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 The Netherworld and the Hidden Dragon Continent had different currencies.

After all, the two zones were different civilizations. In the Hidden Dragon Continent, crystals were the common currency, but once one entered the Netherworld, it would no longer be.

The Nether King himself did not expect that he would need to spend crystals when he came to the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The atmosphere instantly descended into awkwardness. The Nether King pouted his lips as he looked at Nethery, as if he wanted to use his attractive gaze to move her.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for him to be disappointed. Nethery's face did not have a trace of emotion, remaining incomparably ice-cold, and there was not a trace of any movement toward the Nether King's watery big eyes.

Looking at the latter's eyes was like looking at a talking wooden block.

"What's crystals? Can you eat it?" Nethery said.

The Nether King drew back the corners of his mouth, looking at Bu Fang with slight unhappiness, "You are very naughty, why can this lass eat and not pay crystals, while I need to? Are you jealous that I'm more handsome than you?"

In the distance, Jiang Ling's lips twitched. Was this really the venerable lord that teacher was always searching for?

Such a shameless existence...

Bu Fang and Nethery both were expressionless, but at least Bu Fang's gaze toward the Nether King was more lively. At least it was not similar to looking at a wooden block.

"Fifteen thousand crystals for a Chili Strip..." Bu Fang raised up a finger as he said to the Nether King seriously.

The Nether King sucked in a breath of cold air. This little youth actually dared to raise the price on the spot. How was there such a shameless person in this world?!

"You are definitely jealous of my handsome appearance!" The Nether King said seriously.

"Twenty thousand crystals for one." Bu Fang raised up another finger.

The Nether King's heart was wildly trembling. He looked at Nethery, then at Bu Fang with a face of hopelessness.

"You... How could you treat such a handsome man like this? You won't be able to find true love like this," the Nether King grumbled in resentment.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched, intending to raise another finger.

Jiang Ling who was standing in the distance was unable to watch this any further.

"Venerable... Venerable Lord, I have crystals here, I can lend them to you," Jiang Ling said.

The Nether King's eyes instantly shone, looking at Jiang Ling in satisfaction.

"This lass knows how to appreciate beauty. Your future prospects are looking good," the Nether King smiled gently as he said.

"Venerable Lord... I am only lending it to you, you have to remember to return it." Jiang Ling felt that she had to remind this shameless man, otherwise her twenty thousand crystals would be gone. What's gone would never come back.

At that time, she would only be able to lean against the toilet wall and cry.

The Nether King tapped his chest loudly, making a very reassuring promise to Jiang Ling, that he would definitely return the money. Only then did Jiang Ling pass him the twenty thousand crystals.

Bu Fang accepted the twenty thousand crystals. He looked at the Nether King like he was looking at an idiot, pulled out a Chili Strip that emitted an aroma of fresh spiciness, and passed it over to the Nether King.

The Nether King received the Chili Strip full of joy, smelling the dense fresh spiciness smell that exuded from the dish. He had an intoxicated face. In the next moment, under the stunned faces of the spectators, he stuffed the Chili Strip into his mouth, constantly sucking on it.

Bu Fang looked in shock; the Chili Strip could actually be eaten like that? But why did this posture look so silly?

Nethery's face was indifferent.

"Not bad... The taste really isn't too bad! It's literally too divine, too tasty! The spiciness of the abyss has perfectly fused with the aroma; that type of surging up feeling when swallowed makes this king think of the youth that I once experienced!" The Nether King narrowed his eyes, sucking in intoxication.

Bu Fang, who was slightly speechless at the Nether King, turned his body and continued moving on. The system task this time was to find the True Dragon Fruit in the Heaven Secret Territory.

Furthermore, after finding the True Dragon Fruit, he still needed to complete the assigned advancement dish, cooking the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. The difficulty of this was not small.

The Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, being an advancement dish, was the test of Bu Fang for successfully stepping into the Divine Physique Echelon. Only after completing this Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, would he have the chance to continue advancing.

If Bu Fang wanted his ability to raise even further, this mission had to be completed.

"I need to find a type of ingredient called the True Dragon Fruit... If you guys want to follow me, then let's go together," Bu Fang said.

Saying that, he continued on forward. Whitey followed closely behind him, Nethery's long eyelashes fluttered, then she followed up.

The Nether King, seeing that Nethery had left, naturally wouldn't stay at his original spot. He sucked on the Chili Strip while following them.

Jiang Ling, remembering her loan of twenty thousand crystals, also tightly followed after the Nether King.

Hence, this group of people began to slowly move in the Heaven Secret Territory.

The Heaven Secret Territory was extremely huge and vast. The surroundings were all tall mountains. Therefore, finding the True Dragon Fruit was indeed a little difficult.

After walking for quite a while, the burning sun emitted an extremely high warmth. It made the spectators feel their mouth and tongues dry up.

The Nether King happily stuffed a Chili Strip the size of a fingernail into his mouth, and while chewing he looked at Bu Fang curiously.

"Little boy, if you want to find heavenly treasures, then ask Nethery to help. In the secret territory, which heavenly treasure would she not know about?"

Bu Fang froze. Other than eating, Nethery had such a miraculous ability? It was a little unexpected.

Nethery stood at the deck of the Netherworld Ship. The wind whistled as it blew past, causing her black dress to flutter.

She gave Bu Fang a glance, then said expressionlessly, "In a secret territory, when looking for heavenly treasures, if I'm number two, no one would dare say they are number one," Nethery was confident.

"Then why didn't you say this earlier," Bu Fang rolled his eyes.

"You didn't ask," Nethery lightly replied.

