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 Swish swish swish!

Within the dense forest, a slender figure dashed forth rapidly, with impressive speed. Her figure leaped from a thick tree branch as she shot forward like a shooting star.

As she advanced, her entire white hair fluttered behind her, as if it was a wet cloth curling up.

Countless spirit beasts howled lowly in the dense forest, but this person had ingeniously steered clear of them.

This person seemed to be familiar with this patch of land, dashing through the middle of the healthy trees, with a solemn face and a jade talisman in her hand. Dazzling light seemed to scatter from all over her body, as if there was formless energy that was leading her way.

This person was Jiang Ling, who had dashed in a certain direction the moment she had reached the Heaven Secret Territory. Her objective for coming to the Heaven Secret Territory was not simple, so even when the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant appeared, she chose to give up on it.

It had to be known that it was about the Supreme Blade Tyrant, and as a peak expert in the Divine Soul Realm of the ancient times, the enticement of the inheritance was not something an ordinary person could resist.

Suddenly, Jiang Ling's figure suddenly stopped, landing on top of a flat piece of land. This was an extremely remote location, the number of spirit beasts around was few. The ground was dried up, and all the plants had withered and died, dispersing death energy.

Jiang Ling descended there, and her mind was in a state of unease. This place kept giving her a dangerous feeling, causing her to be on her toes.

Even if she had the cultivation of someone who had broken four supreme chains, she also felt a wave of confusion and fear. However, as if her motivation seemed to give her courage, she pulled out a black jade talisman, one carved out of black jade.

Very few people would use black jade to carve jade talismans, because black jade carried dense death energy. This energy would affect the normal invocation of a magic array.

"Teacher... I have finally found it! This is the place that you told me about!" Jiang Ling's eyes were a little emotional. The black jade talisman in her hand had actually shone with radiance. Looking at this light, Jiang Ling found herself getting excited unknowingly.

The greatest objective of her visit to this Heaven Secret Territory was to complete a task that her teacher had entrusted her with. The teacher told her that this was an opportunity for her. She believed that her teacher would not lie to her.

Jiang Ling forcibly calmed down the excitement in her heart. She crushed the jade talisman, and when it was shattered, the magic array that was held within instantly spread out, engulfing this entire patch of land.


A ringing sound resounded ceaselessly.

The ground around the magic array instantly began to tremble, and the plants began to wither within seconds...

The black magic array dispersed black energy, which surged out, spreading out everywhere.

Jiang Ling was standing in the center of the magic array and instantly felt that the black energy had enveloped her figure. Unique energy then suddenly entered her body, causing her to feel pain as if she was stabbed with needles.

After some time, Jiang Ling only felt her body being incomparably sore and pain, and sweat covered her entirely. She collapsed on top of the magic array, with her entire body slightly convulsing.

Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in front of her. The black figure's shadow covered her. Jiang Ling raised her head in a daze. At that moment, a handsome face appeared in front of her. This was a male who was handsome to the extreme, with black hair and black eyes, and his skin was white and smooth like jade. It gave people who looked at him a good feeling.

Jiang Ling watched in a daze. She had never seen such a handsome man.

The man looked at Jiang Ling smiling gently. That smile seemed to be able to cause countries and cities to fall, and Jiang Ling felt her own heart softening.

"Is it you who opened the transport array? I have not left the Netherworld for quite some time... I do miss it a little, oh... Little lady, can I ask you if you recognize a black-haired black-eyed beauty? You guys usually call her the Netherworld Woman," the man smiled as he spoke, and his smile was resplendent.


"I have long found you displeasing to the eye...."

Bu Fang's voice was not loud, but it resounded in this quiet kitchen and left everyone dumbstruck.

Even the Supreme Blade Tyrant himself felt stunned. What was this little chef saying? He had long found him displeasing to the eye? Where did he look displeasing to the eye?

Who was he? He was the Supreme Blade Tyrant, an expert who swept through the Hidden Dragon Continent. His unique blade killed countless experts. It was a blade that dared to kill divine beasts, a peak Divine Soul Realm existence!

Even if it was the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court facing him, one also would not dare say such words, so how did this little chef in front of him have the guts to run his mouth like that?!

"Little chef, you need to know that people that provoke I, the Supreme Blade Tyrant, have all become dead souls under this supreme's blade?" The Supreme Blade Tyrant said coldly.

The energy behind his back became denser and denser. Horrifying sword energy then rang out from behind his body. Bu Fang's words had caused his mind to violently shake, as if the entire Soul Sea Space was about to collapse.

The Shura Saintess and the rest all realized that the space was not stable as they were unable to stand stably.

This Supreme Blade Tyrant was really angry!

Wen Renchou could not stop coldly smiling. His heart was calm as he was sure that the Supreme Blade Tyrant's inheritance should be his already. If he was able to obtain the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, then the next time he returned to the Valley of Gluttony, his standing would increase a lot, maybe... he would even be able to obtain the right to enter the kitchen square, and obtain the chance to open a store in the kitchen square!

Originally, this chef had a good chance to beat him! However, he did not treasure it. He had to anger the Supreme Blade Tyrant... Since he was looking for death... then naturally that was for the best!

Wen Renchou sucked in a deep breath. The tip of his feet lightly tapped on the ground, and his entire being floated.

In the next instant, the entire kitchen space underwent a huge change, becoming a space where sword energy swept horizontally. The entire space was filled with surging sword energy.

Everyone felt their skin tighten, as if the sword energy was about to rip their figures into shreds, causing them to feel terrified and alarmed. Actually, all of the sword energy was pointed at Bu Fang, so the pressure was larger on him.

