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 With regards to the appearance of the Nether King, Lord Dog felt more suspicion than surprise. After yawning, Lord Dog lay down once again to continue its nap.

After the Nether King consoled himself, his face returned back to one which was full of melancholy. The Nether King landed behind Nethery and made his way into the restaurant. Once he entered the restaurant, he began to look around curiously. The interior of this restaurant was indeed somewhat clean. Not a speck of dust could be seen. Moreover, the air was filled with the fragrance of several dishes and the Nether King's nose involuntarily twitched.

The Nether King sat down on a chair he found and kept on looking around.

Suddenly, his gaze fell onto the sleeping Lord Dog who was lying right beside the Path-Understanding Tree.

"Tch, this fat black dog is really too fat. It's like a lump of meat... It seems more like an eyesore. Compared to that liar of a dog, the liar is indeed much more handsome." The Nether King commented on that black dog as he fondled his chin.

The Nether King stood up with his hands behind his back as he walked toward Lord Dog. As he walked closer to the latter, he closely scrutinized it. A while later, the Nether King actually gave a slight nod.

"I will have to admit, although this dog is indeed much chubbier, he still has a slight resemblance to that liar of a dog. Even his aura resembles the one from that liar of a dog... How incredible!" The Nether King tilted his head to the side and said to Bu Fang, who was about to head over to the kitchen.

Bu Fang looked at the Nether King from the corner of his eye and didn't bother with him any longer. If that retard wanted to mess with Lord Dog, so be it.

After all, he was the Nether King. His skin should be much harder to break. It should be possible for him to survive Lord Dog's scratch.

Bu Fang walked to the entrance and closed the bronze gate. After closing the restaurant, Bu Fang started to walk toward the kitchen.

The Nether King was used to Bu Fang's cold attitude since long ago. That little brat called Bu Fang must have been jealous of the Nether King's good looks.

The Nether King squatted down and extended his hand toward Lord Dog's head.

"Hmmm, although it's pretty fat, it feels good to touch this dog," the Nether King praised as he continued to caress Lord Dog's head. That spotless and supple dog fur had a unique texture.

Nethery sat on the Netherworld Ship as she swung her snowy long white legs. She raised the corners of her lips as she looked at the Nether King. It was as though she was looking at an imbecile.

Was this old fella mentally handicapped?

Eventually, Lord Dog lazily opened its eyes and a sigh escaped its lips. Lord Dog looked at the Nether King from the corner of its eye and finally spoke:

"Hey old fella, if you don't stop what you are doing right now, don't blame me for what happens next." A soothing yet attractive voice filled the place.

The Nether King was stunned and his eyes started to bulge.

Oh shit... this... This fat dog was actually that damned lazy dog?! How could he possibly get this fat?

Nethery was speechless. This old fella actually didn't recognize Lord Dog.

Lord Dog was similarly speechless as it quickly sent its claws toward the Nether King's face.

The Nether King immediately let out an anguished cry.

"You lazy dog! If you attack someone's face, your kids will receive bad karma! You're definitely jealous of this king's good looks!" The Nether King shifted his body in a split second to dodge Lord Dog's claw.


Space started to tremble and a loud rumble filled the air. The powerful claw that Lord Dog used caused the area around it to twist and fall apart. Anyone could see how incredibly strong Lord Dog's move was.

The Nether King felt a chill go down his spine. If that attack actually landed on its face, there was no doubt that his face would be disfigured. This lazy dog was still as lazy as before!

"Eh? You old fella actually came with your true body and not a clone?" Lord Dog said coldly as he licked the paw which barely missed the Nether King. He looked at his paw which he was so proud of.

"Lazy dog, you had better stop calling me an old fella. I'm still very young!" The Nether King straightened his robe and reprimanded Lord Dog with an ugly expression on his face.

Lord Dog rolled his eyes and said, "Shameless old fella, you are already tens of thousands of years old. Why are you trying to act like a youngster now? Don't you feel embarrassed?"

"You fat and lazy dog! You are already as fat as a ball, why aren't you dead yet?!" The Nether King rebutted furiously.

