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 Burning Heart Ripping Claw.

This was the name of the recipe within Bu Fang's hands. In it, it was recorded a type of cooking method for a kind of spirit beast claw. The spirit beast used was a part of a type of divine-level bird-type spirit beast, similar to chicken claws.

Although it sounded like it was all that, in Bu Fang's eyes, this was really just a Mala Chicken Claw. It was a little similar to a dish in Bu Fang's previous world, however, in his previous world, the process was way more complex compared to the process in this recipe.

From afar, Wen Renchou gave Bu Fang a cold glance. He had accidentally overheard Bu Fang's mutter, and his heart immediately felt a little unhappy.

What was that Mala Chicken Claw? The Burning Heart Ripping Claw was a second-grade dish of the Valley of Gluttony, only second-grade chefs would be able to cook it.

What did this little chef know!

To actually compare such a noble second-grade dish to such a low-level Mala Chicken Claw.

"That's right, this Burning Heart Ripping Claw was a recipe that this supreme brought out from the Valley of Gluttony. The year when this supreme entered the Valley, the first dish I ate was this Burning Heart Ripping Claw. That type of aromatic feeling made one feel an unforgettable taste that even death wouldn't make one forget it. This supreme will forever remember it clearly." The Supreme Blade Tyrant narrowed his eyes, sucking in a breath as he spoke.

When speaking about this topic, his mind would involuntarily flashback to the taste of that Burning Heart Ripping Claw.

The Shura Saintess and the rest found it a little hard to understand.

However, Bu Fang and Wen Renchou, real chefs, were very clear on the Supreme Blade Tyrant's feelings.

A truly delicious dish would make it hard for one to forget about it. That taste in one's mouth... It was as if it would be deeply engraved into the deepest part of one's memory.

"To be able to make a Divine Soul Realm expert be so intoxicated, it looks like this Mala Chicken Claw is really not ordinary," the Shura Saintess muttered a sentence.

Wen Renchou's eyes instantly glared, "What Mala Chicken Claw? That is called the Burning Heart Ripping Claw! It's a second-grade dish!"

A second-grade dish? Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. This dish even had different grades? This Valley of Gluttony was pretty interesting, actually giving dishes different grades, then would it give chefs different grades as well?

"Okay, the remaining ten of you, this supreme will give you guys the time of two breaths to decide your grouping," the Supreme Blade Tyrant recovered from his memory, opening his eye and sweeping over the entire area.

The audience's hearts froze, then everyone quickly dashed out.

The Shura Saintess and Luo Li had naturally formed a group, although Shura Saintess was very unwilling to, because she felt that by being with Bu Fang, the little chef, she had more hope.

However, with Luo Li tapping his chest to give his guarantee, she had no way to reject.

Ah Lu and Ah Wei, without question, had formed another group. These two were brothers, by pairing up together, had closer intimacy than the rest.

At Bu Fang's side was a middle-aged male. Upon getting Bu fang's approval, his entire being was extremely happy. Bu Fang was the previous round's number one. To follow him meant that this round he would be assured!

At Wen Renchou's side was also an expert who had relied on luck to pass the first round, so this expert was similarly extremely happy. Being able to accompany a great chef from the Valley of Gluttony, the chance of surviving need not be said.

Both Bu Fang and Wen Renchou made a similar request, that was to not interrupt them when they were cooking. As a cook's apprentice, all they had to do was prepare the cooking equipment. The two naturally would not refuse, constantly nodding their head.

The pairs had been split. What followed next was the cooking.

This time, Wen Renchou did not dare to take it easy in the slightest. He had already seen Bu Fang as his greatest opponent, so he had to defeat Bu Fang in the road of cooking, making the latter feel the terror of someone from the Valley of Gluttony! He had to let this little chef know the might of the Valley of Gluttony, and let him feel despair!

Bu Fang, on the other hand, did not care about Wen Renchou. Honestly speaking, he did not understand much about the Valley of Gluttony. Although Wen Renchou's culinary skills were not bad, that was it... Bu Fang truly did not put him in his eyes.

