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 In the soul sea of the Supreme Blade Tyrant...

Wasn't it supposed to be formidable?

However, looking at the scene in front of them, a strange expression appeared on Bu Fang's face after a brief moment.

The sea was vast. However, wasn't this just a larger version of a kitchen? Bu Fang became speechless.

The air was covered in a greasy smell; Bu Fang closed his eyes and was sure of where he was.

In the distance, stoves were arranged near one another. A few of the stoves were already in use as the frizzling sound of a pan could be heard. Occasionally, fire rose to the sky and the smoke carried a greasy smell as it covered the air.

Many of the strong contestants were stunned by the sight. Their expressions were dull. This was somewhat different from what they had imagined...

Shouldn't the soul sea of the Supreme Blade Tyrant be frightening and menacing?

However, it was obviously a kitchen which was in front of them.

The Shura Saintess let out an awkward cough. She had previously sworn that the soul sea of the Supreme Blade Tyrant would be a frightening place. Who would've known that they would appear in such a place?

The group stared blankly at the scene of a kitchen in front of them.

All of a sudden, many dark figures appeared from the dark corner of the kitchen.

Those figures swiftly appeared before them. To the group's surprise, those figures were actually headless chefs who were wearing chef robes. They were armed with kitchen knives and ladles as they looked at the group.

Even though they could not sense the gaze aimed right at them, they could still feel goosebumps on their bodies.

Sure enough... even though the soul sea of the Supreme Blade Tyrant was a kitchen, it was no ordinary kitchen. With the appearance of the headless chefs, everyone felt a sense of danger.

Tap tap tap...

The noise in the kitchen suddenly disappeared and the place became very quiet.

In the next moment, the headless chefs stepped to a side, leaving a single path for a burly figure to come forward.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched the figure walk toward them.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant?!

Everyone knew who the man standing in front of them was because he was no stranger to them. He was the Supreme Blade Tyrant, who was previously sitting in the main hall.

However, the Supreme Blade Tyrant in the Underground Palace was only a corpse. The one in front of them was a living person!

A living person?

Everyone could feel a tingling feeling in their scalp. Their faces showed expressions of fear.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant marched slowly with the headless chefs around him, like the moon among the stars. His face was pale and his gaze swept across the crowd. Suddenly, his gaze became sharp and he stopped walking. His brows rose slightly.

"The seal which was placed on the Slaughter God Blade has been unlocked? It seems as though all of you are seeking my inheritance..."

The Shura Saintess and the rest could feel a chill run down their spine. The being in front of them was extremely strong. Even if everyone knew what he had already fallen from his former glory, the pressure coming from his body was still very strong.

"All of you have come to the right place. This is where my inheritance is located..." the Supreme Blade Tyrant said.

Everyone was startled, but joyful expressions could be seen on their faces.

However, the color on their faces did not last long when the Supreme Blade Tyrant continued speaking, "However, whether or not you're fated to obtain my inheritance is another thing. It's hard to say if you will succeed or not."

When the words left his mouth, everyone became shocked. They released a cry of surprise.

That was because they realized that the clothes they were wearing changed. Their former clothes were suddenly gone. In its place, they wore chef's robes. The robe was exactly the same as the robe of the headless chefs in the distance!

Wearing the same clothes as the headless chefs?

What exactly did it mean? What did the Supreme Blade Tyrant want?

At this moment, even the Shura Saintess could feel a chill. It was a chill which came from the bottom of the feet and it went up to her neck.

Bu Fang looked at the group with an uncertain expression on his face. Indeed, their clothes were all different.

Even the silver armor on Han Li's body was replaced with a chef's robe...

However, Bu Fang looked at the clothes that were still on him and his eyebrows arched upwards. Why didn't his clothes change? Was it because the Vermillion Robe was a set of divine chef robe?


The corner of his lips curled upwards and a deep smile appeared on his face.

The gaze of the Supreme Blade Tyrant also fell on Bu Fang's body. Even though the robe he wore was a kitchen robe, it was not the one the Supreme Blade Tyrant decided on.

However, the Supreme Blade Tyrant retracted his gaze and scanned the rest of the group before he continued to speak.

"The inheritance here is mine. I'll give it to you if you pass my test...

A test?

Everyone's heart slightly shook and all of them became alert.

"Look all around you. By now, you should've noticed that you are in a kitchen. You should know that I enjoy eating food. You'll have to satisfy me in order to gain my inheritance. If not, you'll stay behind like the rest of these chefs."

The Supreme Blade Tyrant finished his sentence and his lips revealed a horrible arc that was hideous.

Everyone's heart shook. So that was it! This was a test where they placed their life on the line. There was only death waiting for those who did not pass!

Bu Fang's brows twitched a little. Was that the origin of these headless chefs?

Still... looking at these chefs, Bu Fang felt a little uncomfortable. He felt that a cook should possess freedom. It was a career which brought joy to others.

Faced with an existence like the Supreme Blade Tyrant, who made chefs into his personal items, Bu Fang felt uncomfortable.

"Now, I'd like each of you to go to a stove... There's fifty-three of you here, but I've only prepared fifty stoves. On the count of ten, those who fail to get a stove will die."

