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 When the man said this sentence, his gaze became extremely unfathomable. His handsome face raised slightly, revealing a crafty smile. His melancholic temperament seemed extremely vivid.

He was satisfied with his current state; it was the type of feeling of a lonely expert. However, Bu Fang looked at this man like he was looking at a fool.

The Nether King who exiled the Netherworld Woman? So this flashy guy in front was the one who sent Nethery into the secret territory to starve?

"Are you very surprised? Don't worry, I won't hurt you if you bring me to the Netherworld Woman... Her exile has not ended so she cannot leave the secret territory whenever she wants to," the Nether King said as he smiled.

From afar, the Supreme Blade Tyrant who was floating in the air felt a little dazed. This showy guy who appeared all of a sudden and destroyed his blade energy with a finger... He actually went on to say that he would accept him as a follower!

What was this... This was the first time the Supreme Blade Tyrant had met such a showy person!

When he, the Supreme Blade Tyrant, was alive, he was also someone who dared to raise his Slaughter God Blade even against the divine beasts. Although he was dead now, that did not mean he would randomly accept anyone as his master!

The King of the Netherworld... People called him the Nether King?

What Nether King, did he think that the Supreme Blade Tyrant was a retard who didn't read books?

The Nether King was simply unable to leave the Netherworld. How could he appear in the Heaven Secret Territory? This liar didn't even know how to tell a lie!

The Supreme Blade Tyrant t had a face filled with unhappiness as he looked at that man who was ignoring him. The anger in his heart started to boil over.

Although he was a remnant soul, he was still a remnant soul who had his dignity!

The Shura Saintess and Wen Renchou looked at the sudden scene dumbstruck. The sudden appearance of that handsome man had attracted everyone's gaze. They had naturally heard the man's words.

The Nether King... The two were taken aback. Wen Renchou, being a someone from the Valley of Gluttony, had naturally read the ancient records of the Valley of Gluttony; he was not unfamiliar with the name "Nether King".

The Nether King... The one people deemed as the king of the Netherworld, was an old demon who had lived for god knew how long. His ability was unfathomable, controlling the entire Netherworld.

The Netherworld was a mysterious place. It was said that there were countless experts there, even the ancient records of the Hidden Dragon Continent about the Netherworld only managed to fill a few pages.

The handsome man in front of them actually claimed to be the Nether King? The old demon who had lived for countless years? This was literally... Using one's life to act like a pretentious prick!

"Within my Soul Sea Space, there are actually so many people who dare to be so unbridled... Do you guys really take me, the Supreme Blade Tyrant, as someone who is easily bullied?" In the air, the low roar of the Supreme Blade Tyrant traveled over. His figure bloomed with radiance and the energy around his body rose to the extreme. He was really furious, that man's words deeply triggered him and it made him feel a wave of humiliation.


The figure of the Supreme Blade Tyrant suddenly vanished. In the next instant, he appeared in front of that handsome man. A huge amount of energy started to spread out from his back as if it was going to rip everything apart.


The Supreme Blade Tyrant was furious as he roared with his eyes wide open! With a fist, he moved the impressive sword energy in the air as it sliced downward.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. The energy of the entire Soul Sea Space was sucked out. The Supreme Blade Tyrant was really going all out! With this type of pressure, even if it was a real expert in the Divine Soul Realm, he would still be unable to block it!


The huge sound of an explosion rang out; the terrifying sword energy created a gale that scattered through the entire Soul Sea. The entire Soul Sea Space dimmed at this moment. It was obvious that this blow had made the Supreme Blade Tyrant bring out all the energy from the Soul Sea.

However, after quite some time, a brilliant radiance lit up from the location of the explosion. In the next instant, the light sparkled, allowing the audience to see clearly.

Everyone's eyes slowly shrunk, and their faces were dyed with the color of shock. Their mouths were wide open. This was absolutely inconceivable!

That handsome man... was completely unscathed!

