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 The aroma that filled the entire kitchen stimulated the Nether King and Nethery's taste buds.

Even Blacky, who had been lying on the floor all this time, stood up with its fats jiggling around. It then proceeded to the dining table with cat-like grace. Its eyes were wide open and radiated rays of anticipation. Of course, Blacky's gaze was fixed on the kitchen.

A dish that emitted such an aura was definitely not going to be ordinary. The spirituality hidden within the fragrance as well as the delectability of the ingredients were perfectly matched. It was just like a meticulously drawn painting.

Nethery took a seat at her designated spot as she held a cup of chilled Sour Plum Juice with both her hands. She narrowed her eyes blissfully as she took continuous sips from the cup. This cup of Sour Plum Juice instantly captured Nethery's heart.

The Nether King's demeanor was totally unlike Nethery's. He, with a head of spiky hair, gulped down the entire cup of Sour Plum Juice barbarically. He let out a deep burp at the end.

The restaurant turned silent for a moment as Bu Fang made his way into the kitchen.

Everyone was anticipating fervently for the next dish that Bu Fang was going to bring to the table.

Soon, from within the shadows of the kitchen, a figure gradually emerged with a huge jar in his hands. The lid of the jar had a friendly-looking Buddha who had an amiable smile on his face. The Buddha had rays of light circulating around him, and it made him seem alive and animated.

Just by staring at it, everyone seemed as though they heard a soft Buddhist chant, and thus they felt a sense of enlightenment.

The fragrance suppressed within the jar escaped from the crevices, and although it wasn't very dense, it was still rather rich and intoxicating.


Bu Fang placed the piping-hot Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup on the table.

The Nether King and the others all looked curiously toward that pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. They were shocked in their hearts and had a lot of questions. So what was the good stuff that was stored within the large pot?

Nethery looked at the pot suspiciously. She remembered that Bu Fang had already made this dish in the past. She took a small sip of Sour Plum Juice. He eyelashes twitched as she raised her head to look at Bu Fang, "Isn't this just a pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup?"

"Correct, it is. However, it is not just an ordinary pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup," Bu Fang said with a serious tone. "Buddha Jumps Over The Walls Soup can be categorized into two different grades, namely, the Mortal-Grade and Heaven-Grade. The ones which I prepared in the past were all Mortal-Grade. Even though the ingredients were pretty good, they are still considered substandard. However, this pot of Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup is made with the best ingredients," Bu Fang explained solemnly.

With so many high-grade ingredients mixed into the soup, the spiritual energy would definitely be extremely chaotic. To be able to cook it successfully, Bu Fang definitely had a hard time. He spent an entire night to prepare this dish.

Bu Fang was exceptionally well versed in cooking with true energy. It required one to combine mental force and true energy to control the flow of true energy within the dish. The chef also had to ensure that the texture and taste were up to standard. The chef would have to face enormous exhaustion of mental force, true energy, and physical strength.

Even before Bu Fang finished cooking his Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, he already had his true energy completely depleted. Fortunately, he went ahead and consumed a Chili Strip. Otherwise, he would probably be too weak to even stand.

After cooking, Bu Fang had a refreshing cup of chilled Sour Plum Juice to rejuvenate himself.

Undeniably, Bu Fang had to spend a massive amount of energy and strength to prepare this one pot of Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. Seriously, this dish was no joke!

"Remove the lid... Let this king have a taste!" The Nether King licked his lips as he commented.

Bu Fang glanced at him, not speaking a word. From within his energy core, a wave of true energy gushed out and covered his entire hand. Bu Fang flipped the lid open with his palm which was covered with true energy.

The Buddha on the lid looked as if it came alive.

The moment the lid was opened...

Beneath the Buddha, a rainbow-colored gas began to rise at a rapid pace. It was as though they were the clouds which the Buddha was sitting on.

After the dispersal of the gas, countless golden rays radiated out of the lid toward the sky, actively dispersing any gas that was still lingering around. It was a rather exciting scene.


A wave of spiritual fluctuation began to spread out and everyone's heart started to flutter.

