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 The change in expression of the passerby caused Wen Renchou to be completely stupefied.

His eyes radiated with a bright glow like stars in a starry night sky. It was extremely eye-catching.

What the hell?!

What kind of reaction was that?

Wen Renchou frowned as he glanced at the passerby.

"Are you here to find Owner Bu? You are probably not from Heavenly Mist City... Are you from some other pill city? Of course, Owner Bu is the number one master chef in the Pill Palace. People will fight against each other just to taste his food. You are not the first guy to ask me about him," the passerby squinted his eyes and said smugly.

Wen Renchou was speechless. He had completely no idea why this guy was so proud of himself... All he wanted was to do was ask about Bu Fang's location.

Wen Renchou had initially thought that Bu Fang would be a nobody within the Pill Palace. Little did he know that Bu Fang would be so famous. Bu Fang's reputation was so good that even a random stranger he talked to had an air of arrogance when discussing Bu Fang.

The number one master chef of the Pill Palace... The name was indeed overbearing.

When he heard someone claim that Bu Fang was the number one master chef in the Pill Palace, Wen Renchou squinted his eyes. His mouth started to twitch involuntarily. As the successor of the Valley of Gluttony, Wen Renchou was affected by this comment.

Although Wen Renchou had a culinary showdown with Bu Fang at the inheritance ground of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, it wasn't a complete one. The victor was not determined yet.

Bu Fang's innate gift was indeed powerful. However, as a disciple of the Valley of Gluttony, Wen Renchou was confident in beating Bu Fang. After all, Valley of Gluttony was a paradise for chefs. As long as Wen Renchou was their disciple, he would not allow anyone to claim the status of the number one master chef. This was a matter of pride and dignity for a disciple of the Valley of Gluttony.

Therefore, his goal for this trip was not only to retrieve intelligence about the Netherworld, but also to defend the pride and dignity of the chefs from the Valley of Gluttony.

Even though the stranger was still blabbering on, Wen Renchou had already stopped listening. He took a deep breath and stared into the horizon. Then, he interrupted the stranger and said coldly, "Stop chattering and tell me about Bu Fang. Where is he? I am going to teach him a lesson on how to be a chef."

The stranger instantly stopped talking and looked toward Wen Renchou in disbelief.

"You... You are here to challenge Owner Bu?" The stranger took a deep breath and gave Wen Renchou an astounded look.

Owner Bu was the champion of the Magical Hand Conference. He had managed to defeat countless other prodigious alchemists and rose to the top as a chef. This fellow here, how dare he challenge Owner Bu?

When he heard how the passerby spoke to him, Wen Renchou felt somewhat annoyed. He frowned and stared coldly at the passerby.

"As I've said... I am not here to challenge him. I am here to give him a lesson on the culinary arts."


The small store was operating as usual and customers walked in and out of it.

The Nether King was eventually dragged out by the passionate Nangong Wuque. The former wanted to earn some crystals in order to purchase different varieties of Chili Strips. He left with Nangong Wuque under the promise that he would definitely get his fair share of crystals. Finally, the last customer left the restaurant.

Bu Fang slowly strolled out of the kitchen as the glowing sun, a crisp circle in the bloody sky, slowly got engulfed by the cold starry night. He pulled a chair to the doorstep and curled up on it while gazing into the starry night sky.

Stars filled the night sky and each of them had a vivid glow, shining as brightly as ever. A few stars streaked brightly across the starry night, dragging tails of stardust behind them.

After resting for a while, Bu Fang stood up. He stretched his neck lazily and let out a dreadful yawn. Upon shutting the bronze gate, he moved on to the second floor, settling for a sound rest.

White steam filled the bathroom and glistening water droplets clung onto Bu Fang's skin as he took a warm shower. He shook his head, splattering droplets of water from his hair everywhere.

Bu Fang walked out of the bathroom with his silk-like hair dripping with water and hot vapor rising from his body. Bare-chested, wearing only a bathrobe, he walked to the window and relished the gentle night breeze. He let out a soft sigh, feeling more carefree than he had ever been.

After his hair dried, Bu Fang made his way into his bed. He hid beneath the blanket and moments later, a string of rhythmic yet delicate breathing could be heard.


Heaven Secret Territory.

There was a series of loud booms and a man's illusory figure streaked past the skies, dyeing it a bloody red.

Inside a grand hall, many alchemists were sitting cross-legged as they sensed the fluctuations in the air, at peace with the true meaning of alchemy.

Suddenly, all the alchemists opened their eyes and simultaneously glanced in the same direction.

A ray of light shot toward them and struck viciously into the heart of the hall. An enormous might could be sensed from within the ray of light. Each and every alchemist present went into a state of vigilance. As the ray of light started to disperse, everyone got a glimpse of the figure inside the light. Following that, they released a breath of cold air.

"Fifth Elder?!"

All the alchemists exclaimed in unison!

The man had his life hanging by a thread and was coughing out blood profusely. They realized that he was no ordinary man; he was the pillar of the Heaven Secret Territory's Pill Palace, a god-like existence!

How was the Fifth Elder gravely injured? Who within the Heaven Secret Territory had the ability and guts to harm the Fifth Elder?

Everyone started thinking about it but they were unable to think about anything.

"Didn't Fifth Elder go to explore the newly discovered remains? Why is he injured?"

"Did something unusual happen within the remains?"

"Even Fifth Elder was left in such a terrible state... How can others possibly survive?"

As if they had all thought of the same thing, everyone began to chatter non-stop. They stared at each other with terrified expressions in their eyes. There was actually such a horrifying existence within the Heaven Secret territory!

The manager of this alchemist's meeting hall came over with an intricate medicinal box. He uncovered the box and retrieved an elixir that was glistening with a faint glow. The patterns on the elixir ebbed and flowed as if it was alive.

