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 Bu Fang simply disregarded whatever the Nether King had just said.

He slowly placed a Chili Strip into his mouth and nonchalantly chewed on it. As he swallowed the Chili Strip, waves of true energy spread across his body and entered his four limbs. He was instantly rejuvenated and showed no signs of weariness.

Bu Fang circulated his true energy and finally managed to dig a hole out from inside the black dragon's stomach. He quickly made his way out.

His cultivation base was still relatively weak and that was why he used up nearly eighty percent of his true energy within his energy core when he dug a hole through the black dragon's stomach.

The Chili Strip's taste was extremely wonderful. Moreover, the effect of the dish was even better.

Nonetheless, it was this dish that bewitched the Nether King. The Nether King seemed to have fallen in love with the Chili Strip and the thick aroma coming from the dish intoxicated him.

However, the Nether King didn't have any money on him... He could only watch helplessly as Bu Fang nonchalantly devoured all the remaining Chili Strips. Bu Fang didn't even leave a single one behind.


The Nether King felt as if someone was teasing him and he was no longer able to resist the urge. He turned around to look at the distant Jiang Ling. When Jiang Ling realized that the Nether King was looking at her, she became worried as she looked at the Nether King with a vigilant gaze.

"Milord... Stop thinking about it! You still owe me twenty thousand crystals!" Jiang Ling grunted furiously.

The Nether King's handsome face revealed a hint of reluctance.

"How can you be so calculative at such a young age? When did this king mention anything about not paying you?!"

It looked like relying on Jiang Ling for crystals would not work anymore... Nonetheless, the Nether King didn't give up. He turned his gaze and looked at Nethery.

"What the hell are you looking at? I don't need any crystals to eat those Chili Strips," Nethery said coldly.

The Nether King instantly felt crestfallen. It was as though a formless arrow had mercilessly pierced his heart.


The earth suddenly shook violently. The small pond behind the waterfall began to tremble vigorously. The partition in the middle of the waterfall started to widen and the waterfall separated into two halves.

A pitch-black cave emerged from behind the waterfall.

There was actually another cave inside this valley!

Everyone was flabbergasted by what was playing out in front of them. In the next moment, cheers reverberated throughout the crowd.

"This is actually the inheritance of a major power! Such a tremendous stroke of fortune!"

Everyone began to exclaim in excitement.

A mystical energy fluctuation came from that pitch-black cave.

All the individuals surrounding the waterfall were going mad from excitement. Each of them shot out their true energy into the cave behind the waterfall simultaneously.

Even though the expert didn't care about the True Dragon Fruit or the Dragonification Tree, how could they keep their calm in front of the inheritance of a major power? No one knew what was hidden within the inheritance of that major power. Regardless, it would definitely be something excellent!

This tremendous stroke of luck was an opportunity which belonged to everyone!

Bu Fang was genuinely shocked by the scene which unfolded in front of him. He turned his curious gaze toward the cave and saw a maniacal individual dash directly into the waterfall. He was still dazed by the fact that such a well-hidden place actually held the inheritance of a major power.

Both the black dragon and Dragonification Tree were vital in activating the entrance to these remains. With the black dragon dead, the inheritance automatically appeared in front of them.

"Little one, why don't you make your way to the remains? You might even find something good in there!" The Nether King glanced toward Bu Fang as he instigated.

However, the Nether King was going to be disappointed again as Bu Fang had absolutely no interest in the inheritance of whatever major power that was.

Previously, he was forcefully abducted into the grave of the Supreme Blade Tyrant. It was never his real intention to get involved in the inheritance of major powers. Compared to digging up graves, Bu Fang would rather be in his restaurant, cooking up dishes like the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

"Not interested," Bu Fang said coldly as he stored his True Dragon Fruit.

He tapped Whitey's belly gently and he glanced toward the valley with a scheming look. The valley was filled with rich spiritual energy and many flourishing rare and exotic herbs. Some spiritual herbs were of incomparable value and could not be wasted. Bu Fang sighed and clapped his hands together after choosing some precious herbs which were of use to him.

"Nethery, let us leave," Bu Fang warmly said.

Nethery was confused. Was it true that Bu Fang had no intention to enter the inheritance ground? It was the inheritance of a major power!

"Okay." Nethery chose not to question Bu Fang any further so she nodded her head. She simply made her way over and activated the Netherworld Ship. As the mysterious Netherworld Woman, Nethery was all up and ready to leave this mysterious place at a moment's notice; as long as she had her spiritual vessel, no teleportation array was needed.

"Leave? Where are you going to go? Little lass, you can't just leave the remains like this. Those old fellas in the Netherworld ruins were already unhappy when you left without a single word," the Nether King frowned as he overheard the conversation between Bu Fang and Nethery.

As she was a Netherworld Woman who was banished, Nethery had to bear the burden of numerous curses. Only when the effects of these curses faded away would she be able to return back to the Netherworld.

Before that, the Netherworld Woman would have to stay and sail aimlessly within the mysterious land on a spirit vessel.

Even though he was the Nether King, the ruler of the underworld, he was still unable to overwrite the curse of the banishment. Moreover, those old fellas were not to be trifled with.

Nethery turned around and gave the Nether King an expressionless stare.

"We must get back to Bu Fang's restaurant. There are many Chili Strips there," Nethery said with a serious tone.

"You can leave. This unpleasant land is really boring. We need to feel the warmth of our home. Come on, let us leave together, we are going in the same direction anyway," the Nether King's silky black hair fluttered behind him as he said to Nethery melancholically.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. Was this really the Nether King? Was this really the ruler of the Netherworld? Why did he not have the temperament of a great man? He was an even bigger clown compared to Nangong Wuque. One could only imagine what would happen if the two of them were placed together.

