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 When the theme was known to be cooking, Luo Li sighed in his heart.

It was not because he did not know how to cook, but rather he did not like to cook... Although he was currently one of the top experts in Ancient Shura City, he had not come from a wealthy family.

When he was young, Luo Li grew up on a poor farm. He was different from the Shura Saintess, who was born with a gold spoon. When she was born, the stars congregated, for she was destined to have a bright future.

Luo Li, however, achieved what he had at this point only through blood and sweat. He had sacrificed much to get back some of what she was born with.

Still, memories of his childhood were the hardest to forget. Cooking had become a distant memory in his mind.

At that time, he was working in a restaurant...

Shaking his head, Luo Li got back to reality. He opened the wok lid, and the hot steam surged outwards, bringing forth a familiar scent, letting Luo Li feel satisfied.

He did not like to cook, but he knew how to.

As he brought the dish out of the wok, an oscillating radiance emerged from the dish, attracting the attention from the surrounding people.

Even the Shura Saintess' face was full of surprise. She truly did not know that Luo Li had such a skill.

Only when you personally try to cook, will you realize how difficult it is to try to do so... The Shura Saintess had followed Bu Fang's actions down to the last one, but when she took it out of the wok, compared to Bu Fang's dish, the difference was as clear as the difference between heaven and earth.

Although there was a fragrant smell, compared to the fragrance coming from Bu Fang's Red Braised Meat, it was simply the difference between the light of a campfire and a full moon on a dark night.

Opening the wok cover, Bu Fang took out the shining Red Braised Meat and placed it on a porcelain bowl. Compared to a white plate, Bu Fang preferred using a porcelain bowl as it was more stylish.

Time passed, and soon the entire crowd had finally stopped cooking. Among those fifty participants who were enough to form a small cooking army, there were people who succeeded and those who failed. The ones who failed would become a headless chef until the end of times.

Those who succeeded could not relax, however, as they knew the real test had yet to begin!

Supreme Blade Tyrant's face was full of smiles. Smelling the lingering fragrance in the air, he closed his eyes as he relaxed his body, trying to absorb it all.

"This brings back memories. It smells real nice..." Supreme Blade Tyrant spoke.

Soon, he reopened his eyes, but they became colder than ever. He scanned everybody, stopping at the first expert to begin judging.

The expert's head was full of sweat, and a tense line could be seen across his forehead.

As Supreme Blade Tyrant came closer and closer with each step, that expert's heart felt as though it was going to collapse.

"Don't worry, let me see your dish," Supreme Blade Tyrant gently said.

However, that gentleness made the expert's heart beat faster in panic. As the expert presented his finished dish, it turned out to be a dish done badly. The sauce was too little, the color slightly burned black...

Supreme Blade Tyrant held the dish as he brought it up, bringing his nose close to take a whiff...

The expert nervously looked at Supreme Blade Tyrant. Suddenly, his eye widened as the color on his face disappeared.

That's because, after smelling his dish, the Supreme Blade Tyrant looked at him with an ice-cold gaze.

"This rubbish is what you have cooked? You want my inheritance, yet you brought out this rubbish for me to eat. Just take a look and smell it. The meat was not processed well... You didn't pass by a large margin... Just stay behind to learn how to cook," Supreme Blade Tyrant coldly spoke.

The expert panicked for a while, however, in the next instant, he let out an angry shout!

"Noooo! I don't want to die! I don't want the inheritance anymore! Just let me go!"

The expert moved, as his true energy surged, like clouds tumbling about.


However, the Supreme Blade Tyrant just coldly grinned while looking at the surging expert, and his eyes revealed some disdain. This was his Soul Sea Space. In there, he was a god, and nobody could resist him.

With just a raised hand, the expert's scream stopped, and his whole body stood still. In the next instant, his head exploded as fresh blood splashed on the floor.

Another headless chef was born.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant continued to sample dishes, and more and more people joined the army of headless chefs. As more headless chefs were created, everybody felt fear in their hearts. This Supreme Blade Tyrant... was really a crazy fellow.

The man wearing a sackcloth was much calmer. When the Supreme Blade Tyrant walked to his position, his mouth moved to show his confidence.

"Dear sir, please try my dish. This is my created dish, the Crystal Red Braised Meat."

The man raised his hand as true energy gathered below the plate to raise it, presenting the dish in front of the Supreme Blade Tyrant.

The latter looked first at the man and in the next instant looked at the presented dish. Just with a look, Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyesight revealed that of a drunkard eager to savor his next drink.

"Crystal Red Braised Meat... What a familiar dish." Supreme Blade Tyrant sighed.

Red chopsticks made of spirit essence appeared in Supreme Blade Tyrant's hand, as he picked a piece of the translucent Red Braised Meat, which seemed to transform into a crystal. After admiring it for a while, he put it in his mouth.


Once in his mouth, he noticed that the oil was not too slick, and the texture was familiar. As the Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyebrows tweaked, his face revealed his delight.

"The taste of Valley of Gluttony, such a familiar taste... Are you from Valley of Gluttony?" Supreme Blade Tyrant reopened his eyes and smiled while looking at the man wearing a sackcloth.

"I am indeed the new generation explorer from Valley of Gluttony... Wen Renchou." The corners of his mouth curled up as he politely greeted and bowed to the Supreme Blade Tyrant. He was confident as he believed that, in a battle of culinary skill, nobody would be a match for the Valley of Gluttony. He must have that inheritance, after all, Supreme Blade Tyrant and Valley of Gluttony had some secret connection.

