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 The Valley of Gluttony? What plaything was that...

When Bu Fang said this sentence, he was very calm, because he was very sure that he did not know what plaything the Valley of Gluttony was...

He knew about Gluttony; it was a type of gluttonous savage monster, but... what about it? Could it be that, just because he could cook, he would have some relation to that whatever was the Valley of Gluttony?

The Supreme Blade Tyrant, upon hearing Bu Fang's words, was dazed for quite a while. This was the first time he had heard a chef actually criticizing the Valley of Gluttony.

According to normal logic, shouldn't the Valley of Gluttony be the holy land of every chef's heart?

How come this chef with superb culinary skills seemed to completely not care about the Valley of Gluttony?

Wen Renchou's eyes were about to spit fire. This chef... He... he actually dared to talk about the Valley of Gluttony like that! The Valley of Gluttony was the holy land in his heart, the place where all the superb chefs converged in the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

If other people did not know about the Valley of Gluttony, then so be it, but as a chef himself, and such a great one at that, how could he not have heard of the Valley of Gluttony?

Furthermore, he was even revealing such a disdainful expression?

Was this guy looking for trouble?

That calm and innocent look of Bu Fang landed in everyone's eyes, leaving the many people who knew of the Valley of Gluttony's name a little speechless.

The Shura Saintess was even more speechless. This guy... was really not someone from the Valley of Gluttony.

Luo Li gave him a side glance, and the corner of his lips twitched in disdain. If Bu Fang were someone from the Valley of Gluttony, then Luo Li might need to worry, but since Bu Fang was not from there, then what was there to fear? If it was like that, he could very calmly snatch back the Shura Tower.

After all.... the Shura Tower was a divine tool of the Ancient Shura City; it could not be anywhere else.

"You! Shut that mouth..... The Valley of Gluttony is not something that someone like you can evaluate! Don't think that just because you cooked out a dish that can beat mine means that you can mock the Valley of Gluttony!" The clothes on Wen Renchou's body began to flutter as a wave of terrifying energy dispersed from his body.

The spectators felt their hearts freeze. This plain-clothed chef's cultivation had actually reached the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon!

As expected of someone from the Valley of Gluttony!

As if sensing the unfriendly intent on Wen Renchou's body, Whitey's purple eyes shone. It walked out from behind Bu Fang's back, and the armor on its body let out clanking sounds, resounding out continuously.

The Saintess and the rest from the Ancient Shura City all narrowed their eyes.

Bu Fang's puppet was pretty mighty...

Was a huge fight about to break out?

However, the huge fight did not occur... The Supreme Blade Tyrant also did not allow people to do as they liked within his soul sea space.

"Hehe No matter where you chefs are from, since you have come into my soul sea space, then just cook well.... Fight to survive." A gentle smile hanged on the Supreme Blade Tyrant's face, and he gave Bu Fang a glance meaningfully, then glanced at Wen Renchou in the distance, waving his arms casually.

Instantly, a wave of terrifying pressure crashed onto Wen Renchou's body, causing his face to change. He deeply sucked in a breath, and the true energy on his body was then slowly withdrawn. Nevertheless, the gaze that he aimed at Bu Fang had become even more unfriendly.

"Looking down on my Valley of Gluttony's people? With that half baked culinary skills? Soon you will feel despair at your own arrogance!"

Wen Renchou felt that now he absolutely had to bring out his true skills.

Bu Fang tapped Whitey's plump stomach, causing Whitey to instantly retreat. Regarding Wen Renchou's words, Bu Fang pulled back the corner of his lips.


Wen Renchou coldly gave a "humph" as the anger in his heart surged. However, he held it in and did not go wild. After all, the Supreme Blade Tyrant was still present.

Bu Fang's dish had naturally passed the Supreme Blade Tyrant's evaluation, but the evaluation was not over yet.

From afar, Han Li's entire being was trembling non stop. He would never have thought that what he originally considered as an opportunity would actually end up as a killing ground. As someone who had no culinary skills, entering the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant was equivalent to awkwardly offering up his head.

Looking at that plaything in the black wok on the stove in front of him, that was so black it might as well be charcoal, his heart instantly felt a chill.

When the Supreme Blade Tyrant's gaze turned, Han Li's entire body shook.

Boom boom boom...

The Supreme Blade Tyrant was getting closer and closer to Han Li's stove. The latter's guards were also one by one letting out mournful shouts, as their heads exploded one by one, becoming headless chefs.

Finally, the gaze of the Supreme Blade Tyrant landed on his body; it was his turn.

"Your dish?" The Supreme Blade Tyrant's face was calm, giving Han Li a glance.

Han Li's heart instantly shrunk, with his entire body feeling cold.

"I... I..."

Han Li opened his mouth, yet he was unable to say a single sentence.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's gaze landed on the black wok in front of Han Li's body. Light flashed in his eyes, and the dish within the black wok instantly began to float by itself. A wave of fresh and non-artificial stench wafted out from it.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant gave it a sniff, then his entire face became slightly black.

"What type of smell is this... Being able to make such a dish... I think it's best if you stay here and learn culinary skills from this legend!"

When this sentence descended from the Supreme Blade Tyrant, Han Li felt the blood in his entire body freeze.

"No! I cannot die!"

An angry roar that seemed to be within despair was let out.

Han Li let out a roar, a wave of determination exploded from within his eyes. True energy surged forth at this moment, condensing behind his back, forming five swaying chains. A long pike instantly appeared, ripping through the air, stabbing directly at the Supreme Blade Tyrant's head. On the head of the pike, there seemed to be a divine dragon roaring, bringing along a terrifying killing energy.

