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 Central part of the Hidden Dragon Continent, in the Valley of Gluttony.

With hands held behind his back, an ancient white-haired senior stood in front of the window. He gazed toward the sparkling waters of the jade blue lake without a shred of emotion on his face. He looked on calmly at the iridescent brilliance of the lake's reflection, as bright-colored fishes broke through the surface of the waters, gently flicking their tails.

In the same room, a silhouette stood at attention respectfully and silently.

After a long time, the white-haired senior turned over and looked toward the silhouette.

"That rascal Wen Renchou should have lost by now... He even lost the Crystal Cleaver. He's really a piece of trash, losing to some nameless chef outside of this valley. This is a disgrace to our Valley of Gluttony." The wrinkled visage of the senior trembled with indignant rage.

The silhouette standing at attention instantly broke out in shivers and revealed an expression of disbelief and shock on his face.

"How can that be? How could Junior Brother Wen be defeated?"

"The name on the Tablet of Gluttony has already dimmed. The Crystal Cleaver also lost the link with our Valley of Gluttony. Do you still believe that Wen Renchou is the winner?" The senior shot a dissatisfied look at the silhouette.

As a disciple of the Valley of Gluttony on the Hidden Dragon Continent, he was the representative of the entire organization. Even if his martial skills were inferior to that of the experts in the outside world, how could he lose in terms of culinary skills?

The Valley of Gluttony walked on the path of culinary excellence, with true culinary expertise as their pride. Culinary skills were the pride of the disciples and they should never lose to any chefs from the outside world.

"Follow my instructions. First, bring that clown, Wen Renchou, back to me. Next... carry out an investigation on the chef who defeated Wen Renchou. If it is possible, bring him back to the Valley of Gluttony as well. Even as an outsider, the fact that he could triumph against Wen Renchou in terms of culinary skills shows that he has an extraordinary talent in terms of culinary. If the chef doesn't listen to you, kill him. The Valley of Gluttony's pride cannot be violated," the senior clasped his hands behind his back and said with a chilly voice.

The silhouette trembled slightly. "Your disciple will carry it out right now." He replied and left the room.

With a deep look, the senior turned back and continued gazing toward the lake in the distance. Suddenly, the calm surface of the lake begun frothing and the waves surged toward the heavens.

An enormous spirit beast's head emerged from the lake and its wide mouth teeming with vicious looking canines snapped shut. It swallowed the bright-colored fishes which were frolicking around in the waters.


Bu Fang's answer left everyone shocked.

In the next moment, everyone felt like vomiting blood. When did Owner Bu become so mischievous? They knew that his specialty wasn't in cooking fishes. However, pray tell, what in the world was it? Making everyone curious before refusing to tell them anything... Acting like that will cause you to die by drowning in a pig's cage!

Bu Fang did not intend to give an answer at all. He simply stood up and stretched his back lazily.

After casually waving his arm and clearing the area, he turned around and looked toward the crowd, "From now on, business will be as usual."

In front of everyone's stunned gaze, he turned around and entered the kitchen.

Wen Renchou's face paled and he felt as though his soul was about to be separated from his body.

He did not doubt the accuracy of Bu Fang's words. He believed that Bu Fang's specialty was not fish. He actually lost in a fish-themed duel to a small-time chef whose specialty wasn't in fish dishes. Furthermore, it was the one area where he was the most confident in!

How would he still be able to face the people in the Valley of Gluttony after this defeat as a disciple of the valley?

"I lost..." Wen Renchou felt terrible anguish.

Suddenly, he twisted his head as he looked toward the kitchen and howled furiously, "If your culinary skills are so extraordinary, why don't you join the Valley of Gluttony?!"

Bu Fang, who was already at the entrance of the kitchen, halted his steps.

Madness gradually shone in Wen Renchou's eyes. This loss was a big blow to him. It was especially so when his opponent, Bu Fang, was just a mainland chef. Bu Fang wasn't even a disciple in the Valley of Gluttony.