An aroma that was as vast and rich as the sea began to spread out, completely overwhelming everyone in the store. The Nether King was covered by the warmth and fragrance of this aroma. Intoxicated, he could not help but shut his eyes in bliss.

The sweet aroma gushed out like a tsunami. Nethery stopped sipping her Sour Plum Juice as she took in a deep breath of the fragrance of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

Lord Dog extended its tongue out and began sniffing merrily at the fragrance.

At a corner, Eighty's little chicken butt shook uncontrollably and its wings slowly started to spread out. It's head tilted to the side as it looked in the direction of the savory smell. Eighty felt as though it was rising to the heavens.

At the same time, this aroma began to spread out of the restaurant and it filled the skies.

It was already morning. The owners of the elixir stores around the restaurant were already preparing for work.

However, as the fragrance began to fill the area, customers from the elixir stores halted their actions and simultaneously glanced toward the direction of Bu Fang's restaurant.

"Oh my, it smells so good! Is Owner Bu cooking up a new dish?"

"Eh? This aroma... is Owner Bu finally back?"

"Excellent! I can finally taste Owner Bu's food once again!"


The diners were all rather exuberant as they began to move in the direction of the restaurant. They were eager from the bottom of their hearts. The restaurant was closed for quite a while since the sale of three Chili Strips. The restaurant was extremely quiet for a period of time.

Now that something was happening again, the diners were naturally excited!

Owner Bu was the champion of the Magical Hand Conference. The dishes he made had already defeated many alchemists and he had already turned into a legend in Heavenly Mist City. Everyone wanted to know what this Owner Bu was like.


The rays of light gradually weakened, but the aroma still filled the area.

The Nether King opened his inebriate eyes and looked anticipatingly toward Bu Fang,

"Hey little one, quick... Quickly give this king a bowl!"

Nether King began to salivate like a hungry wolf as the aroma assaulted his nose. How could it be this fragrant?! He had never smelled something so aromatic in his entire life! When he was in the Netherworld, he never got the chance to eat something of this caliber.

Lord Dog and Nethery stared at Bu Fang with a serious expression on their faces.

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. These reactions were within his expectations. The Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup definitely had an unstoppable charm. After utilizing so many high-grade ingredients, the effects of the dish were indeed extraordinary.

Bu Fang brought over a porcelain bowl and scooped out some of the soup.

This Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup was somewhat thick. It had a brownish shade to it and emitted a unique fragrance. The fragrance was a blend of many unique aromas; it was truly extraordinary.

The steam began to swirl about round and round.


The restaurant was completely silent except for the audible sound of people swallowing their saliva.

Bu Fang picked up a piece of black dragon meat and placed it into a porcelain bowl, passing it to Nether King, who was seated closest to him. The Nether King was shaking with excitement as he received the bowl. Bu Fang continued to serve the food, unaffected by Nether King. A portion for Nethery, and lastly, a portion for Blacky.

After serving everyone their food, Bu Fang also prepared a portion for himself. How could he not try this Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall he had spent so much effort on?

Eighty looked from afar with its little eyes, noticing that Bu Fang had entirely disregarded this little chicken. It dragged its little chicken feet as it ran to Bu Fang's side. It clucked all the way there.

Bu Fang glanced sideways at Eighty, smirking coldly. Who would give a damn about this little chicken?

"Cluck cluck cluck?" Eighty raised its chicken wings and feathers flew all around.

"What are you making noise for; you are just a mere chicken. You still want to eat meat?" The Nether King said to Eighty drunkenly as he merrily sipped on his bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. His face became as red as a lobster.

Eighty flapped its wings and gave the Nether King a deadly glare.

Bu Fang still continued to ignore Eighty. This petty chicken didn't even want to spare him a chicken leg. It actually wanted to eat the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup? Bu Fang was still thinking about whether he should reduce Eighty's portion of Dragon Blood Rice!

Eighty still had no idea of the horrible fate that was about to befall itself as it continued to cluck merrily away at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang used a pair of chopsticks to pick a piece of black dragon meat up.