"An explorer from Valley of Gluttony? Not bad... not bad..." The Supreme Blade Tyrant put down the plate as he nodded his head, smiling gently.

This Wen Renchou's Crystal Red Baised Meat was currently the most delicious dish he had sampled at this contest. However, since this person was a member of Valley of Gluttony, it was nothing strange.

The words of Wen Renchou attracted a lot of attention as the minds of the others started to wander.

There were some who knew of the Valley of Gluttony, and others who didn't.

This was because Valley of Gluttony was located within the territory of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. It was a subordinate force of Hidden Dragon Royal Court, an organisation made up completely of chefs.

Furthermore, this organization was extremely strong. According to rumors, all the subordinate forces under Hidden Dragon Royal Court were existences like monsters.

Even the Shura Ancient City, when compared to this subordinate forces, was slightly weaker.

Shura Saintess had naturally heard of Valley of Gluttony... To think that in this inheritance, there would be someone from Valley of Gluttony...

Since Wen Renchou was a member of Valley of Gluttony, then that little chef called Bu Fang... was definitely not from there! Then, Bu Fang came exactly from where? A self-learned talented imp chef?

There was only one explorer from Valley of Gluttony, so it was impossible to appear two at the same time. If Wen Renchou was Valley of Gluttony's chef, then who was that Bu Fang... This became the doubt of Shura Saintess in her heart.

Supreme Blade Tyrant did not say anything as he continued on to the next person's dish.

Luo Li presented his dish to the Supreme Blade Tyrant. It was a plate of Red Braised Meat with the red sauce. The appearance was shiny and even.

When Supreme Blade Tyrant ate a piece of the meat, his eyebrow knitted. He looked at Luo Li and nodded his head without saying anything.

Although in terms of taste it could not be compared to the Red Braised Meat made by Wen Renchou, it was filled with a unique taste, one that was full of hardship.

Sampling dishes along the way, there were some who were nervous and some who were had fallen into despair.

Many headless chefs were created.

The remaining people now were shivering in fear, especially those alchemists. It was a totally defeat, and almost all of them became headless chefs.

Ah Lu and Ah Wei had always been chefs. They managed to please the Supreme Blade Tyrant and kept their lives.

When the Supreme Blade Tyrant ate the Shura Saintess' Red Braised Meat, she felt as though her heart was about to leap out of her chest. She thought that she was about to fail. However... what was out of her expectations was that the Supreme Blade Tyrant simply nodded at her and went on to taste other dishes.

Did this mean that she passed?

The Shura Saintess was somewhat at a loss of what to do. Her heart suddenly had little fluctuations. It seemed like cooking was so easy!

Finally, the Supreme Blade Tyrant arrived in front of Bu Fang. The latter looked at the Suprme Blade Tyrant with an expressionless face. Facing this arrogant fellow, Bu Fang didn't have a good impression of him at all.

"Where is your dish?" The Supreme Blade Tyrant laughed.

"On the table," Bu Fang blandly said.

The corners of the Supreme Blade Tyrant's lips curled upwards and he looked at Bu Fang. Then, his eyes landed on the Red Braised Meat on the table.

Once he looked at it, his pupils slightly constricted. It was because, in his eyes, the Red Braised Meat seemed to be glowing.

A dish which could glow?!

The Supreme Blade Tyrant was shocked. It seemed as though he was familiar with something like that.

When he was in the Valley of Gluttony, he had eaten dishes that emitted a glow. The texture of those dishes made him unable to forget them even now.

Wen Renchou, who was in the distance, also looked deeply at Bu Fang's dish. There was an extremely solemn expression on his face. The Red Braised Meat actually emitted a glow! This kid in front of him actually had such strong culinary skills!

Even if it was a chef from the Valley of Gluttony, to cook a dish that could emit a glow, he would need to practice extremely hard for a long period of time.

This chef in front of him was actually able to do it! How in the world did he do it?!

Wen Renchou realized that he had been looking down on this chef all along.

The red-colored chopsticks fell and approached a piece of meat that was extremely bouncy. Pressing lightly into the meat, the oil and juices in the meat started to leak out, emitting a dense fragrance.

Everyone in the vicinity started to salivate.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant started to breathe heavily and picked up the piece of meat. The red juices of the meat formed a long line as the Supreme Blade Tyrant placed it into his mouth. Hot air billowed and filled the area.

In the instant the meat entered his mouth, the Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes widened and lit up.

A lovely expression gradually surfaced on his face.

Munch munch...

After swallowing the first piece of meat, the Supreme Blade Tyrant unknowingly reached for the second piece. Picking up another piece of meat that was dripping with juices, he placed it into his mouth. He licked up the juice on his lips and an intoxicated expression appeared on his face.

Everyone who watched the scene started to feel hungry... Could it be that the Red Braised Meat was actually so delicious?

Wen Renchou exhaled a long breath and narrowed his eyes. He knew that he was the loser.

That was because the Supreme Blade Tyrant only took a single bite of his Red Braised Meat. However, he actually went for another bite of Bu Fang's dish.

Wen Renchou didn't think that, as a chef from the Valley of Gluttony, he would actually lose to some chef with no reputation! It was so humiliating! Wen Renchou felt a ball of fire in his heart. However, when he heard Bu Fang's next answer, the fire in his heart started to grow bigger and bigger.

"You are a chef from the Valley of Gluttony?" The Supreme Blade Tyrant licked his lips and he looked at Bu Fang with a deep look in his eyes.

Bu Fang simply glanced at him and he furrowed his brows. "Valley of Gluttony? What plaything is that?"