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 Would the Shura Saintess remember Bu Fang? Of course she would! How could she ever forget the brat who caused her to be humiliated?

However, she never thought that the chef would appear in the Heaven Secret Territory.

When she thought about it, it didn't seem unexpected for him to appear in this place. The brat managed to become the champion of the Magical Hand Conference and he earned the right to enter the Heaven Secret Territory. However, meeting him in the Supreme Blade Tyrant's inheritance ground caused her no small amount of shock.

That was because she felt that the chef was really too lucky. He actually managed to enter the Supreme Blade Tyrant's grave the instant he stepped into the Heaven Secret Territory! One had to know that the Supreme Bade Tyrant's grave was a place countless experts had been looking for.

Bu Fang saw the Shura Saintess as well. Regarding the appearance of this woman who was unreasonably beautiful in the Supreme Blade Tyrant's grave, Bu Fang was endlessly shocked. Didn't the Heaven Secret Territory belong to the Pill Palace? How did she appear there? She was someone from the Ancient Shura City! Could it be that the experts in the Pill Palace were turning a blind eye to this?

This woman was someone who caused a huge commotion in Heavenly Mist City... She was someone who brought a foul atmosphere to the Magical Hands Conference. Shouldn't the experts of the Pill Palace capture her and take her away the moment she showed up?

Luo Li appeared beside the Shura Saintess and his eyes were sharp. It was as though he managed to feel the Shura Saintess' astonishment as he looked over with a curious expression on his face.

"Saintess, what's wrong?" Luo Li's heart was full of doubt.

However, the Saintess didn't reply to him. She simply pursed her lips together as she stared at Bu Fang, who was holding a red colored kitchen knife. Her gaze was deep.

Slaughter God Blade. That was the name of the kitchen knife in Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang held the kitchen knife and a terrifying baleful aura charged out from the blade and it rushed into his mind. It almost dazed Bu Fang for a moment.

That was a fierce blade. Although it had the appearance of a kitchen knife, the tyrannical aura was extremely strong.

The death energy chains were broken and the spirituality of the kitchen knife was completely released. It almost broke out of Bu Fang's grasp as the energy charged into the skies.

However, Bu Fang was able to feel that the kitchen knife was letting out a silent roar. The roar sounded like one which came from a crazy beast. It was extremely fierce.

"Put down the Slaughter God Blade! How dare you even hold it, you damnable chef!"

The eyes of all the experts around turned red. The Slaughter God Blade actually appeared. However, A Supreme-Being who only broke through one shackle got his hands on it!

One should know that the Slaughter God Blade was the blade considered as the Supreme Blade Tyrant's partner. The Supreme Blade Tyrant was an expert at the Divine Soul Realm! Moreover, he was an existence at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm! He broke through ten layers of soul ladders.

For an ant like Bu Fang to hold on to the Slaughter God Blade was simply a humiliation to the knife!

Boom boom boom!

True energy started to roll around and it swept through the whole room. Sounds of explosions could be heard.

Several experts roared as they charged toward Bu Fang. Their eyes were red with desire. For the Slaughter God Blade, all of them threw caution to the wind.

Whitey's gaze became extremely deep in an instant. A fist suddenly flew out with ferocious momentum, and explosions filled the air. It was as though the void was about to be torn apart by Whitey's fist.


Experts after experts were sent flying by Whitey's fist and blood sprayed out from their mouths. Any expert who wanted to take a step out of the lightning pool was sent flying by Whitey.

Whitey's leaf-shaped palm opened up and grabbed the head of one of the experts. It viciously slammed the expert into the ground as it ruthlessly dragged him across the floor before throwing him out.

Whitey stood in front of Bu Fang and its gray eyes swept across the crowd. It seemed to possess the aura of an impregnable fortress.

The experts who were dazed due to the aura of the Slaughter God Blade finally sobered up. They quickly retreated and looked at Whitey with terrified gazes.

This wasn't an ordinary puppet at all... It was a puppet which was unreasonably powerful! They felt as though only someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm would be able to fight against this puppet!

Well, there were a number of experts present who were at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

The Shura Saintess' gaze became deep and Luo Li drew back the corners of his mouth. Both of them stared at the puppet.

