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 The mountain range crumbled and the earth cracked in Heaven Secret Territory as a thick layer of smoke and bloody scent filled the entirety of this realm. Corpses filled the lands and blood flowed like rivers.

Most of the experts were in terrible condition.

After the huge fight, those beasts that originated from the ancient remains were forced to retreat. However, the experts paid an enormous price to do so as many of them had been slaughtered by the beasts. Blood and gore filled the field.

The Fifth Elder's white robe was covered in dust and dirt while fatigue and exhaustion were slowly revealed upon his face.

One of the experts walked up and questioned the Fifth Elder, "Elder, we finally found out about the origin of those beasts."

"Really? So what is the origin?" The Fifth Elder asked as he coughed and held his chest.

With a grave look on his face, the expert replied, "Mainland has already contacted us. They looked through multiple sources according to our description of the beasts and finally, news came from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.... These beasts might be from the Netherworld!"

"Netherworld?!" The Fifth Elder's eye shrank as his face turned ugly.


Wen Renchou stared at Bu Fang as he walked into the kitchen. A cold breeze gently blew past him.

He was completely ignored...

He was a traveler from the almighty Valley Of Gluttony and Bu Fang actually ignored him. Did that kid really think that he was granted permission to be so arrogant just by cooking up a few dishes in the soul sea of the Supreme Blade Tyrant? Valley of Gluttony's true skills had yet to be put to display. How could a minor figure like him possibly comprehend their ability?

The diners were all staring mockingly toward him. Blood gushed toward Wen Renchou's face as his exasperation became more apparent. Regardless of his approach, Bu Fang still insisted that he queued up. Wen Renchou felt helpless as if he was punching a lump of cotton candy.

"You had better queue up obediently, Lord Whitey is not someone you can afford to offend." Nangong Wuque smiled while picking up a piece of chicken from the pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. He placed it into his mouth with a joyous expression on his face.

The Nether King gave a nod of approval as he ate a piece of Chili Strip and drank a sip of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. It was such a beautiful feeling.

Wen Renchou glanced skittishly toward the Nether King. Wen Renchou was actually not afraid of the puppet at all. However, the person he was afraid of was the Nether King. He was simply too overpowered. It was no wonder Wen Renchou was intimidated.

If it was not for the Nether King, Wen Renchou would probably have attacked.

Chefs were not only skilled in the culinary arts. Every single one of them had to possess a strong cultivation base in order to match their culinary arts. Only when one had a strong enough cultivation base would he be able to make top-grade dishes. Moreover, this also allowed them to secure rare and valuable ingredients.

That was why in Valley of Gluttony, every chef was in fact, a relatively powerful individual. Wen Renchou had even reached the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. He was completely fearless when facing a puppet.

However, for individuals as unfathomable as the Nether King.... Wen Renchou still had to keep his guard up.

After staring at the Nether King who had been eating delectably, Wen Renchou took a deep breath and left the shop to queue.

As he endured his embarrassment in the queue, Wen Renchou's rage and resentment had been building up non stop. He swore that once the opportunity appeared, he would definitely teach Bu Fang a lesson. It was definitely going to be a serious lesson...

While harboring his grudge, the gaze of Wen Renchou gradually became more and more sinister.

As time gradually passed, those in the queue slowly made their way into the restaurant. Diners at the front had been unceasingly making their way into the restaurant and faces of contentment could be spotted at every corner of the place. Upon seeing this scene, the ragged-looking Wen Renchou began to frown.

Regardless, this still had to be classified as a successful restaurant. A chef that was able to produce looks of contentment on their diner's faces was beyond doubt a wonderful chef!

Valley of Gluttony's teachings had always been as such. However, these teachings were actually seen on a mere mainland's minor chef. How inconceivable.

The blazing red sun was slowly setting.

The queue in front of Wen Renchou was gradually disappearing.

Finally... It was Wen Renchou's turn.

His heart was filled with trepidation, he was already anticipating and predicting the amount of humiliation and disgrace Bu Fang would suffer when he lost. However, as he stepped into the restaurant and swept it with his scrutinizing gaze, a figure emerged from the kitchen.

After wiping his hands, Bu Fang said coldly, "We are closed for the day, please come earlier tomorrow."

After hearing his announcement, the diners were all aghast and disappointed. However, they were clear of Bu Fang's rules, thus, they didn't make a fuss out of it.

Only Wen Renchou was left alone looking bewildered by the situation.

What was going on? What did he mean?

What kind in the world was this little chef playing at?

He queued patiently for half a day and suddenly, Bu Fang said that business had ended? What happened to the trust between humans?

"Boss Bu... Since it's time, how about we carry out a culinary contest right now?" Wen Renchou asked coldly.

Bu Fang calmly glanced sideways at him and started to remove hair stuck beneath his hair netting. Strands of silky black hair were released and Bu Fang felt a lot more comfortable.

"Challenge me? Come find me during our working hours tomorrow," Bu Fang spoke calmly. He turned around and walked back into the kitchen.

Rage was evident on Wen Renchou's face as he stared coldly at Bu Fang's back.

"Are you scared of me? Why are you hiding from me? You don't want to spar with me because you lack confidence! You know that you cannot beat me!" Wen Renchou shouted toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang froze in place and turned around. Everyone was startled. How could someone be so shameless...

"I am the predecessor from the Valley of Gluttony. I started cooking when I was three years old... I got my cooking license at the age of fifteen! When I was twenty, I received the Valley of Gluttony's third-grade chef's title. I received the title of a second-grade chef at the age of thirty! You are a merely small cook in a restaurant. How can you possibly match up to me?" Wen Renchou exclaimed smugly.

