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 Bu Fang never expected that the system's voice would suddenly appear in his mind.

Chef's Challenge... What was that? Furthermore, he was not allowed to refuse it? It sounded pretty damn impressive...

"Hey, system, what is this Chef's Challenge?" Bu Fang asked seriously. He frowned, halting whatever he was doing.

Bu Fang had no idea as to how Wen Renchou looked like when he shouted with all his might. Bu Fang was bewildered, having received this challenge to a Chef's Challenge. Moreover, it could stimulate a reaction from the system... It was definitely something extraordinary.

"The Chef's Challenge is a battle for honor between chefs. Letting their dishes do the talking, chefs stake their honor and their path in the culinary arts to compete against one another. The victor will then have the authority to strip the right of cooking from their opponents, forcing them to retire their kitchen knife and driving them out of the world of culinary," the system said in a solemn tone.

The way the system delivered the message caused Bu Fang to feel chills down his spine. Goosebumps appeared all over his body. That was pretty terrifying... Stripping them of their rights to cook, plundering their opponent's kitchen knife... This Chef's Challenge was indeed vicious! Stripping the right to cook from a passionate chef that loved the culinary arts was such a horrendous thing to do.

Bu Fang had never expected such a disaster to befall him.

Challenging him to a Chef's Challenge... Wen Renchou had to be insane!

"System, according to your explanation, shouldn't this Chef's Challenge require the consent from both parties in order to be carried out? Why don't I have any liberty to reject it? " Bu Fang questioned.

"If Master wants to be the God of Cooking at the top of the food chain in this world, you shouldn't harbor any fear or uncertainty in your heart. You should always press forward and not repudiate any Chef's Challenge that is directed at you. Just do it!" The system said convincingly.

Bu Fang felt enlightened after musing for a moment. If he wanted to become the God of Cooking, how could he be afraid of something like that? If he pulled out due to his fear of losing the right to cook, it would leave him mentally scarred. His path to being the God of Cooking would be blocked forever!!

Neither the system nor Bu Fang would allow this to happen.

The glow in Bu Fang's eyes turned solemn.


Outside of the restaurant, Wen Renchou roared at the top of his lungs. An invisible and formless energy radiated out from him.

Those alongside Nangong Wuque were appalled. They thought something huge had happened. However, when they looked around curiously, nothing seemed to have occurred.

"This bastard... He actually dares to taunt others. A Chef's Challenge... sounds pretty damn impressive..." Nangong Wuque mumbled to himself.

The Nether King frowned. His silky, jet-black hair had already recovered and shone with an ebony glow. His cultivation level was much higher compared to Nangong Wuque. Therefore, even though Nangong Wuque was unable to sense it, the Nether King had acutely felt the ripples in the air.

Particularly that illusory figure behind Wen Renchou, whose aura gave the Nether King a vague sense of familiarity.

The Nether King felt that he had come across this aura somewhere before. He pondered with a Chili Strip stuffed in his mouth. Nonetheless, he brushed it off since he couldn't think of anything.

Blacky, who was laying beside the Path-Understanding Tree, also opened its eyes as it looked toward the faint aura gradually dissipating from Wen Renchou's body. Blacky's brows twitched for a moment before mumbling to itself, "It's an aura coming from that thing..."

Within the shadows of the kitchen, a skinny figure slowly emerged, making its way out of the darkness. As the lights began to scatter, a face familiar to everyone was gradually unveiled.

Everyone was stunned.

Owner Bu? Why did he come out? Didn't he say that the store was already closed for the day?

Bu Fang and Wen Renchou made eye contact.

Wen Renchou's mouth lifted into an arc, revealing a predatory smile.

"You are finally out... I was beginning to think that you didn't dare to accept my challenge! Seems like you indeed have the guts."

Bu Fang walked towards the gate and gave Wen Renchou a vacuous gaze.

The crowd was beginning to feel the tension in the air.

Not long after, Bu Fang gave a soft sigh.

"What is the point..."

"Since the Chef's Challenge has already begun, you can stop with the pretentious acting now... Tomorrow, I will be here on the dot. Bu Fang, you had better prepare for the Chef's Challenge! As the initiator for this Chef's Challenge, the theme for tomorrow's battle shall be decided by me. It's going to be fish! For your own sake, you'd best be ready!" Wen Renchou said coldly.

Wen Renchou then left the Cloud Mist Restaurant. Clutching his waist, he walked away as though he was a cripple.

The crowd was dead silent as they watched Wen Renchou disappear into the distance.

Bu Fang stood at the restaurant's entrance, looking seriously at Wen Renchou's disappearing figure. He then licked the corner of his lips after a long while.

Nangong Wuque was utterly discombobulated. He was completely clueless about the conversation between Bu Fang and Wen Renchou.

"Old Bu, what exactly is this Chef's Challenge? It sounds pretty damn badass..." Nangong Wuque asked as he stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang turned over and gave him a sidelong gaze while saying coldly, "A Chef's Challenge is rather similar to a martial artist's duel to the death. However, the catch is, the loser doesn't lose his life. Instead, they will be stripped of their right to cook, never to be a chef again."


Astonishment ensued the crowd. So that was a Chef's Challenge?! It was, in fact, the first time everyone heard of it. Stripping a chef of his right to cook... was just too cruel!

"Old Bu, what if you lose... Doesn't that mean that you can't cook anymore? Doesn't that mean I won't be able to eat that delicious pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup anymore?" Nangong Wuque said timorously as he clutched his chest.

