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 Chapter 56: Don't Smile... I Might Just Throw You Out

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

There was blood trickling from the corner of Xiao Yue's mouth and his handsome face had become slightly ghastly. However, he was still forcing himself to smile as he looked at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, someone is causing trouble in the store... Are you going to intervene?"

Hun Qianduan, whose face was as white as paper, looked toward Xiao Yue as if he was looking at a madman, while thinking, "This fellow... Is he injured in the head? What kind of nonsense is he spouting? There's two seventh grade Battle-Saints right outside! What is he trying to do by asking the owner of a store for help?"

"Have you gone mad?! Cough... This guy is only a Battle-Maniac. Do you really think he can help us?" Hun Qianduan was coughing blood as he shook his head in despair and said.

This time, the nine great sects had really suffered an immense loss. At least half of their experts were killed during the rescue operation. They did not expect that Ji Changfeng would be that vicious!

"Shut up! If your useless subordinate didn't expose his identity beforehand... Would the result of this operation turn out like this? Your Soul Sect will be taking responsibility for the failure of this operation!" Xiao Yue's eyes went cold as he glanced at Hun Qianduan. "Right now, I don't want to argue with you. If you want to continue living, then you should obediently shut up. This store isn't as simple as you think!"


Hun Qianduan was so riled up that the injuries at his chest began to ache. He could not bear it any longer and coughed out a large mouthful of blood once more. He hurriedly fished out elixirs from his bosom and shoved them into his mouth.

Xiao Yue turned around and looked at Bu Fang with hope in his eyes. He knew that his only chance of survival was to rely on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was curled up on a chair. With the sunlight shining on his face, he looked slightly holy.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was panting with rage as she hid behind Bu Fang and angrily glared at Xiao Yue. She thought, "This bad man... He actually dared to lift me up! And even said he would kill me! Simply unforgivable!"

Bu Fang expressionlessly stared at Xiao Yue, while Xiao Yue calmly looked back at him.

Finally, it seemed that Xiao Yue could not stand Bu Fang's indifferent gaze any longer. His heart quivered and he could not help but look away.

Bu Fang satisfactorily nodded and thought, "That's right, who's afraid of a staring contest!"

"Owner Bu?" A deep voice came from outside the store. Xiao Meng, who was in armor, vigorously approached with a solemn expression.

"What do you want?" Bu Fang puzzledly looked at him.

"Owner Bu, criminals wanted by the imperial court entered your store just now. I desire to enter your store to catch them." Xiao Meng was slightly fearful of the mysterious store.

An owner with an unknown background, a mysterious and powerful big black dog, and a puppet that was a match for a Battle-Saint... If he tried to forcibly enter, it probably would not end well.

Lian Fu was baffled as he looked at Xiao Meng. Swinging his horsetail whisk and pinching his thumb and index finger together[1], he said with a high-pitched voice, "General Xiao, why aren't we going in to catch the fiends from the sects that are hiding inside? Don't tell me you still consider that fiend as your son?"

"Gong gong[2], you don't understand... This store isn't simple. Forcibly entering is inadvisable!" Xiao Meng solemnly said.

"General Xiao... How could a mere store situated within the alleyways of the imperial city frighten you like this? This doesn't seem to tally with the reputation of the valiant general of our Light Wind Empire." Lian Fu sneered as he gestured toward Xiao Meng while pinching his thumb and index finger together.

"Who're you trying to deceive? There are countless stores like this within the imperial city. You can tell the cultivation level of the owner in a single glance. He's just a mere Battle-Maniac, what's there for you to be afraid of? Is there a need for a Battle-Saint like you to hesitate?" Lian Fu thought.

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked toward Xiao Meng and that... eunuch.

"Eh... Eunuch?" Bu Fang thought as he blinked. It was the first time that he had seen a live eunuch. "How amazing."

"You can enter the store, but fighting and causing trouble is prohibited. Otherwise, you will know the consequences," Bu Fang simply said.

Xiao Meng knitted his eyebrows together. If he was not allowed to make a move, how could he capture Xiao Yue? Even though Xiao Yue was badly injured, it would still be difficult to arrest him if he tried to resist.

"Oh my! Just because we're showing respect to you, you really think that you're something... A mere Battle-Maniac that as arrogant as an eighth grade War-God. Oh, I am so scared."

Before Xiao Meng could reply, Lian Fu scornfully said as he pinched his thumb and middle finger together and gestured toward Bu Fang while his other hand was propped under his chin.