"Then help me find the True Dragon Fruit. When we go back, I'll upsize your meal! Dragon Blood Rice upsized!" Bu Fang said.

Nethery's eyes instantly lit up. Pouting her cute lips, her beauty was astounding.

"The True Dragon Fruit is in that direction, follow me." Nethery happily pouted her lips, then immediately became solemn, raising her jade-white arms and pointing in a direction.

In the next moment, she began to control the Netherworld Ship to dash in that direction.

Bu Fang's heart shook. His true energy surged forth as his feet stamped on the winding mountain road, following after the Netherworld Boat.

Whitey ran a bit more tyrannically; the trees were all smashed into pieces by those huge palm-leaf-shaped hands.

The Nether King lazily strolled. Every step was leisurely, but his speed did not lose out in any way, following behind Bu Fang at a constant pace.

Jiang Ling watched with her heart full of excitement. This man was in no way ordinary. Although this Nether King was a little shameless, his ability was the real deal! It looks like following him was not wrong!

Bu Fang's group made a lot of noise, attracting countless people's gazes.

There were many people in the Heaven Secret Territory. After all, this secret territory had countless opportunities and many people, for the sake of finding these opportunities, roamed around inside.

Many people were curious about what Bu Fang and the rest were doing. Hence they quietly followed behind the group. Just like this, after a while, the entire group began to become bigger and louder.

"Brothers, what is this? Why are there so many people?"

"I have no idea. I saw many people, that's why I joined. With such a huge group, it must be to search for something good, so following them will do us good."

"Isn't this fishing in troubled waters? With such a huge group, what if their aim is only an ordinary plaything?"


A group of clueless bystanders followed behind the group, hence a long line slowly advanced.

This type of pressure caused many spirit beasts in the Heaven Secret Territory to be so scared that they ran away frantically.

Along the way, Bu Fang's group did not meet any huge obstacles. It was a miracle.

Bangs resounded all over. Suddenly, an ear-shattering sound reached everyone's ears. It was the sound of heavy waterfall crashing down, extremely loud as if it were the explosion of thunders. Had they reached the place?!

Everyone was surprised.

In the next moment, they continued moving, then realized that, up ahead, a very secluded valley appeared. In the intersection of the valley, there were many strange stones, and the road's condition looked terrible.

However, the audience did not give up. Many people followed Bu Fang and the rest, climbing into the valley.

Once they entered it, everyone was shocked, because inside the valley, was a completely different world! It was so beautiful! The flowing waterfall shimmered in the sunlight, and splashes of water on the stone were filled with spiritual energy, covering the air with a heavy mist. A beautifully colored rainbow was floating in a semi-circle above the waterfall.

This was actually a Heavenly Paradise!

Everyone was shocked, and many sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Heavenly Paradise was not only a land of rich spiritual energy, but it possessed many valuable heavenly treasures. However, most importantly, the Heavenly Paradise was very suited to be a burial site!

There were many Heavenly Paradise in the Heaven Secret Territory, but most had already been completely excavated by others.

The Heaven Secret Territory in front of them was not recognized by anyone, so this meant that this Heavenly Paradise was a new one! This meant that the Heavenly Treasures inside had yet to be excavated!

Furthermore, there might be some inheritance from experts. After all, it was a place suited for burial, so there would definitely be an inheritance.

Some people had gone crazy. After roaring, they dashed toward the direction of the Heavenly Paradise. The entire valley instantly broke into an uproar.


"You little kid, why are you not entering?" The Nether King looked at Bu Fang, who was calm beyond compare, asking curiously.

Those people's craziness and Bu Fang's calmness were complete opposites.

"No rush." Bu Fang stood on a piece of rock. The wind and water stirred up from the crashing waterfall caused his Vermillion Robe to be blown with a continuous crashing sound.

The Nether King gently smiled. "Luckily this kid is able to be patient, otherwise you might be in danger now."

Huh? Bu Fang froze.

"Since the lass brought us here, then it means that this place definitely has the True Dragon Fruit. Since there is a True Dragon Fruit, there will definitely be a Dragonification Tree, and if there is a Dragonification Tree... that means a dragon corpse is buried here... Although the Heaven Secret Territory, this broken place, might not be the burial ground of a true dragon, to be able to nurture the True Dragon Fruit, there definitely has to be the presence of the dragon bloodline.

"Even if the creature with the bloodline of the dragon is dead... the guardian spirit beasts that have been nurtured are not something that you ants are capable of resisting."

Just as the Nether King's words fell, the entire valley suddenly began to tremble.

In the next moment, the underneath of the waterfall suddenly exploded and a black figure flew out from within the water. The pitch-black scales shimmered under the sunlight. As its long and narrow body wound up, the sounds of screams filled the entire sky!

This was actually a black flood dragon!


The black flood dragon was violent. With a swing of its tail, it caused the bodies of a few experts to be so twisted that they exploded, and fresh blood scattered over the entire ground.

Among the water, it was constantly moving.

A ferocious black tree branch, like a horned dragon, slowly appeared. On the branch, there were three black fruit that were shining with a dim light.

"True Dragon Fruit!" Bu Fang's eyes shone, becoming excited. That black fruit was the reason for his trip there; it was the True Dragon Fruit. It was also a vital ingredient in the Heaven-Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

"Tsk tsk tsk, look at this naughty black flood dragon. How strong! Hey little kid, do you need me, the Nether King, to make a move? I only need one Chili Strip for that." The Nether King raised his head forty-five degrees, ans his gaze was unfathomable as he said solemnly toward Bu Fang.