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 That was a tomb where a kitchen knife was buried?

Bu Fang let out a sigh of relief. Seeing as this kitchen knife was given such a glorious burial, could the master of this tomb be a chef?

The more Bu Fang thought about this, the more likely it seemed.

The kitchen knife was resplendent, but an aura of death hovered around it like chains, sealing its brilliance; hence, Bu Fang paced around it slowly.

The atmosphere in the room was bizarre. The air was filled with thick knife energy, which was sharp enough to cause a sharp painful sensation to one's skin.

The knives there were of different types. Many knives in the room were dull and dim, but that was not the case for the red kitchen knife. In front of this knife, the other knives looked lackluster.

After taking another step forward, stepping into the tomb, Bu Fang turned and gazed at the knife closest to him. He narrowed his eyes and grasped its hilt. Suddenly, an icy aura of death surged through his arm, as though it sort to freeze his body that very instant.

However, the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame in his energy core rumbled, and fiery waves of flames burst forth, instantly incinerating the aura of death that permeated his body.

"This knife... seems pretty amazing." Bu Fang picked up the knife and measured it with his gaze. Using a finger, he gave the knife a flick, and a crisp and clear sound emanated from it.

However, in the next moment, every knife in the tomb began to vibrate intensely.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound of metal colliding with metal reverberated continuously, and the knife energy in the room became even sharper than before.

Suddenly, there was a large explosion, and the knives began to rise into the air, one by one. With their combined knife energies in tow, the hovering knives sped toward Bu Fang.

The dense swarm of knives streaking toward Bu Fang blotted out the sky, creating a scene enough to instill fear into anyone. Whitey's purple eyes glowed, and the puppet took a step forward to shield Bu Fang.

With a clank, a pair of metal wings unfurled behind it. A thick cloud of flying knives instantly flew out of the widespread wings of the puppet and collided with the incoming swarm of kitchen knives. Metal struck metal, and sparks rained everywhere.

It took no longer than an instant for the room to be illuminated by a shower of blinding fireworks.

The flying knives returned to Whitey, and with a flicker of its purple eyes, the puppet swung a gigantic palm in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gigantic palm intercepted the knives and grabbed them tightly, causing them to emit grating sounds. With a firm squeeze, they were squeezed into a ball of metal.

After tossing the ball of scrap metal away, the glow in Whitey's eyes dimmed, then it stared at the red knife in the distance with a heavy gaze.



An explosion erupted. The entire area was transformed into a crater.

The experts looked at each other with serious expressions, then they swiftly flew towards the crater. Soon afterwards, they landed at the bottom of the crater. With an overbearing attitude, they split the red stone and dashed into the channel, and in the distance, they could see a giant city rising up.

The Giant City tomb! Could that place be the resting ground of the Supreme Blade Tyrant? In other words, the inheritance ground?!

Pant, pant...

After arriving at similar deductions, the experts began to breathe heavily, and suddenly, they charged towards the giant city in excitement. When they entered the city, a mist began to rise and covered all of them up.

Although the inheritance made these experts exhilarated, they clearly understood that all inheritance grounds were dangerous, so they did not dare drop their guards. Their caution was not unwarranted because a groan suddenly rang out from the mist around them, and in the next instant, a headless silhouette slowly appeared.

It was holding a kitchen knife in one hand, and a ladle in the other. Just as suddenly, a crowd of headless chefs surfaced within the mist and charged menacingly at the experts.

A battle instantly erupted.

Boom Boom Boom!

The headless chefs were smashed to smithereens, one after the other, and turned to the yellow sand. However, some experts were cut by the chef's kitchen knives, causing them to cry out in pain as blood spurted out of the lacerations.

Fresh blood stained the ground and was quickly absorbed. It was as though the entire city had come to life and was now one big living organism.

Death preceded the opening of all inheritance grounds; the experts were already used to it.

However, it did not take long for them to realize that the blood in the corpses of the fallen experts had been sucked dry, leaving dry husks on the ground. This sinister scene caused fear to brood in their hearts.

Fortunately for them, the headless chefs were soon slain, and the mist parted, revealing a long path close to them.

The experts were hysterical at this point. They got on the path and charged forward as quickly as they could, and they soon arrived in front of a giant structure.

The dark opening of a cave appeared, and the experts could not help exchanging glances.

Finally, someone could not bear it anymore and dashed into the cave.



The red kitchen knife vibrated intensely, as though it was struggling to escape the chains binding it. The chains that bound it were made of black strands of death energy, and the knife was unable to free itself.

Bu Fang approached the red kitchen knife and stared at its artistic intricacy. In front of this red kitchen knife, Bu Fang thought his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was unimaginably crude.

The red kitchen knife looked as if it were forged from rubies, bright and sparkling. Many patterns were carved into its hilt, and embedded in the center of it was a crystal overflowing with spiritual energy. This caused the red kitchen knife to emit an overwhelming power.

However, this power was restrained by the death energy around the knife. "How can this red kitchen knife be so unburnished?" Bu Fang sighed. He felt that, as a chef, it was his duty to free this knife from its suffering.

