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 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup and Chilli Strips... What the hell was that?

The White Demon Jiang Ling and Mu Bai both slightly froze, and their faces were strange. Their gazes on the blue and white porcelain plate placed by Bu Fang on the golden platform with steam rolling off from within the plate. The dense aroma seemed to spread, causing the rest to drool.

A rosy strange thing that was releasing a sweet and spicy fragrance was placed on the blue and white porcelain plate, capturing everyone's attention.

This was the new dish Owner Bu made this time? Why was it so strange?

The head judge was the closest to it.

He felt a wave of a strange smell pervading his nose. That smell was filled with so much stimulation that his pores couldn't help but slightly shrink, and his mouth couldn't help but open, unable to resist it.


This thing that was similar to gluten... he constantly felt that something was not ordinary.

White Demon Jiang Ling smiled lightly; her elixir had already been completed and she had confidence that she could crush the chef.

Whether it was the medicinal ingredient or the techniques of alchemy, every one of it was perfect so she could most definitely crush anyone, becoming the champion of this edition of Magical Hand Conference!

She was going to enter the circle of geniuses of the Pill Palace! That was her real goal!

At that time... What Pill King Mu Bai? What enemy of alchemists? Everything would be just rubbish!

Deeply sucking in a breath, then exhaling, a dense stream of spiritual energy rushed out of her nose and it was as though a white wave was set off.

In the next instant, White Demon Jiang Ling's eyes lit up, dazzling like the brightest star in the night sky!

"My destiny will be changed by a furnace of elixirs! Star Pill Tower, I'm coming!!"


With a long whistle, White Demon Jiang Ling's palm harshly slammed onto that alchemy furnace. Her alchemy furnace let out a bang at that moment and the sound of collision within the furnace also dissipated.

In the next instant, the lid on top of the alchemy furnace suddenly let out a buzz. Flying toward the heavens, the lid charged into the sky.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Little dark green elixirs that were giving off light flew out from the alchemy furnace, like a beast that had hibernated for too long and just woke up. They were unrestrained and gave off spiritual energy joyously.

White Demon Jiang Ling laughed loudly. She raised her hands and a wave of mysterious fluctuations spread out from her palms.

Those elixirs floated beside her body; it was extremely cool. Everyone could not help exclaiming in surprise. This scene was too beautiful, with those elixirs revolving around White Demon Jiang Ling. It was unreal, like a dream, an extremely beautiful scene.

The originally ordinary-looking White Demon Jiang Ling, under the brilliance of the elixirs' spiritual energy, actually seemed to give off the presence of a fairy.

Everyone could not help being intoxicated.

Bu Fang looked at this scene with his eyebrows slightly furrowing. That rich pill fragrance in the air was very dense, almost like an extremely sharp war blade, harshly ripping apart the fragrance of his own dish.

Within the dense spiritual energy, White Demon Jiang Ling's eyes shone with wild confidence, as if she was looking down on Bu Fang from a high peak. Those eyes were filled with disdain and arrogance. It was as if she had already grasped victory in her hands.

Everyone who returned back to normal sucked in a cold breath of air, not knowing what to say. As of this moment, almost everyone had lost confidence in Bu Fang.

This White Demon Jiang Ling was really too strong, as terrifying as a demon. Every single one of the elixirs floating by her side had a dazzling mark that shone, each of them a valuable six-mark Ling Dan!

How could Owner Bu's dish compete with that?

That elixir was cool beyond compare. When comparing it to that dish, the latter was as plain as water, with even its aroma being ripped apart. The elixir was obviously a league above.

White Demon Jiang Ling raised her white palms and her slender fingers held onto an elixir, while her eyes were cold and proud.

"The strongest dark horse? Competing against alchemists? So this is all you amount to..."

So wild!

Below the stage, Nangong Wuque was so angry he was going to explode. This woman was actually so wild! Wasn't it just a six-mark elixir? He believed in Owner Bu... maybe he would be able to finish off this woman!

"Owner Bu, do your best! Use your dishes to ruthlessly smack that woman's arrogant face!"

Unable to resist it any longer, Nangong Wuque directly yelled from below the stage.

Everyone was stunned, This guy actually dared to shout...

Everyone was able to see from this situation that Owner Bu had already lost. He had completely lost. It was going to be hard for the dark horse to continue being black until the end.

Nangong Wan was rubbing her forehead speechlessly... They were being watched by many others. When Nangong Wuque shouted out like that, didn't he consider the consequences?

Indeed, under the eyes of the public, Nangong Wuque felt his face becoming awkward, smiling awkwardly while waving his hands at the public.

White Demon Jiang Ling only gave a slight smile.

This chef was no longer in consideration. Now, all she was concerned about was Mu Bai, who had yet to finish his work in the distance. This little fellow had really grown those three years; he was a lot stronger at that moment and was able to slightly pressure her.

To actually get the favor of the Pill Master's Nine Star Alchemy Furnace, this little fellow could not be underestimated.

So, she still felt a bit of pressure.

Mu Bai didn't think that Bu Fang would actually just lose like that, completely losing in terms of momentum. Was the dark horse unable to continue being dark?

Indeed... This woman, he had to beat her himself!

