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 Wen Renchou had finished cooking the spirit beast claw...

Steam still dispersed from that bright red spirit beast claw, and pieces of chilli were scattered over it, causing the claw meat to look really bizarre.

Placing the chicken claw on the porcelain plate, Wen Renchou's true energy surged forth, wiping off the chicken juice on his hand. He looked at the Burning Heart Ripping Claw in satisfaction, extremely confident in his heart.

This time's Burning Heart Ripping Claw was finished pretty well, after all, it was a second-grade dish. Cooking it did not drain too much of his strength, and furthermore, he believed that the taste of his Burning Heart Ripping Claw would definitely shock people.

"Supreme Blade Tyrant, please have a taste." Wen Renchou, who was wearing plain clothes, felt incomparably confident, smiling as he said that to the Supreme Blade Tyrant in the distance.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes lit up, and he elatedly came to Wen Renchou's side. The appearance of the dish was familiar, causing his heart to be excited.

"What a nostalgic feeling..." said the Supreme Blade Tyrant.

After saying that, he reached out his hand, grabbing that Burning Heart Ripping Chicken Claw into it. A dense aroma dispersed, causing the Supreme Blade Tyrant to be unable to resist opening his mouth to have a taste.


With a bite, the crispy spirit beast claw was directly bitten, and the plump claw meat entered his mouth. Under the bright red meat was a white and tender meat texture. Its fragrance spread out everywhere, with its oil leaking out.

This claw meat was very bouncy. It was constantly jumping within his mouth, causing the Supreme Blade Tyrant to involuntarily want to close his eyes to savor it better.

Munch, munch.

The bone of the spirit beast claw had also been cooked till it had softened, so it was not hard at all. It broke with a chew. That type of meticulous taste could indeed leave one intoxicated.


"Stop watching, prepare the steamer for me," Bu Fang said toward the helper, whose mouth was open and drooling.

The helper felt stunned, turning his head full of curiosity.

"Prepare the steamer for what? The recipe didn't say it, right?" The helper did not understand. He had also read the recipe, so he shouldn't be looked down upon.

"The recipe is not complete. Although the taste of the chicken claw made from following the recipe is not bad, there will be a few defects, because the taste of the chilli sauce would not utterly sweep into the chicken claw meat." Bu Fang actually patiently and seriously explained to the helper.

The helper's face was filled with confusion. Was it really like that? That Wen Renchou did not use a steamer, but it looked like the Supreme Blade Tyrant was eating with so much satisfaction.

Was there really a difference in taste?

There shouldn't be, right? So, not using a steamer didn't matter, right?

"Forget it... Just go chop some firewood, and chop up all these spiritual materials," Bu Fang said to him as he looked at the disbelief on the helper's face, changing his mind.

Chop firewood? The helper thought about it and did not refuse.

He now no longer had any faith in Bu Fang. To cook without following the recipe... Would he really be able to cook out a delicious dish?

Furthermore... Bu Fang had put so much chilli sauce that he really did not know how the taste of the Burning Heart Ripping Claw would turn out.

Nevertheless, Bu Fang was not caring about the helper's suspicious gaze. He also no longer felt like explaining. He prepared the steamer himself, scooping out the spirit beast claw that had been flipped in the chilli sauce. The sauce boiled with plop sounds, and a dense spicy smell dispersed, engulfing the entire area, bringing along a unique aroma.

It was a little spicy...

Many people, when smelling this chilli sauce, felt their noses getting numb, and their hearts felt shocked.

After placing the steamer in the proper position, that chicken claw that was dripping with oil was placed within, then the lid covered it.

Bu Fang then prepared to finish the final step.

The helper had already chopped up all the spirit materials. That was a special type of spiritual peach tree wood. It was a little orange-yellow in color, but when it burned, the aroma that it gave out could only be deemed as fragrant.

Bu Fang controlled the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with his will, floating in the air.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian flame was spat out, lighting up the peach tree wood. The wood let out a huge flame that burned under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

After a while, the steamer began to let out rattling sounds.

Bu Fang opened the lid of the steamer, and the steam rose about. That bright red chicken claw lay quietly within the steamer. Its meat, under the blur of the white steam, seemed to have undergone a qualitative change.

From afar, many people were attracted by Bu Fang's actions.

A steamer?

Everyone's faces were strange.

Why was a steamer being used? There was not a process involving the steamer written on the recipe? Did Bu Fang actually change the recipe himself?

