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 After saying those words, the Nether King's facial expression did not change.

He believed that Bu Fang would definitely agree to his offer to make a move. The black flood dragon was very irritable, and at that moment, the figure filled with black scales swayed, stirring up a terrifying whirlwind. The terrifying energy dispersed, and this was enough to make one feel oppressed.

Many experts underneath the black flood dragon's sharp tail were torn apart, and bloody human parts scattered all about.

With such a terrifying scene unfolding, the Nether King believed that a youth like Bu Fang would be, at least, a little scared.

"One Chili Strip; you won't regret it!" The Nether King seriously said.

When Bu Fang heard that, he turned around and glanced at the Nether King with a strange expression on his face.

"Why would I need you to make a move?"

At that moment, Whitey, who was beside Bu Fang, experienced a change; its eyes turned white, and with a metallic clanking sound, metals wings unfurled from behind it. Its wingspan was so vast that it covered the entire sky, making it look incomparably tyrannical.

Upon seeing this, the Nether King froze. As though it had just leaped onto a springboard, Whitey soared into the air, charging toward the black flood dragon in the sky.

A bang resounded!

A violent tremor rocked the surroundings as a fight broke out in the sky.

The gray light in Whitey's eyes flickered constantly as it fought the black flood dragon. Its huge leaf-shaped palms slammed down on the flood dragon's head, then they made a violent ripping motion.

Whitey did not retreat a single step in the battle against the mighty black flood dragon!

This puppet... left many people shocked.

Shrimpy lay on Bu Fang's shoulders, spitting bubbles while it watched the unfolding events with wide eyes.

Nethery stood still. When the gale stirred up by the crashing waterfall blew at her dress, she remained calm, as though she was not surprised.

"Do you see? Why would I need you to make a move? Still need to waste a Chili Strip?" Bu Fang said.

The Nether King was slightly speechless. That puppet was not ordinary, and the might it displayed had ruined everything. He was not happy with this. Because of this puppet's presence, Bu Fang would not give him even a single Chili Strip.

The delicious Chili Strip was filled with the energy of the abyss, yet he was, once again, unable to taste it.

Ugh... After letting out a long sigh, the Nether King felt very helpless.

"Not even willing to give me a single Chili Strip," the Nether King's muttered, with his handsome face housing a gloomy expression as he watched Bu Fang, whose head was raised at a forty-five degree angle.

As the black flood dragon battled against Whitey, up in the air, the eyes of the surrounding experts lit up when their gazes landed on the Dragonification tree, which was in the middle of the waterfall. Their eyes brimmed with greed as they stared at the True Dragon Fruit.

The True Dragon Fruit on the Dragonification tree was a heavenly treasure that was extremely valuable!

The hearts of many were moved, and with a sudden surge of true energy, the experts dashed toward the Dragonification tree.

So, many experts dashing out at the same time caused the surroundings to tremble.

When the Nether King saw this, he was moved and believed that he had stumbled upon another chance. He then looked at Bu Fang, and the corners of his lips curled upwards. "Are you sure you do not want this king to make his move? When this king makes a move, everything will be in the bag; the True Dragon Fruit will definitely be yours! You would only need to give me one Chili Strip."

Bu Fang looked at the Nether King as though he was looking at an idiot. Why would he need to waste a Chili Strip for the Nether King to make a move?

The corners of his mouth curled upwards, and the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. After twirling the knife in his hand momentarily, Bu Fang dashed forward as the Nether King watched him in shock.

While the Nether King watched Bu Fang charge, he felt aggrieved, and the expression on his handsome face, once again, turned to a gloomy one.

"Really stubborn, refusing to give me even a single Chili Strip!"


A dragon cry resounded from the area around the Dragonification tree.

As the charging experts approached the waterfall, the black flood dragon, which was doing battle with Whitey, instantly became more violent. All the scales on its body stood on end, and its body slipped out from Whitey's grasp. It then roared violently, causing a gale to blow.

Many experts suffered heavy injuries from this one move by the black flood dragon.

The strongest expert amongst those present had only broken four Supreme-Being shackles, and whether he could be an opponent for the flood dragon or not was uncertain.