"What? I'm plump, not fat! Do you have something to say about it? Do you want to fight? How about we settle this outside!" Lord Dog glared at the Nether King as it rose to its feet. The fats on its body started to jiggle around.

"Fight? Do you think that this king is afraid of you? If this king doesn't help you lose one kilogram of fats today, this king will abandon his surname!" The Nether King's silky black hair swayed behind him as he commented.

This old man was really crazy!

Lord Dog snorted as he glared coldly at the Nether King.

A man and a dog stared at each other with fire in their eyes. It was as though they were fighting a battle through their gaze.

Nethery continued to rock her pretty legs back and forth as she watched the scene in front of her expressionlessly.

Eighty shook its chicken ass around as it walked back and forth. It looked at the scene where a clown fought with a dog with bulging eyes.

However, just as the atmosphere reached its peak, a fragrant smell drifted out of the kitchen.

Lord Dog and the Nether King's eyes shone brightly. Lord Dog's nose twitched for a moment and it turned away from the Nether King with a nonchalant expression on its face. It walked past the Nether King with elegant steps.

Once Lord Dog found a spot, it immediately slammed the table with its dog paw.

The Nether King laughed coldly as his silky black hair fluttered. That lazy dog backed out! However, the Nether King also began to sniff the air and smelled a rather thick aroma drifting around. This smell caused his whole body to stiffen up.

Twisting his head, the Nether King tried to find the source of the smell. He saw a skinny figure walking out from inside the kitchen.

Bu Fang held two porcelain plates in his hand.

Hot air started to spread out and it was accompanied by the aroma of the dish.

"Blacky, Nethery, come and have your meal," Bu Fang said calmly.

He walked to the table and placed the dishes on it. A plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and a plate of Dragon Blood Rice was served.

"This plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs is for Blacky, the Dragon Blood Rice is for Nethery." Bu Fang mentioned.

Nethery and Blacky were already in position. With a look of anticipation on their faces, they stared at Bu Fang.

The sweet and intoxicating aroma from the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs spread across the whole table. The ribs were glistening with a layer of gem-like radiance and anyone would become tempted when they looked at it.

Lord Dog extended its tongue and sucked in a deep breath. Its eyes shone with excitement. Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs were much better... Although the Chili Strips were good as well, it wasn't healthy for him to eat too many of them.

Nethery stopped talking since a long time ago and her palm reached toward the Dragon Blood Rice. She started eating like a barbarian.

The Nether King was utterly stunned by the scene before him. What in the world was going on? What the hell was happening? What were the two of them eating? Why did it seem so appetizing?

Munch munch...

Lord Dog's fats jiggled all around uncontrollably as it stuffed its face with the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. It chewed crazily on the ribs and a blissful look appeared on its face. It was as though Lord Dog was in heaven!

While Lord Dog was chewing on the ribs, it glanced toward the puzzled Nether King. A mocking smile appeared on its face.


The Nether King swallowed his saliva as he looked at the plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs with a yearning expression. He could no longer stay calm after looking at the way Lord Dog and Nethery ate.

"Young man... What about me? Do you have anything left for this king? Since they have food to eat, you should give this handsome king something to eat as well, right?" The Nether King revealed a warm smile as he looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was stunned. He looked at the Nether King as though he was looking at a retard.

"Just order whatever you want to eat. You can ask Nethery. The menu is on that wall and the price is fixed. No bargaining," Bu Fang said.

Bu Fang turned around and made his way to the kitchen. Bu Fang went out of his way to make Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs for Lord Dog and Dragon Blood Rice for Nethery. Now, it was time for him to prepare a Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

Bu Fang didn't doubt that his completed dish would determine whether he advanced in rank or not.

The Nether King stared at Bu Fang as he gradually disappeared into the kitchen. The Nether King's lips twitched. He turned around to look at the menu which was on the wall. As soon as he laid eyes on the menu, his eyes widened to the size of saucers.

"Such an annoying kid!" Wasn't a Chili Strip one thousand five hundred crystals? Why the hell did you sell it to this king for twenty thousand each? You took advantage of me!" The Nether King felt as though he had been exploited again and again.

With bloodshot eyes, the Nether King stared closely at that menu.

That's right!