That man used a slender white finger to block the Supreme Blade Tyrant's fist. On his face hung a smile that was as gentle as a breeze.

It was simply terrifying!

As of this moment, the Supreme Blade Tyrant's heart was filled with only shock. He was the only one clear about how terrifying that explosion had been. That single finger broke through all of his sword energy with ease. When he pointed his fist, an infinite amount of sword energy slammed onto that man's body, but it was hard to even damage his clothes.

This self proclaimed Nether King guy... Exactly what kind of existence was that?!

The Nether King narrowed his eyes and revealed a gentle smile on his handsome face.

"How naughty. A remnant soul being able to retain a Soul Sea is not an easy task. To waste the energy of the Soul Sea like this... I let you obediently follow me and you dare to make a move on me, so you need to be punished!" The man smiled as he said.

As soon as he heard the Nether King's words, the Supreme Blade Tyrant felt a chill run through his entire body.

Naughty... Naughty your sister!

In the eyes of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, the man's smile was like a nightmare.

In the next moment, the man's other hand waved. Instantly, a pitch-black chain floated up into the air, wrapping around the Supreme Blade Tyrant. It made clanking sounds which sounded extremely creepy.

"This plaything is called the Soul Sealing Chains. It's something that the Netherworld uses especially for catching things like remnants souls from the different continents... Oh, I rarely use it. Relax, it shouldn't hurt too much," the man smiled and said.

However just as his words descended, the black chains had locked itself around the Supreme Blade Tyrant's body. There seemed to be the sound of thunder ringing out from his body.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes become blood-red as he let out a miserable howl that made one's blood run cold...

Liar! Didn't you say that it wouldn't hurt?!

The Supreme Blade Tyrant really wanted to kill this man with his sword energy!

The man also seemed to be slightly awkward, "Maybe the method to use it was wrong... Bear with it for a moment!"

Was this person a comedian invited by the black dog?

Bu Fang looked at that handsome man who was rubbing his head with a face full of awkwardness and he couldn't help but become slightly speechless.

The man chained up the Supreme Blade Tyrant, single-handedly pinching an imprint. In an instant, the Supreme Blade Tyrant became a ghostly light as it floated into the man's hand. The tragic cries disappeared all of a sudden.

"Now it's much more peaceful," the Nether King said.

From afar, the Shura Saintess, Wen Renchou and the others were all dumbstruck.

"Oh... Now it's your turn. Shouldn't you tell me where the Netherworld Woman is? Don't try to be cheeky with me," the Nether King said.

Explosions resounded all over the Soul Sea! Since the Supreme Blade Tyrant's remnant soul had been put away, the entire Soul Sea Space lost its centerpiece and hence, it began to collapse. The surging energy started to leak as if it was about to explode.

The Shura Saintess and the rest all became pale in an instant. When this massive amount of energy exploded, how were they supposed to survive? That was the Soul Sea of a peak Divine Soul Realm expert. If it exploded, not just them, but even an expert in the Divine Soul Realm would be terrified.

Wen Renchou felt his heart bleeding. He still hadn't obtained the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant... Where was the promised inheritance?! Why was it gone just like that?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, turning his head to look at the surroundings.

The Nether King also raised his head. His gaze was unfathomable.

"A pity that this Soul Sea Space is collapsing just like that. Oh well, finding the Netherworld Woman takes priority, follow me out," the man said with a disdainful expression as he waved his hand.

A pitch-black light came out from his palms. In an instant, it enveloped everyone in the entire Soul Sea Space.


The audience only felt a little dizzy. When they recovered, they realized they were already back on the flat land. The sunlight was dazzling in the sky and the surrounding forest was dense.

This... Were they back in the Heaven Secret Territory?

Suddenly, the audience felt that the hair on their bodies stood on end. They raised their heads to look in the direction of an empty spot.

