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 It was early in the afternoon.

Queues were getting longer and longer outside of the restaurant. Everyone focused on the restaurant with anticipation in their eyes and they hoped that the tightly shut bronze gates would open soon.

Everyone was discussing among themselves fervently, and they were full of anticipation for Owner Bu's dish. The aroma which filled the air caused them to be extremely intoxicated.

Nangong Wuque sniffed incessantly as he leaned against the bronze gates, attempting to peer through the crevice between them. Nonetheless, he was unable to see what was behind the gate.


A deep sound began to ring louder and louder.

Before long, the bronze gate gradually opened.

Nangong Wuque's face that was glued onto the gate's crevice shook for a moment. He quickly took a step back and there was a burning desire in his eyes.

Bu Fang was perplexed by Nangong Wuque's gaze that was brimming with anticipation.

"Long time no see." Bu Fang greeted Nangong Wuque with a slight nod.

Nangong Wuque smacked his lips as he slowly made his way to Bu Fang's side, teary-eyed.

"Old Bu! You are finally back! I was going to starve to death!" Nangong Wuque exclaimed helplessly.

During the few days that Bu Fang spent in the Heaven Secret territory, Nangong Wuque didn't have a chance to eat anything other than the Chili Strips. He would quiver whenever he thought of the many delicacies that Bu Fang had cooked.

"Hmm? Didn't I get Nethery to sell off all the Chili Strips? Didn't you buy some?" Bu Fang questioned him suspiciously as Nangong Wuque appeared to be too overjoyed by his reappearance.

"That's correct... Sister Nethery did sell me some Chili Strips. However, cough cough." As Nangong Wuque was about to say something, his sharp eyes caught on to the beautiful, long-legged Nethery who was slowly walking closer and closer. Her penetrative gaze glared right into Nangong Wuque's heart, causing him to shiver with fear.

Nangong Wuque felt a chill over his scalp.

Sister Nethery, you are crossing the line here!

Nangong Wuque fell silent under the immense pressure of Nethery's icy cold glare. He began to tear up.

Bu Fang had some questions. However, he did not have the chance to voice them out. Nonetheless, he was a hundred percent sure that something fishy was going on.

Either way, Bu Fang could not be bothered by it. After ushering the queue into the restaurant, he departed for the kitchen.

"If you guys want anything to eat, send your orders to Nethery." Bu Fang's voice echoed out calmly from the kitchen.

The diners were already aware of how things rolled in Bu Fang's restaurant, so none of them seemed surprised as they proceeded on to place their orders systematically.

The Nether King let out a satisfied burp filled with the fragrant essence from the pot of Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup as a look of contentment filled his face. His eyes beamed merrily as he strolled around the restaurant.

Lord Dog lay back lazily beside the Path-Understanding Tree to take a nap after eating its fill.

The Nether King finally understood how this dog turned so fat. Eat, sleep, rinse and repeat... Was this lazy dog trying to become a pig?

The Nether King gave Lord Dog a sidelong glance as he straightened his back, then he swung his arms as though he was doing an after-meal exercise.

Many diners in the restaurant looked at the Nether King. Most of them were suspicious of this retard with a bomb-like hairstyle. Did Owner Bu recruit another newbie? Was this bomb-haired clown a waiter? He looked too dim-witted to be one.

"Hahaha... Old Bu, is this a newbie you just recruited? Why is his hair all standing straight up? He looks like a broom!" Nangong Wuque found a seat and laughed as he saw the stuffed Nether King strolling around lazily.

The actions of the Nether King were really too hilarious. Even those around him couldn't hold back their laughter anymore.

The Nether King was stunned. What the hell? What were they laughing at?

Especially that red-haired fellow... Who did you say look like a broom? Your whole family had broom heads! He was the Nether King! King of the Netherworld! He was a legendary existence, okay?!

The Nether King's face darkened. He narrowed his eyes, giving Nangong Wuque a side glare as he sat down next to him. It was as if the Nether King was trying to assert his dominance through his majestic gaze.

"Brother, that hairstyle of yours is really unique, don't ever change it," Nangong Wuque said warmly as he flipped his fiery-red hair back and hooked onto the Nether King's shoulder.

The Nether King was taken aback. As he was shocked, Nangong Wuque continued to blabber on.

"Hey brother, since you are new here, you probably won't know much about Owner Bu's restaurant. What dish is cheap and good? What dish has the most aromatic smell? What dish has the best texture? You have to know what combination of dishes will allow you to burst forth with ecstasy!" Nangong Wuque said confidently, as though he was full of experience.

The Nether King was immediately intrigued. He had already tasted many of Bu Fang's dishes. However, the Chili Strip was still irresistible to him.

Nethery grimaced as she glanced over at the clownish duo with sinister smiles across their face.

As though they could feel Nethery's penetrative gaze, Nangong Wuque whispered as he peered over and raised his head bit by bit, "Brother did you see that big sister? You better be wary of this vicious woman. Previously, this young master fought three hundred rounds against her in the Netherworld Ship. Even this young master's unparalleled handsome face was suppressed. She is extremely terrifying. You better be careful around her."

This piece of trash was actually able to fight against the little netherworld girl for three hundred rounds?

The Nether King was shocked. He stared at Nangong Wuque in astonishment as though he had discovered a new continent.

Nangong Wuque snorted, flipping his fiery-red hair.

"Although this king is not that educated, you had better not lie to me. With your trashy cultivation level... That netherworld girl can slay you with just the lift of her finger," Nether King said with disbelief.

Nangong Wuque's eyes shrank. This brother was not easy to fool. However, in the next moment, Nangong Wuque had collected his thoughts and continued sprouting nonsense, completely stunning the Nether King.

Youngsters nowadays were atrocious!