It was a seven-mark spirit pill!

The Fifth Elder's weakened look disappeared immediately after he took the elixir.

At the same time, the whole Heaven Secret Territory exploded with the news.

The piece of terrifying news swept across the whole Heaven Secret Territory like a hurricane.

Many savage beasts, emitting terrifyingly thick black energy had appeared in the ancient remains. These terrifying beasts charged out of the waterfall remains and started a massacre! Countless powerful individuals were slain and these mutated beasts had even gravely injured the Pill Palace's Fifth Elder. The remains were like an opened Pandora's Box, with innumerable demons flooding out with the intent to kill.

Within the Heaven Secret Territory, numerous powerful individuals formed an alliance. They journeyed together toward the waterfall remains, determined to seal that wretched spring.

A murderous aura scattered across the initially peaceful Heaven Secret Territory. It had become a terrifying battlefield, overwhelmed with killing intent and bloodshed.

Of course, none of this had anything to do with Bu Fang.

The first ray of light from the sunrise beamed in through the window and landed on Bu Fang's face, causing him to feel an itch across his face.

Bu Fang stretched his waist nonchalantly as he sat upon his bed. After letting out a sleepy yawn, he folded his blanket neatly, then went for a quick rinse, wore his Vermillion Robe and headed downstairs.

Upon reaching the kitchen, Bu Fang began practicing his knife and cutting skills. The glistering knife light flashed within the kitchen as copious ingredients were tossed up and cut skillfully.

Bu Fang spat out a mouthful of Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, heating up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He then proceeded to prepare some Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and Dragon Blood Rice.

A thick aroma diffused across the restaurant, and anyone would involuntarily take a deep breath.

Both Blacky and Nethery became even more lethargic after eating their breakfast. Lord Dog went back to take a nap beside the Path-Understanding Tree. Nethery wandered around the restaurant with her long seductive legs. Eighty, the chicken with its head in the clouds, continued to sway its little chicken butt as it ran around aimlessly.

The restaurant's gate was finally opened.

Before the gate was even opened, Nangong Wuque and the Nether King were both idling outside, eager to rush in. Behind them stood an enormously long queue of diners.

The Nether King walked in proudly. With his head tilted upwards and chest stuck out, he traded his Black Spirit Plum Juice with Bu Fang for three Chili Strips. He then tilted his head forty-five degrees upwards as he flashed the few pieces of crystals in his hand.

"Just order whatever you want from Nethery." Bu Fang rolled his eyes while addressing the Nether King.

Why the hell was he showing off his crystals? What a retard.

The restaurant began to operate as per usual.

Not far away, a clothed figure gradually approached. He glanced at the queue and involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of cold air. This little chef had some skills. There was no other explanation as to why there would be such a long queue outside his restaurant.

Alas, Wen Renchou was not there to queue for food. He strolled toward the kitchen with his hands behind his back. He was there to teach Bu Fang how to be a chef. So naturally, he did not come with peaceful intentions. He was there to wreak havoc.

He arrived at the interior of the restaurant and the unique atmosphere left him astounded for a moment.

Hmm? Isn't that man there the self-proclaimed Nether King? He was indeed in the restaurant!

As Wen Renchou entered the restaurant, he turned his head and saw the Nether King stuffing his mouth while seated on a stool. Holding a Chili Strip in each hand, the Nether King sucked and chewed on them at the same time. The scene was exceptionally odd.

Wen Renchou's face turned black as he glared at this clown who claimed to be the Nether King. Had he no shame?

Nethery glanced expressionlessly at Wen Renchou as she sashayed past, carrying trays of delicacies.

"Please queue up if you want to dine here. Otherwise, we will take it that you are trying to stir trouble," Nethery said coldly.

Wen Renchou's mouth twitched for a moment and revealed a calm smile.

"I am indeed here to stir up some trouble. I am here to ask Bu Fang for some pointers on the culinary arts... I'm also here to teach him some values!" Wen Renchou said in an overbearing tone as he swept his gaze across the crowd. He initially thought that the crowd would be shocked and intrigued. Alas, he found out that he was utterly mistaken.

He realized that everyone there gave him a look of mockery.

Nethery continued to serve her dishes to the diners.

A deathly silence ensued...

Wen Renchou's face momentarily switched from green to a tomato-like red.

As a traveler from the Valley of Gluttony on a mainland expedition, Wen Renchou had actually been despised by an entire group of diners... This was absolutely humiliating!

Whitey's violet eyes shone with a bright shimmer as it walked out of the kitchen. Its gaze fell onto Wen Renchou.

"Troublemaker detected. They shall be stripped as an example to others." Whitey chanted monotonously as if Wen Renchou was already labeled as a troublemaker.

Wen Renchou was perplexed. Strip? Strip what?

Within the kitchen, a figure slowly made his way out. Bu Fang was briefly astonished as he wiped off the mess on his hand and coincidentally saw the arrogant Wen Renchou standing in the middle of the shop.

"Why are you here? Do you want to order some food?" Bu Fang questioned.

Wen Renchou's eyes squinted with fascination as he saw the man himself. He then said smugly, "Naturally, I am not here to order food... I am here to seek some pointers from you regarding the culinary arts. I'm also here to teach you some values!"

Bu Fang blinked indifferently a few times while facing this tyrannical Wen Renchou.

"Oh, you are here to challenge me? Please adhere to the rules and queue up." Bu Fang commented coldly.

After finishing his sentence, Bu Fang made his way back into the kitchen and continued to prepare dishes.

Wen Renchou was utterly speechless. His mind was racing incessantly. He was there to teach Bu Fang some values! He wasn't there to challenge him...

Under the scrutinizing gaze of the crowd, Wen Renchou felt somewhat uncomfortable.