At the entrance, Han Li and his guards finally entered with an extremely sorry appearance. They were greeted with the sight of Whitey and Bu Fang and, in an instant, a vicious light flashed through their eyes.

Also, there was a middle-aged man who wore a sackcloth in the distance, looking at the knife in Bu Fang's hand. He lightly laughed and light flashed through his eyes.

These people were experts at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. Even though they didn't make a move, it was not because they were afraid of Whitey. They knew that the Slaughter God Blade wasn't the main inheritance located in this grave. The real treasure had yet to appear.

That was the truth. Even Han Li managed to hold back the urge in his heart to attack Bu Fang. Looking at Bu Fang in the distance, there was an avaricious and hungry look in his eyes.

The Shura Tower was on Bu Fang. Now, there was the Slaughter God Blade as well. The treasures this chef had in his possession weren't few. There was no way he could allow this chef to escape from his grasp. He knew that he had to kill Bu Fang in this Heaven Secret Territory. After he killed him, both the Shura Tower and Slaughter God Blade would fall into his hands!

However, he wasn't impatient at all. He had to wait for the inheritance to appear before doing anything.

Compared to those treasures, the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant was more tempting to Han Li. After all, if he was able to successfully accept the inheritance, he would be able to take a step forward and form the soul ladder. He would be able to enter the Divine Soul Realm!

The difference between a cultivator at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm and the Divine Soul Realm was extremely huge. In the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, one had to break through the Supreme-Being shackles. As for the Divine Soul Realm, one had to form the soul ladder. There were ten steps in the soul ladder and anyone who managed to form all ten steps would reach the peak of the Divine Soul Realm.

Any existence at the Divine Soul Realm could be considered peak existences in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Bu Fang's mental state was extremely strong. Especially after he broke through to the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, his mental state improved by leaps and bounds.

He was able to sense that the spirituality of the Slaughter God Blade was roaring in defiance.

In the next instant, under Bu Fang's astonished gaze, streaks of blade energy shot out from the Slaughter God Blade. The blade energy landed on the wall opposite to Bu Fang. After all the blade energy disappeared into the wall, the latter started to emit dazzling light. It seemed as though it became a glowing flower bud.

As the flower bud started to blossom, a change occurred on the wall and a path suddenly appeared. When the path opened, dense spiritual energy started to flow out from it and it enveloped everyone present.

Everyone's eyes lit up. They knew that the true inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant was finally going to show up!

Bu Fang held the Slaughter God Blade and he blandly glanced at everyone behind him. They glared at him with a ferocious gaze as though they were looking at their prey. It seemed as though they wanted to devour him and tear his body to shreds.

However, Bu Fang was extremely calm. Holding the Slaughter God Blade, he turned around and walked toward the path in the wall.

Whitey's eyes started to flicker and gradually turned gray. In the next instant, it started to follow behind Bu Fang's figure and both of them disappeared into the entrance.

"Luo Li, keep up with them!" After Bu Fang's figure disappeared, the aura around the Shura Saintess' body changed. She coldly spat out a sentence and started to walk forward. Her red shoes moved as her feet lightly tapped on the ground. Her figure shot toward the path in the wall as well. Luo Li snickered and his eyes opened wide. He quickly followed behind the Shura Saintess.

Han Li and the rest of the people looked at the three people who entered the passage and their pupils constricted. They quickly shot toward the passageway as well. Since there was a restriction on flying in this area, all of them were only able to run forward. However, they were, after all, experts. Their speed was extremely fast as they charged toward the passageway.

The several experts who were at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm released their aura and the rest of the experts were instantly shocked. They quickly moved to the side and could only watch as the stronger experts went into the passageway.

The middle-aged man who was wearing a sackcloth still had a faint smile on his face as he followed behind the experts who charged into the passageway. He wasn't in a hurry as he slowly stepped into the hole in the wall.

When they entered the hole...

The scene in front of them suddenly changed. They suddenly saw a vast and empty underground palace in front of them after charging through the passageway. It was a huge change compared to the tiny room they were in previously.

The majestic and imposing underground palace was decorated with gold and jade. It was a dazzling sight. Humongous pillars stood tall in the middle of the underground palace as it held up the mighty structure.

