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 The ground that sucked in the fresh blood seemed to undergo an unusual change. It started to violently shake and tremble. It was just like the squirming wall of one's stomach.

After squirming for a while, the ground suddenly shattered open. The debris was sucked into a bottomless abyss.

The terrifying suction left Bu Fang and Whitey slightly stunned.


The ground cracked and wanted to swallow Bu Fang and Whitey as if it was a huge mouth of an abyss demon.

Whitey's purple eyes flashed and the metal wings behind its back opened up. The sound of the opening of Whitey's wing resounded in the air and its purple eyes turned ash gray in an instant.

Its huge leafed-shaped palm grabbed onto Bu Fang's figure and Whitey prevented Bu Fang from being sucked in by the huge suction force.

The metal wings rapidly moved, stirring up a gale, causing the two figures to fly above the ground quickly.

Bu Fang's heart was slightly astonished. He realized that even though he was an expert at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, he was unable to display his abilities under the suction power at all. He felt unable to control his body and was unable to fly.

Whitey had wings and using the air flow from the flapping of its wings, it managed to stabilize its figure in the air.

However, with the suction force of that abyss becoming stronger and stronger, Whitey and Bu Fang's figure was constantly moving closer and closer to the crack.

Shrimpy lay on top of Whitey's round head. Its small eyes were wide open and its slick little legs hurriedly clung onto Whitey's body. It tried to prevent itself from being sucked into the abyss.

However, with the increasing power of the suction force, Shrimpy felt as though it was unable to hold on...

Finally, Shrimpy's figure was unable to remain on Whitey's head and it was sucked into the abyss. Its tiny eyes revealed a look of terror as it was sleeping soundly just moments ago as it spat out bubbles from its mouth. Why was it suddenly in such a precarious situation?

What the hell? Was it so hard to let a shrimp have a good sleep?

Buzz buzz...

The terrifying suction force stirred up a gale, causing the strip tying Bu Fang's hair to break. His hair started fluttering about behind him.

In the next moment, Whitey was also unable to hold on any longer. Its wings were no longer able to keep the two of them in the air.

A human and a puppet were then sucked into the ground by that suction force.


Within the dense forest, two figure slowly appeared.

One was fat, one was skinny.

That fat person fetched a greasy chicken leg from his pocket, stuffing into his mouth with a loud crunch. After chewing for a bit, he swallowed the entire chicken leg, including the bone.

That thin figure carried a black wok on his back and he had a gloomy and sunken face.

"Brother, how much further do we need to walk? Why did senior uncle throw us to this godforsaken place before disappearing?"

The plump figure asked the thin figure. As he asked his question, he took out another chicken leg from his pocket and shoved it into his mouth. His mouth bulged.

"Shut up! Stop making a fuss... Senior uncle said that this was some Heaven Secret Territory and there are many opportunities here. He wants us to find the opportunities ourselves! Stop eating your chicken legs! Go and improve your cultivation so that you will have the strength to take revenge on our enemies!" That thin person suddenly turned his body and roared at the fatty.

The fatty jumped in fright. Unable to hold onto the chicken leg that he had just taken out, he dropped it onto the floor.

"Brother, what did you scare me for? Look... My chicken leg fell." The fatty felt incomparably wronged.

That thin person speechlessly rubbed his forehead. Why did he have such a foolish little brother?

"Master died and we have to take revenge for him, however, our strength is far from enough. Senior uncle took us out in order to train us. After practicing the culinary arts given to us by senior uncle, we can return to the Light Wind Empire. We can use our culinary skills to defeat our enemy. That bastard is so proud of his culinary skills... If we beat him using our superior skills, he will definitely be so embarrassed that he will kill himself!" The thin figure said through gritted teeth.

"Munch munch... Brother, are you talking about Boss Bu? His culinary skills are indeed very strong. Furthermore, while we improve, Boss Bu is also improving. It seems we won't be able to defeat him." The fatty pulled out another chicken leg and bit down happily. The bones flew everywhere.

"Are you dumb?! We have senior uncle! That year, senior uncle was once the disciple of the Valley of Gluttony!" The thin person roared.

That fatty was stunned for a moment, stuffing the chicken leg into his mouth.

"Brother, what is the Valley of Gluttony?"

Then thin person suddenly froze. His face stiffened and he scrunched up his lips.

"Just eat your chicken leg, why do you care so much? Anyway, the Valley of Gluttony is an amazing place! Senior uncle said it is amazing!"

"What if senior uncle is tricking us?" The fatty asked.

"Is there any benefit for senior uncle to lie to us?" The thin person looked at the fatty like he was looking at an idiot.

The fatty's eyes immediately shrunk. The fats on his body started to tremble as he said, " There is! My chicken leg!"

The thin person immediately felt his cheeks hurt. "Ah Lu, you should stop eating chicken legs. The more you eat, the dumber you get."

The fatty Ah Lu gave a stupid laugh and he pulled out one more chicken leg.

The two of them noisily walked through the dense forest.

Suddenly, the two felt that they were walking on nothing, and a wave of suction energy appeared.

Ah Lu's entire body of fats flopped upwards as he sped downwards.

That thin man, Ah Wei, was shocked, and his pupils shrunk. With an angry shout, he threw out the black wok from his back, which enlarged in an instant. He intended to catch the fatty.

However, the hole in the ground became bigger and Ah Wei was sucked into it as well. The black wok naturally followed Ah Wei into the hole.