As the chief of the Pill Palace, Han Li's ability was naturally very strong. At least, with the power of this one pike, he could cause many to feel shocked.

Bu Fang was also slightly taken aback. So this guy's ability was actually so strong...

However, the plain-clothed chef, Shura's Luo Li, and the rest all coldly laughed in disdain.

Actually daring to make a move on a Divine Soul Realm expert in the soul sea space of such expert...

This was the same as asking for death, right?

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's lips raised up. Within his soul sea space, he was god, an invincible god! Facing the pike that Han Li had thrown out with all his strength, the Supreme Blade Tyrant only raised his palm. With a casual wave, a white blade energy flew out gently as if it was a falling leaf in the autumn wind.


The pike that was like a roaring divine dragon and the blade energy gentle like a falling leaf clashed together, causing a terrifying huge explosion. The energy waves rushed toward the heavens, with the smoke rolling out everywhere. That stream of white blade energy destroyed it like it was a withered stem, slamming Han Li, who had put in all his strength, into the ground.

Han Li struggled to climb up from the ground, spitting out blood from his mouth, but his body was covered in injuries, and the lapel on his body had been dyed in blood.

However, his eyes were filled with a tyrannical energy.

He was a greedy person, someone with ambition. How could he die there just like that?

Another pike pierced forth. This pike's speed was even faster than the previous one; it was so fast that it was difficult for people to catch a glimpse of it.

The eyes of the Shura Saintess and the rest shrunk. So, Han Li actually still had a hidden trick?! This move... was really vicious!

The Supreme Blade Tyrant seemed to be unable to react, and the pike directly pierced through his head.

The entire scene seemed to descend into silence at this moment.....

Han Li grabbed his long pike. His eyes were still covered in blood veins as he continued coughing blood from his mouth, but while coughing blood, he revealed a crazy laugh.

"Hahaha! The Supreme Blade Tyrant is already dead! You are only a remnant that the Supreme Blade Tyrant left behind in the soul sea space! Haha! You can't kill me!! I want to live!"

It was just that, very soon, his laughter suddenly stopped...

That's because the Supreme Blade Tyrant, whose head had been pierced through, coldly gave him a look. He raised one hand, grabbing his long robe, then slowly pulled it out.

The other hand raised up and pinched onto Han Li's head.

"Live? Although I, the Supreme Blade Tyrant, am already dead... you, a Divine Soul Realm garbage, act big in front of this senior and want to live? When this senior was alive, I dared to even massacre divine beasts! What do you count as?"


A mournful cry resounded!

Han Li's scream broke out, becoming higher and higher...

At last, with a "bang" sound spreading out, the cries suddenly ceased. An expert who had broken five Supreme-Being chains had fallen just like that, becoming a headless chef.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's head slowly recovered, and not before long it returned to how it originally was. His cold eyes swept over the spectators who were still alive, ice cold beyond compare.

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at Han Li's corpse that was lying on the ground. He did not know what to say as of that moment...

"Don't expect anyone to save you guys... In my soul sea space, if you guys want to live, continue cooking," said the Supreme Blade Tyrant. He opened his mouth, revealing a sinister smile, staring at the audience just like a poisonous snake. "Then, up next is the second trial of the inheritance. I hope you can cook even more delicious dishes, in order to continue living," said he.

In the next instant, the entire kitchen violently twisted, suddenly becoming a blur. After being blurry for a while, it began to clear up.

The audience realized that they were still standing in the kitchen, however, the number of stoves in the kitchen had been reduced.

There were only five stoves left.

Nevertheless, there were ten people who survived.

With this tempo, was this a rush to snatch the stove again? If they were unable to snatch one, they would become headless chefs?

Everyone sucked in a cold breath... This was a little cruel.

It had to be known that, the cultivation levels of the remaining few people were not weak at all. Once they began to battle, it would be frightening.

"Don't worry, this time I won't make you guys snatch the stoves... This time, there are five stoves, but you have ten people, so, there is a need for you guys to split into pairs to cook delicious dishes. If a dish does not meet the requirements... Then both of you can stay here with me," the Supreme Blade Tyrant announced.

The audience was stunned. Groups of two? What was that for?

"I forgot to tell you guys... This time's cooking has a set recipe. What you guys need is... to follow the recipe to cook, then the final judging.... will be left to this Supreme Blade Tyrant."

The Supreme Blade Tyrant crossed his arms, with his lips curving and his eyes glistening as he looked at them.

"Now, start choosing your partners."

"Supreme, can we not have a partner?" Wen Renchou furrowed his brows as he said that. He did not like having a partner at his side when he cooked.

Similarly, Bu Fang paid attention to this question.

However, the Supreme Blade Tyrant did not answer him, but only casually waved his hand. Instantly, pieces of recipes flew out, landing in everyone's hands.

"My soul sea space, my rules, or else... die," the Supreme Blade Tyrant lightly said.

Everyone's heart froze. No one dared to speak.

Bu Fang's gaze landed on the recipe in his hands. He furrowed his brows, slightly curious.

From afar, Wen Renchou looked at the recipe, and instantly his face changed colors. "Burning Heart Ripping Claw?! Isn't this a second-class dish in the Valley of Gluttony?"

After Bu Fang finished looking at the recipe, he also heard Wen Renchou's surprised exclamation, and his face became strange in an instant.

"What Burning Heart Ripping Claw? Isn't this just a Mala Chicken Claw?"