The Supreme Blade Tyrant smiled.

In the next moment, the contestants were taken aback and their bodies jerked as they rushed toward the stoves.

Dying because of that?

Wouldn't that mean that three people must die? Moreover, there were already two stoves that were already in use. All of them knew that more people were going to die.

There were five of them who were going to die there?

Nobody wanted to die. In their minds, anyone else could simply go to hell!

A fight broke out immediately.

Bu Fang had Whitey's protection and easily got a stove. As for the Shura Saintess and several others, they managed to obtain a stove due to their personal cultivation. In the end, there were sure to be people who were unable to obtain a stove.

When the count was coming to an end, the fight became more intense.


Someone coughed out blood and was thrown to an open space. He wanted to get up but was bound by an invisible force.

"Time's up... The five of you are left without a stove. You are no longer qualified to fight for my inheritance. Now, you'll be mine." The Supreme Blade Tyrant smiled and his eyes flashed in a blood-red color.

The five contestants' head detached from their bodies and exploded with a loud bang. Blood splattered on their chef robes.


From out of nowhere, a kitchen knife and ladle fell onto the ground and a light ringing sound could be heard.

The five contestants who lost their heads each bent their bodies to pick up a kitchen knife and a ladle before slowly stepping into the army of headless chefs.


Everyone stared at the horrifying scene which made their hairs stand on end and their hearts shiver. An army of headless chefs... That was how the Supreme Blady Tyrant got his army. How terrifying.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant had a broad grin on his face as he turned to look at the rest of the contestants who had found a stove.

"Now, since everyone has a stove, all of you shall begin cooking. The ingredients have already been prepared for you and they are all located under the stove. I hope that you will be able to cook something that can satisfy me. Remember, if you can't, then...

The Supreme Blade Tyrant suddenly stopped speaking. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with a sinister look, "...Then, all of you will stay here with me!"

Hiss hiss hiss...

Stay behind with him and become one of those headless chefs?

Who would want something like that?

In the distance, the five contestants who were made into headless chefs stood in the distance as their body swayed from side to side. There was a kitchen knife in one hand and a ladle in another. Their chef robe was stained red with their blood.

This scene instilled fear in every one of the contestants.

The contestants quickly turned their attention back to the stove. They opened the cabinet under it and took out the ingredients. However, there were those who just stood foolishly in front of their stove. That was especially true for the group of alchemists from the Pill Palace. They might be able to do alchemy, but when someone asked them to cook, it was the same as asking them to climb to the heavens!

Why was there a need to learn cooking just for an inheritance? How could they ever imagine that their lives would be in danger one day just because they were unable to cook?

The group of alchemist all had a constipated look on their face.

The Shura Saintess was also a little sluggish. However, she took a deep breath and she pressed her hands against her chest. After calming herself down, she reached below the stove and opened the cabinet. She brought out all the ingredients and laid them on the table.

She was going to try even if she didn't know how to cook. Otherwise, she would die anyway... She didn't want that.

Bu Fang frowned as he glanced at the Supreme Blade Tyrant who was laughing crazily. Disgust emerged from the bottom of his heart. From the appearance of the headless chefs, Bu Fang was already feeling uncomfortable. The Supreme Blade Tyrant's behavior was especially disrespectful to chefs.

He opened the cabinet and took out the ingredients. Rich spirit essence started to spread out in front of Bu Fang and his eyes started to shine. The ingredient Bu Fang took out was a piece of meat. It was a huge slab of meat and the texture of the meat was splendid. Bu Fang was amazed by the quality of the meat.

"System, what kind of meat is this?" Bu Fang asked his system quietly.

"The meat came from the belly of a spirit beast at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon," the system answered him earnestly. The system would always answer his questions earnestly when it came to food ingredients.

A peak-level Divine Physique Echelon spirit beast's meat... Bu Fang sucked in a deep breath. The Supreme Blade Tyrant was not worthy to use ingredients like this.

From a distance, the eyes of a middle-aged man in a linen coat shimmered and he sighed.

"A peak-level Divine Physique Echelon spirit beast's meat. Interesting... Just how many spirit beasts did this tyrant slaughter? Legend has it that this madman killed a divine beast. Will the meat of a divine beast appear here as well? That will really be interesting!" The middle-aged man squinted his eyes and pulled the corner of his lips.

His mind shook and an ice-blue cleaver suddenly appeared in his hand. The chill the cleaver emitted was extraordinary and anyone would be able to see that his cleaver was special.

"What should I cook? I'm from the Valley of Gluttony and I'm not afraid of anyone. This inheritance is definitely meant for someone like me!" The middle-aged man held the cleaver in his hand as the edge of his lips rose.

The middle-aged man fully enjoyed the chill released from his cleaver as a grin appeared on his face.

Suddenly, his cleaver shook and his eyes opened wide. He focused in a single direction.

There, a young man's hand was suddenly covered in smoke as a knife appeared in his palm. He swung his knife a few times and demonstrated his knife skills.

The man stared at the black knife. The knife actually caused his Crystal Cleaver to resonate when it appeared!