He opened the cabinet from below the stove, then retrieved a spirit beast claw that was covered in metallic scales. This should be a bird-type spirit beast. There were still feathers left over, and its claws were sharp and slightly curved, letting out a chilly light just like a knife.

Without question, that spirit beast was definitely a terrifying savage spirit beast when it was alive. Bu Fang's eyes slightly lit up. The quality of this spirit beast claw was not too bad, it was very well-proportionate, and there were no calluses on it. This guaranteed the meat and taste of the claw.

Holding the chicken claw, Bu Fang pinched it everywhere. The corner of his lips curved as he was extremely satisfied.

"Is... is there something that I can help you with?" That expert that followed Bu Fang, licked his lips as he asked.

Bu Fang turned his head to give him a glance. After deeply thinking for a while, he opened his mouth to say: "Just wait, help me settle some ingredients."

Saying that, Bu Fang then retrieved many spirit herbs from the system storage space. The spirit essence within the herbs was dense, with spiritual energy overflowing.


A huge clump of chilli was retrieved by Bu Fang and poured onto the stove.

"You put all of the chilli here, then make a cut in the middle of the chilli and remove everything within," Bu Fang calmly said as he looked at the expert. That expert froze, nodding his head in an instant. He grabbed the kitchen knife on the stove and moved to the side while doing his work.

From afar, Wen Renchou also made his helper do the same thing.

However, the way Wen Renchou asked his helper to prepare the chilli was different from Bu Fang's. He wanted him to chop up all the chilli into tiny pieces.

As if feeling Bu Fang's gaze, Wen Renchou raised his chin, revealing a very solemn face.

The Burning Heart Ripping Claw was a second-grade dish. Wen Renchou, in the Valley of Gluttony, had also achieved the level of a second-grade chef, hence he was very confident in cooking this dish.

Wen Renchou did not know Bu Fang's grade, but he believed that, for Bu Fang to cook this dish well, it would not be easy. A second-grade dish naturally had the difficulty up high. Among it there were may steps, and if one of them was not handled well, then it could cause a huge change in the taste of a dish.

This was also the difficulty in cooking.

Green smoke revolved, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in Bu Fang's hands. His face was calm. With a flick of his finger, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife began to spin, with its blade shining.

With a bam, Bu Fang tightly grabbed the kitchen knife, one hand pressing down on that spirit beast claw, ready to start dealing with it. There seemed to be ice crystals dispersing at Wen Renchou's side as the Crystal Cleaver scattered a chill. With him pouring in true energy, the kitchen knife seemed to come to life.

He grabbed the Crystal Cleaver, then harshly cut down, chopping off that spirit beast nails. With a swing of the knife, a metallic sound rang out, as the firm scales on the spirit beast claws flew everywhere.

His movements when dealing with the spirit beast claw were adept. It was obvious that he had cooked such dishes before. Hence, his attitude was filled with confidence.

On the other hand, Bu Fang's movements were not as fluid. Bu Fang pinched onto that spirit beast claw, repeatedly looking at it, sizing it up carefully. Nobody knew what he was observing.

At Bu Fang's side, that temporary helper had carefully settled all of the chilli. The spice lingered in the air, rushing toward the helper's eyes, causing the rim of the helper's eyes to turn red.

Bu Fang gave a glance at his helper. With a casual wave, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared instantly. Bu Fang then added in the Spirit Spring Water.

In the next instant, he opened his mouth and spit out a golden flame. When this flame came out, the entire space's temperature instantly rose.

Many people's hearts froze. Wen Renchou's eyes shrunk even further.

"This guy is actually using a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to cook?!" Wen Renchou's eyes revealed a trace of astonishment. The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was extremely violent and unstable, and the temperature was also mysteriously high. It was difficult to control, so normal chefs would not dare to use a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to cook.