The Nether King was seated at the back, with a Chili Strip in his mouth. He also clutched his chest and said uneasily: "That's right... If you lose, won't this king be unable to eat that delectable Chili Strip? This definitely won't do... This king shall go and destroy that punk!"

"Once a Chef's Challenge begins, the two parties will enter a covenant. Neither of them is allowed to harm their opponent. Disobeyers will be punished severely," Bu Fang said.

The Nether King was flabbergasted by this information. He felt somewhat helpless and proceeded to chew the Chili Strip.

"Sigh. Truth to be told, I didn't want this either." Bu Fang sighed helplessly as he walked toward the kitchen. "Isn't it much better for everyone to cook harmoniously..."

The Nether King and Nangong Wuque gave each other an awkward look and began to leave the restaurant.

The Chef's Challenge of the following day would be a battle for the chef's honor. The two of them suddenly felt a tinge of excitement and anticipation rising from their hearts.

Wen Renchou's face was extremely gloomy after he returned to his inn. He found a discreet place and quickly donned his clothing. Luckily he had prepared several sets of clothes for this mainland expedition. Otherwise, a naked adventurer from the Valley of Gluttony being the center of attention would be extremely embarrassing!

Wen Renchou sat on a chair in the inn as he began to pour a cup of tea for himself.

His accommodation was one of the best within Heavenly Mist City. The boiling tea leaves emitted waves of aroma, causing him to be mildly intoxicated by it.

After sipping the tea...

Wen Renchou began to think about the dish he had to prepare for tomorrow's battle.

The theme he gave was fish. Of course, it was the ingredient he had the most confident in.

Back then during the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, although he was humbled by Bu Fang's victory, he refused to admit defeat as he knew that his own specialty was in fish-type dishes. This Chef's Challenge concerned his future and honor as a chef. It was of paramount importance for him to display his true skills.

With a wave of his hand, a ripple of chilly air radiated out. A frosty, ice-crystal kitchen knife appeared in his hands.

Wen Renchou's face unveiled a hint of euphoria as he gently caressed the freezing knife, casually running his fingers down the blade.


Hidden Dragon Continent, Central Mountains.

In the valley surrounded by the mountain ranges sat an enormous glistening lake. The lake water glowed with a sapphire-blue hue.

Surrounding the lake were rings of skyscrapers.

Within one of the buildings, a pair of eyes unfurled. It was an old man with white hair and a face full of wrinkles. That old man gave a dry cough and stood up. He then strolled toward the window in a leisurely manner.

Swoosh! A distant noise was heard. A figure pushed open the gate and walked in with a respectful manner.

"Teacher, junior apprentice's name appeared on the Tablet of Gluttony. He probably challenged an outsider to a Chef's Challenge," that figure said.

The old man very steadily took a breath, frowning slightly. He then glanced afar at the enormous glistening lake without saying anything. He finally spoke after a long while and his voice was somewhat hoarse, "Such insolence, how dare he initiates a Chef's Challenge. If he loses... he will only embarrass our Valley of Gluttony!"

Anger could be heard from his voice and an unspeakable horror could be felt from it.

As if the air was trembling, the respectful figure behind the old man shook slightly.

"Teacher... In the outside world, how is it possible for junior apprentice Wen to lose? All of Hidden Dragon Continent's elite chefs are gathered in the Valley of Gluttony, how can an ordinary outsider chef be a threat to junior apprentice..." the figure commented casually.

The old man slowly turned around, with his silvery white hair fluttering lightly.

"Do not belittle anyone... You can leave now. If that brat, Wen Renchou, loses, you shall leave this valley to fetch that fella back. Also, try your best to recruit the chef that defeated Wen Renchou. This jade talisman here is a Ten-Thousand Mile Transmission Talisman. Take it." With a wave of the old man's hand, a brown jade talisman flew into the hands of that figure.

That figure's face changed slightly. Did the teacher predict something? Why was he so sure that junior apprentice Wen would lose? Was it even possible for an outsider to have culinary skills equivalent to that of a first-grade chef? How monstrous of a talent would that be?!

"You can leave now," the old man said as he gestured his hands.

That figure left immediately.

With a hand supporting his back and another behind his back, the old man turned to face the huge lake while his eyelids shut gradually.

"Who did Wen Renchou meet this time? Even the spirit of the Tablet of Gluttony activated by the Chef's Challenge oath hasn't been able to engulf the opponent. It's as if an unfathomable power is in its way. What in the world is going on?"


The Shura City, located in the western regions of Hidden Dragon's continent, was a desolated place. Yellow sandstorms filled the skies as terrifying bug beasts flooded the deserts, causing hysterical ripples of energy to spread out in all directions.

Suddenly, the savage sandstorms came to a halt. All the bug beasts went into the ground, afraid to release even a hint of their aura.

Deep within the yellow desert, numerous black figures materialized. Clad in armor, all of them were bloodthirsty and robust individuals.

The Shura Saintess was also wearing a set of protective armor. Solemn-faced, her seductiveness was enhanced exponentially as the armor she wore was exquisite in outlining the curves on her body.

Her revealing and provocative legs were glistening like jewels. Not even the howling sands could detriment their tenderness.

However, the Shura Saintess didn't look so happy at the moment. Uneasiness could still be detected from her expression.

"Sovereign, are we really going to attack the Pill Palace?" The Shura Saintess asked the seemingly ordinary youth beside her.

That youth could only be described using the word "perfect". His fiery red hair fluttered unceasingly and his violet pupils seemed unfathomably profound.

"Those who offended my Ancient Shura City shall be purged. Regardless of whether it is the Pill Palace or that chef possessing the Shura Tower. All of them will definitely die," that handsome youth said as his lips curled upwards.