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 Everything was in chaos. All the judges were stunned as everything which happened was out of their expectations. Didn't someone say they didn't want to eat it? Why were they looking forward to it now?

Moreover, this stage was under the gaze of the crowd. Couldn't the lady over there restrain herself a little?

The judges felt incomparably vexed. After restoring order, they systematically distributed those Chili Strips and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

The arena was instantly filled with crashing and overwhelming true energy, causing everyone's strength to increase at a staggering rate.

Bu Fang's lips slightly twitched and he revealed a contented smile. It was the power of the Chili Strips! It was such an intoxicating dish...

Both the distant Jiang Ling and Mu Bai unveiled looks of astonishment. The scene in front of them seemed to be completely out of their expectations.

Wasn't the aroma and spiritual aura coming from Bu Fang's dish suppressed by their elixirs? What in the world could be causing this madness?

Precisely... The scene where so many people were hustling over the Chili Strips could be considered phenomenal.

A group of people congregated together under the broad daylight in order to fight for Chili Strips. Not to forget that they were in an arena and the projection array was still working. Every single detail was transmitted to the entire Pill Palace.

Such madness...

"Boss Bu! Please give me one more Spicy Strip! I beg you! "

"Boss Bu! Just one more! Please make one more Spicy Strip! I can't take it anymore, I want my delicious Chili Strip!"


After finishing the Chili Strips and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, everyone who was present looked at Bu Fang with a gaze which was emitting intense desire.

When they looked at Bu Fang, they could no longer hold themselves back.

Hiss hiss hiss...

What the hell was going on? Wasn't it just a Spicy Strip? Could it really be that delicious?

How could that foul looking strip be such a delicacy?

Those who had never eaten Spicy Strips would never understand why it is so alluring. The taste of it was so wonderful that even the audience was starting to tear up.

They looked like savages who were ready to go for an all-out war if Bu Fang didn't agree with their request.

The judges were once again astonished by what they saw.

couldn't this dark horse of a chef just sit back obediently and get the competition over and done with? Why was he causing trouble again?

After repeated efforts, the audiences finally calmed down.

"Do you guys want to eat Chili Strips? No problem! Just come to the Cloud Mist Restaurant. However, do keep in mind that it will be on a first come first serve basis..." Bu Fang glanced at them and smirked. He casually took out a Chili Strip from the system storage space and bit into it.



Everyone was staring intently at Bu Fang's action. They felt agonized while cursing Bu Fang in their hearts. Regardless, seeing such a scene would cause the crowd to lose their composure.

What were they supposed to do?

Just when Bu Fang was enjoying himself, a figure suddenly appeared behind him.


Bu Fang was stunned. He turned around with a Chili Strip in his mouth and saw a cold yet charming face. It was the expressionless Nethery

"Bu Fang, I want it."

Nethery looked toward Bu Fang and his Chili Strips with her little scintillating eye while licking her blood red lips.

Gulp gulp...

Bu Fang instantly shoved the whole Chili Strip into his mouth while keeping his guard up against Nethery. He was afraid that she would take away his Chili Strip by force.

"Luckily I stored a few strips while I was cooking." Bu Fang mumbled to himself while casually taking a Chili Strip out for Nethery from inside the system storage space.

Nethery gave a bright smile and happily snatched the Chili Strip over. After giving a few bites, the originally gloomy eyes erupted with radiance.

Not far away, the audience members were secretly looking at this scene... He obviously had Spicy Strips. Why didn't he take it out just now? He was really someone with no integrity.


The auras from the five grandmasters were being retracted back at a slow rate.

Silky black hair drooped down from Grandmaster Xuan Ming's head and the six chains behind him started to disappear. The limit that a human body could take was five chains. The appearance of a sixth chain naturally made Grandmaster Xuan Ming unstable. Even though Grandmaster Xuan Ming didn't make a breakthrough, he was a lot stronger than before.

Things were the same for other grandmasters. Some of their cultivation became stagnant for a period of time. However, some of them managed to improve a lot in a short period of time. There were even some who made a breakthrough to a whole new realm.

This was simply unbelievable.

All five grandmasters took a deep breath and looked at Bu Fang, who was munching down on his Chili Strips with a meaningful gaze.

It looked like there would no longer be any doubts in the results in this competition. Unexpectedly, this ordinary-looking dish that was inferior to Jiang Ling's elixir in all aspects had such a terrifying effect and texture. A dish and an elixir belonged to two completely different categories, and they were unable to use the same method to appraise them.

Who would've expected that a seemingly simple dish would have such a wondrous effect?

Take the Stinky Tofu for example. The stench was unbearable! However, it tasted delicious!

Jiang Ling was in a daze and her face was devoid of blood. The unexpected change caught her off guard.

