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 Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup with Chili Strips?

What in the world was that supposed to be?

Everyone heard Grandmaster Xuan Ming's words, and they were stunned. All of them stood rooted to their spot. A look of confusion appeared on their faces.

Many people knew about the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. It was Owner Bu's signature dish in his restaurant. It was even more expensive than elixirs! However, what in the world was a Chili Strip?

It was even paired with the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup! Why did it feel like the Chili Strips were something amazing?

Nangong Wuque and the rest who were below the stage were stunned as well. Their gaze was fixed on the Chili Strips and they had dumbfounded expressions on their faces. Chili Strips... What could it be? Was it Owner Bu's new dish?

Owner Bu actually prepared a new dish in the competition?

When Grandmaster Xuan Ming's voice died out, the entire audience stand fell into silence for a moment. The atmosphere became somewhat weird. Everyone looked at the stage with strange expressions on their faces.

The five hundred evaluators frowned as they looked at the dish in front of them. A bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup and a Chili Strip...

The most important point was the fact that they had to split the dish five ways! How on earth were they going to do that?

Everyone present snickered. Waving their hands, they signaled that they would not bother to try the dish.

"It's just a single portion and you want us to split it up? Are you cracking a joke right now?" There were audience members who looked at Bu Fang and they asked. There were people around them who were nodding their heads in agreement.

However, Bu Fang didn't care about them at all. He simply swept his gaze over them and was too lazy to say anything.

Bu Fang didn't open his mouth, but Grandmaster Xuan Ming did. "As evaluators, you have to try the dish! Otherwise, how will you judge it? All of you are here to ensure that the results are fair. Could it be that you guys want to make this an unfair competition?"

Since Grandmaster Xuan Ming had already opened his mouth, the evaluators were no longer able to say anything else. They fell into silence.

Jiang Ling couldn't control her laughter anymore. The more she looked at this scene, the more she found it hilarious.

What dark horse chef was this? He was simply a joke.

"A bowl of soup and a spicy strip. Is this the dish you prepared for the finals? You plan on defeating me with this dish?" Jiang Ling rolled her eyes and her gaze landed on Bu Fang for a moment before she said.

"You think that my elixir was refined like the pieces of trash you faced before me? Do you think that these bland-looking dishes will be able to hold a candle to my elixir? I was initially apprehensive when I realized that you were my opponent. However, looking at it now, you're just a chef who doesn't deserve his reputation," Jiang Ling said in a cold voice. The more she spoke, the quieter the audience members became.

Owner Bu was really too excessive this time.

After all, this was the finals. Even if he wasn't able to take out stunning dishes which he made in the semi-finals, he should at least be able to take out a new dish capable of shocking everyone.

Using a bowl of soup and a spicy strip... How was he going to win like that?

Even though the bowl of soup was the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, the most important part of the soup was the ingredients used to prepare it! The fragrant ingredients were the essence of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup!

The people who ate the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup would know. The soup was extremely important, however, the essence of the dish was the ingredients in the soup! They were the supreme beast meat and the elixirs...

Bu Fang actually took out a bowl of clear soup for the evaluators. He even took out a spicy strip which no one had any idea how it tasted.

Wasn't he intentionally trying to lose?

The audience members had looks of disbelief plastered on their faces. However, Bu Fang was as calm as always.

Crazy Hot Chili Strips. It was the dish awarded to him by the system. The effects of this spicy strips was the same as the Rampage Ramen. It could be used to set up a Gourmet Array.

Compared to the Rampage Ramen, the Chili Strips had a better texture. It was more convenient to consume a Chili Strip than a bowl of noodles.

Although Bu Fang came into the competition with an intention to try out his new dish, he prepared the Chili Strips for the finals. It was easy to see that Bu Fang had confidence in his dish. The power of the Chili Strips... was something unimaginable to the common people.

Maybe one would not think highly of the Chili Strip before consuming it. However, the moment anyone ate a single piece, the unique flavor and texture would stay in their mind forever! They would never forget the taste!

The next time they smelled the aroma of the Chili Strip, they would salivate unconsciously. There would be a yearning feeling in their heart for sure.

Moreover, that was when referring to a normal Chili Strip! Bu Fang didn't know how terrifying the effects of this Crazy Hot Chili Strips would be at all. However, he was sure that, since this was a dish awarded to him by the system, it would definitely be something amazing!

That was why...

Bu Fang sympathized with the evaluators who were looking at him in disdain. They didn't know what was going to hit them.

"Alright... Enough talk, let the judging begin." Grandmaster Xuan Ming sighed deeply and stopped the discussion among the audience members. He also stopped Jiang Ling's ridicule toward Bu Fang.

Jiang Ling was extremely confident. She felt as though she had the championship in the bag already. As a chef, there was no way for Bu Fang to match up to her. Not to mention the fact that he prepared some new dish which no one had even heard of before. It was impossible for him to produce anything better than her elixir.

She initially wanted the chef to withdraw from the competition willingly.

However, he was looking for humiliation by taking part in the finals against her. She didn't stop him...

The five grandmasters looked at each other and there wasn't a trace of disdain in their eyes. Instead, they looked at Bu Fang with a suspicious gaze.

They were extremely clear about Bu Fang's terrifying capabilities. Since it was already the finals, even thought Bu Fang had no aspirations to obtain the position of the champion, there was no way he would take out a plate of rubbish in order to create trouble.

"Grandmaster Gu He... Please." Grandmaster Xuan Ming looked at Grandmaster Gu He, who had a face full of smiles, and said.

Grandmaster Gu He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. Using his chopsticks, he picked up a piece of Chili Strip. Before he was able to place it into his mouth, he was interrupted by Bu Fang.

"Please use your hands to eat the Chili Strip," Bu Fang seriously said.

