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 A bowl of Berserk Ramen, a piece of Vigorous Beef Meatball, a piece of Spicy Strip...

The three dishes exuded an aroma, floating around Bu Fang, and released a radiance that was dazzling and blinding.

Bu Fang's mental energy surged forth. After the amplification from the black-colored Shura Tower on his chest, it became extremely mighty, sweeping through the surroundings like a storm.

The three dishes seemed to have a strange energy pulling each other and they connected with one another.

In the next instant, the spiritual energy of the three dishes condensed to form the appearance of another dish, floating on top of Bu Fang's palms.

These three were all utility dishes. They were able to combine into a Gourmet Array, providing a huge boost for Bu Fang.

Bu Fang felt that his own mental energy swelled up as he controlled the three utility dishes to form a Gourmet Array. It put quite a huge pressure on him. Luckily, there was the amplification effect from the Shura Tower, allowing Bu Fang to successfully control his mental energy. The Shura Tower was not the divine tool of the Ancient Shura City for nothing. No wonder the people from the Ancient Shura City had tried countless methods to retrieve it.

From afar, Luo Li and the Shura Saintess' eyes shone as they looked at the small tower on Bu Fang's neck, slightly lost in thoughts.

"That's the Shura Tower!" Luo Li licked his lips as he said it, with his face looking slightly excited and moved.

"That's right... The divine tool of our Ancient Shura City, but it landed in the hands of a little chef. Furthermore, that chef was actually able to utilize the Shura Tower... It really is inconceivable," the saintess also said speechlessly.

She looked at Bu Fang. Even if it was just with the amplification power of the Shura Tower, Bu Fang could not possibly be an opponent for that Supreme Blade Tyrant, in the Soul Sea Space, the Supreme Blade Tyrant was invincible.

That little chef was just struggling. In the end, the result would still not change. Since he asked for death, then death he would get!

Shrimpy became huge, with its appearance changing to an extremely ruthless one. The shell became incomparably sharp and firm. Its eyes were scarlet as it spat bubbles from its mouth. Its slick little legs were gliding.

In the midst of the Soul Sea Space of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, Shrimpy actually managed to successfully fly, ignoring the Supreme Blade Tyrant's rules.

Whitey stood on Shrimpy's back as if it had become a shrimp rider. The metal wings on its back were moving at full speed, constantly shooting out a dense amount of flying metal blades.

The combat ability of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, who had condensed his energy, was very high. Although this was only his remaining soul, his combat ability exploded, beating ordinary Divine Soul Realm experts, especially in this Soul Sea Space, which increased his combat ability even further.

Looking at this situation, under the Divine Soul Realm, whoever was in front of the Supreme Blade Tyrant could be considered dead.

So, Bu Fang would definitely die.

A puppet and a shrimp would completely be unable to block.


As expected, not out of the audience's expectations, just after the first clash, the duo of Whitey and Shrimpy were sent flying with a bang, being forced to the ground by a strong pressure.

Shrimpy's legs were moving, struggling to forcefully get up from the ground. With a yell, a stream of light actually shot out from its mouth.

Whitey's eyes shone, and the magic array on its body welled up, constantly shooting with the magic array cannon with bangs. Balls of bright blinding magic array cannons shot toward the Supreme Blade Tyrant.

However, the Supreme Blade Tyrant was completely fearless. A white stream of pure sword energy revolved around his body. Its speed was incomparably fast, with every slice, it would block one and every attack from Whitey and Shrimpy.

Although the explosions were ceaseless, they were completely unable to affect the Supreme Blade Tyrant at all.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant stood in the air and raised his hands. With a casual wave, the blade energy began to descend, and even the air seemed to be sliced apart.

Whitey and Shrimpy were once again slammed back onto the ground.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes raised as his gaze landed on Bu Fang's body.

"This is the secret weapon that allowed you to be so crazy with me? Too weak..." The Supreme Blade Tyrant lightly said. He looked at Bu Fang as if he was looking at a dead person.

Bu Fang deeply let out a breath of air. On top of his palms, three balls of dense spiritual energy floated, the spiritual energy was constantly changing into the Rampage Ramen, Vigorous Beef Meatballs, Spicy Strips, and others...

No one paid attention to the Supreme Blade Tyrant's words.

Bu Fang raised his hands and his fingers pointed at the Supreme Blade Tyrant. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the magic array floated out, covering the figures of Whitey and Shrimpy.

"What move is this?" Many were curious.

Wen Renchou was slightly confused. Even if he was from the Valley of Gluttony, he still couldn't see through Bu Fang's movements. Was that guy using dishes to deploy a magic array? How was this possible? The spiritual energy between the dishes was simply too violent. There was no way it would be able to completely fuse with each other... How could it possibly form a magic array?

However, no matter how much Wen Renchou suspected it, Bu Fang had really sent out a magic array from his fingertips.

The amplification provided by that magic array made Whitey and Shrimpy burst upwards from the ground in an instant, their figures were radiating a lush brilliance.

Whitey's eyes had become round as if it had been thrown into chili sauce, becoming beet-red. It was lively as it shot out a devastating beam of light from its mouth. The armor on Whitey's body made clanking sounds, forming a huge chopper in its hands. The huge chopper was sharp, and its blade body was letting out a cold light.