Wen Renchou was dazed for a while, then he began to coldly laugh. This was the recipe of a second-grade dish of the Valley of Gluttony, the recipe of the Valley of Gluttony's first-grade or even super-grade chef, so how could a little chef just change it like that!

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's face also became solemn. Bu Fang had changed a step in the recipe, and this made him unhappy. After all, changing the step of the recipe was equal to changing the taste of the Burning Heart Ripping Claw in his heart.

Toward a gourmet addict, this was unforgivable!

Bu Fang was naturally unaware of the spectators' feelings. He narrowed his eyes, looking at the hazy white steam as the spirit beast claw began to sparkle, and the corners of his mouth instantly curved upward.

Once the firewood had been completely burned out, the steam from within the wok also dispersed. All that was left was a chicken claw that was dazzling as if a radiance was revolving on it, quietly lying in the steamer. The steam then slowly spread out.

"Mala Chicken Claw, done." Bu Fang looked at the spectators from afar, calmly saying.

Bu Fang's helper's face had long lost its color, because when Bu Fang had finished cooking his dish, he noticed the Supreme Blade Tyrant's solemn expression, and his heart instantly cried out knowing that he was in trouble.

Within the Soul Sea Space, this Supreme Blade Tyrant was an existence that determined their life or death. This Bu Fang had actually dared to freely change the recipe, and this angered this Supreme Blade Tyrant.

If this Supreme Blade Tyrant flew into a fit of rage and killed them, he really had nowhere left to cry.

Ah Lu's and Ah Wei's dish was also done.

The Shura Saintess and Luo Li's Burning Heart Ripping Claw was also done...

However, the spectators felt that something was not right.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's face was solemn and his eyes were deep, as if there was sword energy revolving within them. That sword energy was terrifying. When it revolved, it seemed to cut through everything.

The spectators felt their hearts tighten.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant swept over the entire scene, then casually waved his hand. In the next instant, the Burning Heart Ripping Claws of all the pairs flew in front of him.


Except for Bu Fang and Wen Renchou, everyone's hearts were on its toes. They swallowed mouthfuls of saliva, incomparably nervous.

Bu Fang was calm because he had confidence in his own dish.

Wen Renchou was calm because his dish had already obtained the approval of the Supreme Blade Tyrant. However, the gaze that Wen Renchou used to look at Bu Fang was like looking at a dead person. To change the recipe himself, in the Valley of Gluttony, was an offense worth being dragged to dip in the pig cages.

Daring to even do something to dig his own grave... This little chef was really not afraid of dying!

Just wait, in a while, the raging Supreme Blade Tyrant would rip this guy into shreds.

He originally thought that this little chef would become his opponent, but who would have thought that this guy was tying the noose around his neck... Since he had chosen to do so, he had no right to be Wen Renchou's opponent anymore.

"Why did you change the recipe I gave you? Who do you think you are?" The Supreme Blade Tyrant coldly said.

His gaze landed on Bu Fang's body, causing Bu Fang to involuntarily furrow his brows, because he felt uncomfortable as if his entire body was getting cut by blades.

Whitey's purple eyes shone. It took a step out, blocking the path in front of Bu Fang, and the energy surged from its body. Its metal armor then moved with a clunking sound, and metal wings suddenly spread out from its back, instantly entering combat mode.

"Lord Supreme! I... I already warned him. I am completely unrelated with him changing the recipe!" The expert that had been paired with Bu Fang instantly revealed fear in his eyes, quickly opening his mouth as he said.

"The recipe is not complete, so why can't I change it? Also... If I want to change, then I'll change it, why do I need your approval? I am the chef... What are you?" Bu Fang gave the Supreme Blade Tyrant a glance, saying expressionlessly.


When Bu Fang's words came out, everyone's face changed.

This little chef actually dared to go against the Supreme Blade Tyrant? This was the Soul Sea Space of the supreme! Did Bu Fang not learn this from Han Li's death?

"How wild... This supreme has swept the Hidden Dragon Continent for hundreds of years. The experts that have died in this supreme's hands cannot be counted. Creatures like you, that act recklessly, I have killed even more... You really are not afraid of death." The Supreme Blade Tyrant instantly let out domineering sword energy from his body, and there seemed to be the silhouette of a sword appearing behind his back.

Wen Renchou and the rest felt their hearts freeze.

