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 Whitey followed closely behind Bu Fang. The man's and the puppet's shadows under the sunlight were stretched extremely long.

Bu Fang was going to search for the True Dragon Fruit. Only when he found the True Dragon Fruit could he complete the system task. Thus, Bu Fang was too lazy to care about the matter of Nethery and The Nether King.

That's because, based on the way the Nether King treated Nethery, they seemed to be on good terms. Since they were on good terms, there was no need for him to interfere; he only needed to do his own things.

However, Bu Fang's heart was still slightly suspicious. According to logic, the Nether King should be an aloof and remote existence, so why would he appear there?

Exactly what reason would make the Nether King appear there?

The Nether King, after hearing Nethery's words, had a solemn expression on his face. He started at Nethery with a serious expression and he opened up his mouth to say, "Tell me, the dog that you talked about... Is it really that lazy dog that has no moral principles?"

Nethery slightly froze. What lazy dog with no moral principles?

Although Lord Dog had gotten fatter, and also that it was a little lazy, its moral principles were still intact so it should be unrelated to the lazy dog that the Nether King was referring to. Too lazy to care about the Nether King, Nethery glanced at Bu Fang's figure that was getting farther away. She became slightly anxious. Hence, Nethery did not reply to the Nether King's question. She controlled the Netherworld Ship to chase after Bu Fang.

The Shura Saintess and the rest had long escaped with sorry figures. The combat strength of the Netherworld Woman in the secret territory was definitely something they could not fight against.

In the outside world, the Shura Saintess was able to fight the Netherworld Woman on equal footing because the Netherworld Woman had a curse on her. With her cultivation, she could only barely utilize ten percent of it.

In the secret territory, she was as strong as the Supreme Blade Tyrant within his Soul Sea Space.

Wen Renchou, wearing plain cotton clothing, narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Netherworld Ship which was moving in the air.

The Nether King and the Netherworld Woman who were standing on the Netherworld Ship were deeply reflected in his eyes.

"The Netherworld Woman... Also, there is someone who self proclaims himself as the Nether King. Could they actually be related to the Netherworld?" Wen Renchou sucked in a deep breath.

Suddenly, the corner of his mouth curved, revealing a meaningful smile.

"Just as good. The people of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court really cared about information related to the Netherworld. Such an important piece of news, I believe that they will definitely be very interested..."

The plain-clothed Wen Renchou looked at Bu Fang's slowly fading figure. There was a sinister smile on his face as he slowly walked into the darkness.


"You still haven't answered my question," the Nether King felt that the Netherworld Woman had really become fearless. She was actually not answering his questions and it made him feel slightly distressed.

Although the Netherworld Woman was not very respectful to him in the past, at least she would answer when he asked her a question. Now, she even knew how to roll her eyes at him. In any case, he was the King of the Netherworld. He was the Nether King, Er Ha! Within the Netherworld, he was a true peerless existence.

"You were definitely lead astray by that lazy dog! You have become naughty!" The Nether King said with certainty.

Nethery rolled her eyes, too lazy to care about the Nether King who was sounding like a broken record. The Netherworld Ship whistled as it traveled through the Heaven Secret Territory. Soon, the figures of Bu Fang and Whitey could be seen.

Sweeping up a gale, the Netherworld Ship descended.

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body constantly fluttered as the wind blew against him. He raised his head and the wind messed up his hair.

Nethery's slim and tall figure jumped down from the Netherworld Ship, floating beside Bu Fang.

Bu Fang froze slightly, looking at Nethery curiously.

"What is it?"

Nethery's long straight black hair extended past her waist and her black dress was fluttering in the wind, causing her slim and tall figure to seem even more defined. Her pitch-black eyes looked at Bu Fang.

The Nether King leaned forward on the Netherworld Ship as he raised his head to look at Nethery who was below. He had a curious expression on his face. This posture... Was something romantic going to happen?

