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 Whitey's figure walked out from the kitchen and its huge figure stood tall in the small store. Its purple eyes were glittering with light as it swept its gaze over Han Li.

Everyone was shocked as they looked at Whitey with dazed expressions.

Who would have thought that Bu Fang would choose Whitey to make a move? Was Owner Bu retarded?

Although this puppet was strong, was it able to defeat Han Li, who had broken through five Supreme-Being shackles? They were not even opponents on the same level.

Stripping clothes? If one couldn't even beat the opponent, how would they rip their clothes?

Han Li had specifically researched on Bu Fang. He heard long heard of the rumors regarding this puppet. However, he didn't place Whitey in his eyes at all. In the entire shop, other than Lord Dog, the Netherworld woman was the only other person who could scare him.

"Hehe... Owner Bu, ripping off my clothes seems to be too excessive."

Han Li gently smiled at Bu Fang, with the corners of his mouth tilting upwards.

Bu Fang glanced at him expressionlessly as he tapped Whitey's stomach.

Whitey's eyes instantly lit up and it walked toward Han Li step by step. After the upgrade from the system, Whitey's combat ability became all the more mighty. Its body emitted a terrifying oppressive aura and the diners surrounding Whitey were shocked. Their hearts jumped and the hair on their body stood on end.

"Owner Bu, let's settle this with our words. Don't make a move. The two of you, block the puppet for me," Han Li said while ordering the guards behind him to make a move.

After all, Lord Dog ate all his elixirs. It wouldn't make a move over such a small matter. Han Li felt slightly relieved.

That puppet wasn't able to fight against two experts who had broken through three shackles. His guards should be more than enough to deal with it.

The two guards behind him received his orders and they both looked at each other. They released energy from their bodies as they charged forward.

It was just one puppet. What was there to be afraid of?

Nangong Wuque grabbed onto a chicken feet and nibbled on it. The taste of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup was really irresistible. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva involuntarily. The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup today seemed to be especially tasty. He was unable to stop eating it.

Bu Fang wore the Vermillion Robe and his entire being seemed to be extremely energetic. He stood straight and his waist slightly tilted as he looked at the two guards who were slowly approaching Whitey.

Whitey's purple eyes were flashing, and all of a sudden the light within them bloomed. Its figure disappeared from its original spot.

The air seemed to compress, letting out a faint rumble.

In the next instant, the two guards felt their bodies being hit by a huge wave of energy.

They wanted to dodge but found it hard to do so.

What was going on?

The two guards were confused for a moment. Subconsciously raising their heads, they saw that their necks were grabbed by a huge palm.

That ice-cold texture made them feel like their whole body overflowed with coldness.


A guard froze. In the next moment, the look in his eyes started to fluctuate violently and his entire body started to tremble.

"The troublemakers will be stripped and shown to the public!"

Whitey's robotic voice resounded through the store. Its voice echoed in the ears of the guards, sounding like the voice of a demon.

The guard wanted to resist, but those big hands were like pincers clamping down on his body. He was unable to move.

He was shocked and confused. Didn't they say that this puppet was only able to defeat beings who had at most broken two Supreme-Being Shackles? Why? Why did this puppet give him the feeling that it was no weaker than Commander Han? What the hell? Did this puppet become mythical?


In front of the shocked diners, a clean sound rang out.

These two guards were directly thrown out by Whitey. As they were still in the air, the armor on these guards shattered and, within seconds, the shards covered the ground.

Their white and tender skin appeared in front of the audience.

Nangong Wuque's eyes were constantly wide as he looked at the scene before him. With a loud crunch, be broke the chicken feet with a single bite.

Eighty gave a soft cluck as its small eyes were wide open. It rolled around and flapped its wings.

Everyone went into an uproar.


Two sounds faintly echoed in everyone's ear. The two guards landed outside of the small store and the armor on their bodies had already turned into dust.

The two struggled to climb up from the ground. Covering their lower half, their faces flushed red and there was a look in their eyes which showed their shame and anger.

This puppet! No wonder it was deviously famous for ripping clothes!

The two guards were so ashamed and angry that they couldn't hold it in. Their Spatial Spirit Tool didn't contain any clothes at all and the only things which were inside, were elixirs, herbs, treasures, and so on.