Under normal circumstances, the chefs of the Valley of Gluttony all used the flame brought out from burning some spiritual materials.

That type of flame not only was gentle in heat, but also, when burning spiritual materials, the smoke that arose from it would provide certain benefits to the dish.

The flames crackled. Under the heat of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, the Spirit Spring Water started to boil very quickly.

Bu Fang's helper cut the chilli while leaking tears. Looking at Bu Fang's actions, he felt a little strange. All he saw was a flick of Bu Fang's Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and instantly that spirit beast claw was sent flying, landing in the boiling Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The helper froze because Bu Fang did not deal with the spirit beast claw at all? He did not remove the scales; he also did not deal with the toenails...

Plop plop plop...

A wave of white smoke rose as that chicken claw sunk within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Very quickly, the color of blood began to seep out from that spirit beast claw.

"Just continue cutting. After dealing with the chilli, scoop out half a ladle of the chilli sauce in this jar and mix it with the chilli, making a chilli paste." While waiting for the spirit beast claw, Bu Fang pulled out a crystal jar and placed it at the helper's side as he said.

However, after putting down the crystal jar, he turned his head to look at the Supreme Blade Tyrant in the distance. His brows instantly furrowed, then he added: "Just scoop a ladle, half a ladle doesn't feel right."

The helper's face was filled with confusion. He just nodded his head, So much chilli, yet he was adding more chilli sauce?

Nevertheless, he was just a helper, so what could he say?

Bu Fang gave the Black Turtle Constellation Wok a glance. After the Spirit Spring Water within the wok had become blood-colored, Bu Fang raised his palm, slamming it onto the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Instantly, that spirit beast claw flew out from within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

True energy surged forth, entering the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, causing the knife to let out a dragon roar. That dragon roar then resounded across the entire place, causing the spectators' hearts to jump.

In an instant, a light flashed past them.

A layer of skin was easily removed from that spirit beast claw.

The speed of that knife was simply too fast. The helper only saw a flash of golden light flash past his eyes, then he realized that the chicken claw that descended had already been cleanly dealt with.

That white tender claw had even jumped in bounciness, letting out steam.

"Quickly make the chilli paste..." Bu Fang gave a glance at the dumbstruck helper, calmly saying.

The helper's mouth hurriedly closed, then, after pulling over a huge blue and white porcelain pot, he poured the chilli that had been dealt with inside and carefully opened the crystal jar that Bu Fang had passed over.

When he opened the lid, the helper smelled a wave of spiciness spreading, entering his nostrils in an instant.

Oh my god!

The helper's nostrils flared open, becoming a little red in an instant. His eyes were covered in blood veins. This spice... was literally too frightening.

Sealing his nose, the helper carefully scooped out a ladle of that bright red chilli sauce, then poured it into the blue and white porcelain pot. Afterward, he poured in spirit nectar that Bu Fang had prepared, slowly stirring it.

Stir, stir...

Along with the stirring, that chilli paste slowly began to take shape. That bright red chilli liquid made the helper's heart jump. There was not a trace of chilli floating. Maybe it was because they had been dealt with, so the chilli had sunk to the bottom.

However, this type of peaceful chilli liquid made one feel a violent undercurrent.

After stirring for quite a while, when the helper felt that he was about to spit blood from all that spice, Bu Fang leisurely shouted: "That's enough."

The moment the helper heard that, as if running away from something, he turned and hid at a corner while puffing warm air.

Bu Fang then carefully placed that spirit beast claw into the blue and white porcelain pot.

From afar, Wen Renchou's gaze was like a torch. The kitchen knife in his hands shone, and in the next moment, he harshly swung it at the chopping board. Then, looking at Bu Fang's position, he opened his mouth very confidently.

"Burning Heart Ripping Claw, done!"

He reached out a hand, then harshly slammed the claw into a white porcelain pot. Plip plop. The chilli sauce was boiling. Without a change in his expression, Wen Renchou pulled a bright red chicken claw that scattered dense steam from within.