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 Bu Fang jumped in fright at the sound of the roar.

He stood rooted to the ground, dazed, as the thin person rushed toward him brandishing a wok.

It was usually Bu Fang who would smash others with the wok, but this day it was the reverse... This strange twist of fate left even Bu Fang speechless.

That thin person wore a malicious appearance. Despite his small frame, he advanced with the vigor of a tiger. Wielding the wok, it was almost as if he could smash the air apart.

The aura of this thin man was not strong. With Bu Fang at his current level, he could easily feel that his opponent's cultivation was only that of a Supreme-Being and not even that of one at its peak.

To Bu Fang, someone of this caliber posed no danger. Bu Fang eyed him coldly. Behind him, a pair of purple eyes gleamed. Whitey took a step forward, ruthlessly waving its fan-shaped palms

A bang reverberated through the air and the thin man's wok was sent flying.

It landed with a clang in the distance.

The man's expression changed. He flipped backward, landing on the ground to pick up his wok. This black wok of his was no ordinary one. It was a spirit tool, a powerful and mighty spirit tool. However, against the puppet before him, it was as good a wok as any...

"You seem familiar," Bu Fang said, raising his eyebrow suspiciously at the figure.

From afar, the fatty finally walked over, huffing and puffing. He smiled at Bu fang, stuffing the chicken leg that he held into his mouth.

"Boss Bu, long time no see," he said while chewing on his chicken.

Bu Fang looked at the fatty, then at the thin man, and his eyes sparked with realization.

"So it was you guys... It has indeed been a long time." Bu Fang finally remembered who this fat-and-thin duo was. Weren't they the two brothers who had competed with him in culinary skills when he was at the Light Wind Empire?

Bu Fang recalled that these two brothers' culinary skills were not bad. If they had not gone up against him at the Hundred Family Banquet, the two of them might have quite possibly gotten first place.

"That's right... Long time no see! You bastard... I, Ah Wei, have not forgotten about you for a single day!" The thin man Ah Wei said coldly as he stood up, eyes glaring at Bu Fang.

Whitey's eyes shone as they brushed past Ah Wei, scaring him so much that he quickly retreated to a safe distance. He was still terrified of the unfathomable Whitey.

"Enough chit-chat. Why are you guys here?" Bu Fang asked.

The fatty Ah Lu retrieved another chicken leg and bit into it with a crunch. "We don't know either. We were just walking and before we knew it, we ended up here," Ah Lu said.

Bu Fang's brows furrowed. As he turned his eyes to look at the majestic underground city in the distance, he felt something amiss.

"Okay. Since we are past acquaintances from the Light Wind Empire, let's move as a group. This mysterious city should have many secrets hidden within. Let's explore it together," Bu Fang said, glancing at the brothers.

Ah Wei's face darkened. He swung the black wok in his hand, stirring up a gale.

"We are not your acquaintances! We will explore the city ourselves. There's no way we would join you! Remember this! I, Ah Wei, will avenge my master one day!"

Ah Lu nodded his head, laughing foolishly as he broke the chicken leg with a loud crack.

The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards.

At that moment, Ah Wei used the black wok to smack Ah Lu. Just like that, the duo then quickly rushed toward the city gates in the distance.

A heavy creak resounded, and the tall stone gate suddenly opened with a loud bang.

Did the brothers open the gate?

Bu Fang's heart shook, looking at that huge city that seemed to vibrate. With Whitey in his stead, he opened his stride and walked toward the city. As he neared the great city, the wave of boundless pressure intensified.

Although Bu Fang was unaffected by the pressure, a city emitting this kind of pressure was still enough to make his heart beat slightly in trepidation.

Reaching out his slender palms, he touched the stone of the mottled city walls. The smoothness of the stone was more than enough testament to the city's architectural standard.

The top of the majestic city gates was engraved with many illustrations, depicting scenes of bloodshed and violence.

Although the drawings were quite abstract, Bu Fang was still able to understand it. The painting was telling the story of the unsurpassed master of this great city. He dictated everything, and whoever defied him would be cut down by his blade.

Just from that drawing alone, Bu Fang was able to sense a domineering vibe.

Looking through the opening between the gates to assess the situation inside the city, he noticed that the brothers Ah Lu and Ah Wei had long vanished.

Bu Fang patted Whitey's plump stomach, then walked into the city.

Entering the city, he felt a wave of pressure pushing against his body. The pressure seemed to suppress a person's cultivation, making one feel a wave of reverence.

However, due to the system, Bu Fang could simply ignore this pressure.

Tap tap tap...

The inside of the city was spacious, but it was very quiet. There was not a single soul in sight. The buildings within the great city were magnificent, there were rows upon rows of skyscrapers, shops, and stalls. It was a prime example of what a great city should be. The only thing that it lacked was... people.

