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 In the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Nethery bared her long white legs, floating around the little shop. Her pitch-black hair was fluttering around behind her like strands of ribbons.

Suddenly, her long eyelashes shook as she opened her tightly shut eyes. As if her heart had sensed something, a curious look appeared on her ice-cold face.

The big black dog lying under the Path-Understanding Tree was sleeping soundly. When it breathed, there was mysterious energy drifting out, which was absorbed by the Path-Understanding Tree.

The Path-Understanding Tree was swaying as it scattered bits of brilliant starlight.

Lord Dog's nose twitched as it yawned, opening its eyes.

"Lass... There seems to be a familiar smell. That smell should be coming for you..." Lord Dog drowsily open its mouth and its magnetic voice resounded in the air.

Nethery's gaze turned toward Lord Dog, nodding her head.

"In the secret territory..." Nethery said.

Lord Dog pulled back its mouth. "In the secret territory? What a coincidence... Isn't Bu Fang, that lad, also in the secret territory? Do you think that guy will look for Bu Fang? After all... that guy should be able to feel the energy on Bu Fang's body. His energy is connected to you..."

Lord Dog's words made Nethery jolt and she became silent.

After a long time, she opened her mouth slightly.

"Then, I'm going into the secret territory to find Bu Fang. Can't let that guy hurt Bu Fang... I still want to continue eating my Dragon Blood Rice." After Nethery said that, with a thought, the Netherworld Ship that was quietly lying in front of the Path-Understanding Tree began to move. In the next moment, it floated up, harshly smashing into the air, ripping open an entrance in the void.

Nethery's small feet tapped on the air, and her graceful figure instantly floated up, landing on the Netherworld Ship.

With a crash, the Netherworld Ship then directly entered into the void, disappearing.

Lord Dog looked at the Netherworld Ship that was no longer there and yawned. It continued to lie down in front of the Path-Understanding Tree as it slept. However, it still grumbled, "This lass... Only thinking about her own Dragon Blood Rice. Lord Dog's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs also cannot be lost."

Eighty looked from afar, moving its wings, dropping a piece of chicken feather.

The sudden disappearance of the Netherworld Ship left it confused as if that had surpassed its comprehension.


Luo Li's eyes were crazy.

His move had been out of everyone's expectations. The Shura Saintess' face showed complex emotions. She stood at a distance, watching Luo Li make his move. After Wen Renchou experienced his initial horror and shock, he recovered his cold smile. Watching Bu Fang die wasn't a bad thing either. Ah Lu, Ah Wei, and the rest who were alive were all slightly shamed.

This Luo Li really didn't care about his own cultivation level, actually committing this disgusting act of sneak attacking when the opponent wasn't paying attention...

When Bu Fang was using his full strength to resist the Supreme Blade Tyrant, being attacked by Luo Li was literally a calamity. Fighting against the Supreme Blade Tyrant was already so strenuous.

Facing the sneak attack of a peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert, how would Bu Fang be able to take it?

Bu Fang seemed to be forced into a dead end in that instant.

However, only Luo Li, who was experiencing it firsthand, knew about Bu Fang's strength, and thus terror filled his heart. Against his deadly move, even if it was a peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert who was at the same rank as him, they would not be able to block his strike. However, his sword wasn't even enough to break through Bu Fang's clothes!

The blood-red sword was grabbed by Bu Fang and his eyes were ice-cold. Bu Fang stared at Luo Li, who was currently in a state of shock.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hand and with a whistling sound, he smashed it down toward Luo Li.

The confused Luo Li flew into a rage out of humiliation as his palm rose and struck toward the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. "It's just a damn wok! I'll send it flying!"

However, all that was heard was a huge ringing sound.

Luo Li felt that his palm had hit an incomparably hard rock, one huge rock that was like a mountain and seemed impossible to shake up!


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok seemed like a truck which was driving through a field of weed. It landed heavily on Luo Li's head, causing the latter to be struck till he was a little stunned.

Luo Li clutched his head and kneeled on the ground.

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang shone with light, with the Vermillion Bird feathers swirling around. The ability which granted him five seconds of invincibility allowed Bu Fang to remain unscathed even under Luo Li's sneak attack.

That might be something that Luo Li couldn't have imagined.

Bu Fang was slightly angry in his heart. How could he not have thought that this Luo Li would actually sneak attack and force him into such a sorry state?

With two strikes of the wok, Bu Fang smashed Luo Li till he was stunned. Bu Fang simply did not have any intention to stop as the wok smashed down again and again. It flew into the air before smashing down again.

"I said absolutely don't stop... You didn't believe me then... What about now? Do you believe me now?" Bu Fang lightly said while smashing his black wok.

The audience was speechless and they felt that Luo Li was actually really pitiful.


The energy on Luo Li's body swelled up, and his eyes become red. He was slightly dazed, with his head dripping blood. However, within his heart, a sea of fire was boiling, and his anger was surging.

Blasts occurred all over the place!

A loud blast resounded through the air.

Whitey and Shrimpy's figures fell, harshly smashing onto the ground, being flung into the distance.

