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 The Heaven Secret Territory was the biggest secret territory within the Pill Palace. There were many opportunities inside, and even more ancient inheritance inside.

Actually, every secret territory was a place filled with opportunities and dangers, every secret territory could be seen as a broken world. These worlds were supposed to be quietly drifting within the ruins of the space, but they were put together through powerful means by some experts of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Hence, these secret territories turned into the countless treasures of the Hidden Dragon Continent, and it became just like their backyard.

Strictly speaking, these secret territories were things which came from another world. There were inheritances inside which were naturally found in the secret territory. There were also some experts who chose to be buried in the secret territory and they left behind some inheritances as well.

So, searching for secret territories had become something that the great powers of the Hidden Dragon Continent liked to do. After all, it was possible that in the process of looking for these secret territories, they could come across the inheritance of some expert, allowing them to reach the heavens in a single bound.

Just like the previous Pill Master of the Pill Palace, Huang Fuhe had chosen to bury himself within this Heaven Secret Territory, and left his inheritance there. He opened a palace which was knowledgeable about inheritances and he gave speeches about those inheritances.

Countless experts of the Pill Palace dreamed of stepping into the Heaven Secret Territory in order to listen to one of Huang Fuhe's speeches.

What he talked about was not only about alchemy. He also talked about how to control flames, and the alchemy fire of the previous Pill Master Huang Fuhe was a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, which was at an extremely high rank. It was the Ten Thousand Heavenly Changing Flame. Of course, the flame was also an attraction to countless alchemists.

Of course, Bu Fang had no interest in any of the Pill Masters' speech. It was because he wasn't an alchemist. His aim was to be the top cooking god standing at the apex of the entire world.

That alchemy speech.... was not even close to the enticement he felt towards the True Dragon Fruit.

The Heaven Secret Territory was huge and it was different from the secret territories from before. There seemed to be many continents in the secret territory and the sky was blue and clear. Coupled with the warm sunlight, it seemed like a complete world.

With a glace, there were mountains everywhere and there were rows upon rows of huge trees. It gave off an unfathomable feeling.

Whitey stood at Bu Fang's side with its eyes slightly shining. Shrimpy lay on Whitey's head, spitting out bubbles.

"The reason we came here is to find the True Dragon Fruit. With so many mountains here, one of it probably hides the True Dragon Fruit," Bu Fang said as he tapped Whitey's round stomach before walking forward.

In a while, a person and a puppet vanished within the dense forest.


Jiang Ling's body let out extremely terrifying energy and flew out like an arrow. She dashed through the dense forest at a speed which would make people's eyes spin. Her white hair scattered behind her, and her gaze was firm, looking toward a specific direction. There was an agitated expression in her eyes.

"That year when teacher was expelled from the Heaven Secret Territory, it was for this secret. Since I am able to step into this secret territory, then I have to fulfill teacher's wish! I have to snatch that inheritance!"

Deeply breathing in, Jiang Ling's face turned a shade of red.


A figure flashed past, causing a few pieces of leaves to float down quietly.

At the same time, at the transportation magic array, streams of light shot into the sky. When the light scattered, Han Li's figure was revealed. He was wearing a silver armor as always.

"The Heaven Secret Territory... Here, that terrifying dog won't be able to help that damned chef, right? Everyone pay attention. We only have one goal now and that is to catch that thief!" Han Li coldly said and the guards behind him started to wave their weapons around in excitement.

After the mobilization ended, Han Li began to walk forward with huge strides, heading toward the center of the Heaven Territory.

Just as he took a few steps, he flipped his hand around and a jade talisman appeared. In the instant he broke the jade talisman, a white dog appeared and it stuck out its tongue.

Once this white dog appeared, it began to roll around on the floor.

Han Li's mouth curved upwards and he rubbed the head of the white dog. He gave the white dog a black elixir.

"Go find the target that your master is looking for," Han Li lightly said beside the dog's ears.

That white dog's eyes lit up, and in an instant, the fur on the dog's body became red in color. Its paws dug into the ground and its figure shot outwards. It traveled like the wind.

"Everyone follow the dog!"

After Han Li roared, his figure quickly followed.

That white dog that was now a red dog and it stuck its tongue out. Its tongue swung wildly and saliva flew everywhere. It was moving extremely quickly.

The direction which the dog was speeding toward was the direction in which Bu Fang had disappeared.



On a small hill within the Heaven Secret Territory, the air suddenly twisted and a crack appeared. It seemed as though the void was a broken mirror as cracks filled the sky. From within the cracks, two figures walked out.

These two people wore blood-red colored robes, and their hair was completely red.

A man and a woman appeared. The female was graceful and her movements were exquisite. Her features were unusually beautiful, and her slender legs were as straight as chopsticks. It was as though her legs were made from jade as they were sparkling and translucent. Light seemed to be emitted from them and it was extremely attention-catching.

This woman was the Shura Saintess who had been brought away by the Shura Emperor's clone.

By her side was a handsome youth with short red hair. His body was proportionate and well conditioned, his skin was bronze, and there was a red pike on his back. The head of the pike was flickering with a terrifying resplendence.

"Lord Saintess, the previous failure was not your fault. Even the Shura Emperor's clone was defeated, the opponent's ability is not something you can deal with. You do not need to blame yourself," the man gently said.