Mu Bai's heart suddenly became prideful.


On his arms, true energy coiled around his palm like dragons. With a dominating presence, he harshly slammed the top of that alchemy furnace.

The slamming sound resounded through the skies. The lid of the alchemy furnace suddenly flew off. White steam constantly rolled out from within that alchemy furnace, and the sizzling sound resounded out non-stop.

Mu Bai's eyes were on fire as he carefully stared at the alchemy furnace that was glowing, this alchemy furnace represented all of his confidence and what he believed in.

This was what the Pill Master entrusted to him; it was the expectations the Pill Master had of him.

How could he let down the Pill Master!


The white steam scattered, and in the next instant, rays of lights exploded forth, rushing toward the heavens. The sounds of explosions filled the skies.

The audience of the entire stage settled down, looking at the surroundings with a face full of disbelief; they felt like they were in space. That densely packed light rays were like the many tiny sparkling stars in the sky. Those stars slowly fluttered, creating an extremely beautiful scene.

Mu Bai, with his hair fluttering behind him, gently sighed.

Around his body, elixirs floated like stars, with their brilliance radiating out, slowly becoming simple and ordinary. However, on every elixir, there were six marks that were giving off light. The elixirs revolved around Mu Bai, causing his confident demeanor to seem even more charismatic.

On top of the stage, the energy of his elixirs surged, directly ripping into White Demon Jiang Ling's energy to form another patch of sky, splitting the stage into a different space.

Of course... The fragrance of Bu Fang's dish also occupied a small space, but, in the eyes of the audience, this dark horse had utterly lost.


A clamor broke out! The audience was in an uproar, letting out shouts and yells! Many people looked at the outstanding and handsome Mu Bai, all shouting excitedly, the support that the audience had towards Mu Bai, soared at this moment!

The audience would not have a good impression toward Jiang Ling so naturally, so they did not hope for her to win. And since the dark horse chef had lost the chance to counterattack... he had also lost the support. The audience had thus placed all their support on Mu Bai, hoping he could become the champion.

Many of the female spectators could not help standing up, jumping on the spot, covering their mouths, so excited that their faces had turned red.

Nangong Wuque and the rest were looking at their surroundings desolately. Those cheers did not belong to Bu Fang.

"DId he lose already?" Nangong Wan was feeling unresigned, biting her red lips as she said it.

Sorceress An Sheng hugged her chest with both hands, squeezing out an astonishing arc from her twin peaks. She gave the slightly dejected Nangong Wan a glance and said with a smile, "He should be the one to lose. Look at it, the audience isn't going to cheer for Bu Fang anymore, this is just a fact. Nothing to be sad about. As long as Owner Bu's dish tastes good, it will be fine."

Yang Meiji clenched her big fists, looking at Bu Fang who was quietly standing on the stage. She felt slightly uncomfortable in her heart. Bu Fang's frail figure seemed to be so lonely; it was as though the world had given up on him.

"No! Owner Bu definitely has a hidden trick up his sleeve. You guys just watch. Owner Bu will still counterattack!" Nangong Wuque raised his head and said.

Contrary to everyone's disappointment, Nethery's eyes watched the platform. Her gaze fell on top of that huge pot; such a big portion of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup... It would definitely taste good!

Thinking about that, her drool leaked out involuntarily. It was especially so when she looked at the red Chili Strip. The unique fragrance made her mouth water. It was extremely hard for her to resist.

Okay... This woman only had food in her eyes.

No matter how they looked at it, the fact right now was that Bu Fang had been utterly sidelined. It was as if, in people's eyes, Bu Fang no longer had any chance of becoming the champion.

At that moment, the stage belonged to the alchemists. No matter if it was Mu Bai or Jiang Ling, they were both extremely powerful alchemists.

On top of the high stage, the five grandmasters stood up. They gave each other a glance before nodding their heads. In the next instant, they walked toward the platform. The five people landed on top of the stage and their hearts shook. They nodded their heads at each other. It was indeed different.

The judgment of this match wasn't made by the five grandmasters. Instead, five hundred members of the audience were also involved in the judging process.

The stage was so huge this time that the five hundred members had to walk down from the spectator stand to look for their respective spots. They walked around in an orderly fashion and before long, they took up their positions.

The judges carefully retrieved Mu Bai's and White Demon Jiang Ling's elixir. Using a special magic array to split it into pieces, they got ready for the judging process to begin. They had to split it up into five hundred pieces of elixir powder. It was necessary to use this special method to ensure that, even though the elixir was split apart, its effectiveness was not damaged nor scattered.

When they arrived at Bu Fang's dish, the judges felt a headache coming on. That was because Bu Fang had only cooked a hundred servings of his dish.

"Then let five people share one serving..." Bu Fang said blandly. Wiping off the water droplets on his hand, he put them inside the pockets of his Vermillion Robe.

The judges all looked at each other before passing the dish to a hundred people. They ordered for them to share a portion with other four people.

When the products were arranged nicely, Grandmaster Xuan Ming swept his gaze across the entire place. He said with a cold expression, "The judging of the finals will now begin!"

"The first product is contestant Mu Bai's work. A six-mark spirit pill, begin your evaluation!"