Bu Fang instantly felt goosebumps all over his body... He thought, "Good heavens... Elder brother, isn't it better for us to talk it out?"

Shua shua shua!

While they were talking, several figures appeared within the alleyway.

Ouyang Zongheng valiantly arrived with an unmatchable domineering aura while his ferocious face was trembling with fury. At the execution platform, he fought against multiple opponents and swept away multiple sixth grade Battle-Emperors while killing numerous fifth grade Battle-Kings. He truly was akin to a human-shaped wild beast!

"God damn! Tell me, who's left!" Ouyang Zongheng said as he stroked his beard. He truly was ferocious!

"Good heavens! My obedient daughter, what are you doing inside? It's dangerous there, so quickly come out!" When Ouyang Zongheng noticed that Ouyang Xiaoyi was inside the store, his heart immediately started quivering. There were two ruthless people inside, if anything happened to her... He would definitely get it from her mother!

"Dad!" Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes lit up when she saw Ouyang Zongheng and charmingly yelled out.

"Oh, my obedient daughter," Ouyang Zongheng replied with a face filled with love, no longer resembling the wild beast that was there a few moments ago.

The big pile of soldiers standing behind Ouyang Zongheng were dumbfounded as they looked at their general... What happened to the dignity of their general?

The corner of Xiao Yue's mouth curled into a smile. Indeed... Xiao Meng did not dare to directly charge into the store and was afraid of the mysterious store as well.

He made the right choice!

Hun Qianduan looked at Bu Fang as if he had seen a ghost. The ant-like owner of a store... actually caused the number one expert of the Light Wind Empire to hesitate? What exactly happened to the world?

Like the eunuch, Lian Fu, Hun Qianduan could not understand the situation.

"General Xiao, hurry up and capture the fiends from the sects hiding inside the store!" Lian Fu coldly said.

"No way!"

"No way!!"

Ouyang Zongheng and Xiao Meng replied in unison. Xiao Meng was afraid, while Ouyang Zongheng was purely worried about Ouyang Xiaoyi.

"Xiaoyi, come over here to dad. Be obedient," After shouting, Ouyang Zongheng sweetly said toward Ouyang Xiaoyi.

Ouyang Xiaoyi glanced at the smelly boss and looked toward her boorish father. She was slightly hesitating as she blinked her adorable eyes.

"You should go over there," Bu Fang simply said as he patted Ouyang Xiaoyi's head.

"Alright! Smelly boss, you should be careful," Ouyang Xiaoyi charmingly said as she stood on tiptoes and patted Bu Fang's shoulder.

After she finished, she eagerly ran toward Ouyang Zongheng's side.

"God damn! Someone! Go in there and arrest those fiends from the sects!" Once Ouyang Xiaoyi was at his side, Ouyang Zongheng's tenderness immediately turn into malevolence as he put his hands at his waist and angrily ordered while pointing at the store.

Xiao Meng's expression immediately changed.

Lian Fu faintly smiled as he pinched his thumb and middle finger together.

After receiving the order, five of Ouyang Zongheng's Battle-King subordinates yelled a battle cry as they charged toward the store. Their objective was to capture Xiao Yue and Hun Qianduan!

Xiao Yue's face was pale, but he had a smile on his face as he looked at the five people approaching.

A gigantic figure suddenly appeared at the entrance and its mechanical eyes flashed.

The five Battle-Kings were immediately startled. They subconsciously evoked their true energy and aimed for the mechanical puppet blocking their way.

With a loud noise, the five Battle-Kings flew backward and crashed into the ground, rolling a few times before they came to a stop.

"I already said. You can enter the store, but don't cause any trouble..." Bu Fang folded his arms across his chest and expressionlessly said, "Do you think my words are nonsense?"

At that moment, the people gathered outside the store sucked in a breath of cold air as they thought, "To be able to defeat five Battle-Kings in a single move, what the hell is that puppet?! This brat... What kind of background does he have?!"

Hun Qianduan's expression was frozen as well, while Xiao Yue was smiling.

Suddenly, Bu Fang turned his head. He looked toward Xiao Yue and indifferently said, "I hate being used by others, so don't smile... If I feel like it, I might just throw you out."

The expression on Xiao Yue's face immediately froze...

[1] "pinching his thumb and index finger together" () - In Chinese culture, eunuchs and homosexuals are often depicted doing this sort of gesture.

[2] Gong gong () - In the past, people address eunuchs as gong gong as a form of respect. The term, gong gong, also refers to grandfather or a married woman's father-in-law.