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 In Heavenly Pill City, within the grand Pill Tower, mysterious fluctuations constantly escaped from inside a refinement room which was sealed with heavy bronze doors.

After some time, the fluctuations started to disappear and the room returned back to normal.

In the next moment, the bronze doors slowly started to open and they emitted a loud creaking sound which resounded in everyone's ear. Many people within the Pill Tower were unable to resist the urge and raised their heads to look at the bronze doors.

A figure slowly walked out from inside that room. He wore green clothes and his face was extremely handsome. A resplendent light flashed in his eyes and he seemed to be emitting an aura of elegance.

Many people involuntarily sucked in a long breath when they saw this figure. A fanatic look appeared in their eyes.

"It's Senior Brother Mu Bai!"

"Senior Brother Mu Bai finally left seclusion! Is he going to head over the Heavenly Mist City in order to take part in the finals of the Magical Hand Conference?"

"Do you guys feel that there is something different about Senior Brother Mu Bai? There seems to be something different about the air around him!"


The alchemists who were currently inside the Pill Tower of Heavenly Pill City exclaimed with great surprise.

In their eyes, Mu Bai, who was standing in front of them, seemed to be glowing. He attracted all of their attention. Also, the current Mu Bai seemed extremely different compared to the Mu Bai in the past.

The Mu Bai in front of them was emitting a sharp aura and it was a belief that he would be able to achieve victory. This belief would cause someone to become even greater than they already were.

In the past, Mu Bai gave off the feeling that he was extremely lazy.

Regarding this fact, none of the audience members were shocked. After all, the finals of the Magical Hand Conference was going to be held on the next day. Senior Brother Mu Bai's opponent was the black horse chef who was extremely high profile.

His opponent was not an alchemist! Instead, it was a chef who was extremely good at cooking! Is was a miracle chef... How many genius alchemists fell beneath his wok?

It didn't matter if it was Sorceress An Sheng or the Crazy Xiong Shi. Even the pillar of Heavenly Shine City, Mao Shi, was defeated by Bu Fang. They were all young geniuses who had illustrious identities in the Pill Palace. Before they faced the chef, they were the favored participants in the Magical Hand Conference.

However, reality slapped everyone across the face ruthlessly. The results were completely out of anyone's expectations.

Today, there was no one who would dare to underestimate this chef. Even if his next opponent was Pill King Mu Bai, none of them dared to say that Bu Fang would lose for sure.

That was because none of them was confident enough to make a guarantee. None of them dared to say that Mu Bai would be able to defeat that chef for sure. None of them knew what dish the chef was going to cook this time.

They were also unsure of whether Senior Brother Mu Bai's furnace would explode.

Mu Bai's was filled with fighting spirit. It was the first time he met an opponent who could make his blood boil! Although the opponent wasn't an alchemist, the pressure Bu Fang gave off was stronger than that of an alchemist!

"This is why the competition has a meaning, no?"

Mu Bai's lips curled upwards and he sucked in a long breath. He gradually took a single step outwards.

That level of the Pill Tower seemed to shake violently the moment Mu Bai stepped out. Mu Bai's figure completely emerged from the shadows and everyone looked at his back with daze expressions.

Mu Bai was carrying behind him a heavy alchemy furnace which was completely black in color. He carried his heavy alchemy furnace as he walked out from the refinement room, and there was an excited smile on his face.


In a refinement room in the Pill Tower of Heavenly Shine City, two people sat facing each other.

A moment later, one of the figures trembled and slightly opened its eyes. In the instant the figure opened its eyes, the dark refinement room seemed to light up.

The figure stood up. It was somewhat slender and her white hair fell from her head, going past her shoulder and hanging behind her waist.

"Teacher, this disciple is setting off..." The lady who had a head full of white hair spoke to the old figure who was sitting opposite to her.

The old figure's eyes were still closed even though the lady spoke. His face was filled with wrinkles and it slightly twitched. In the next instant, he nodded his head.

"Go... Go and shock everyone with a single feat of brilliance. Make everyone remember your name."

The white-haired lady nodded her head and she clasped her hands behind her back as she walked out of the refinement room.

Walking out of the refinement room, her face which had a cold expression was exposed to the air. Although she wasn't extremely pretty, she exuded a heroic air.

"After three years of seclusion, I have to shock everyone today! This time, I have to win the finals! I don't care if it's Mu Bai or the chef. None of them will be able to stop me!" The lady deeply sighed.

Her white hair fluttered in the wind.


A week had already passed since the last round of the competition. The central plaza had already been completely repaired by the array.

An arena had been built and the audience stand surrounded it entirely. There were countless seats in the audience stand, obviously prepared for the huge audience that was expected this time.

On the following day, the start of the finals of the Magical Hand Conference would take place. The competition which had lasted so long was finally going to come to an end. However, nobody's heart could calm down. It was as though the entire Pill Palace was bustling with activity. This Magical Hand Conference really attracted too much attention.

Firstly, Mu Bai's existence was a point of attraction in itself. He had numerous supporters and there were many people who were die-hard fans. The number of people who came to watch him wasn't little at all.

As for Bu Fang, he was the black horse chef which appeared in the Magical Hand Conference. He was also someone who was extremely popular in the Pill Palace. Almost everyone was talking about him. No one thought that this fellow who was looked down on by everybody would have actually screwed over so many outstanding opponents in order to enter the finals.