"That's right my brother, how do I address you? I am Nangong Wuque, the current clan leader of the Nangong clan in Heavenly Mist City!" Nangong Wuque said smugly.

We were finally asking for names now?

The Nether King broke into a smile and said coldly with eyes filled with vanity, "I am the Nether King, Er Ha! People call me Lord of the Netherworld!"

"Nether King Er Ha? What a weird name. How about I call you Little Ha from now on?" Nangong Wuque said. He started seriously considering the name as he caressed his chin.

The Nether King looked at Nangong Wuque expressionlessly.

Little Ha? How about I "Ha" your sister?!

He was the Nether King... The prominent and majestic Nether King of the Netherworld! You dare to call this king Little Ha?! Are you sure you aren't a retard invited by that lazy dog?

A thick yet soothing aroma scattered out from the kitchen.

A skinny figure gradually emerged from the kitchen with piping hot dishes in his hands.

Bu Fang walked toward Nangong Wuque and placed a portion of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup in front of him.

"Ohh... Old Bu's Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, how nostalgic! " Nangong Wuque smacked his lips and said to the Nether King. "Hey, Little Ha, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup is the star dish of Owner Bu's restaurant. Although other dishes are extraordinary as well, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup has the best texture!"

The Nether King's face turned gloomy as he snorted with rage.

"This king is the Nether King. If you call this king 'Little Ha' again, I will destroy you," The Nether King said coldly.

"Little Ha, stop fooling around, stop acting like a stranger!" Nangong Wuque laughed as he removed the lid from the pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. Nangong Wuque smacked his lips and prepared to eat as a burst of fragrance emerged from the pot.

"Owner Bu, come and serve me one more Chili Strip. Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup accompanied by Chili Strips... Such a perfect match!" Nangong Wuque requested from Bu Fang and he seemed as though he suddenly remembered something important.

Bu Fang frowned slightly. With a wave of his hand, a hot yet delicious-looking Chili Strip appeared.

Nangong Wuque grabbed over the Chili Strip and gave it a firm bite. He then gulped down a mouthful of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. After chewing for some time, he let out a mouthful of hot air.

The hot gas surged toward the Nether King's face, causing his mouth to twitch with fury.

Bu Fang gave the Nether King a cold look and said, "Little Ha, please leave after you are done eating. We can't have anyone loitering around when the restaurant is in operation."

Little Ha? Who the hell is this Little Ha? This mischievous bunch of kids!

No random people loitering around! The Nether King was so enraged, he could puke blood.

Youngsters nowadays. such a fickle-minded bunch!

"Oh! Little Ha, so you are not Old Bu's new waiter? I'm telling you, with Sister Nethery around, they won't need a broom-head like you around. You don't have a place to stay? It's okay. After this big brother finishes eating, I'll bring you to the Nangong estate to look around. We have tons of rooms there!" Nangong Wuque said as he bit into the Chili Strip and chugged a mouthful of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. As he spoke, he placed a slice of broth-drenched chicken meat into his mouth and chewed.

The Nether King smacked his lips as he looked at the unique combination of dishes. It could actually be eaten like this... Young people nowadays really knew how to have fun!

However, young man, can you stop exhaling your breath towards this king? This king might accidentally kill you in a fit of anger!

Bu Fang grinned. They looked as if they were having a couple's fight. Why bother? He turned around and went back to his kitchen.

Although Bu Fang had been awake since the previous day, he wasn't tired at all. After eating the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, he was full of energy.

Nethery's face looked even more charming and irresistible after eating the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, and many people admired her looks.

"Little Ha! Do you not have enough crystals to eat Old Bu's Dishes? Fear not... This brother will bring you to make a fortune in a little bit. This crystal thingy... This young master will help you earn it in no time!" Nangong Wuque commented excitedly as his exhaled a mouthful of fragrance from his mouth which was filled with Chili Strips and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

The Nether King let out a sigh. For Chili Strips, this king shall tolerate him!


Within the great Heavenly Mist City's transport array, a ray of light descended and a cloaked figure instantly appeared within the array.

With his hands behind his back, Wen Renchou coldly swept his gaze across his surroundings. He had never been to Heavenly Mist City in the Pill Palace before. It was his first time there.

The Pill Palace was disgustingly rich. The buildings in the city were extremely tall and it was tall enough to leave most people in awe.

Wen Renchou casually took his time to walk out of this transportation array. Naturally, his goal for this trip was to locate Bu Fang.

However, according to his sources, the Pill Palace was known for alchemy. No one would know a minor chef like Bu Fang... It might be a little troublesome to try and locate him.

Wen Renchou frowned as he contemplated on how he should go about searching Bu Fang.

The self-proclaimed Nether King, as well as that Netherworld Woman, were both important clues regarding the Netherworld. Because of this, he had to find Bu Fang at all cost.

"The Shura Sovereign had just returned from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court and he actually claims that he wants to flatten the Pill Palace. Did he experience a breakthrough in his cultivation? Maybe he found a strong helper from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court?" Wen Renchou pondered precariously as he strolled around.

Nonetheless, these were all irrelevant to him. His only job was to locate that little chef named Bu Fang.

Wen Renchou got depressed whenever he thought of Bu Fang. That bratty chef's culinary skills were not any weaker than his. If he were to be discovered by those old demons in the Valley of Gluttony, Wen Renchou would definitely find himself facing Bu Fang again.

Luckily for Wen Renchou, that bratty chef was mixing around with dwellers from the Netherworld.

Wen Renchou let out a snicker and continued to roam around aimlessly as he randomly pulled a passerby over to inquire about Bu Fang.

Who knew that after Wen Renchou asked about Bu Fang, the passerby's expression would suddenly experience a dramatic change!