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 What was Boss Bu trying to do?

Everyone was baffled... If he was making the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, then there was no need for the flour, was there?

The appearance of the flour was really odd...

Everyone could not understand and couldn't sense Bu Fang's movements.

Within the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the hot water was boiling. Dense steam rose from within, causing Boss Bu to be covered in a layer of mist.

Bu Fang poured out the flour from the wok, placing Shrimpy inside, letting it flop around.

This little fellow seemed to dislike the flour. The originally dazzling golden body turned white in just a few moments.

All that was left were two continuously spinning eyes that were not covered.

After flopping for a while, Bu Fang began to knead; while kneading, he added the powder of the smashed elixirs. Once these powders were added into the mix, the flour became colorful.

What was he kneading the flour for? Was he making noodles?

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup with noodles? Many of the audience's faces were strange as this combination had never been heard of before, but it didn't seem bad.

No one could tell what Bu Fang was planning to do.

The audience in the Heavenly Mist City was confused, not to mention the residents of the Pill Palace who saw the scene from the projection array. They were even more at a loss at what Bu Fang was trying to do.

Although their hearts were filled with questions, Bu Fang did not intend to answer their questions so they could only continue watching the match curiously.

From a distance, the brilliance of the nine star alchemy furnace was rushing toward the heavens as the dense energy which came from the elixir drifted out of it. Coupled with the light emitted from the alchemy furnace, the brilliance was dazzling and blinding.

That cool scene captured the attention of countless eyes, causing the audience to scream out continuously. After all, Mu Bai had many supporters.

Mu Bai's hair fluttered; he was putting in all his heart to refine this elixir. This was not only a match to win the championship, but it was also a match to redeem himself! He had to display all of his potential and refine this elixir perfectly!

He would completely defeat White Demon Jiang Ling on this road of refining alchemy.

The desire to battle surged in Mu Bai's eyes as he raised his head, looking in the direction of the White Demon.

Suddenly, his gaze froze and his entire body stiffened.

Jiang Ling's actions seemed to be out of his expectations. It was because that White Demon Jiang Ling had already completed the purification of all the medicinal ingredients in the alchemy furnace, and within the alchemy furnace a dazzling medicinal liquid was floating...

"How could she be so fast?!" Mu Bai sucked in a deep breath as he felt immense pressure.

Besides Mu Bai, in the entire central square, quite a few people had also noticed Jiang Ling's actions and discovered her fast method of purification. Her methods were too exquisite. Purification was extremely taxing on the mind and it could be considered the most irritating process in refining, but with Jiang Ling, there was no such limitation nor trouble; her purification was as smooth as water, and there was absolutely no problem. That aesthetic feeling... It felt the same as when Boss Bu was cooking.

This woman was not ordinary!

Everyone sucked in a deep breath of air as their hearts were clenching.

Of course, White Demon Jiang Ling was not simple. Her talent was no weaker than the rest and her techniques and strength were also very high leveled.

With a turn of the imprint on her hand, the deep green flame flourished and the radiance was extremely dazzling. Suddenly, she retrieved a huge wooden container, one decorated with countless dazzling spirit stones.

Opening the container, Jiang Ling's lips curved upwards, looking at Bu Fang and Mu Bai with meaningful eyes.

"It's all thanks to that chef. Now I know of this method... To compete with me, Jiang Ling, let's see if you guys have the abilities."

The wooden lid was ripped open and suddenly, a dense spirit essence and aroma spread out, dispersing everywhere.

At this moment, everyone's breathing was enraptured by that aroma!

"It smells so good!"

"This aroma seems to be an aroma of a spirit herb... But why does it smell so good?!"

"The grade of this spirit herb is definitely terrifying; this type of aroma, it's impossible to resist!"


The audience all shut their eyes involuntarily, intoxicated in the aroma, unable to extricate themselves.

The medicinal scent rolled everywhere, surging violently.

Mu Bai and Bu Fang, who were the closest, were the first to receive its attack...

That aroma came in like a flood, covering Mu Bai in an instant. He felt that his entire being had been engulfed by a sea of fragrance.

Boom boom boom!

That aroma was like waves crashing onto his mental state constantly.


His state of mind could not help swaying, as if he was going to be lost within the fragrance.

"The rights to be her opponent.... Is this the method she chose to use?"

On the high stage, the few masters of alchemy looked at this scene with conflicted expressions. To use aroma to influence the opponents was not a method they were unfamiliar with since Bu Fang had always used this method to cause his opponents to explode their furnaces.

However, when this method was used against Bu Fang, how would he react? This was called getting a taste of one's own medicine. Would Boss Bu fall for it too?

When the aroma rolled over, Bu Fang froze slightly...

He narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath.


So fragrant...

It was indeed very fragrant.

Bu Fang's heart was astonished, this medicinal scent seemed to carry a dense aroma so it should be a type of unusual elixir. This type of elixir's fragrance was naturally different.

To think that this woman would bring out such a high-grade elixir...

Bu Fang's heart was shocked. With a sniff, that medicinal scent was sucked into his stomach, causing him to be unable to resist being intoxicated; in reality, he was indeed intoxicated already.

Everyone speechlessly looked at Bu Fang, who was rooted on the spot, continuously breathing in with his eyes narrowed.