"Mi... Milord, are you just going to leave like that?" Jiang Ling was dumbfounded.

Just leaving like that? Were they not even going to take a look at the remains? The major power spent a ton of effort just to set up these remains and they were going to leave just like that?

That was an enormous opportunity!

Jiang Ling was going mad... She clearly longed for the opportunity.

"Milord, I've already missed a stroke of luck previously. I definitely cannot miss another lucky chance!" Jiang Ling's face turned solemn as she seriously addressed the Nether King.

Previously, for the sake of summoning the Nether King, she missed the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant. Now that another huge opportunity was laid out in front of her, there was no way she was going to let it go.

The Nether King, who was already onboard of the spirit vessel, seemed to have felt Jiang Ling's persistence and said solemnly to her, "I understand. Fight for it with all your heart! Go and seek the fortune which belongs to you! As for your twenty thousand crystals... I shall return it to you the next time we meet!"

If the Nether King didn't add the last line, there was a chance Jiang Ling would be touched by his words.

Nonetheless, Jiang Ling's aim wasn't this...

"Milord... You promised to give me a lucky chance. I will definitely look for you when I am back!" Jiang Ling leaped away with four chains of true energy floating behind her. Her silky white hair covered Jiang Ling's face as she began to leap toward the remains.

The Nether King watched as Jiang Ling slowly disappeared from his sight. He released a long and melancholic sigh.

"Youngsters nowadays... So playful."


A frightening amount of energy came crashing down from the heavens. The dense true energy fluctuations in the area were instantly overshadowed. A figure slowly descended from the skies and shot straight toward the remains.

It seemed as though the inheritance this time was indeed extraordinary. Even an esteemed existence like the figure in the sky was alarmed.

Moreover, another powerful existence was alerted as well. A majestic red sword light streaked through the heavens, destroying everything that was in its path.

Atop the flying red sword stood a man emitting an extraordinary aura as he shot toward the remains.

There were others who arrived on hawks and there were some who came on foot. Nonetheless, the aura emitted by these individuals was overwhelmingly terrifying.

Bu Fang was somewhat shocked and confused by such a scene.

"Mark my words... It's a tremendous loss if you do not grab onto this opportunity. Look at all the exalted individuals that went into the remains. Are you regretting it now?" The Nether King questioned Bu Fang.

However, Bu Fang remained silent as he calmly shook his head. All the exalted figures had an aura that far surpassed anyone Bu Fang had ever faced. There may very well be someone at the Divine Soul Realm.

Facing powerful individuals like them, Bu Fang had a rather negligible chance of getting anything out of that place. Since there was a near-zero probability for him to attain a stroke of fortune, Bu Fang naturally chose not to go for the remains. He might as well head back to his restaurant earlier to prepare a pot of Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.


The spirit vessel slowly moved through the skies.

Nethery stood at the front of the Netherworld Ship with her silky black hair fluttering about behind her. She spread her arms wide as formless energy started to circulate around the vessel.

The Netherworld Ship's speed increased at a shocking pace. In the next moment, a spatial tear appeared in the skies and the Netherworld Ship shot into it.


Two round, crescent-shaped moons hung quietly in the night sky.

A spatial ripple appeared in the sky and a pitch-black vessel emerged from the tear in space. However, in the next instant, the space surrounding them returned back to its tranquil state.


A huge wave crashed in all directions as the Netherworld Ship hovered in the sky above the land.

"Phew! Such a nostalgic feeling! Although the spiritual energy here is a lot more diluted compared to the Netherworld, the air here is still as refreshing as always. It really makes me more clear-minded." A look of nostalgia appeared on the Nether King's face as he stood on the Netherworld Ship.

Nethery, Bu Fang, as well as the enormously sized Whitey, jumped off the Netherworld Ship and landed on the ground with a "boom". The land trembled slightly.

Not far away, the moonlight lit up the Cloud Mist Restaurant and it seemed as though the entire restaurant was dressed in a layer of white clothing.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes while he looked at the restaurant. A sense of belonging surfaced within his heart. He truly enjoyed this feeling.

Compared to the secret realm that was filled with countless treasures and dense spiritual energy, Bu Fang still loved his little kitchen.

He opened the gates and walked toward the store.

Nethery waved her little hand and the Netherworld Ship instantly flew into the restaurant. It landed beside the Path-Understanding Tree. A ringing sound was heard as the Path-Understanding Tree swayed furiously. Leaves began to fall like snow and fell onto Lord Dog's nose.

Lord Dog sneezed as the leaves tickled its nose. The large black dog lazily opened its sleepy eyes as it stared at Bu Fang, who was walking into the restaurant. Moonlight was reflecting off Bu Fang's robe and he looked pretty amazing. However, Lord Dog didn't care about how Bu Fang looked and it quickly transmitted a thought into Bu Fang's head. "You brat, you are finally back."

Outside the shop, the Nether King, who was floating in the air, seemed as though he felt something and his eyes snapped open. His ears twitched and his handsome face began to tremble. He took a deep breath and looked into the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

A deep glow appeared in his eyes and it seemed as though he was able to see through everything in the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Under the Path-Understanding Tree, Lord Dog felt something as well and quickly raised its head. It looked toward the Nether King who was hovering outside the restaurant.

A man and a dog began to probe each other with their eyes.

"Hmmm? It's actually that old fart?" Lord Dog mused to itself.

The Nether King actually let out a sigh of relief.

"This old black dog is actually as round as a ball. There is no way it's that shameless dog with no integrity."