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 Bu Fang brought the Black Spirit Plum Juice that he got from the Nether King back into the kitchen.

He filled the porcelain bowl that he prepared beforehand with the juice he obtained from the Nether King. The Black Spirit Plum Juice was obsidian in color and had a sour smell that assaulted one's nose. It was also a unique smell. It smelled somewhat like the Sour Plum Juice in Bu Fang's previous life.

However, the smell was a lot more potent.

That was why after Bu Fang tasted the Black Spirit Plum Juice, he recalled the Sour Plum Juice from his previous life. This Black Spirit Plum Juice could also be made into Sour Plum Juice. Bu Fang became a little intrigued. If he succeeded in making it into Sour Plum Juice, it would definitely be a drink exclusive to him.

Within his restaurant, there were very little choices for drinks. There was nothing else other than wine. If he was able to add a fruit-punch type drink into the menu, wouldn't that be great?

Smoke swirled around Bu Fang's hand as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared. He then placed the wok on the fireplace and spat out a golden-colored flame.

The golden flame dug into the bottom of the wok, and the temperature began to shoot up at a terrifying rate. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was instantly heated up.

After Bu Fang poured the Black Spirit Plum Juice into the wok, he reduced the intensity of his Ten Thousand Bestial Flames and began to slowly cook the juice.

Bu Fang then took out many ball-like spirit herbs from his dimensional storage. These spirit herbs were all found by Bu Fang when he was in the Heaven Secret Territory. Although the medicinal effect of these herbs wasn't that strong, they weren't weak either. Thus, they were perfect for making Sour Plum Juice.

The selection of spirit herbs was actually a rather tedious task. Bu Fang looked around for quite a while before choosing a flower-type spirit herb. He used his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife to slice up the spirit herb before adding it into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't only use a single type of spirit herb. He used other spirit herbs that looked like branches and some small red spirit fruits as well.

After these ingredients were added into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the spirit herbs within began to boil unceasingly.


The Black Spirit Plum Juice began to boil quickly as it emitted bubbles filled with sour gas.

Bu Fang then took a large spirit fruit out. It was the size of a human head.

He cracked open the spirit fruit and the transparent juice within it slowly flowed out. When it entered the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the clear fluid started to dilute the Black Spirit Plum Juice.

The original obsidian color of the Black Spirit Plum Juice gradually became more and more transparent.

After the addition of the spirit fluid, Bu Fang began to increase the intensity of his Ten Thousand Bestial Flames. Instantly, the Sour Plum Juice in the wok began to boil even more furiously. Waves of hot air kept gushing out and the sweet and sour gas rose up into the sky.

Bu Fang took a deep sniff and a blast of sweet and sour gas dug into his mouth. He started to salivate non-stop.

"Not bad. The combination of sweet and sour is perfect. It's enough to intoxicate them but not enough to cause them to choke. Moreover, it isn't too bland either," Bu Fang praised. He had to admit that this Black Spirit Plum Juice was indeed good stuff.

The Nether King should have taken this good stuff out earlier. If he had done so earlier, Bu Fang would have definitely given him his Chili Strip. A Chili Strip in exchange for the Black Spirit Plum Juice... What a wonderful trade.

Bu Fang knew when to take the Sour Plum Juice out of the wok. It was based on the shade of red of the juice in the wok. The Sour Plum Juice that had left the wok wasn't considered finished either. Bu Fang had to make it a little sweeter in order to enhance the savory and delicious taste of the Sour Plum Juice.

In fact, adding honey at this step would be the best option. However, Bu Fang didn't have any honey with him at the moment. Therefore, he could only add in rock sugar which the system had provided him with.


Hot air rose continuously.

Bu Fang then poured the cooked Sour Plum Juice into a porcelain bowl. Looking at the ruby-colored Sour Plum Juice, he felt extremely satisfied.

However, he wasn't planning on drinking it straight away because if the liquid was too hot for consumption, the taste would be seriously affected. The best place to drink it would be in a cold place. The sour taste would be so enticing that one's pores would shrink.

Bu Fang left the liquid at one side to cool while he went ahead to prepare his Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

"Compared to the ordinary Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, it's much harder to cook the heaven-grade version. The quality of the ingredients has to be high and the spirit energy required to cook the dish is much higher. It will be very difficult for me to control the spirit energy when cooking the dish..." Bu Fang thought deeply as he cradled his chin.

After pondering about it for a long time, Bu Fang finally retrieved the ingredients from his system storage space.

