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 The sudden appearance of lightning was unexpected. Even the Nether King was utterly caught off guard. Those lightning bolts had a faint violet glow as they came crashing down majestically. Even the air beneath them almost got destroyed; one could see how strong the thunderbolt was.

The Nether King would never have expected that thunderbolt of this level would strike him in this small restaurant.

At this moment, the Nether King's heart jumped. His body moved from instinct. A wave of dark energy gushed out as he tried to block the thunderbolt from hitting him.

Lord Dog, who was still sleeping heartily under the Path-Understanding Tree, immediately opened its eyes with a ferocious momentum and glanced toward the kitchen entrance. Its eyes contained a hint of solemn contemplation. Lord Dog's stern expression was due to that terrifying thunderbolt. Even a figure like Lord Dog had to be wary of it. As for what Lord Dog was thinking about, it was related to the Nether King's action.

This old fellow with an underdeveloped brain...

Although there were times when Lord Dog was intrigued by Bu Fang's kitchen, it knew its boundaries and would never try to barge into it. It was afraid due to the feeling it got from Bu Fang's kitchen. Lord Dog felt that the kitchen was an extremely dangerous place. The level of danger it sensed was something that even dozens of Nether Kings standing in front of it wouldn't match up to.

This autistic Nether King actually wanted to test out his skills and charge into the kitchen during his first visit. Was he tired of living?

You just had to eat, that's all! Why did you have to be so stupid and charge into the kitchen?


The Nether King moved and charged directly into the lightning bolt. Nonetheless, even his robust physique couldn't handle the thunderbolt's destructive capabilities. A loud boom sounded along with him tumbling down and onto the floor.

His hair was all over the place. Smoke rose into the air as the Nether King's eyes were in a daze with his mouth wide open. His whole body was in a miserable state and he felt as though he had become a roasted chicken.

He gave a few dry coughs and finally inhaled in a breath of cold air. He sat up and looked at his torn and charred skin. He uncontrollably swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

This lightning bolt was actually that terrifying... It was even comparable to his tribulation lightning.

If it was anyone else other than the Nether King who received this thunderbolt, that person would have long been a pile of ash on the ground.

As the Nether King, his cultivation level was unfathomably high and his body was nearly invincible. He was an existence who could look down on the entire Hidden Dragon Continent!

However, he surprisingly got beaten into this miserable state in this small restaurant...

It was utterly embarrassing.

The Nether King's cracked skin was healing at a rapid pace. Before long, it was as good as new.

He looked toward the direction of Bu Fang's kitchen and a question surfaced in his heart. What the hell was that array? There was, in fact, a grand formation just right outside the kitchen's entrance? This level of array... What the hell was the origin of this young man?!

Curiosity filled the Nether King's heart. He initially thought that this youngster was just another ordinary chef in this Hidden Dragon Continent, but with the appearance of this array, the Nether King instantly knew that this young man wasn't all that simple.

No wonder that lazy dog would want to stay in this restaurant. There was actually a catch to it!

When he thought of that lazy dog, the Nether King felt absent-minded for a brief moment. He looked over and saw a look of ridicule on the lazy dog's face.

The Nether King's face instantly turned as red as a tomato. Goddammit! I got ridiculed by this lazy dog!

The Nether King awkwardly gave his messy hair a pat and wiped away the dark spots on his face. A smile appeared on his face, and he showed off his white teeth to Blacky. Those glistening white teeth were a huge contrast to the Nether King's charred face, further emphasizing the white color.

"Retard." Lord Dog snorted smugly as it saw the miserable state the Nether King was in. Lord Dog rolled its eyes before yawning and mumbling a few words to itself. Before long, Blacky went back to sleep.

Lord Dog didn't know who or what was behind Bu Fang. Nonetheless, he knew that an existence who was able to lay down such a terrifying formation was definitely not simple.

Moreover, what did that powerful existence have to do with it? Lord Dog's only responsibility was to eat the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs!