Hence, many people avoided the confrontation.

Tap tap tap tap!

Bu Fang's true energy encased his feet as he stepped on the falling water and dashed upwards, causing high splashes. His expressionless gaze was fixed on the Dragonification tree, especially at its True Dragon Fruit.

When other experts saw Bu Fang making a move, they were surprised. That puppet was strong, but Bu Fang was very weak. He was just a kid who had broken through one Supreme-Being shackle, yet he dared to make a move in front of the black flood dragon.

The spectators believed that the raging flood dragon would rip Bu Fang apart completely!

The Nether King, who did not yet have a Chili Strip to eat, felt dejected. He now believed that Bu Fang was a really stingy person, who wouldn't even let up in death. Just one Chili Strip would be all it took to make a powerful expert like the Nether King make a move, yet Bu Fang refused.

Instead, he had chosen to make a move himself. He actually planned to use his single Supreme-Being shackle cultivation to tackle a peak Divine Physique Echelon flood dragon.

Was that rascal's head stuffed with Chili Strips?

"Nowadays, youngsters are really stubborn." The Nether King lowered his head dejectedly and sighed.

Nethery, who stood aboard the Netherworld Ship, momentarily glanced at the Nether King before shifting her gaze to Bu Fang, who was charging at the black flood dragon with a kitchen knife in his hand.

The black flood dragon roared, and its black scales stood on end once more. They then shot out of its body fiercely.

Bang bang bang!

It was as though many artillery shells had been fired, and explosions rocked the top of the waterfall.

However, Bu Fang was calm, and the Shura Tower's amplification caused his mental energy to surge. Suddenly, on his speedy ascent, his body began to change positions quickly. Every single movement allowed him to dodge a speeding scale.

At that moment, his mental energy was high. It was akin to handling a butcher's cleaver with ease.

Whitey's metal wings spread open, and with a whistling sound, it descended rapidly until it landed on the black flood dragon. Then, Whitey's white eyes glowed brilliantly.

Suddenly, a magic array appeared on Whitey's body.


An explosion rocked the sky, and the black flood dragon roared in pain. The magic array cannon on Whitey had hit its target, and the black flood dragon fell and crashed into the waterfall heavily.

This caused dense waves to surge upwards, into the sky.

Bu Fang dashed swiftly through the waves, getting very close to the Dragonification tree!

The experts were all dumbstruck.

No one would have thought that this kid, who had only broken one Supreme-Being shackle, would actually escape the black flood dragon's attacks and get that close to the dragonification tree!

However, just as everyone was beginning to think that the dust had settled, a whirlpool appeared on the water around the Dragonification tree.

A huge maw beneath the waves opened wide, and as the whirlpool spun faster, the black flood dragon rushed from beneath and swallowed Bu Fang.

Bu Fang frowned. He had intended to dodge the black flood dragon's mouth, but the intense suction force from the whirlpool held him in place, and he was unable to break through; hence, he could only watch the Dragonification tree vanish from his sight.

It was replaced by pitch darkness.

The sudden development caused many to shout in surprise. Although some experts were genuinely shocked, there were others rejoicing in Bu Fang's misfortune.

Someone who had only broken one Supreme-Being shackle actually dared to face the black flood dragon head-on... No one knew if the kid was really brave or just really stupid!

The Nether King momentarily blinked his eyes in surprise, then, with a smile on his face, he pointed at Bu Fang and said, "Who asked you not to give me a single Chili Strip. See, now you are going to be eaten!"

Nethery's eyebrows furrowed, and her long straight black hair, which extended past her waist, fluttered into the air, and black energy surged out of her body; she was ready to make a move.

However, at that moment, she seemed to think of something, then the black energy around her dispersed.

"I say, lass, if this king makes a move to save this youth, do think he will give this king a Chili Strip?" The Nether King asked Nethery a serious question as soon as he thought of it.

Nethery only glanced at him for a moment.


The Nether King rolled his eyes at that reply. This lass had become even more indifferent now.

However, when he himself recalled the personality of that youth, he knew that he would not be given a Chili Strip. It seemed that he would need this lass to act as a witness so that he would not lose out if he made a move and the youth decided not to pay up.