There were multi-colored patterns drawn on the roof of the palace and it looked extremely cool and beautiful. Everyone felt as though they were hallucinating.

Bu Fang held the Slaughter God Blade as he stood at the entrance of the palace. He looked at a majestic figure who was sitting opposite to him, on a chair made of precious materials.

That figure had his eyes closed. He emitted a formless pressure which terrified everyone around him, which caused Bu Fang's heart to sink a little. He felt a little pressured by the figure.

Could it be that the Slaughter God Blade belonged to the person sitting there? Could he be the Supreme Blade Tyrant?

Behind Bu Fang, several experts started to walk out of the passageway in an orderly fashion.

The Shura Saintess narrowed her pretty eyes as she stared at Bu Fang. Her rosy lips curved upwards, forming a charming smile. She looked at him with a smile which was not a smile at the same time.

In the next instant, everyone's attention was attracted to the figure in the hall. Their hearts shook.

"Supreme Blade Tyrant?"

"The Supreme Blade Tyrant who reached the peak of the Divine Soul Realm? How can his body remain undamaged even after so many years?"

"What a terrifying pressure... Is this the pressure coming from an expert at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm? He deserves his fame as an existence who managed to awe the world."


The experts who entered the palace exhaled a cold breath. They started to discuss among each other excitedly.

However, there were people who curiously looked at their surroundings. That was because there was nothing else in the palace other than the remains of the Supreme Blade Tyrant... The so-called inheritance was nowhere to be seen.

"Inheritance? Hehe, take a step forward and look in front of you." The Shura Saintess coldly laughed as she addressed one of the experts beside her.

The expert was shocked and in the next instant, he gritted his teeth as he took a step forward.

In that instant, everyone saw that the expert's eyes widened and his figure disappeared.

Everyone present started to clamor and all of them took a step back. There was an expression of disbelief on their faces and it seemed as though they had just seen a ghost.

Even Bu Fang felt his heart shake. He felt that something strange was going on.

"The soul ladder which appears at the Divine Soul Realm. Do you guys know what is the soul ladder? It's the spiritual power one possesses. After one's spiritual power condenses, it will form a soul ladder. That is enough to show how scary this spiritual power is. Just the spiritual power storm created by an expert at the Divine Soul Realm is enough to tear all of us to shreds. It doesn't matter if we are existences at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm," the Shura Saintess said.

She was the Saintess of the Ancient Shura City. She was surrounded by true experts at the Divine Soul Realm since she was young. Any expert who managed to form five steps of the soul ladder would possess a soul sea. The soul sea was like their domain. In their soul sea, the owner was unrivaled!

Even though it seemed as though there was nothing there, as soon as anyone walked forward, they would enter the Supreme Blade Tyrant's soul sea.

As an existence who was at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm, his soul sea should be extremely terrifying. Without a doubt, the Supreme Blade Tyrant's inheritance would be located in his soul sea!

When they heard the Shura Saintess' words, all of them narrowed their eyes. All of them thought about different things. Back when the Supreme Blade Tyrant was still alive, his reputation was not good at all. He was a bloodthirsty expert. Although he was a glutton, his killing intent was extremely horrifying. Even if they used their feet to think, anyone would be able to know that it would be extremely dangerous in his soul sea.

However, in order to obtain an opportunity, how could they be afraid of danger?

As such, a look of greed appeared in the eyes of all the experts present and they charged forward. They maniacally barged into the soul sea.

Woosh woosh woosh woosh!

Beams of light shot out and lit up the entire palace.

One by one, the experts disappeared from the hall.

"Little chef, are you not going in?" The Shura Saintess laughed as she looked at Bu Fang. A light flashed in her eyes.

"Of course I'm going in, do you want to enter together?" Bu Fang glanced at the Shura Saintess from the corner of his eye and said.

Bu Fang's frivolous speech caused Luo Li to frown. A trace of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upwards and he looked at Luo Li. Holding the Slaughter God Blade, Bu Fang walked forward with an expressionless face. In the next instant, he felt as though he passed through a thin membrane. The scene in front of him greatly changed.

When Bu Fang regained his wits, a strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Was this really the soul sea of the Supreme Blade Tyrant?!