It was even more surprising that this black horse chef would be able to clash with Mu Bai in the finals.

Bu Fang's identity was no longer a secret in the Pill Palace. The reputation of the Cloud Mist Restaurant had already spread to the rest of the Pill Palace. Everyone knew that the Cloud Mist Restaurant was located in Heavenly Mist City. The boss of the restaurant was the black horse in the Magical Hand Conference. His waitress was a terrifying woman who could kill an expert from the Ancient Shura City with a flick of her fingers.

Oh, also, there was a dog in the restaurant. It was a dog who scared the Pill Palace' Commander Han so much that he was afraid to let out a fart.

This miraculous combination managed to gain a huge amount of fame in the Pill Palace.

As for the third participant, not many people took notice of her. They heard that it was an alchemist from Heavenly Shine City. In the eyes of the audience, the last participant was an alchemist who was chosen due to luck.

Two moons hung high in the sky and the silvery moonlight illuminated the earth. It covered the entire central plaza and it gave off a chilly feeling.

In the audience stand, there were already many people who found their seats. They were people who had arrived early in order to watch the competition. The finals was definitely going to be explosive. By arriving early in order to secure their seats, they would be able to save a lot of time.

There were many people who were impatient to watch the final battle.


"We are closed today. Please take your leave and remember that since I am taking part in the finals tomorrow, we will not be open for business."

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen in his white and red vermillion robe. His gaze landed on the group of people who were still queueing in front of the store as he blandly said.

Although the customers felt a little disappointed, they weren't too bothered by it. It was because of Bu Fang's sentence. They heard that he was going to take part in the finals of the Magical Hand Conference the next day.

The customers naturally knew about the competition which was going to take place the next day. They were definitely not going to miss the marvelous competition.

"Owner Bu, rest well! Do your best tomorrow! Try your best to defeat Mu Bai!"

"Owner Bu, you have to show all your abilities tomorrow. You have to fight for our Heavenly Mist City's honor!"

"We are all supporting you! Good luck!"


The customers all gradually went home, but all of them left Bu Fang with some encouraging words. Bu Fang's expression softened by a whole lot after he listened to them.

After all the customers had left, Bu Fang finally closed the bronze gate and smacked his chest. He lightly breathed out.

The Vermillion Robe was really comfortable. After wearing it, Bu Fang didn't feel tired even after working for an entire day. Even though the Vermillion Robe was able to support Bu Fang physically, it wasn't able to alleviate the fatigue in his heart.

After doing business for the entire day, Bu Fang felt a little tired in his heart.

In order to quickly improve his abilities, Bu Fang increased the opening hours of the store by two hours...

Bu Fang was basically cooking for the entire day. Pulling out a chair, Bu Fang finally let out a long breath. He blissfully lay back and relaxed.

Nethery sat beside Bu Fang with an expressionless face as usual. She looked at him with an eager expression. Blacky was scratching its head in delight as it looked at Bu Fang with a weird expression on its face.

Bu Fang rubbed his hair and the corners of his lips curled upwards. He instantly knew what these two gluttons wanted. Picking up Eighty, who was running around wildly in the store, Bu Fang felt that this chicken seemed to be extremely happy as it stayed in the restaurant.

It was clucking non-stop.

Rubbing Eighty's head, Bu Fang placed the chicken in front of Nethery before turning around and walking into the kitchen. He was going to prepare the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs and the Dragon Blood Rice again.

As he cooked, he started to think. The following day was the day of the finals. According to what the head judge said, as long as he was able to become the champion, he would be able to obtain many crystals as a reward.

To Bu Fang, this was extremely beneficial. After confirming with the system, Bu Fang found out that the prize crystals could be considered business incentives and could also be used to raise Bu Fang's cultivation.

"What am I going to cook in the finals?" Bu Fang frowned as he started to think hard.

The head judge had already explained how the finals would be judged. The results were not simply decided by the five judicators. There were five hundred audience members who would be chosen to judge the finals as well, and their judgment was especially important.

The evaluation was given after the audience members carefully observed the products.

As for Bu Fang, he was a chef. Naturally, in order for the audience members to judge his dish, they had to taste it first.

Bu Fang knew that the dish he cooked the next day had to be extremely huge.

What should he choose to cook on the following day?

Bu Fang rubbed his chin and became lost in his thoughts. As he thought of what to cook, he carried the dishes out of the kitchen. He placed it in front of Nethery and Blacky, who were about to start drooling.

As for Eighty, Bu Fang prepared another portion separately.

Looking at the three gluttons who were eating with relish, Bu Fang involuntarily smacked his lips.

All of a sudden, his eyes lit up and the name of a dish flashed through his head. If he used that dish in the finals, it would really make things interesting! Bu Fang's eyes narrowed as the corners of his lips slightly curled upwards.

Shrimpy lay on Bu Fang's shoulder and started to spit out some bubbles. As it had a confused look on its face, Bu Fang slapped it a few times.

"Shrimpy, I'm counting on you tomorrow!"

Bu Fang's lips curled upwards and he tilted his head to look at Shrimpy. A meaningful smile appeared on his face.

Prize crystals... Bu Fang is coming for you!