge against her...

Nethery's dark eyes shone slightly and behind her, Whitey stepped out of the kitchen gradually with its shining violet eyes.

Zhou Tong was thoroughly stunned when he saw the puppet.

"What is this thing?" Zhou Tong thought to himself in surprise.

Whitey's violet eyes flickered and its gaze landed on Zhou Tong as it said mechanically, "Troublemakers shall be stripped as an example to others!"

Stripping again?

Was all the staff in this restaurant sick? Why were they so obsessed with stripping someone?

What kind of chef would establish a restaurant like this?

"I am here to bestow good fortune upon your chef... If he misses this opportunity because of you, can any of you still face him?" Zhou Tong asked as he furrowed his brows. He was actually not worried at all. As a great chef from the Valley of Gluttony, not only did he possess superb culinary skills, he also had impressive martial ones.

"Good fortune? Giving Owner Bu good fortune? What kind of good fortune can a joker like you bestow upon Owner Bu?" asked Nangong Wuque.

You are the joker! All of you are clowns!

Zhou Tong was truly enraged. All the customers of that restaurant were weird!

"I can give your chef some pointers to improve his culinary skills and I can even induct him into the Valley of Gluttony to cultivate! Valley of Gluttony is a chef's paradise... Countless chefs can only dream of this rare chance!" Zhou Tong said as he glared viciously at Nangong Wuque.

He was extremely confident and he believed that the moment he said that he was there to bring Bu Fang into the Valley of Gluttony, the latter would definitely run out from the kitchen to welcome him. No chef in the culinary world could resist an opportunity to cultivate in the Valley of Gluttony. It was a chef's greatest honor to be granted the opportunity to join the Valley of Gluttony. There were thousands and thousands of chefs in this world. However, only a handful could qualify and be given the chance to cultivate in the Valley of Gluttony. If it were not for the fact that Bu Fang defeated Wen Renchou, he would not have been given the chance to join the Valley of Gluttony at all.

Zhou Tong's words caused unease and hesitation to arise in the hearts of the surrounding customers.

If it really was a golden opportunity, it truly should not be refused lightly.

Zhou Tong looked around at the crowd which had descended into contemplative silence and a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. He revealed an expression of wild arrogance. "You stupid fools!" He thought to himself. Seeing how these fellows were so protective over the hidden chef, Zhou Tong decided that he would humiliate the chef when he came out later. He could not wait to let these fools look at the outcome of offending him.

"What are all of you still standing there for? Get your chef out... Quick!" Zhou Tong admonished with a smirk as he found a suitable seat and sat down.

The customers in the restaurant felt this Zhou Tong was really too wildly arrogant.

The Nether King stuffed the last bit of the Chili Strip into his mouth and savored its taste. Looking at Zhou Tong with slanted eyes, he knew that with Bu Fang's temperament, this newcomer would probably meet a terrible end. That young fellow's temper was a tad explosive.

True to his thoughts, just as his musings came to an end, an indifferent voice floated out of the kitchen. "Whitey, strip this moronic troublemaker and throw him out."

When he heard this voice, Zhou Tong was instantly rooted to the spot.

Very quickly, he felt the unpleasant gaze of the people surrounding him. In front of him, the lumpy and metallic puppet begun to emit an ominous violet light from its eyes.

"You little chef, how dare you?! Don't you want the Valley of Gluttony's good fortune?!" Zhou Tong howled furiously with a crease of his brows.

However, the chef in the kitchen did not reply to him. It was as though the chef felt as though he was too insignificant. The chef didn't even bother replying him.

Whitey raised its giant fan-shaped hands and slapped them toward Zhou Tong ruthlessly. When it came down to stripping... the Crazy Clothes-Stripping Demon was still the most efficient.

Zhou Tong's eyes turned cold. It was no use being polite, so now he would have to beat them into submission! This little chef was not taking the easy way out when he had the chance!

The true energy gathered around Zhou Tong's body. With a flick of his fingers, he sent a blast of true energy toward Whitey's giant fan-like palm. The two collided together with a loud blast. Zhou Tong was extremely confident. With his prowess, a flick of a finger would be more than sufficient to destroy this lumpy metal puppet. After all, he was at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

To his surprise, after the dust from the collision has settled, the giant hand was still heading toward him without the slightest reduction in speed. At the sight of this, all of Zhou Tong's hairs stood on end.

"What's this?! How can this metal lump be so sturdy?" Zhou Tong sucked in a breath of cold air and shot a palm toward Whitey as he retreated hurriedly. A mere puppet in this restaurant was actually able to match the strength of someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm!

Zhou Tong suppressed the shock in his heart and a serious look shone in his eyes. With a wave of his hand, a crimson kitchen knife appeared. A fiery glow emanated furiously from the surface of the knife. It was unbearably hot as if there was an inextinguishable flame burning on the knife.

With a twitch of his fingers, the crimson kitchen knife twirled around in his palm and performed a few experimental slashes.