Everyone was stunned. They had to use their hands to eat this dish as well?

Fine... We'll use our hands to eat this dish.

Grandmaster Gu He looked at Bu Fang with a deep gaze. With a clatter, he tossed away his chopsticks. He then used his fingers to pick up the Chili Strip.

A wave of unique spicy aroma assaulted his nose. The Chili Strip was extremely red. There was a glistening coating of chili oil covering the Chili Strip and it seemed as though it was glowing.

Could this thing really be eaten?

Grandmaster Gu He's heart became a little apprehensive. He felt as though there was some poison contained in this Spicy Strip. It didn't seem as though it would taste good at all!

"Relax and eat it," Bu Fang said.

Grandmaster Gu He pulled on his beard and he finally placed the Chili Strip into his mouth. He bit down on the strip aggressively.

When the chewy Chili Strip entered his mouth, a blast of spicy fragrance filled Grandmaster Gu He's mouth. There was a hint of sweetness in the spice and it tasted a little salty. The taste was extremely unique and strange at the same time.

After chewing on the Spicy Strip for some time, Grand Master Gu He's eyes slowly widened. It seemed as though he couldn't stop chewing.

With a loud gulp, Grandmaster Gu He swallowed the Chili Strip. In that instant, he felt as though there was a ball of fire burning in his stomach. He felt a warm feeling in his stomach and it was as though it was inextinguishable.


Grandmaster Gu He was shocked in his heart. He felt as though his meridians were burning and his true energy started to circulate extremely quickly.

Huff huff huff...

His nostrils flared and his face flushed red.

"Hiss... It's a little spicy!"

Grandmaster Gu He nodded at the people around him and finally bit into another Chili Strip. He started to chew on them noisily.

The gazes of the other grandmasters lit up!

The expression on Grandmaster Gu He's face was one of enjoyment!

All of them revealed a profound smile on their faces as they stuffed the Chili Strips into their mouths.


In an instant, the five grandmasters widened their eyes. Their faces flushed red in an instant and there was a white gas coming out of their noses.

Munch munch...

On the stage, the lips of the five grandmasters were stained red. The chili oil dripped from the corner of their mouths and their fingers were glistening with it. A trace of excitement appeared on their serious faces and white gas was constantly emitted from their noses. They were completely unable to stop themselves.

As they ate, the energy their body emitted increased. It increased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

There were chains made out of true energy floating behind them.


All of a sudden, everyone became shocked at the scene in front of them. All of the true energy chains behind the five grandmasters showed strange signs.

For example, Grandmaster Xuan Ming. There were six chains behind him? How was it even possible for six chains to appear? Wasn't there only five Supreme-Being shackles? Where did the sixth one come from?

Were they trying to defy the heavens?!


Grandmaster Gu He devoured all the Spicy Strips in his hand and licked his fingers with an expression of yearning. He didn't stop until he licked his fingers clean. He even seemed reluctant to stop licking his fingers.

His gaze landed on the bowl which contained the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

Grandmaster Gu He had drunk the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup before. He felt as though there was nothing to look forward to as he already knew the flavor. However, he still brought the bowl up to his lips and took a sip.

After sipping a mouthful of soup, Grandmaster Gu He's body stiffened. He took one sip after another until he emptied the bowl.


Raising the bowl in the air, Grandmaster Gu He shook it. He was not willing to leave even a drop of soup in the bowl.

Looking at the way the five grandmasters ate, the audience members were stunned. It seemed as though it was different from what they were expecting.

Wasn't this dish supposed to be trash?

The five hundred evaluators were stunned for a moment as well. In the next moment, they moved their hands as they tried the dish in front of them.

As they had to share the portion among five people, the second one was only able to eat after the first person finished tasting. Five people crowded around a single bowl.

Before long, the evaluators started to eat.

"Huh... This is the Chili Strip? The texture is really unique! There is a sweet taste penetrating my heart."

"Munch munch... Not too bad, he deserves his fame as the dark horse in the competition. This Chili Strip tastes really good! Even my nose is starting to sweat!"

"That... Give me another bite! Wait a moment!"


The evaluators discussed with each other with their eyes wide as they ate. Their faces were flushed red and their noses were flared. Behind them, there were chains made of true energy floating around in the air. They felt as though they became much stronger than before.

This Chili Strip was actually able to cause their cultivation to improve?

This was simply unimaginable!

There was an evaluator who broke through on the spot. The true energy in his body started to circulate and in the next instant, there were two chains formed with true energy floating behind him.

He exhaled hot air from his nose and his eyes were rolling around unceasingly.

"What in the world! Give me another bite! Don't fight with me!"

"Fight your sister! It's my turn, please be reasonable!"

"Let me eat it first! I promise to only eat a single bite!"


The evaluators turned crazy. Five of them started to fight over a single Chili Strip. The scene instantly turned chaotic. None of them expected to fight over the dish Bu Fang presented.

Wasn't it just a single Chili Strip?

All of a sudden, true energy started to fluctuate on the stage. One of the evaluators became enraged when the Chili Strip was stolen. In the next instant, his cultivation burst forth and he waged a battle against the person who stole the Chili Strip.

The audience in the bleachers was completely shocked. The faces had expressions full of disbelief.

Why were the evaluators fighting now?

In the distance, Jiang Ling's self-confidence started to waver. Her expression gradually became serious.

Mu Bai, who was on the ground, looked at the messy scene in front of him and his pupils started to shrink.

Boom boom boom boom!

All of a sudden, the evaluators who drank the bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup slammed the empty bowl against the table. All of them felt extremely comfortable!

In the next instant, they turned their fervent gazes to Bu Fang.

What Ten Thousand Nature-Changing Pill? What Nebula Pill? In front of the Chili Strips, everything was rubbish!

The Chili Strips were unrivaled!