If he lost to a chef in the Valley of Gluttony, Wen Renchou would probably not be so frustrated.

However, he lost to someone who he had completely looked down upon. Wen Renchou felt as if his entire heart was sliced apart.

"Valley of Gluttony? Is it really that good?" Bu Fang shot a look at Wen Renchou and replied calmly.

His words seemed to carry a sliver of disdain and that disdain thoroughly enraged Wen Renchou.

"Business resumes as usual. Everyone who is not here to eat, please leave the restaurant or risk being labeled as a troublemaker," Bu Fang finally said, then entered the kitchen.

The customers looked at each other for a while, then finally began to queue in anticipation of tasting Bu Fang's delicious dishes.

Wen Renchou gave an ugly look and stumbled out of the Cloud Mist Restaurant. He stood in front of the restaurant and raised his trembling hands with a look of hopelessness. Looking at his own hands... his lips started trembling.

In the Chef's Challenge... he lost. He had been robbed of the right to cook and his kitchen knife was taken as well. He was now left with nothing. The person who had caused him to be left with nothing was none other than Bu Fang.

As a member of the Valley of Gluttony, he knew clearly that the Valley of Gluttony would definitely send someone to bring him back. As for Bu Fang, since he defeated Wen Renchou, he would be invited to join Valley of Gluttony to be nurtured with a great number of resources.

As someone who had lost the right to cook, Wen Renchou would be relegated to a servant and a target for elimination by Valley of Gluttony. Bu Fang shall soar to the heavens, while he, Wen Renchou would never have another chance to restore his glory.

He was not willing to let that happen!


With a howl, Wen Renchou's eyes turned red. After a loud howl, a magic formation appeared in front of him. In the next moment, a silhouette gradually stepped out from within the formation.

Wen Renchou stopped his howling. In the instant he saw the figure, his pupils constricted.


The magic transportation array of Heavenly Mist City's Pill Palace flickered. Countless silhouettes were transported over immediately. They looked incredibly pathetic as their bodies were ridden with wounds and their aura emitted distress.

With a look of exhaustion, Mu Bai walked out from among these silhouettes. His face was extremely pale. He felt somewhat sullen. The trip to the Heaven Secret Territory caused him a great loss. Not only was he not enlightened on any concocting techniques, he had also lost a body.

Who would have expected that such a large number of ferocious beasts would appear in the Heaven Secret Territory? Those beasts were not native to the Hidden Dragon Continent and their fighting prowess was terrifying. Countless experts perished in the battle with the beasts.

Due to the lack of manpower, all the experts in the Heaven Secret Territory had to participate in the battle.

Mu Bai, who witnessed the ferocity of those beasts firsthand, had a body that was still trembling tremendously.

They were literally invincible. Even with the Fifth Elder attacking with the rest of the people, those beasts could not be completely suppressed.

According to the Fifth Elder, these ferocious beasts originated from other places known as the Netherworld. These beasts were considered common beasts in the Netherworld. The truly terrifying ferocious beasts had yet to appear.

It was through this that the Heaven Secret Territory was almost lost to the beasts.

Once the Heaven Secret Territory was completely occupied by the Netherworld ferocious beasts, it would directly threaten the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

Thinking about this, Mu Bai felt disoriented. Fortunately, the legacy grounds was sealed thanks to the massive efforts of the Fifth Elder. The ferocious beasts should not appear for a while. However, no one knew how long this sealing formation could hold on.

Returning back to the Hidden Dragon Continent, Mu Bai felt as if he was given a new lease of life. He took a deep breath and felt much more awake and refreshed. What caused him to be surprised was that in the Pill Tower, everyone was bustling about.

"What happened?" Mu Bai pulled a person over and asked him with a confused expression on his face.

"All of you who just came back from the Heaven Secret Territory wouldn't know. However, the Ancient Shura City declared war on the Pill Palace. That crazy Shura Sovereign still proclaimed that he would level our Pill Palace!" said an anxious-looking alchemist.