However, due to Bu Fang possessing the system, he had a natural resistance to such pressure, hence the Supreme Blade Tyrant ,who intended to use pressure to antagonize Bu Fang, would be disappointed.

Toward that endless amount of true energy, Bu Fang was still calm and expressionless.

Whitey took a step out, stepping in front of Bu Fang. Its metal wings spread out, covering the entire sky. Even if the opponent was a peak Divine Soul Realm expert, Whitey would not retreat in the least.

Bu Fang looked at the Supreme Blade Tyrant indifferently. The light in his hand flashed, then a red colored kitchen knife appeared in his hand.

"This is your weapon, right?"

"A dead person does not deserve to hold my weapon," the Supreme Blade Tyrant said indifferently. At this moment, he was a king of the continent, who was a peak Divine Soul Realm existence. The entire Soul Sea Space seemed to have become a city of sword energy.


The infinite sword energy engulfed everything, slashing down toward Bu Fang. That sword energy formed a very huge domineering blade, and the pressure made everyone present to be under so much power that they were unable to breathe.

Whitey's purple eyes shone to the extreme, becoming a grayish color, and the armor on its body flipped as magic arrays began to condense over it. As its energy rose, magic array cannons then began to fire out!

Swish swish swish!

The sound of the magic array cannons ripped through the air, firing toward the blade energy that was slowly sliding down in the arc of the sky.

Booming explosion sounds rang out. When the explosions occurred, gusts of wind were stirred, but they were still unable to affect the movement of that blade energy.

"It's useless. In this supreme's Soul Sea Space, this supreme is god! No one can disobey the will of god!" The Supreme Blade Tyrant coldly laughed. His figure then floated up, becoming extremely huge and covering the entire sky, just like a ruler high and noble in the air.


The red kitchen knife that Bu Fang held in his hand also started to violently shake as if it was about to fly out of Bu Fang's hands.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, letting his hand go, and that kitchen knife instantly flew out with a whistling sound.

The light in the kitchen knife bloomed; it was extremely bright red! The Supreme Blade Tyrant that covered the entire sky pointed his finger, and instantly, that red kitchen knife turned its knife head, harshly cutting down at Bu Fang. He was going to utterly kill Bu Fang!

"The people who died under my Slaughter God Blade are countless. Even divine beast's blood have stained it, so you, a puny Divine Physique Echelon Realm chef, should be satisfied." The voice of the Supreme Blade Tyrant shook the surroundings.

From afar, the Shura Saintess and the rest did not dare to let out even a single breath. They looked at Bu fang's calm appearance and felt a little admiration. What a pity... Bu Fang would definitely die without a doubt.

Against the Slaughter God Blade, even experts of the Divine Soul Realm were unable to defend themselves, so how would a chef be able to block it?

Luo Li stared at Bu Fang sharply. He knew that the Shura Tower was on Bu Fang's body, and he needed to snatch it back!

Ah Lu and Ah Wei felt a wave of pity... They actually wanted to defeat Bu Fang fair and square, not like that. However, looking at it now, there should be no such chance anymore.

Wen Renchou crossed his arms hugging his chest. He raised his head and looked at Bu Fang in disdain. This chef that didn't know death actually dared to go against the Supreme Blade Tyrant at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm with his Divine Physique Echelon Realm cultivation that had only broken through one shackle.

Although the Supreme Blade Tyrant had fallen, even a starved camel was bigger than a horse. Was it something an ant could fight?

Die! Go and die!

Bu Fang had beat him twice on the road of cooking, and this made him involuntarily feel his heart shocked. Towards this type of potential, he had to kill... Otherwise if he was discovered by an expert of the Valley of Gluttony and accepted into the Valley, he could become a terrifying competitor of Wen Renchou.

To kill the rival while he was still budding was the right method!

Looking at the Slaughter God Blade that was slashing down, Bu Fang's eyes flashed, and the green smoke revolved around his hand. Then, a dark and swarthy Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in them.

With energy spinning in his energy core, he poured true energy into the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, holding nothing back. Instantly, a dragon cry roared, as if there was the silhouette of a divine dragon coiling behind Bu Fang's back, rushing toward the heavens! The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife became bigger. Its golden light was dazzling, even blinding.

Bu Fang raised the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, looked at the blood-colored Slaughter God Blade that was cutting down, then deeply sucked in a breath.

"Overlord Thirteen Blades! The first blade... Cut!"

Holding the knife handle with both hands, Bu Fang's hair began to flutter as he harshly chopped down!


Golden light dispersed, and sword energy rushed toward the heavens! The golden sword energy then surged forth from within the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, chopping against the blood-colored Slaughter God Blade!

The Slaughter God Blade trembled, but its momentum did not stop, continuing to cut down.

"It's useless... How will an ant resist this supreme's Slaughter God Blade?! Die!" The Supreme Blade Tyrant sneered.

However, toward the Supreme Blade Tyrant's sneering, Bu Fang remained calm. He raised the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, then deeply took in a breath, once again cutting down.

"The second blade!"

"The third blade!!"

"The fourth blade!!!"


"The seventh blade!!!!"

Bu fang's forehead was covered in sweat. He gently let out a breath, and the golden sword energy that covered the sky cut down violently once more, forming a roaring golden divine dragon that bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it rushed toward the Slaughter God Blade!

Overlord Thirteen Blades. Each blade was stronger than the previous. The blades overlapped, cutting the heavens and destroying the earth!


Under the dumbstruck gaze of the spectators, the golden dragon and the dazzling red Slaughter God Blade clashed together! A wave of clean and cracking sound rang out, as if ringing out from the ninth Netherworld.