He seemed to be unable to put up a fight against that medicinal fragrance and was instantly captivated.

Where... Where were his morals?!

Jiang Ling was also stunned but in the next moment, she suddenly realized something which caused her to become slightly speechless. This chef simply did not care about outside influence, even if he stopped to smell that aroma... There was no problem at all.


Jiang Ling felt her teeth ache; this chef was indeed harder to deal with than an alchemist. If an alchemist let down their guard and got entranced by the fragrance, the spiritual energy within the alchemy furnace would go wild, causing an explosion.

A chef, unless he made a mistake... it was impossible to cause his wok to explode because the dishes that they made would already contain an enticing fragrance.

Bu Fang's intoxicated look made the audience want to beat him.

Mu Bai's appearance was the complete opposite of Bu Fang's.

His entire state of mind was highly concentrated, and his forehead was covered in sweat, while his face flushed a bright red. He fought against the fragrance with all his strength.

His face of suffering and Bu Fang's face of satisfaction... The contrast caused everyone to feel sorry for Mu Bai.

Huff huff huff...

His eyes became bloodshot as Mu Bai gritted his teeth, finally managing to resist that fragrance, and focused his attention on the alchemy furnace.

Jiang Ling gave a surprised smile. Now this was interesting...

Her slender and white fingers began to move. An alchemist's fingers were always long because they needed to make positions with it and control the alchemic flames.

The flames flourished as an extremely thick ginseng appeared within Jiang Ling's hands, coming from the wooden box. Her fingers moved to dig a huge hole in the ginseng. Then, her true energy flowed out, leading the medicinal ingredient into the alchemy furnace.

The green flame suddenly became denser in the alchemy furnace.

Crackling sounds spread out.


After a long whistle, Jiang Ling's head of white hair rose. The next process was something which she absolutely could not mess up. Even for her, it was a difficult process. With her hands forming a seal, the true energy behind her rolled around. Four swaying chains appeared behind her and charged toward the heavens.

The medicinal liquid within the alchemy furnace was beginning to fuse into an elixir...

Mu Bai had also finally finished his purification. His palm tapped on the nine star furnace, which then started to shake continuously. Concurrently, he roared with all his strength.

True energy rolled around as three swaying true energy shackles shook behind his back.

The atmosphere of the stage suddenly changed; in that instant, it became solemn.

Bu Fang also opened his eyes from his intoxication, looking at the other two. His heart shivered, and he gently let out a sigh.

Bu Fang's hair fluttered even when there was no wind. In the next moment, true energy revolved around his body. The Vermillion Robe seemed to come alive, becoming bright red, so red it stole everyone's attention.

As if a vermillion bird cried out from his body, behind Bu Fang's back, one true energy chain rushed toward the heavens.

Everyone was shocked.

They looked at this scene with wide eyes.

Boss Bu... When did he break through the first Supreme-being Shackle? Hadn't this fellow always been a Supreme-Being? They didn't even see him cultivate.

Nangong Wuque also wore a face of confusion. How was it possible for him to have a breakthrough by cooking?

Boss Bu really was mysterious.

Rumble rumble...

Steam continuously rose.

Bu Fang pressed on that Buddha Jump Over the Wall Soup with one hand, then, exerting some strength, he pulled out that upgraded Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Although the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was steaming hot, there was not a trace of fragrance.


Bu Fang waved his hands, and in an instant the densely covered porcelain plate flew out from his hands, landing on that huge golden platform.

Walking in front of the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, Bu Fang harshly tapped on the lid. Instantly afterward, the figure of a Buddha leaped toward the heavens.

A dazzling golden light spread out from within that pot. It was colorful and eye-catching, causing people's eyes to be dazzled and stunned. Everyone's eyes were attracted by that light.

A dense aroma instantly drifted out from within the pot...

Sizzle sizzle sizzle.

However, Bu Fang was not done with the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup yet. He turned his body to deal with the dough that he just prepared. There were many elixirs which were contained in the dough and, after dealing with them, the dough eventually became firm. After adding oil, a wave of unique fragrance started to assault everyone's nose.

With a wave of the kitchen knife, the dough was cut into orderly strips and Bu Fang neatly arranged them to the side.

Bu Fang poured out a substantial amount of chilli from the system's storage space.

Following that, he displayed an awe-inspiring knife art, and the countless number of chili were sliced into thin strips in just a moment.

Pouring them into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to simmer, a dense spicy aroma began to rise...

He retrieved the Abyssal Chili Sauce and took a spoonful before pouring it into the wok.

Bu Fang turned his head to look at the bubbling Shrimpy, who was lying in the wok. His lips instantly curved upwards.

Shrimpy felt a chill travel down its entire body. In the next moment, it was held up by Bu Fang.

"Let yourself go and swim freely, Shrimpy," Bu Fang said seriously. Then, in the next instant, Shrimpy spun three hundred and sixty degrees before landing in the simmering chilli sauce with a splash.


Bu Fang placed the strips of sliced dough into the oil.

With a plop, Shrimpy's eyes became round like circles. Trying to escape from the wok, its tiny legs frantically wriggled about.

What let yourself go? Don't dig a hole for this shrimp to jump into!