They seemed to see an unparalleled and horrifying expert that had swept over the Hidden Dragon Continent. That was the true Supreme Blade Tyrant.

"I really don't know where your pride comes from... You are amazing, but you are already dead." Bu Fang's face did not change as he calmly said.

You are already dead...

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. This little chef really dared to talk!

This was touching the weak point of the Supreme Blade Tyrant. After all, the Supreme Blade Tyrant had indeed died, that was a fact, but as of that moment everyone was within the Supreme Blade Tyrant's Soul Sea Space, and the remnant soul of the Supreme Blade Tyrant was the one who controlled their life and death!

By angering the Supreme Blade Tyrant like that, was this little chef trying to drag everyone into the grave with him?

However, out of everyone's expectations, the energy on the Supreme Bade Tyrant's body was suddenly withdrawn with a calm smile. However, no matter how one looked at that smile, it was just a little horrifying.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant reached out a hand, then with a casual wave, the Burning Heart Ripping Claw that Luo Li and the Shura Saintess had cooked together landed in his hands. He bit down on the chicken claw while looking at Bu Fang, and a bone-chilling cracking sound resounded across the entire kitchen.

"The spice is too weak, the texture of meat too tough... Not meeting the standards, dead."

When the Supreme Blade Tyrant said that, Luo Li and the Shura Saintess' faces instantly lost their color.

Still, the Supreme Blade Tyrant did not make a move but grabbed the chicken claw that Ah Lu and Ah Wei had cooked together, violently biting down.

It was the same bone-chilling cracking sound...

"The texture of the meat is too tough, and too much of the spiritual energy of the claw has been lost... Not meeting the standards, dead!"

Ah Lu and Ah Wei heard that clearly. Their minds were shaken, and their faces were filled with fear!

The other group's chicken claw had similarly gotten the death sentence.

Everyone there knew that the Supreme Blade Tyrant was angered, so was this the momentum where a huge massacre would begin?

Finally, it was Bu Fang's chicken claw's turn. The Supreme Blade Tyrant grabbed that chicken claw with one hand, and suddenly the color on his face changed, and even his skin shifted slightly. Once the dish entered his hand, the feeling of this chicken claw was already a little different from the rest. The fragrance permeated his nose, causing him to narrow his eyes.

Bu Fang just looked at him calmly.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's mouth then opened up, revealing a row of sharp teeth.

With a bite...


After biting the chicken claw, the meat entered his mouth. The Supreme Blade Tyrant's mouth chewed it for a bit, and then his eyes narrowed. His nostrils slightly flared, then began to blow out steam.

Crunch, crack!!

Munch, munch!

The Supreme Blade Tyrant did not say anything, just chewed nonstop in his mouth, and the shock in his eyes became denser and denser!

Quickly, the entire chicken claw was finished by him, and the Supreme Blade Tyrant's face had become bright red. After finishing the chicken claw, he even licked his fingers, opened his mouth and panted heavily. Sweat had even come out of the top of his nose.

Everyone was stunned silly.

What the hell? What was this Supreme Blade Tyrant doing? Becoming a glutton all of a sudden... Why did he completely finish Bu Fang's chicken claw?

Wen Renchou's heart shrunk even further; it was like that again... The Supreme Blade Tyrant had only taken a few bites of his chicken claw, but Bu Fang's chicken claw was completely eaten!

Could it be that... he was going to lose again?

Finally, the Supreme Blade Tyrant, who had been silent for quite some time, opened his mouth... That hoarse voice resounded in the kitchen:

"Why... is it so spicy? Why... is the taste so mysteriously good?"

Bu Fang looked at the Supreme Blade Tyrant expressionlessly, and the corner of his lips pulled backward, "I already said it... It's your recipe that has a problem."

A problem in the recipe....

The Supreme Blade Tyrant suddenly raised his head, and the energy on his body rose once again, then a terrifying sword energy condensed behind his back.

"Even if the taste of your chicken claw is good, it doesn't give you a reason to change my recipe... Hence, your dish... does not pass! You... need to die as well!"


The energy spread out, and everyone's faces changed. As expected....

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. A domineering sword energy blew past him, breaking the band that tied his hair up, causing his hair to freely futter in the wind.

Bu Fang just stared at the Supreme Blade Tyrant, opening his mouth to say his words one at a time:

"Does not pass? You have no right to judge my dish... I have long found you displeasing to the eye.