Wen Renchou's words stunned Bu Fang and he stood in place for a moment.

The information which Wen Renchou revealed seemed to contain a huge amount of details. The Valley of Gluttony that Wen Renchou said seemed to have a very complete system of ranking chefs.

Truth be told, Bu Fang had already guessed about the fact after he arrived in the mainland of the Hidden Dragon Continent. After all, there were so many different varieties of rare ingredients in this land. How was it possible for the chef profession to not prosper?

Furthermore, there was still the existence of the Valley of Gluttony. With accordance to what Wen Renchou said, Valley of Gluttony had a complete ranking system for chefs! It had to be a paradise for chefs!

Apprentice cook, third-grade, second-grade... all of them seemed amazing.

Wen Renchou's culinary arts was indeed very robust. It might be the best which Bu Fang had seen so far. However, according to Wen Renchou's description, he was merely a second-grade chef! What about those above the second-grade? Could they be first-grade chefs?

Their culinary arts would definitely not be any weaker than Bu Fang's.

Bu Fang pondered about it deeply and a sense of determination began to surface within his heart. He aimed to become a divine chef standing above all in this world. Hm... After all, it was just a feeling in his heart. Bu Fang glanced sideways at Wen Renchou and said coldly, "If you want to challenge me, then come earlier tomorrow. We are closed for today..."

"You..." Wen Renchou was enraged! Was he trying to chase him away? He was there to ask for pointers as a fellow chef, not as a diner! Who the hell wanted to queue for food like an idiot?

"Regardless of your decision, I am definitely challenging you to a spar! I've got to teach a bratty chef like you a lesson!"

Wen Renchou's energy began to fluctuate and an ice-blue knife embroidered with blue sapphire stones appeared within his hand.

The atmosphere in the restaurant instantly became a lot tenser as if a fight was going to break out any moment now.

Whitey's purplish eyes shone brightly and suddenly turned gray. A robotic voice escaped its mouth, "Troublemakers shall be stripped as an example!"


In the next moment, Whitey shot out toward Wen Renchou, causing him to take a few steps back. His face grew solemn while musing to himself that this puppet was indeed extraordinary.

Nangong Wuque and the Nether King were at the sidelines eating melons together with the crowd as they watched the scene play out in front of them with excitement in their eyes.

Wen Renchou began to grow anxious as he fought against Whitey.

Moreover, he was feeling goosebumps all over his body. Nethery at a distance was showing off her snowy white pair of thin legs as she gazed coldly toward Wen Renchou with her dark and cold eyes.

If Nethery were to give Whitey a hand, he would really suffer!

Bu Fang calmly glanced at the scene playing out as he made his way into the kitchen.

Nangong Wuque, who had a glimmer in his eyes, turned his head toward the Nether King who was still eating the Chili Strip and said, "Little Ha, do you know lord Whitey's alias? They call it the Crazy Clothes-Stripping Demon. It loves to strip people and it seems unstoppable. How many people do you think fell to the Crazy Clothes-Stripping Demon? All of them were stripped naked..."

The Nether King was still eating merrily away at the Chili Strip. With a smug tone, he said, "Crazy Clothes-Stripping Demon? It does sound pretty strong... How about stripping someone for me to see?"

Lord Dog felt speechless as it listened to their conversation. It simply just readjusted his position and continued its nap below the Path-Understanding Tree.

Under the persuasion of Nangong Wuque, the Nether King actually started to pay attention to the so-called Crazy Clothes-Stripping Demon.

A streak of black energy flew out toward Wen Renchou as he struggled to defend himself against Whitey's relentless attacks. That black energy then landed on Wen Renchou's leg, causing his body to become stiff and he eventually lost his balance.

Whitey's robotic eyes glittered as it noticed an opportunity. It slapped the bright ball head of Wen Renchou.

Wen Renchou began to tremble in fear as the slap landed on his head.


Rip! Sounds of clothes being torn began to fill the air. It was absolutely overbearing! A crisp and clear sound was heard throughout the restaurant.

Nangong Wuque was stunned. Even the Nether King was astonished by what happened... Looking at the slash across Wen Renchou's body as the clothes on his body disappeared, his snowy white skin was revealed. With a loud boom, Wen Renchou landed outside the store, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Wen Renchou's face instantly became bright red as he felt utterly humiliated.

As someone from the Valley of Gluttony, when had he ever been humiliated like that? Rage welled up in his chest and he began to tremble in anger.

Whitey's robotic eye shone as it blocked the entrance with its mountain-like build.

Both the Nether King and Nangong Wuque were contemplating intensely as they scrutinized Wen Renchou's physique.

Wen Renchou was exploding with embarrassment and anger and his eyes turned red. With the ice-blue sapphire knife in his hand, he stabbed viciously toward his own palm. Fresh blood splattered everywhere as the space around him began to fluctuate with a unique energy.

"I, Wen Renchou swear upon the heavens that I will stake in my dignity and honor for this spar of culinary arts against Bu Fang!" Wen Renchou announced at the top of his lungs.

In the next moment, an enormous blood-red predatory beast emerged behind Wen Renchou. It viciously bit down and swallowed him before fading away into the void.


A pact had been made. Bu Fang and Wen Renchou were tied together by an invisible connection between them.

Within the kitchen, a thought began to surface in Bu Fang's mind as he stood there, petrified. Within his mind, the system's solemn voice appeared:

"Valley of Gluttony's Chef's Challenge will not be rejected by the master. Once the chef's vow is activated, both parties must compete with their culinary arts. The loser will lose their culinary skills and will never be able to cook again!"