"How can that be? Is this Shura Sovereign retarded? Ancient Shura City might be strong, but they might not necessarily be able to deal with the Pill Palace, right? The Pill Palace is, after all, the gathering grounds of all alchemists in the Hidden Dragon Continent. How can he possibly deal with all the experts of the mainland?" Mu Bai said.

"Ah... You will know soon enough. The Shura Sovereign had really steeled his resolve this time. Not only did he activate his full military strength, he even invited Hidden Dragon Royal Courts' holy ground experts to assist him. Our Pill Palace is really in danger this time."

After finishing what he had to say, the person shook his head and left with a disturbed expression, completely ignoring Mu Bai.

Ancient Shura City activating its full strength did not worry the Pill Palace as much as the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's assisting experts. Being the highest existences in the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Hidden Dragon Royal Courts' every action could cause ripples across every faction on the mainland. If the Hidden Dragon Royal Court really wanted to exterminate the Pill Palace, the latter would truly be in peril.

In the distance, Grandmaster Xuan Ming walked over slowly. He gave Mu Bai's shoulder a gentle slap and revealed a weary expression.

"Don't worry, the Palace Master has already set off for Hidden Dragon Royal Court to seek clarification on this matter. There should be news soon... Even if the Hidden Dragon Royal Court really wanted to exterminate our Pill Palace, we would never give up without a fight.


Outside Heavenly Shine City, the second largest Pill City in the Pill Palace, a dense crowd of experts stood. Bearing heads full of luxurious red hair and carrying red spears on their backs, these experts were all members of the Ancient Shura City.

The Ancient Shura City's experts army was a famous terrifying army in the Hidden Dragon Continent due to their sheer battle prowess. Explosions after explosions reverberated through the air. Every time an explosion echoed out, a swarm of spears would rush toward the sky. As the spears blotted out the skies, they fell onto the gates like raindrops.

The grand gates of Heavenly Shine City were wrecked by the sounds of explosions and the city walls also became blemished with thousands of holes.

Wearing a clean set of alchemist robes, Grandmaster Yao Guang stepped forward and stood firmly on the battlements on the walls of Heavenly Shine City. He squinted at the swarm of Ancient Shura City troops and a burst of anger surged through him.

"Ancient Shura City... Unreasonable bullies!" Grandmaster Yao Guang said coldly.

The army settled in front of the city. Blood red tents were constructed outside the gates.

Among them, a young-looking Shura Sovereign lounged on the chair wearing casual clothing and looking extremely comfortable. His image did not seem as if he was in the middle of a war. In fact, it seemed like he was out on a holiday.

To his right, the Shura Saintess was garbed in martial attire. Her curvy figure was accentuated by it and left little to the imagination. Her beauty was simply breathtaking.

On the left side below the Shura Sovereign, a middle-aged man was meditating with his eyes closed. His aura was stable and emitted a crushing pressure on others. In fact, he gave off an impression of being slightly stronger than Shura Sovereign.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man opened his eyes slowly. A beam of light shot out of his eyes and the entire tent looked as if it was illuminated.

The Shura Saintess' heart tightened. This middle-aged man was indeed powerful, worthy of being an expert of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

"Shura Sovereign... I am doing this for the Netherworld woman and the black dog which seem like a living spirit of the Netherworld. I do not have time to waste with you here. End this battle quickly," furrowing his eyebrows, the middle-aged man looked at Shura Sovereign and said.

"Why the rush? I know information on the Netherworld is extremely important to the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. However, my Shura army has not been in battle for a long time. Surely, I will have to give them some time in order to warm up. In any case, I said that I will level the Pill Palace, and level it I will. Please do not rush me." A smile tugged at the corners of Shura Sovereign's lips as he let out a sinister smile.

"That Netherworld woman and that dog... They won't be able to escape! After my Shura army levels Heavenly Shine City, crushes Heavenly Pill City, and Heavenly Mist City, I will definitely help you capture that dog alive!"