"There's no need. Bu Fang is fine," Nethery calmly said.


The Nether King paused momentarily when he heard that. Had the youth not been swallowed by the black flood dragon, becoming its snack? How was he still alright?

This lass had too much confidence in that youth.

Suddenly, the Nether King froze and turned his head. He saw the black dragon struggle violently before plunging into the water. Its chest was expanding, as though something inside it was growing bigger in size.


Suddenly, a deafening roar pierced through the air.

The black flood dragon's stomach was ripped open from the inside, and fresh blood splattered the surroundings, after which a fishy smell permeated the air.

A huge black wok was hurled out from the hole in the black flood dragon's body, and someone, who was holding a dazzling golden kitchen knife, stood beside it.

Bu Fang expressionlessly stood beside the wok, and his true energy was surging; however, the Vermillion Robe he donned suppressed the surging energy and evaporated the flood dragon's blood on him.

The deafening dragon roar that rung out earlier had originated from the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Against the intense draconic pressure which emanated from the knife, the weak dragon bloodline in the black flood dragon would do nothing but tremble in fear.

Whitey unfurled its metal wings and began to descend rapidly.

Then, it smashed a fist onto the black flood dragon's head. Another fist followed the first one, and Whitey began to pummel the black flood dragon. It sounded as though very large drums were being beaten.

A terrifying explosion ensued, and fierce energy spread everywhere.

However, after a while, everything returned back to its original calmness.

The energies had evaporated the water, causing mist to rise, which obstructed visibility. The spectators were unable to see the waterfall clearly. They had no idea what the final result was.

However, many people were shocked in their heart. The scene of Bu Fang cutting his way out from the black flood dragon's stomach with his kitchen knife had left them utterly shaken.

The crashing of the waterfall ensued.

Within the heavy mist, a vague figure slowly appeared. Soon enough, the figure became clearer. Bu Fang appeared, still wearing his Vermillion Robe. He was walking forward on the water.

He held the Dragonification tree on one hand, and he used the other to play with the pitch-black True Dragon Fruit. The dense spiritual energy dissipated, causing Bu Fang to feel satisfied.

Whitey's plump figure followed closely behind Bu Fang. It had already retracted its metal wings, and its huge palm-leaf-shaped hand was grasping a tail, dragging the corpse of the black flood dragon out.

The black flood dragon's scales had been completely shattered, and its fresh blood had dyed everything red.

This left many in shock.

When Bu Fang returned to the shore, he was completely dry, as though he was not touched by a single droplet of water. With a calm expression, he placed the Dragonification tree into the system storage space.

The tree had only one True Dragon Fruit remaining; that was what he was rolling around in his hand.

As for the black flood dragon's corpse, after examining it carefully, Bu Fang nodded in satisfaction.

"It's a really good ingredient. When I go back, I can make Blacky some Sweet 'n' Sour Flood Dragon Ribs." Bu Fang patted the black flood dragon's corpse, and he waved his arm over it; after that, it vanished.

The spectators, who were all standing afar, gulped with envy when they espied the True Dragon Fruit in Bu Fang's hand. The sight moved the hearts of some; they wanted to make a move to snatch it.

However, when they spotted Whitey, who was glaring at the Nether King like an angry tiger, and the Nether King's dejected expression, they quickly gave up on that idea.

Bu Fang returned to the Nether King's side while playing with the True Dragon Fruit, and his face held an expression of satisfaction.

The Nether King looked at Bu Fang with a bitter expression. "You brat, you're so annoying. Is there a need to make everything so complicated? A single Chili Strip was all it would have taken for this King to settle it in seconds. It's just a black flood dragon; this king can crush it with a single finger."

Bu Fang glanced at Nether King, and the corners of his lips curled upward as a Chili Strip appeared in his hand. As the Nether King gazed at it, he could already envision himself eating it.

"A single Chili Strip for twenty thousand crystals, which is a genuine good and fair price. Do you still want a strip?" Bu Fang asked as he lightly waved the Chili Strip in his hand.

The Nether King swallowed his saliva, and the expression on his handsome face turned gloomy once more. "You little kid, you're annoying."