The tender black dragon meat was covered with a mesmerizing fragrance and it looked a little like squid meat. However, it was still much more fragrant and had a much better texture.

Bu Fang bit into the meat and the tender and springy taste erupted in his mouth. Spirit essence burst forth and the thick and rich spiritual energy erupted within his mouth. Bu Fang's eyes twitched briefly. That piece of black dragon meat was tender beyond words. Accompanied by its wondrous elasticity, bouncing about within the walls of the mouth, how could one bear to swallow it?

Gulp. He swallowed it.

Bu Fang let out a breath of hot air and took another bite. He then drank a mouthful of the thick broth. The soup seemed to possesses layers upon layers of different flavors brought about by the many ingredients within. The many different tastes and fragrances mixed together harmoniously, creating a delectable texture.

Paired with the black dragon meat, all of the ingredients complemented each other. It took one's palate on an amazing journey.

Lord Dog extended its tongue into the porcelain bowl and began to lick up the soup within it. It licked merrily as a blissful feeling appeared in its eyes. With a roll of its tongue, it picked up a piece of extremely tender black dragon meat and gulped it down. Slurp, slurp.

As the meat entered its mouth, Lord Dog became content.

Lord Dog let out a sigh of joy.

The Nether King poured the final drop of soup in the porcelain bowl into his mouth. He licked his lips, reminiscing the indelible taste that he had just experienced. His red face turned a shade darker.

"Little one, come and give this king another bowl," the Nether King said with a warm smile as he looked at Bu Fang.

The three people and one dog happily munched away as though eating was the only thing that brought them joy. Everyone had their mouths full and their faces turned red from delight.

After finishing a piece of meat, all of them let out a burp which contained spirit essence.

Outside of the restaurant, diners had already formed a long line. The fragrance that came from within the restaurant caused them to involuntarily gulp down several mouthfuls of saliva.

Nangong Wuque immediately made his way there after hearing about Bu Fang's return to Heavenly Mist City. Not only him, but even the likes of An Sheng rushed back and she couldn't wait to try Bu Fang's food again. All of them had already turned into slaves of Bu Fang's delicacies. A sense of anticipation rose in the hearts of the crowd.

The restaurant's bronze door suddenly rumbled as it gradually opened.

A fragrance that was getting richer and thicker by the minute slowly diffused out, causing everyone to subconsciously inhale a deep breath.


Somewhere away from Heavenly Mist City, under the morning sun, a cloaked figure stood upright as he gazed toward the grand Heavenly Mist City. Staring at the towering buildings in the city, he revealed a smile.

As he waved his hand upwards, a jade talisman flew in front of him.

True energy rushed into the talisman and it exploded like fireworks. It turned into a savage-looking beast with a mouth so big that it seemed as though it was about to swallow the heavens.

The savage looking beast quickly disappeared, leaving behind a hazy and indistinct figure.

"Senior Apprentice, I am Wen Renchou, an adventurer for this mainland expedition. I chanced upon information regarding the Netherworld and I am here to make a report," Wen Renchou said seriously.

That shadowy figure contemplated for a moment and said, "News regarding the Netherworld?"

"Yes!" Wen Renchou confirmed.

"I never thought that there would really be information regarding the Netherworld. Very well, I shall dispatch some manpower there to further confirm the news. Where is your current location?" The shadowy figure said.

Wen Renchou's eyes shone brightly as he replied, "I am at the Pill Palace and I'm standing outside Heavenly Mist City right now. The lead is inside the city and I'm about to enter the city to check it out."

However, after the shadowy figure heard Wen Renchou's location, a weird voice escaped his lips, "Inside the Pill Palace? Hm... That madman Shura Sovereign has already left the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. That crazy man was saying that he was going to flatten the Pill Palace, so you had better take caution."

Wen Renchou gasped. He was shaken by the news. The Shura Sovereign wanted to flatten the Pill Palace?

The Shura Sovereign was indeed a madman. He actually publicly announced his plan to flatten the alchemists' sacred territory... Did the Ancient Shura City want to go to war with the Pill Palace?