The saintess' long eyelashes trembled as she thought about what happened in Heavenly Mist City. She couldn't help but feel a chill run down her heart.

That dog was too terrifying! It was able to shatter the Shura Emperor's clone with a bark! What exactly was that being? With the Shura Tower in the hands of such an existence, how would she get it back?

"Luo Li, I know that you are comforting me. You don't have to do so. A failure is a failure, I admit to it," the saintess lightly said.

The youth smiled and he turned his head to the Heaven Secret Territory which was densely packed with mountains. He said with a smile on his face, "Lord Saintess, the previous time we failed, so let us redeem ourselves by obtaining the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant! Lord Shura Emperor specifically ordered us to snatch it."

The saintess' heart jolted. "The inheritance of an ancient expert standing at the peak of the Divine Soul Realm? The inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant is indeed not ordinary. I heard that the sword that the Supreme Blade Tyrant owned, the Slaughter God Blade, is also part of the inheritance."

"That's right, once we get that inheritance, we can reach the heavens in a single bound! When that time comes, we just need to kill our way to that Pill Palace, razing the entire Pill Palace to the ground before taking back the Shura Tower!" Luo Li's mouth curved upwards, revealing an excited smile.

The saintess glanced at him, lightly giving him a cold smile.

To tell the truth, the saintess really did not believe that after obtaining the inheritance, they would be able to kill that black dog.

That dog was simply too terrifying! It was simply unfathomable.



The angry roar of a spirit beast resounded. The roar suddenly rang out within the dense forest, and flocks of surprised birds flew away.

In the next moment, within the dense forest, a huge black wok suddenly appeared, With a smash of the black wok, the entire ground started to shake.

Bu Fang snapped his fingers and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok instantly returned back to a small size. It flew into his hand and Bu Fang held it firmly.

On the ground in the distance, a huge gray wolf had been smashed to its last breath. This was a Divine Physique Echelon spirit beast that had broken two Supreme-Being shackles.

A pity that, in front of Bu Fang's Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it could only get smashed.

At this moment, although Bu Fang's cultivation was one that had broken through one Supreme-Being shackle, as long as he used the black wok to smash something, even an expert who had broken through three shackles would be unable to stand in front of him.

Along the way, Bu Fang had already killed over ten spirit beast. They were all Divine Physique Echelon spirit beasts.

No wonder they said that the secret territory was so dangerous, an ordinary person in this secret territory, when attacked by so many spirit beasts, would be dead a long time ago.

Bu Fang walked in front of the gray wolf and tapped its body. He furrowed his brows, "This meat is too hard. A dish made out of it won't taste good. Forget it, I don't want this wolf."

Whitey's purple eyes flickered, closely following behind Bu Fang.

Holding onto the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang continued walking forward.

Suddenly, his footsteps faltered. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the forest around him.

Rays of scarlet light shone, and low roars resounded. Within the dark dense forest, wolves walked out one by one. The strength of these gray wolves was uneven, but there were many of them who were already at the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

Bu Fang's heart froze. Did he meet a pack of wolves? Why was his luck so bad...


A gray wolf that was larger than the average wolf stood on top of a rock. With its scarlet eyes staring at Bu Fang, it opened its mouth to howl, almost as if roaring in anger.

In the next moment, sounds of wolves howling resounded.

If it was an ordinary person, facing this scene, they would have already been frightened until their legs went soft. Even if it was someone who had broken through three Supreme-Being shackles, they would only be left with one road, the road to hell.

After all, they were facing a pack of wolves, and an extremely frightening one at that.

However, Bu Fang was calm. Narrowing his eyes to look at that leading wolf, he saw that it was extremely well built. Bu Fang's eyes slightly lit up.

"Hmm... This wolf's meat is pretty good. It won't be too bad if I use it as an ingredient!"

The king of the gray wolves felt that this human was looking down at it... What was that look in his eyes?! From the past till now, only the wolf king was allowed to look at humans like that. Since when did the stupid humans dare to look at it like that? Was the human really looking at it as if it was a piece of an ingredient?

"Roar! Just wait, watch my three hundred gray wolves rip this human to shreds. I'll make you into the food of our gray wolves!"


After the time which a stick of incense took to burn passed...

The metal wings behind Whitey's back slowly opened. With a flash in its purple eyes, it single-handedly dragged that fleshy body of the gray wolf in front of Bu Fang.

Bu Fang pinched the meat on the body of the king wolf and his lips curled upwards, "Not bad, tonight we can eat Flower Wolf King Meat."

With a casual wave, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew into his hands from afar. Then, with a bang, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok became green smoke and disappeared.

Placing the wolf king corpse into the system storage, Bu Fang looked at the corpse of the wolves which littered the entire ground and sighed.

"Let's go. The sooner we find the True Dragon Fruit, the sooner we go back," Bu Fang said.

After he said that, Bu Fang got ready to leave with Whitey.

In an instant, however, he froze.

Bu Fang felt a wave of astonishment in his heart. He lowered his head to look at the ground which was filled with the corpses of the wolves. He saw that the blood from the corpses dyed the ground red in an instant. In the next moment, the blood was sucked into the ground, and the ground began to wriggle afterwards.