The aroma diffusing out from the kitchen was getting thicker and thicker. A special rhythm came out of the kitchen.


At the second floor, Eighty slowly made its way down as it shook its little chicken butt.

Lord Dog once again opened its eyes and a flash of light shot through them.

"Bu Fang, this brat... Did he invent a new dish? This smell... It smells like something good." Lord Dog appraised in its heart.

The Netherworld Ship shook as a beautiful and well-proportioned pair of legs emerged from it. Nethery's eyes were wide open as she sat on the edge of the ship and swayed her legs as she looked in the direction of the kitchen.

Without a doubt, this sudden surge of aroma caused them to feel somewhat restless.


Inside the kitchen...

Bu Fang's forehead was filled with large beads of sweat as this was by far the most difficult dish he had ever prepared.

As the Shura Tower hovered in the air, it emitted rays of intense light. It was obvious that Bu Fang was pushing the Shura Tower to its limit. That strong mental strength caused his surroundings to become slightly more viscous and the air surrounding Bu Fang started to flow at a slower pace. Beads of sweat dripped down from Bu Fang's forehead to his chin and fell to the ground drip by drip.

Under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was blazing vigorously. The flame lit up the scene as a blistering heat wave soared into the sky. The Heaven Alps Spirit Water also began to boil incessantly. The blistering vapor gushed upwards unceasingly like a mushroom cloud that was about to burst through the ceiling.

Within the hazy mix of water vapor, a smiling Buddha could be seen crossing his legs. Radiance was suffused in his smile, showing a face of affection and warmth.

Bu Fang inhaled in a deep breath as his gaze became heavier; he continued to activate his mental force as he controlled the energy in the pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

After all, his cultivation level was still quite low. It was difficult for Bu Fang to prepare this pot of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. Almost all of his mental energy was used up at a staggering rate. Bu Fang's face turned as pale as a sheet of paper.

Suddenly, he extended one of his hands and with a wave, a long and hot Chili Strip appeared in it. He stuffed it into his mouth like how a barbarian would and began to chew at it savagely.

Although beads of sweat still accumulated under his nose, Bu Fang's complexion had no doubt turned a lot better.

Just like that, Bu Fang went into a trance as he cooked the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

Outside the kitchen, a Buddha's voice began to fill the air. The solemness on the Nether King's face became increasingly apparent.

What the hell was this young brat cooking? Why was it causing such a big commotion?

Nethery also became slightly absent-minded as she looked into the kitchen.

Lord Dog wasn't actually bothered by it at all. It simply yawned and lay down on the floor. However, it was obviously waiting for Bu Fang to complete the dish as it didn't go back to sleep.

No one got any sleep that night.

Through the dark starry night, the crack of dawn slowly appeared.

The glimmer from the starry skies gradually dimmed. Rays of sunshine shot in from the horizon as if they were swords made from light, cleaving past the darkness that ensued the night, breaking the heavy night sky.

Within the Cloud Mist Restaurant, the blistering flow of energy finally settled down.

The Nether King retracted his gaze and turned around after a whole night of scrutinizing.

"It's finally over... What exactly is that dish? He really knows how to make people wait... Youngsters nowadays... They are so unruly even when cooking a dish."

Within the kitchen, Bu Fang's hands were completely limp. He took two steps back and leaned against the wall while breathing heavily.

Bu Fang looked at the seemingly ordinary Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and a slight smirk appeared on his face.

The Buddha present on the lid was emitting a ruby-like glow as if it was going to come alive any moment, and the smile the face of the Buddha seemed as though it was moving.

A faint and consistent glow would appear on the Buddha from time to time, enhancing its liveliness.

Bu Fang straightened his body and shook the fatigue away. The true energy in his body had almost been completely used up. He slowly walked toward the cold cabinet. Upon opening it, he saw a big porcelain bowl filled to the brim with Sour Plum Juice sitting quietly.