An obsidian-colored True Dragon Fruit appeared, emitting waves of faint spirit energy as if a real dragon was moving around within the fruit. Some of the rare spirit herbs were taken out too, along with some of the high-grade spirit beast meat. The black flood dragon, guardian of the True Dragon Fruit, had a massive chunk of meat sliced off its body by Bu Fang. Black flood dragons were classified as high-grade spirit beasts. Naturally, the quality of its meat was perfect for cooking the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

Bu Fang had also taken out his treasured phoenix egg. However, after scrutinizing his phoenix egg, he ultimately decided to store his egg back. He felt that if he used a phoenix egg to cook the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, he would be wasting a heavenly resource.

One by one, Bu Fang took out the ingredients required to cook the dish. All of these ingredients were of very high quality. If anyone saw the ingredients Bu Fang was going to use, they would definitely be shocked.

"Hmm... I still need a chicken leg. Should I borrow one from Eighty?" Bu Fang pondered for a moment while looking at all the prepared ingredients.

Bu Fang then turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

Outside of the kitchen, Eighty was mustering all its energy to pick up all the individual grains of rice from the porcelain bowl.

Not too far away, the Nether King was enjoying the taste of the Chili Strip as he slowly sucked on it in his mouth. Nethery had long retreated back to the Netherworld Ship in order to rest.

Eighty was still happily eating away the Dragon Blood Rice. Previously, it thought that it was extremely unlucky that it had to stay in the restaurant. It never expected that the restaurant actually had so many pleasant surprises prepared for it.

Unknowingly, Eighty started to gain weight. However, it was acceptable. As a chicken with aspirations, how could it not gain some weight? It was fine to be fat and plump!

As a chicken, I am proud of how fat I am!

Eighty twerked its little chicken butt and let out a few clucks. It quickly went back to the bowl of Dragon Blood Rice.

Suddenly, Eighty's body stiffened up. Raising its head, it slowly turned around and saw Bu Fang looking at it with two gleaming eyes, and there was a greedy look on his face.

That stare... Eighty was too familiar with it!

As a chicken who was able to live for such a long time, Eighty was familiar with the look in other people's eyes. In the past, Nangong Wuque also gave Eighty a similar stare. Before long, one of Eighty's wings was taken away.

Since then, Eighty had etched that terrifying gaze into its memories!

Why was Bu Fang looking at it with a similar gaze?

What in the world did he want to do?


Eighty glared at Bu Fang as it swallowed the grain of Dragon Blood Rice. It looked vigilantly at Bu Fang as Eighty slowly walked backward.

"Don't worry, isn't Dragon Blood Rice delicious? I'll give you an extra serving tomorrow..." Bu Fang forced a gentle and friendly smile upon his stiff face.

Something wasn't right!

Eighty's chicken crown shook gently as it slowly raised its wings.

"That... Be good Eighty, just lend me one of your chicken legs for a while," Bu Fang said in a serious tone. His twisted facial expression caused Eighty to feel chills down its spine. All of Eighty's feathers stood straight up.

Lend him a chicken leg?! I knew it! You are just like the other humans! You are evil!

How could Eighty borrow Bu Fang a chicken leg? A chicken needed its legs to run. They had to run in order to survive. If Eighty really gave up a single leg, wouldn't Lord Eighty be easy to catch? It might as well place itself on a plate in order to feed the humans.

Cluck! Eighty was dead set on keeping its legs!

Eighty stared intently and began to spread its talons. It dashed away like a mad chicken. With a flap of Eighty's mighty wing, feathers flew all over the place.

Eighty, run for your life!

Bu Fang was dumbfounded by what he saw. Eighty was running away while shaking its little chicken butt. It bounced around and took large steps. Eighty jumped over the head of the Nether King, who was still eating his Chili Strip.

Wasn't it just a chicken leg? What's the big deal? Bu Fang pouted his lips in dissatisfaction.

He gently shook his head, giving up on his conquest for Eighty's chicken leg. He then turned around and made his way toward the kitchen.

"Eh? Where did all these chicken feathers come from?"

The Nether King contemplated about what happened for a brief moment before turning his attention back to the Chili Strip. He didn't bother about anything else.


Bu Fang returned to the kitchen. After considering his options for a moment, he ultimately made do with a relatively low-grade chicken leg. Although it couldn't be compared to Eighty's leg, it could always be paired with the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife made a few dramatic twirls in Bu Fang's hand.