The light that enveloped Shrimpy and Whitey's body scattered. Shrimpy's huge body also shrunk quite a bit while it continued spitting bubbles out of its mouth, with its small eyes spinning.

"Other than this shrimp and a metal puppet... What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?" An ear-shattering sound resounded. Within the Soul Sea, the Supreme Blade Tyrant figure was standing straight and proud. Within the Soul Sea Space, the mightiest being was still the Supreme Blade Tyrant.

Luo Li laughed crazily and his entire head was bloody. Although he was unexpectedly smashed by Bu Fang, he was, after all, a peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert, therefore his body was incomparably tough. He looked at Bu Fang with a crazy look in his eyes as he laughed.

Bu Fang solemnly turned his head to look at the Supreme Blade Tyrant as Shrimpy and Whitey returned to his side.

Whitey's eyes were shining. Energy began to whirl from within its body, intending to once again make a move.

"There's no use... In this supreme one's Soul Sea Space, this supreme one is god... No one will be able to save you so you should obediently enjoy the feeling of death."

The Supreme Blade Tyrant waved a palm and sword energy filled the air, once again sending Whitey to the ground. Within the Soul Sea Space, he, the Supreme Blade Tyrant, was indeed in control of everything. The Soul Sea was his domain, so there was definitely no one who could save Bu Fang.

Feeling the killing intent coming from the Supreme Blade Tyrant, everyone took in a deep breath. They knew that this time, it was going to be difficult for Bu Fang to escape death!

Even with his struggles, he was still eventually unable to escape the Supreme Blade Tyrant's tyranny.

The entire sky of sword energy condensed, forming a huge knife that covered the entire sky. That huge knife was as white as jade as it emitted a terrifying pressure. It slowly sliced downwards toward Bu Fang.


Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and Whitey appeared in front of him.

However, at this moment, the space beside Bu Fang's figure began to tremble. A white palm suddenly reached out from within the void, slowly ripping it down. A hole was ripped in the void. Ripping open the entrance with two hands, a hazy figure then began to appear from that hole as it slowly walked out.

This figure happened to appear just below where the sword energy was directed.

Everyone was feeling confused about the figure which suddenly appeared.

That figure just walked out of the ripped space and it turned its head. Feeling the sword energy descending downwards, the figure seemed slightly afraid. In the next moment, the figure raised its white palms, tapping out with a single finger.


The entire space seemed to be frozen.

That unmatchable, seemingly world-destroying sword energy, seemed to be frozen like a block of ice, stopping mid-air.

The figure's gaze curiously sized up this sword energy, letting out a faint sneer...


In the next instant, with a tap of the finger, the entire sword energy shattered like glass. As it broke into fragments, the blade energy dissipated. The incomparably tyrannical, world-destroying energy was scattered just like that.

Everyone was stunned. Even Bu Fang was curious and speechless.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant felt his face burning up with shame... He had just said that no one could enter the Soul Sea Space to save Bu Fang, but in the next moment, a figure appeared. The figure even saved Bu Fang from certain death with a single finger. A single finger caused his terrifying sword energy to dissipate.

What kind of face slapping was that... Was there a need to be so professional?

"Huu... This little sword energy is not too bad. Such a pity that it lacks something special." That figure gently smiled and said, and it had a magnetic and enticing voice. In the next instant, the smoke scattered and that person's silhouette also became clear.


However, when the audience saw that figure's face clearly, they sucked in a deeper breath of cold air.

That's because what appeared in front of their eyes was literally a perfect man, handsome and tall. His charm was incomparable and he wasn't handsome in a demonic way. Instead, it was the real masculine type of handsome. Wearing a white long robe, he was completely perfect.

A strong wind blew through the Soul Sea, blowing that man's black hair, causing it to flutter. The man turned his head to look at Bu Fang and there was a smile on his face. Everyone looked entranced.

"Who are you?!" The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes shrunk as he coldly said.

The man's face was still smiling. Looking at that hazy figure of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, he smiled lightly. "A remnant soul? So naughty. From now on, follow me. Bringing around a remnant soul with a Soul Sea in the Netherworld is also pretty rare," the man smiled as he said. He seemed to not put the Supreme Blade Tyrant in his eyes.

After saying that, he continued looking at Bu Fang. His gaze was pitch black and unfathomable.

"Hello, I can feel a familiar energy on your body. I reckon that you came across a black-haired and black-eyed pretty lady, right? You guys call her the Netherworld woman," the man said.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, looked at this overly handsome man and curled the corner of his lips upwards. Toward guys who were more handsome than him, Bu Fang did not have any good feelings at all. Not to mention the fact that the other party was so flashy.

However, the man's words made Bu Fang's heart clench slightly.

"Netherworld woman? I don't know her, and also, who are you?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.


In the eyes of the man, Bu Fang's body had traces of faint black energy. That black energy was the energy of the curse. The source of the curse obviously came from the Netherworld Woman!

"So cheeky... However, you look cute when you're lying." The handsome man's eyes narrowed and it seemed as though a smile bloomed on his face. "Your question is very meaningful. Who am I? I am the one who exiled the Netherworld Woman.

"Others usually call me the master of the Netherworld. I'm called the Nether King!"