A wave of sinister energy diffused out from within the city, enough to give one the chills.

Suddenly, Bu Fang seemed to sense something. He rapidly turned his head to look in that direction.

However, there was nothing there.

Bu Fang could have sworn that someone was just there, watching him. With his mental force now, he could easily feel other people's gaze on him. He squinted his eyes, he could feel that the city was definitely not ordinary. He had a constant feeling that danger was creeping closer to him.

After he looked around for a while, his heart suddenly jumped as he became aware of his surroundings.

Within the great city, fog started to roll out.

Fog in an underground city?

The fog floated out from within the city, slowly swallowing everything. Soon afterward, it engulfed Bu Fang.


"Commander Han Li... there appears to be a huge city in the distance?!" A guard widened his eyes, shouting at Han Li who was behind him. His shout echoed continuously through the underground space.

"Stop making a fuss. I've already seen it."

Han Li's gazed solemnly into the distance, with his mind shaken.

An underground city... It was actually an underground city? Han Li took a deep breath, and his eyes revealed a trace of excitement.

He knew that he had struck gold.

Within the Heaven Secret Territory was a great underground city. This meant that he had found the tomb of an expert. Since it was where an expert was entombed, an inheritance belonging to the expert was sure to be found.

Furthermore... looking at the scale of the great city, this inheritance was definitely something special.

"Let's go! We must hurry over! We might have just found ourselves an opportunity!" Han Li shouted, with his eyes flashing with anticipation. A tomb in a big city would definitely be extraordinary! To be entombed in such a massive city... just showed that it was even more extraordinary!

Could it be the tomb of an ancient expert?

Han Li's entire heart was quaking with excitement. Who would have thought that while chasing that rascal Bu Fang, he would chance upon such good fortune?

Their group shortly arrived at the front of the city gates. They looked at illustrations on them and fell into a daze. Han Li took a breath of the cold air, and his face flushed...

"This... This is the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant! My god! We've actually stumbled upon the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant!!" Han Li was so moved that his entire body was quivering, he removed the silver helmet from his head, and his eyes were glistening.

Naturally, his guards were so excited that they were unable to string a proper sentence together, producing only senseless murmurs.

It was the Supreme Blade Tyrant! He was an ancient expert at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm, much stronger compared to the current Pill Master of the Pill palace. An inheritance of this level... How could it be bad? If they were able to obtain this inheritance, they could possibly leap to the heavens in a single bound, achieving huge breakthroughs in their cultivation.

Han Li took a deep breath, calming down the excitement in his heart. All of a sudden, he narrowed his eyes, looking at the guards behind him.

"Does anyone among you guys know how to cook?" Han Li asked solemnly.

The group of guards was instantly confused.

Cooking? Why would the commander ask this for no reason? They were guards of the Pill Palace, so it might have been logical if he asked if they knew how to refine pills, but cooking... didn't relate to them at all.

"According to legends, the Supreme Blade Tyrant is a huge foodie. That Slaughter God Blade of his had killed many spirit beasts, even divine ones! The corpses of these spirit and divine beasts became delicacies... To obtain the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant, it is very likely to have something to do with cooking," Han Li said.

The guards were stunned. They really had no idea that there was such a backstory.

Han Li swept his gaze over the guards, realizing that they did not seem to know how to cook. He felt a tinge of disappointment. However, they had already come this far, so how could they just give up? Things had a way of working themselves out. No harm going in to take a look.

"Whatever, let's advance into the city! By hook or by crook, we will obtain that inheritance! If we wait any longer and the inheritance awakens, the entire Heaven Secret Territory will notice. At that time, we would no longer have such an opportunity!" Han Li said.

After saying that, he rushed ahead toward the great city.

The guards clambered desperately after him. In the face of the inheritance of an expert of the Divine Soul Realm, no one would be able to behave properly.


Within the heavy fog, everything within his sight was a blur. Even with Bu Fang's heightened perception as a result of his improved cultivation, he found himself unable to see beyond five meters. Everything in front of him was a blur.

This huge fog seemed peculiar; it had an effect of weakening a person's perception.

Whitey blindly followed behind Bu Fang. Its purple eyes shone, projecting two streams of purple light through the fog.

Sniff sniff sniff...

From within the fog, the faint sound of sobbing traveled over.

The sound gave him the goosebumps.

Suddenly, Bu Fang was stunned.

From the dense fog, a silhouette approached. The figure was initially hazy, but it slowly became clearer. Footsteps rang out. The footsteps got louder and faster, hurtling toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's expression became bewildered when he saw who that figure belonged to.

It was a headless person, or rather, a headless chef. Donning a chef's robe, wielding a knife and ladle, he rushed towards Bu Fang exuding an immense aura. The kitchen knife was gleaming with a sharp brightness!

Sobbing sounds echoed out from the chef's body. It just gave one the creeps!