From there, a pitch-black ship swayed over from the distance. It wasn't fast nor slow. Terrifying energy was emitted from that Netherworld Ship. At the bow of the boat, a beautiful figure stood. A black cotton dress fluttered from the gale and stirred up from the movement of the black ship.

Nethery's eyes had turned completely black, and her long black hair that extended past her waist swayed and her white skin which seemed as though it was jade seemed to glow.

The Netherworld Woman?!

The Shura Saintess and the rest froze, all sucking in a deep breath of cold air. Bu Fang also froze, looking curiously at Nethery who was standing on the Netherworld Ship.

The corners of the handsome man's mouth were arched upwards as he looked indulgently at the direction that the Netherworld Ship was rushing in from.

Under the eyes of the audience, the Netherworld ship stopped above them.

"Well... Now, I no longer need you little fellow to tell me. The Netherworld Woman actually appeared directly in front of me. I can save the trouble of looking for her," the Nether King said with a smile.

"Old man, release him." Nethery stood on the surface of the Netherworld ship barefooted, looking down at the handsome man. Her pitch black gaze turned as it landed on Bu Fang. She raised her finger to point at Bu Fang and she coldly addressed the Nether King.

Bu Fang froze.

The Nether King was also dazed for a moment. In the next instant, the Nether King's lips curved and he said, "Naughty... This lass is following the wrong people."

Saying that, the Nether King took a step forward, appearing on the Netherworld Ship as if he had teleported. When his feet stepped onto the Netherworld Ship, the ship seemed to be unable to handle the weight. It fell with a bang as it slammed into the ground.

Nethery looked at the Nether King expressionlessly.

"Ah? This lass' complexion seems better... Your vitality energy is vigorous. It seems like you have been passing your days well." The Nether King was shocked. He spoke as he looked at Nethery's expressionless face.

"Why is this old man able to leave the Netherworld?" The Netherworld Woman stared at the Nether King, asking as she enunciated each word.

"Naughty lass, don't say I'm old! Have you seen such a handsome old guy like me? I am the Nether King after all... Wanting to leave the Netherworld should be pretty simple, right?" The Nether King said.

Nethery silently looked at him, "You are indeed as shameless as Lord Dog said."

The Nether King froze, "Lord Dog? What Lord Dog?"

Bu Fang watched the two of them chat as the corner of his mouth curled upwards. He looked at Nethery, not understanding why Nethery would appear there. Furthermore, this meeting between Nethery and the Nether King seemed to be different from his imagination. Was the Nether King there to bring Nethery back to be punished?

"Nethery, are you done selling the Chili Strips?" Bu Fang thought for a moment but in the end decided to ask the most important question.

Nethery's figure stiffened. Her pitch-black eyes shrunk and she turned her head to look at Bu Fang. Solemnly nodding her head, she said, "It's all sold."

Obtaining Nethery's definite answer, Bu Fang was satisfied.

"Then you guys continue chatting, I still have things to do," Bu Fang said.

In the next moment, Bu Fang tapped Whitey's plump stomach. Turning his body, he intended to leave.

Since the Nether King wasn't there to find trouble, he needed to rush to find the True Dragon Fruit and complete the system's task. After completing it, he would be able to return and continue doing his business.

The Shura Saintess and the rest quietly retreated far away when they watched the scene in front of them.

Towards these things, the Nether King did not really care.

As of now, he only cared about the Lord Dog that the Netherworld Woman mentioned. Also, whatever she talked about, like the Chili Strips. He did not know what the Chili Strips were, but they seemed pretty awesome.

Also, there was the existence called Lord Dog... He felt that the Lord Dog from the Netherworld Woman's words was an exceptional existence. To be able to let the Netherworld Woman call it lord, it definitely had to be awesome as the Netherworld Woman actually called him an old man the moment she appeared.


The Nether King suddenly froze... Lord Dog...

The Lord Dog from the Netherworld Woman's words... It couldn't be that lazy dog with no moral principles, right?!