Mu Bai, who was on the floor, started laughing loudly.

"What are you laughing at?" Jiang Ling reprimanded him and she gave him a death stare.

Even though Mu Bai's face was devoid of blood, his smile was still very soothing and warm.

"I'm laughing at your overconfidence... Bu Fang has been creating miracles along his journey, but you still belittled him.... Not just you, all of us underestimated him. We were all wrong. He is a freak of nature and shouldn't be measured with ordinary standards."

"Hmph! Isn't it just a dish? Victory is still not decided yet!" Jiang Ling gritted her teeth with her silky snow-white hair fluttering behind her. A solemn look appeared on her face.

Mu Bai shook his head and looked at the distant Bu Fang. He felt that Bu Fang at that moment was just as dazzling as someone he once knew. It was just like the first time he met the Palace Master!

Mu Bai was startled. How was it possible for Bu Fang to give him the same feeling as the Palace Master? Impossible. The Palace Master was said to be living in the realm of gods. His cultivation was unfathomable! The same could be said for his pill refining skills.

How could Bu Fang possibly be comparable to him?

"Cough.... Silence everyone. Since the final product has been completed, let us judges appraise it. The rules will be as per normal. The formation on the left belongs to Jiang Ling's Ten Thousand Changing Nature Pill. The formation on the right belongs to Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup with Chili Strips. Choose whoever you deem worthy of victory."

Grandmaster Xuan Ming then gave Bu Fang a deep gaze after sweeping his gaze across the arena.

Everyone was shocked! Their gazes fell upon the arena once again, meeting the youth whose mouth was filled with Chili Strips.

The red-robed youth was like a blazing flame, further adding on to his charisma.

"Choose now!" Grandmaster Xuan Ming announced calmly.

Right at that moment, all five hundred audience members simultaneously utilized their true energy and activated the formation in front of them.


Streaks of light shot out from their formations and flew toward Jiang Ling and Bu Fang.

Jiang Ling was staring intently at Bu Fang, or perhaps at the radiance circling around him.

In the next moment, something incredible happened.

Spectators in the audience stand broke out into a huge commotion. Everyone was stupefied by what happened next.

The five grandmasters were all flabbergasted and their faces changed. They revealed looks of astonishment.

In the audience stand, Nangong Wuque was completely dumbfounded by what happened. It was the same for Nangong Wan and Yang Meiji.

Everyone was shocked!

Other than Bu Fang and Nethery, who were still eating merrily away, everyone else was shocked.

Such radiance and brilliance!

The radiating light was so overwhelming that everyone had to squint their eyes...

Jiang Ling began panting heavily while she stared in disbelief at the distant Bu Fang. The pillar of light surrounding him covered the heavens.

The radiance around her was only a fraction of Bu Fang's! It was like comparing a firefly to the moon!

How.... impossible!


Jiang Ling shook her head as she gradually dispersed the radiance surrounding her. A desperate and savage expression appeared on her face.

"You imbeciles! How is that filthy-looking strip comparable to my elixir? My elixir is a six-mark spirit pill! How could it be inferior to the dirty strip?"

Jiang Ling screamed at the five hundred evaluators.

As if a tight slap was delivered toward her face, all she felt was humiliation. Previously, she had even mocked Bu Fang and she said that he had no chance of winning. Despite that, the light pillars dictated her loss. She felt nothing but utter shame.

She was cursing anything she could and she seemed insane.

All the evaluators frowned and were speechless at her reaction.

They just followed their hearts.... Not only was that Chili Strip effective, but it also tasted extremely delicious. It was simply too alluring! How could something so amazing be unable to defeat your six-mark spirit pill?

Nonetheless, a six-mark spirit pill was indeed outstanding. However, in order for an expert who had broken through four Supreme-Being shackles to advance, he had to consume Chili Strips!

It was a crushing defeat for the six-mark spirit pills!

Jiang Ling's disheveled hair fluttered around and an inconceivable look began to surface. She was unwilling to believe the result!

Grandmaster Xuan Ming frowned. It was just a simple competition! Why was she so hard up about the results?

"It can't be! How can my elixir possibly lose to a Chili Strip?! Ha ha ha..."

Jiang Ling's face turned red due to the humiliation as she thought of the emotionless chef. She could not accept such mockery!

Suddenly, a streak of light broke through Bu Fang's light pillar and flew toward Jiang Ling at a staggering speed.


Jiang Ling extended her arm and caught onto the flying object.

"Not convinced? Why don't you try my Chili Strip?"


The light pillar disappeared. Feathers started drifting around in the wind. Bu Fang's figure slowly appeared when the radiance disappeared. He slowly materialized under the shining radiance.