He grabbed a transparent crystal glass and filled it with Sour Plum Juice.

Chilled Sour Plum Juice was immensely cooling. Water droplets were starting to form on the surface of the crystal glass due to the low temperature of the liquid inside it.

When he looked at this cup of Sour Plum Juice, Bu Fang let out an audible gulp and felt extremely thirsty. He then began to drink the cup of juice voraciously.


As that chilly Sour Plum Juice, accompanied by its sour and sweet taste, entered his mouth, Bu Fang felt as all his pores shrink. He felt a comfortable feeling bursting forth within his body.

That icy Sour Plum Juice flowed down his mouth through his throat and into his stomach, and Bu Fang subconsciously narrowed his eyes as a blissful expression appeared on his face. That was a feeling which couldn't be described with words. It was so soothing that his heart felt as though it was fluttering in the air.


When Bu Fang emptied the cup, he let out a sigh of satisfaction while his lips formed a contented arc. He felt extremely comfortable.

He allowed the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup to sit longer within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as he took the Sour Plum Juice out of the kitchen. In the instant he stepped out of the kitchen, many pairs of eyes fell upon him.

Bu Fang blinked a few times and drank a sip of the Sour Plum Juice. He then frowned for a bit and seemed a little confused when he saw the many pairs of eyes looking at him. Bu Fang's gaze fell onto the Nether King and he looked at the latter's hair which was standing straight. He mused to himself, "When did this fella change his hairstyle?"

However, Bu Fang wasn't bothered by it at all. He simply shook the crystalline cup in his hand lightly as he said calmly, "Come, have a taste of this drink. I made this from your Black Spirit Plum Juice."

Something made from Black Spirit Plum Juice? The Nether King was intrigued.

He saw the blood-red liquid in Bu Fang's hand and thought to himself. "This thing was concocted from the Black Plum Spirit Juice?"

Bu Fang left the jar of Black Spirit Plum Juice on the table and poured one cup of it for the Nether King.

"Wow. It's so cold." The Nether King grasped the cup firmly and was astonished by the feeling it gave him.

Not far away, Nethery had already made her way over without anyone noticing. Her long eyelashes moved as she stared intently at the Sour Plum Juice in the jar.

"What is this?" Nethery asked curiously.

Bu Fang knew Nethery's intention the moment she opened her mouth. He didn't reply to her at all but only automatically poured a cup of Sour Plum Juice for her.

Nethery received the Sour Plum Juice with a bright glow in her eyes; that cooling sensation made her feel somewhat weird.

She then sipped a small mouthful of it and her eyes started to shine brightly. It was as though a ray of light was shot out from her eyes.

"It's delicious," Nethery said merrily and immediately after speaking, she continued to sip a few more mouthfuls of the Sour Plum Juice. Her eyes beamed with satisfaction.

"This is Black Spirit Plum Juice?!" An expression of shock filled the Nether King's face as he gulped down the Sour Plum Juice. He looked at Bu Fang with a weird expression on his face.

How could this flavorful drink be the Black Spirit Plum Juice that was so sour and bitter?! Was this youngster lying to him?

"This is, in fact, the Sour Plum Juice... Hm, it was made using the Black Spirit Plum Juice that you provided me with. Don't you want to eat Chili Strips? If you provide me with Black Spirit Plum Juice every day, I will give you three Chili Strips, free of charge," Bu Fang commented expressionlessly as he looked at the Nether King.

The Nether King's body shook uncontrollably as he heard this. His heart was fluttering with excitement!

"Ha ha! Brat, you are finally learning how to behave properly! Deal!" The Nether King patted his chest confidently as he drank all the remaining Sour Plum Juice in a single gulp.

A satisfied smile appeared on Bu Fang's face. Suddenly, his expression changed and he turned around to make his way into the kitchen.

"Give me a moment, the really good stuff is going to be ready soon."

Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup... Finally, it was going to be completed.