On the menu, the Chili Strip was listed for one thousand five hundred crystals. One thousand five hundred crystals!

The Nether King felt miserable. Was he too naive? How else would he explain the fact that he spent twenty thousand crystals to buy a single Chili Strip? Not to mention it was the price after he used his looks to dazzle Bu Fang.

What a loss! He had been utterly defeated!

"Youngsters nowadays are really too mischievous!" The Nether King felt extremely miserable and he could hardly breathe.

Nethery seemed to be used to such a scene as she remained expressionless when looking at the indignant Nether King.

As Nethery slowly chewed on the Dragon Blood Rice, she coldly asked, "Hey old man, what do you want to order?"

"Is it possible for me to put it on credit? I'll use my looks as a guarantee that I will definitely pay the crystals I owe you..." The Nether King stared at Nethery's mouth which was covered with oil before looking at the fragrant Dragon Blood Rice. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"Can you eat your looks?" Nethery rolled her eyes and commented.

The Nether King felt as though his heart had been pierced by a formless arrow.

At this moment, Bu Fang casually walked out of the kitchen.

He held a small porcelain bowl in his hand.

"Eighty, come have your food. I almost forgot about you," Bu Fang said calmly.

Eighty, who had been sitting on the floor as a bystander this whole time, upon hearing that its food was ready, merrily let out a chirp and stood up. It dashed toward Bu Fang's legs and looked at him with a happy look in its eyes.

The Nether King looked helplessly at this scene.

Looking at the little chicken eating away happily at the Dragon Blood Rice, a million black fat dogs dashed through his mind.

He was actually inferior to a chicken.

"Hm? Have you thought of what to order already? The prices are very reasonable. We are not out to cheat your money. Please relax and order," Bu Fang said seriously.


As he gazed into at Bu Fang's solemn eyes, the Nether King felt as though he was going to vomit a mouthful of blood.


Never did the Nether King think that he would ultimately still get to eat the Chili Strip. Even though he didn't have any crystals with him, he still had many other exotic treasures in his possession.

Bu Fang was stunned when the Nether King took out a can made of black ore was used to store some kind of spirit liquid. He allowed the Nether King to exchange it for Chili Strips.

It was the first time Bu Fang encountered someone who used spirit liquid to exchange for food. Bu Fang took the liquid from the Nether King and he was instantly overwhelmed by the thick spiritual energy and sour smell.

"This is actually a heavenly treasure of the Netherworld, the Black Spirit Plum Juice. Although it's not very valuable, it will still be able to enhance one's physique and strength when consumed," the Nether King introduced the liquid.

One shouldn't underestimate the can of Black Spirit Plum Juice. One had to know that it was tough to harvest this Black Spirit Plum Juice. Even for experts at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon, it was still difficult to harvest it.

That was because there was a beast, called the dark serpent, guarding every single piece of Black Spirit Plum. The dark serpent came from the Netherworld and it was extremely difficult to deal with. Only the Nether King would be bored enough to harvest so many Black Spirit Plums and make them into juice.

In the Netherworld, this kind of Black Spirit Plum Juice was considered very valuable! The Nether King felt heartache when he took out this treasure.

Bu Fang had a sip of this Black Spirit Plum Juice. His gaze became deep and a light flashed through his eyes. The unique taste of the Black Spirit Plum Juice filled his mouth and entered his stomach. Bu Fang instantly became more alert.

The taste made Bu Fang think of a rather exquisite juice from his previous life.

"Isn't this just a cup of concentrated plum juice..." Bu Fang muttered to himself.

Finally, he allowed the Nether King to exchange it for a dish.

The Nether King held a Chili Strip in his hand and he brought it close to his nose. He took a deep breath and tears nearly filled his eyes when he thought about how difficult it was to obtain this Chili Strip.

Lord Dog and Nethery rolled their eyes when they saw the Chili Strip in the Nether King's hand. Both of them burped with satisfaction and went back to rest under the Path-Understanding Tree.

They completely disregarded the intoxicated Nether King.

As for Bu Fang, he took the Black Spirit Plum Juice back into the kitchen. He planned to transform this juice into a delicious cup of Sour Plum Juice.

Also, Bu Fang started to prepare the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.