With a leap from Shrimpy, Whitey directly chopped toward the Supreme Blade Tyrant.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes were ice-cold. In that instant, he spread his arms and an impressive amount of sword energy formed inside the Soul Sea Space, smashing onto Whitey's body. It caused Whitey to be smashed into various ways, finally landing on the ground with a bang, emitting a wave of green smoke...

Bu Fang stood in the distance. With a thought, the light of the Gourmet Array descended and Whitey once again stood up, swinging its huge chopper at the Supreme Blade Tyrant!

Luo Li stared at Bu Fang in the distance with an intense gaze. He saw the pitch-black small tower floating on Bu Fang's neck and his breathing gradually became heavier.

The Shura Saintess gave Luo Li a glance in curiosity, "What's wrong with you?"

Luo Li drew back the corner of his lips, pointing at Bu Fang in the distance, saying: "What if we made our move now, to snatch back the Shura Tower... How's that?"

Hearing this, the Shura Saintess rolled her eyes. "Are you stupid?! Bu Fang is currently fighting the Supreme Blade Tyrant! He needs the Shura Tower. Furthermore, once we snatch the Shura Tower... We might not be able to bring it out alive."

"Once we snatch the Shura Tower, we can immediately activate the Shura Sovereign's sword energy... After ripping a hole in this Soul Sea, wouldn't we be able to run?" Luo Li said.

"You believe that the Shura Sovereign's sword energy can rip a hole in this Soul Sea? What if it isn't able to?" The Shura Saintess countered.

Luo Li's eyes became somber. "There's no if... Do you actually think that this chef is able to defeat the Supreme Blade Tyrant? It will be difficult for him to escape death! We should take this chance when he and the Supreme Blade Tyrant are contending with each other to quickly escape. If we don't run... would we stay in here to wait for our deaths?"

The Shura Saintess jumped and suddenly became silent because she felt that what Luo Li said made sense. However... The Shura Saintess still wanted to say something but Luo Li had already made his move. Under everyone's astonished gaze, Luo Li's figure actually dashed toward Bu Fang like an arrow.

What was he doing? Everyone was extremely curious.

However, in the next moment, people began to react. They cursed Luo Li and called him a despicable person. He actually tried to sneak attack Bu Fang when he was in the middle of a battle! These people from the Ancient Shura City were really incomparably shameless!

Luo Li did not care. His face revealed a trace of madness and greed. He stared at the small tower floating in front of Bu Fang's neck, with his eyes wide open and bloodshot. His speed became faster and faster as five chains swayed behind him.

Blood-colored sword energy coagulated from within his body, flying toward the lonely and helpless Bu Fang in the distance with a whoosh.

Shrimpy and Whitey were fighting against the Supreme Blade Tyrant at that moment and they were unable to escape and protect Bu Fang.

This was also the chance that Luo Li found; Bu Fang was the weakest at this moment. Luo Li's hands flew out, and one of his hands pinched a blood-red colored talisman. His palms were sweaty because he knew that he only had one shot at this!

Finally, Bu Fang also noticed that Luo Li who was dashing toward him. Bu Fang was slightly stunned as he didn't expect that Luo Li would make his move at this point in time...

When he recovered his spirits, Luo Li had already rushed in front of him.

Luo Li's face was malicious, and his true energy was rolling as he raised his hands. His palms seemed to have become a blood-colored long sword, cutting down as he looked at Bu Fang's neck.

His target was the Shura Tower!

"Soon I'll obtain the Shura Tower! Once I obtain it, my position in the Ancient Shura City will once again rise! Maybe I'll even become the Shura Sovereign's confidante!" Luo Li's eyes widened as he pulled back his lips, revealing a trace of excitement and fanaticism.

The greed in his eyes caused a chill to run down Bu Fang's spine. The latter's heart shook.


Under the sharp sword energy's cut, Bu Fang felt some pain from where the sword was slicing down. He looked at Luo Li's blood-colored long blade that was piercing over, with his gaze solemn.

It was approaching! It was getting closer and closer!!

Luo Li's excited heart was about to jump out and he only saw the Shura Tower in his eyes!

For the Shura Tower! Little chef, die!


With an explosive roar, the sword energy once again burst forth. The energy of the blood-colored sword became thicker and its might became even more terrifying, cutting down toward Bu Fang's head.

The terrifying danger made Bu Fang's heart shake.

In the next moment, the Vermillion Robe that he was wearing suddenly released a light and it seemed as though there was a gentle phoenix cry beside everyone's ears.

There were suddenly bits and pieces of Vermillion Bird feathers floating down around Bu Fang's body. These vermilion feathers revolved around Bu Fang's surroundings as if they were forming a defensive shield.

That unblockable sword whipped up the Vermillion Bird feathers, cutting straight toward Bu Fang's shoulders.

Luo Li's eye's shrunk and his heart started to shiver. His head snapped up in disbelief as he looked at Bu Fang.

"How is this possible?!" Luo Li shouted, with his face full of shock and horror. His full-powered blow was actually unable to pierce through even the little chef's skin!

Bu Fang looked at Luo Li expressionlessly. Reaching out his hand, Bu Fang grabbed onto the hilt of the sword and slowly raised it into the air.

Green smoke revolved around his hand and a black wok appeared with a rumble. Bu Fang held the wok in his hand.

"Don't stop, absolutely don't stop. Continue piercing, come and pierce me with all your might." Bu Fang calmly said.

After the words left Bu Fang's mouth, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok descended with a whistling sound, smashing toward Luo Li's head.