Oh my god! The Netherworld Woman had indeed been led astray by that lazy dog! As the Nether King, he should stop her. However, why did he feel a sense of anticipation?

The Nether King blinked his eyes.

Nethery's long eyelashes moved, her translucent feet tapped onto the ground and she stood calmly beside Bu Fang. Her red lips gently opened and she said, "Bu Fang, I'm hungry."

"Oh," Bu Fang understood, nodding his head. He calmly said, "Wait for me to go back to make you your Dragon Blood Rice."

Saying that, Bu Fang intended to turn around and continue on his way.

"I want to eat now..." Nethery's figure flashed forward, blocking Bu Fang's way like a ghost.

Bu Fang's brows furrowed, "You specifically ran here from the restaurant into the Heaven Secret Territory to ask me to cook Dragon Blood Rice?"

Nethery expressionlessly nodded her head. Bu Fang's mouth became a line. This gluttonous Netherworld Woman...

Suddenly, Bu Fang seemed to have thought of something and he looked at Nethery with a suspicious expression on his face, "You really sold all the Chili Strips?"

Nethery froze, then she seriously and solemnly nodded.

That affirmative appearance, that confident expression... Bu Fang finally calmed down and placed down the suspicion in his heart.

"Okay, then follow me first. Wait for me to find the True Dragon Fruit, then I'll cook the Dragon Blood Rice for you," Bu Fang raised his palms, patting the Netherworld Woman's head, and lightly said.

Afterward, his hands swayed and a red Chili Strip appeared. The spicy aroma of the Chili Strip filled the air.

"Oh, take a Chili Strip first to sate your hunger."

Nethery received the Chili Strip from Bu Fang's hands with a dazed face. Looking at that Chili Strip, her face became slightly dark. It was a Chili Strip again... She had eaten enough of this thing. She now really missed the taste of the Dragon Blood Rice.

"Eh? What is this thing?" The Nether King unknowingly appeared beside Nethery. Crossing his hands behind his back, he asked Nethery as he stared at the Chili Strip in her hand.

"Bu Fang's dish, the Chili Strip," Nethery gave the Nether King a glance and said.

"This plaything? It can be eaten? I smell a wave of abyss from it..." The Nether King's eyes lit up.

The Netherworld Woman looked at the Nether King's appearance, directly thrusting the Chili Strip to him, "You eat it."

A trace of gentle smile leaked out from the Nether King's handsome face. Not bad, this Netherworld Woman still knew how to respect the Nether King. It seemed like the influence of that lazy dog on the Netherworld Woman was not as bad as he had imagined.

After stuffing the Chili Strip into the Nether King's hands, Nethery widened her steps to chase after Bu Fang.

The smile on the Nether King's face slowly faded. His nostrils opened wide in front of the Chili Strip, deeply sniffing it. A wave of fiery spiciness pervaded his nostrils, causing the pores on his entire body to open up slightly as if there was a dense spirit essence overflowing out from the thing in his hand.

"It is indeed the smell of the abyss... Although it's not very dense, this is already inconceivable. To be able to feel the energy of the abyss in the Hidden Dragon Continent... Tsk tsk tsk... Where did this little chef come from?" The Nether King's lips curved upwards, looking thoughtful.

Finally, he opened his mouth, stuffing the Chili Strip in his mouth with a squishing sound. However, he did not bite down but slowly pulled out the Chili Strip, sucking on it. In the process of slowly pulling it out, the expression on the Nether King's face constantly changed.

"Delicious! Perfectly fusing the spiciness and sweetness together, giving one a type of feeling that is difficult to put into words. The fragrance pervades the nose, and the taste of the Abyssal Chill Sauce makes one feel deeply attached to it! Is this the delicacy of the Hidden Dragon Continent?!"

The Nether King was shocked! This was the first time he had eaten such a unique dish. This taste was extremely mysterious, as if it was engraved in the deepest part of his mind, making it hard to forget, especially the taste of the Abyssal Chilli Sauce. The taste made him yearn for it endlessly.