He opened his mouth and spouted a ball of golden flames. The ball hovered above his palm and continuously transformed into different bizarre creatures. With a flick of the wrist, the fall of golden flames shot out and landed in the center of the death energy mist.

Boom Boom Boom!

The flames instantly began to burn with a dazzling brightness, instantly incinerating the death energy, and cries of anguish arose from the multiple chains. As Bu Fang stared at the fire, which had turned oily green, his heart shuddered.

Suddenly, the sounds of movements could be heard from outside the door.

The silhouettes of multiple people burrowed in. These people were cautious and afraid of the peril lurking all over the place. These people quickly noticed Bu Fang standing in front of the red kitchen knife.

They were momentarily stunned! However, realization quickly dawned on them. This young man must be the one who activated the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant. They never expected the culprit of the activation to be such a young man.

Their gazes soon moved from Bu Fang to the red kitchen knife beside him.

As the death energy had now been incinerated, the red knife had begun to regain its luster.

"The Slaughter God Blade?!!"

"Oh my god! The Slaughter God Blade of the Supreme Blade Tyrant appeared so quickly!"

"That's the divine weapon, Slaughter God Blade. It was said to have killed divine spirits and slain divine beasts!"

The experts could no longer contain their excitement. They stared at it with wide eyes, and their bodies couldn't help trembling in excitement.

Greed filled their gazes, and their expressions became one of intense desire.

"Rascal! Get away from the Slaughter God Blade! Treasures like that are not something that someone who has only broken one Supreme-Being chain can touch."

As soon as they realized that the red kitchen knife was actually theSlaughter God Blade of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, the experts began to howl furiously at Bu Fang, who was standing beside the knife.

Slaughter God Blade? Bu Fang was stunned. He glanced at the red knife, which was slowly gaining resplendence amidst the green flames, and sighed in his heart. This knife's name was really domineering. Much more domineering than his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Bu Fang ignored the experts' hollers and continued looking at the red kitchen knife.

The death energy around the knife was almost completely incinerated. The red kitchen knife instantly began to vibrate intensely, in a bid to break free of its binds. It was as though the knife was trying to rush toward the heavens.

This was a knife with sentience!

A kitchen knife with sentience... Bu Fang was truly shocked at this discovery.

The experts became enraged. Every one of them had, at least, broken two to three Supreme-Being shackles, so they naturally did not fear Bu Fang. When they realized that they were being belittled, they flew into a rage.

How could they be calm when faced with this opportunity?

Boom Boom Boom!

The experts shot out rapidly, one by one, and the chains behind them swayed wildly. They were unable to fly in this giant city, but since they were Divine Physique Echelon experts, their sprinting speed was extraordinary.

They arrived in front of Bu Fang almost instantly.

The closer they got, the more they felt the profundity of the Slaughter God Blade. Its shining red light held their spirit in thrall.

"Brat! Get away!!" An expert already overwhelmed by greed roared in excitement.

Suddenly, his vision was blotted out by a sea of darkness as he was instantly stopped, by the face, by an ice-cold giant palm.

Whitey's purple eyes glowed, and a metal palm as big as a palm-leaf fan grabbed ahold of two experts' heads and violently slammed them into the ground.

Boom Boom Boom!

After that, Whitey tossed the experts away casually, sending them careening through the air, and they landed heavily on the far side of the room. They couldn't help coughing out fresh blood.

With its big belly jiggling, Whitey strutted in front of Bu Fang to stand guard over him. Its purple eyes, which were filled with killing intent, glowed menacingly.

The two experts pathetically crawled to their feet with trepidation. They were actually defeated by a puppet!

"Damn! This rascal actually has a protective puppet! Could he be from the Puppet Sect?!" The experts pondered, with various thoughts flooding their minds.

However, as these experts were currently faced with the temptation of the Slaughter God Blade, they could not sit still. They knew that the chains binding theSlaughter God Blade were almost completely incinerated; once the chains were completely gone, it would be time to lay claim to the knife. They had to act immediately!


In an instant, a strong and menacing aura surged forth from the other experts who had entered the tomb.

At that moment, more silhouettes could be seen storming into the cave.

Whitey twisted its body, and with a surging aura, the two metal wings on its back snapped open. The purple glow in its eyes flickered... before turning pale white!

"Whoever takes another step forward, dies!"

Whitey's robotic voice rang out. The experts answered it with two words, "KILL IT!"


Whitey's silhouette instantly distorted, and it shot out explosively with a tightened fist.

Almost instantly, an expert's chest exploded outwards. All the other experts were affected by the impact of the strike and were sent flying. Their expressions quickly turned to one of fear after witnessing that.

This puppet was actually stronger than an expert who had broken five Supreme-Being shackles?! Who was this young man?!

Outside the cave, the Saintess of Shura ancient city strolled forward and caught sight of Bu Fang stretching out his hand to grab the hilt of the red kitchen knife. Her beautiful eyes widened in shock, turning her expression into one of surprise.

Why was this chef here?