"Take one more step closer and don't blame me for making a move! How dare a small restaurant like this act so reckless and bold!" Zhou Tong said icily.

Whitey glanced at him with its violet eyes and continued its attack.

Nethery looked on emotionlessly as her long silky black hair began whipping around and invisible ripples came to life about her. Her feet left the ground lightly as she floated up into the sky, it was as if her whole body was suspended in an ephemeral realm.

Initially, the troublemaking Zhou Tong caused some of the customers to lose their appetite. However, in the next moment, everyone was waiting in anticipation for the entertaining spectacle of Zhou Tong being stripped while relishing their delicious food. They had already been dissatisfied with the arrogant Zhou Tong for quite some time.

The Nether King lounged on his chair and looked at the crimson kitchen knife in Zhou Tong's hand as he said, "This fellow is indeed a chef."

Zhou Tong held his knife and exhaled lightly. It was time to show some real skills! Let them witness the true strength of a Valley of Gluttony expert! A bunch of morons!

With a twist of his knife, the fiery glow extended to the heavens. A series of footsteps from the kitchen drew everybody's attention. Everyone looked towards the origin of the footsteps and saw a skinny figure walking out from the kitchen.

With an expressionless face, Bu Fang stared at Zhou Tong, who was twirling his knife around and showing off his skills. Looking at the knife in Zhou Tong's hands, his left eyebrow gave a slight twitch.

In the next moment, a green smoke wrapped around Bu Fang's arm. When it dispersed, a pitch-black kitchen knife was firmly held in his hands.

Seeing the smooth and black knife, Zhou Tong wanted to laugh. Before the laughter could escape his mouth, the knife held by Bu Fang instantly became resplendent with golden light.

Zhou Tong felt the spiritual energy of his Intense Flame Knife trembling as if shaken by a loud soundless chime. The fiery glow on the surface of the knife became a few shades darker and showed signs of extinguishing.

What the hell?

What kind of knife was that chef holding?!

Zhou Tong's heart shook as shock appeared in his eyes.

Holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, Bu Fang looked calmly at Zhou Tong. "Stop wasting time. Strip him and throw him out. Business should not be disrupted," Bu Fang said. With a flicker in its eyes, Whitey instantly accelerated and appeared beside Zhou Tong menacingly.

With a tap of her feet, Nethery appeared in front of Zhou Tong as if she teleported.

With a smile forming on his lips, the Nether King raised a finger toward Zhou Tong and a strand of jet black restrains shot out toward him.

Zhou Tong felt as if he had been abandoned by the entire world. The pressure that the puppet and that ridiculously beautiful woman exerted caused his body and heart to tremble. How in the world did he not feel threatened by these two scary fellows at the start?

He turned to flee.

To his dismay, he suddenly realized that his body was completely immobile as if he was bound by some sort of chains.

How could this be?

Zhou Tong's eyes rounded in shock, and his heart shook.

He raised his head and in the distance, the incomparably handsome man was pointing at him with an evil smile plastered on his face.

In the next moment, with Zhou Tong staring in horror, Nethery raised her slender and elegant arm and made a slight gesture towards him with her finger.

The customers in the restaurant stared on with wide eyes.


Zhou Tong's chef robes were completely ripped apart.

Standing at the side, Whitey was rubbing its round head. Its robotic eyes flickered continuously... It seemed as though its stripping duty was taken over by someone else.

Zhou Tong stared in shock and was unable to utter a single word. He felt a cooling sensation across his entire body, especially in his lower body where he could feel a cool breeze caressing him. With even his lower body exposed, his countenance was filled with rage and humiliation. The suave Casanova chef, Zhou Tong, felt rage for the first time after he was stripped by a woman.

Nethery's eyes shone with glee as she gave a pout. It seemed as though her mood turned better after stripping someone. In the distance, the Nether King and Bu Fang were shocked. Cold sweat even appeared on Nangong Wuque's forehead...

Zhou Tong who was stripped was still unable to move a single muscle. This frustrated him to no end. The sharp gazes stabbing into him from the surroundings caused goosebumps to break out all over him.

Suddenly, Whitey stepped forward and grabbed Zhou Tong's head with its huge hands.

In the next instant, a screaming Zhou Tong was tossed viciously into the air.

Looking at the naked Zhou Tong shooting across the sky, the only thought the crowd had was...

"This chick's butt is really white!"


Zhou Tong crashed onto the ground and was finally able to move as the restrains around him vanished. With his lips trembling, he covered his lower body with one hand and the other hand covered his white butt. He crawled around as he struggled to get back up on his feet.

The customers queueing outside the restaurant saw the spectacle of Zhou Tong being stripped and thrown out and could not help but break into laughter.

Thinking back on how arrogantly Zhou Tong treated them, they were truly pleased with the pathetic state of Zhou Tong now.

Who asked you to act so arrogantly?

You deserve to be stripped!