The sound of squishing continued. After sucking it once, the Nether King then began to bite down, chewing in his mouth. His eyes slightly narrowed.


Jiang Ling descended while panting heavily. From afar, that familiar yet revered figure made her eyes give out light.

"I finally found that venerable lord!" Jiang Ling was excited beyond compare.

Her teacher said before that if she released this venerable lord, she had to give him the jade talisman. She then would be able to obtain a huge opportunity. Furthermore, the other side would give her what her teacher wanted! It was just that she did not expect that once the other part appeared, after just one sentence, he would directly vanish.

There was simply no opportunity to take out the jade talisman. However, Jiang Ling would naturally not give up for the sake of the opportunity. As such, she kept searching and finally found the venerable lord.

However, this venerable lord seemed to be quite strange at that moment, didn't he?

Jiang Ling walked nearer and saw the incomparably handsome venerable lord narrowing his eyes, and there was a pleasurable expression on his face. His hands held onto a familiar plaything as he continued to chew on it.

That expression... was slightly vulgar.

"What is the venerable lord doing?" Jiang Ling was confused.

The Nether King pinched onto a Chili Strip, rolling his lips and sucking on the taste of the piece of food. His eyebrows jumped up and down and a pleasurable expression appeared on his face.

Jiang Ling looked on as her entire body felt a chill down to her bones... So this venerable lord was actually a pervert?!

Also... That thing... Wasn't it Bu Fang's Chili Strip? She lost due to this Chili Strip, so she was very clear about it!

Finally, the Nether King finished eating the Chili Strip. His lips were red and swollen and his face was completely red as well. He seemed to finally notice Jiang Ling. The Nether King narrowed his eyes, moving his red and swollen lips and he said, "So it's you, I'm really grateful to you for summoning me over."

Jiang Ling's entire face was filled with cold sweat, hurriedly pulling out a black jade talisman. She passed it to the Nether King.

"Venerable Lord, this... this is what my teacher asked me to pass to you!"

The Nether King froze, then he received the jade talisman. He started to smile in the next moment, "So it was actually the descendant of that fellow... Okay, I will keep my promise. Follow me first, I have something important to do."

Hearing the Nether King's guarantee, Jiang Ling's heart became extremely excited, as if it was going to jump out of her chest. The venerable lord was actually going to do something important! Furthermore, he was bringing her along... How exciting!

The Nether King smiled and, with a casual wave of his hand, both of their figures vanished in an instant.

A while later...

Jiang Ling looked speechlessly at the Nether King standing beside Bu Fang with a smiling face. Was this the important thing that the venerable lord said? It was all to eat another Chili Strip?

"Teacher... Was this really the venerable lord that you were looking for? He feels a little unreliable..." Jiang Ling's expression was complicated.

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at the Nether King who was smiling at him. The Nether King had red swollen lips and there were lights flashing in his eyes.

Bu Fang turned his head to look at Nethery. It was obviously Nethery who gave the Chili Strip to this the Nether King to eat. Wait... Nethery actually gave her food to others? Oh my god, this was unbelievable.

"Little brother, do you still have any more of that mystical dish? Can you give this king one more strip?" The Nether King asked.

Another Chili Strip?

Bu Fang rubbed his chin, giving The Nether King a glance and lightly saying, "Another Chili Strip? Of course, one strip for ten thousand crystals. Our restaurant offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike."

Jiang Ling's face twitched.

Nethery also blinked her eyes...

The Nether King's smile became even deeper. "How naughty. How could you measure this type of delicacy with crystals? We need to treat it with sincerity; talking about money is a humiliation to such delicacies!"

Bu Fang looked at him expressionlessly, "Please speak the language of humans."

The Nether King's mouth twitched and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Turning his head to look at Nethery, "Lass, lend this king some crystals. I rushed out in a hurry so there was no time to fetch some crystals."