With a bark that seemed to be getting closer and close, a white figure flew within the dense jungle in disarray. Behind it, there was an expert who wore silver armor.

Suddenly, that white figure stopped and it no longer moved. It started rolling around on the spot.

"Is it here?" Han Li ordered his subordinates to stop.

He stabilized his figure. Rubbing the head of the white dog which was rolling around the floor, he raised his head to look at the surroundings.

This was a dense forest and it was deep and quiet. A wave of dense bloody taste lingered in the air and the smell caused Han Li to furrow his brows.

"This place feels off... Such dense blood energy... Was this a slaughter ground? Why would that bastard Bu Fang come here?"

He sucked in a deep breath.

That white dog stuck out its tongue and licked Han Li's face. Touching the dog's head, Han Li said with a smile on his face: "You did pretty well. Go back and rest for a bit."

A jade talisman appeared and the white dog instantly vanished. After storing the jade talisman, Han Li stood up and looked at the guards surrounding him. He said in a cold voice, "Go and look around. That Bu Fang is definitely somewhere around here. Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, you guys better find him!"

The guards instantly responded uniformly. However, they were unable to do anything before the situation changed.

The ground began to wriggle.

Han Li and the rest were like Bu Fang, sucked in by that wave of terrifying suction force.

They vanished.


Bu Fang's mind felt a little stunned. He could feel that his body was warm, but his face was slightly wet.

He opened his drowsy eyes.

He realized that Shrimpy was lying on his face, with its small eyes wide open. Its tiny legs were wriggling about and it tickled Bu Fang.

Whitey sat in the distance, rubbing its head with a confused look. Its purple eyes shone, indicating that it did not receive any injuries.

Where was that place?

Bu Fang sat up. It was completely dark around him. However, because the Vermillion Robes on his body which gave off a fiery red glow, it managed to light up the surroundings a little.

Grabbing the unruly Shrimpy from his face and placing it onto his shoulder, Bu Fang began to scan his surroundings. The surroundings were filled with rugged stones and those were blood-colored. They looked pretty sinister.

"Where is this? Why does it feel so strange?" Bu Fang muttered in curiosity.

Whitey stood behind Bu Fang. It didn't know anything.

Bu Fang felt that this place seemed to possess a mysterious pressure, which weighed on him like a mountain and he felt as though it was difficult to circulate his true energy.

His strength seemed to have weakened by quite a bit. However, this was not the most important part. The important part was that Bu Fang seemed to be unable to walk on air when he was in this area. This area seemed to restrict any flying ability.

Bringing Whitey along, Bu Fang began to walk in this crisscrossed underground labyrinth.

The red stones on the walls were sinister and terrifying. It was covered with red plants which emitted a wave of air that seemed sticky and moist.

Bu Fang plucked off a small red plant and carefully looked at it. He realized that the plant was actually made up of many small grains.

This place really was strange.

After walking for a very long time, Bu Fang managed to see the light. It illuminated the area, and he quickly picked up his pace.

That hole was not big; it was just enough for a person to go through. Bu Fang could fit through it, but Whitey's huge figure could not.

Whitey's purple eyes flickered. Retreating a step, it whirled its fists and punched at the hole. With a loud bang ringing out, the entire hole was smashed open. Whitey then came out of the hole, standing beside Bu Fang.

"This is a road?" Bu Fang looked at that ground that was neatly paved. Looking in front of him, a huge city could be seen. It was a majestic city, and Bu Fang had a confused expression on his face as he looked at it.

Why was there such a huge stone city under the ground?

Before they came out, they were in front of a cracked hole. When the came out, there was a road in front of them!

Both sides of the road had bricks used especially to build walls. Within the bricks, red stones could be seen. Those stones were also covered with those red grainy plants.

This place was full of surprises.

Bu Fang and Whitey looked at each other, then without hesitation, they walked towards that huge city. Since they were there, they should calm down and explore the city.

What if there were people there?

The area of this city was huge, especially the ground. It was densely covered with white crystal stones, which emitted a soft glow. The ground looked bright and white.

The city gates were extremely broad and tall beyond comparison.

Bu Fang and Whitey stood in front of the city gates, stunned.

Why did this city not have a name? There was no city name on top of the city gate... The style of this city did not seem like any of the big cities from their time.

Furthermore, Bu Fang constantly felt that this city was slightly gloomy. A wave of dense death energy lingered in the air.

Tap tap tap...

Suddenly, Bu Fang's ears moved. He seemed to have heard footsteps coming from somewhere.

"What? There are people?" Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, turning his head to look over.

From there, two silhouettes slowly walked over.

Other then the footsteps, there was a chewing sound that made people's bones tremble. Crunch crunch... It was the sound of bones being munched into pieces.

Bu Fang's eyebrows arched upwards. He couldn't help but feel fear in his heart. This was a dead city which was filled with death energy. Now, a bone-chilling sound appeared. How could he not be afraid?

Would it be a type of dirty thing?

Bu Fang did not know as he stared at the two figures walking over from the distance.

Quickly, the two figures appeared from the haze surrounding the city. One of them was fat and the other was thin. The fatty held a chicken leg in one hand as he munched on it with an excited expression on his face.

Since Bu Fang had found them, they were naturally aware of Bu Fang's presence.

The two parties looked at each other and were both stunned.

In the next instant, Bu Fang saw the thin person carrying a black wok on his back roar before rushing toward himself.