Soon afterwards, Bu Fang grabbed the True Dragon Fruit. With a clean slice, he removed the outer skin of the fruit. The kitchen knife then began to move around quickly and anyone would be dazed if they looked at how Bu Fang handled it.

The True Dragon Fruit's skin was removed by Bu Fang systematically.

A clean hack by Bu Fang opened the True Dragon Fruit into two halves. A stream of golden fluid flowed out of the core of the fruit.

Bu Fang used the porcelain bowl which he prepared beforehand to catch all the golden fluid.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was ready to cook all the spirit beast meat that Bu Fang had prepared for it. Placing the meat he had prepared into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang pushed down the black dragon meat to the bottom.

The black dragon meat's skin had already been ripped off by Bu Fang. With the kitchen knife, he made web-like incisions in the skin, allowing the skin of the black dragon meat to soak up more flavor.

After some time, Bu Fang poured the golden fluid from the True Dragon Fruit into the wok before throwing in the True Dragon Fruit. He placed the chicken leg into the wok as well.

Bu Fang had also prepared a type of deep-sea spirit abalone meat in the middle of the wok and he surrounded it with the other ingredients.

After all the preparations were made, Bu Fang grabbed a golden-colored lid to cover the wok. The Buddha carved on the lid was filled with smiles and had a ball-like stomach. The smile on the face of the Buddha was filled with warmth and zeal.

Bu Fang poured in some Spirit Spring Water and closed the lid.

After he filled the wok, waves of bright golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame began to burn away at the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. Even everything was done, Bu Fang did not immediately use his mental energy to control and guide the spiritual energy within the wok. Instead, he went to retrieve the already cooled Sour Plum Juice at the side. He placed it into the cabinet which was like an icebox in order to further chill it.

When the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup was completed, a bowl of deliciously chilled Sour Plum Juice would be ready for consumption as well.

As all the preparations were completed, Bu Fang went back to the stove and inhaled a deep breath.

The Shura Tower in front of his chest seemed as though it was able to resonate with Bu Fang's strong mental energy as it started to rise up gradually.

Bu Fang's waterfall-like mental strength suddenly burst forth with vigor.


Bu Fang's eyes immediately became grave and a solemn expression appeared on his face. This process was the hardest part when preparing a pot of Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. When the grade of the ingredients was extremely high, the chef's mental strength would be consumed at a much quicker rate as well.


Within the restaurant.

The Nether King finally finished the last piece of Chili Strip.

He licked his lips in satisfaction and a yearning look appeared in his eyes. Was that it? It's all gone?

He wasn't satisfied yet!

After sucking his fingers which tasted like Chili Strips, the Nether King released a helpless sigh.

"Although this young man has a rather unpleasant attitude, I must admit that the taste of this Chili Strip is really one of a kind. It's extremely delicious..." The Nether King said helplessly.

He had a headache once again. How was he supposed to go about exchanging treasures for Chili Strips on the following day? Should he continue to use his Black Spirit Plum Juice? He didn't even know if that young man would accept it this time.

Suddenly, the Nether King's nose started to twitch and his eyes started to glow. He turned around and glanced at the kitchen. He started to walk toward the kitchen with huge strides.

"It smells so good! What is this smell? How can it be so fragrant! It's like someone is using their small hands to caress my heart!" The Nether King felt astonished as it was his first time smelling such a fragrant smell.

Just as he was preparing to make his way into the kitchen, an enormous figure moved to stop him.

Whitey's purple eyes shone with a deep glow as it waved its huge arms and said, "This is an important kitchen; outsiders are not allowed."

The Nether King was stunned. He was actually barred from entering such a small kitchen?

"Stop playing around, punk. It's just a little kitchen. I want to see what kind of dish the kid is preparing in there," said the Nether King with a smile. He lightly tapped on Whitey's round belly.

Whitey's eyes shone with a deep glow and it remained in its place.

The Nether King pursed his lips and helplessly took a few steps back. He walked further and further away from the kitchen.

However, in the next moment, the Nether King's mouth twitched and a trace of light flashed through his eyes. He shot toward the kitchen at an extremely high speed.

Whitey was overwhelmed by the sudden movement and failed to block the Nether King.

The Nether King felt extremely pompous regarding his actions. However, in the next moment, he felt a sense of danger as his heart clenched and chills went down his spine.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!

As if thunderbolts were falling from the heavens, the Nether King who almost made his way into the kitchen froze in place. There was a bewildered expression on his face.