Who would actually put clothes inside their Spatial Spirit Tool?

Furthermore, they did not think that their clothes would be ripped off their bodies with their level of cultivation. What's more, the armor that they had been wearing had an array drawn on it. It could be considered a spirit tool. In the end, it was actually shattered so easily by Whitey.

This puppet was so disgusting!

Feeling the burning gazes from their surroundings, their faces became the color of a pig's liver. They couldn't wait to immediately leave.

Han Li's had a dazed expression on his face. What in the world had just happened? Why was it completely outside of his predictions? How did that puppet rip the clothes off his two guards so easily?

"Owner Bu... This is a bit too much!"

Han Li's gaze became cold as his gaze turned chilly.

However, in the next instant, the purple eyes of the puppet fell on him.

Han Li furrowed his eyebrows. Putting on his helmet, the aura around him started to soar. After all, he was an expert who had broken five Supreme-Being shackles. When he got serious, everyone in the small store could feel a wave of pressure.

Whitey's eyes flashed. Its huge fists harshly slammed together and in the next moment, the purple color in its eyes became a dull gray color.

"Troublemakers will be stripped and shown to the public!"

Its mechanical voice resounded.

In the next instant, Whitey began to rush towards Han Li.

Han Li coldly smiled. He was the Pill Palace's commander. If not for the existence of Lord Dog who was suspected to be a Divine Soul Realm existence, he would have long razed this store to the ground.

Why would he bother with a puppet?

"Rip my clothes? Watch this commander rip open your metal skin!" Han Li coldy said a sentence before reaching out his hand.

Lord Dog, who was lying on the ground, yawned. It drowsily opened its eye and gave Han Li a glance. Its mouth curled upwards and under its breath, it coldly harrumphed.

Han Li was high spirited. He didn't have a trace of fear in him. He was simply dealing with a puppet!

He believed that with his strength, it would be an easy task.

With a shout, he breathed out a long breath. It was as though he became a flood dragon in human form.

Suddenly, his figure stiffened.

In his ear, a cold harrumph sounded. It sounded just like a morning bell and his entire body became rooted to the spot.


Han Li's eyes shrunk. It was as though he became covered in a layer of ice and he was unable to move.

He turned to look behind with stiff actions and saw Lord Dog yawn drowsily.

"You can't do this... Lord Dog, you ate my elixir!" Han Li felt so wronged.

In the following moment, he felt even more wronged.

With a ripping sound...

Huge metallic palms landed on his body, and he was held in the air by Whitey. In the next instant, his bright and beautiful silvery white armor was ripped up by Whitey mercilessly.


The armor landed on the ground together with Han Li.

His white and tender skin was instantly exposed in the air.

So angry!

If it were not for Lord Dog's harrumph! There was no way a puppet would be able to rip apart his clothes so easily!

Han Li opened his eyes in rage. His anger surged as he glared at Lord Dog. This fat dog! It had no integrity at all! It tripped him up even after eating so many precious elixirs!

This time, Han Li was throwing curses at a dog!

Han Li climbed up from the ground and his entire body shook. He found a piece of his armor to cover his most embarrassing parts before shooting Bu Fang a deep look. He gritted his teeth as he left the store.

Watching Commander Han Li's white butt vanishing from their vision, the diners were all shocked.

Everyone was in an uproar.

Whitey's eyes once again recovered its purple color and it raised its palms which looked like palm leaves to scratch its head.

"Okay, continue to queue up." Bu Fang glanced at the spot where Han Li was and there was a nonchalant look on his face. He turned to the rest of the diners and said.

Han Li's matter was only a small episode.

As for Han Li using an elixir to bribe Lord Dog... Bu Fang was only able to call him an idiot. Was Lord Dog someone who could be bribed with an elixir? An elixir to Lord Dog was no different from candy. To bribe Lord Dog, one had to use the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

The episode in the restaurant started to spread like wildfire. As of now, the Cloud Mist Restaurant was the center of attention in the entire Heavenly Mist City. Many people were closely looking at the restaurant as they waited for something big to happen.

This... News of Commander Han being stark naked at the Cloud Mist Restaurant as he ran away quickly filled Heavenly Mist City. This time, Han Li turned into the joke of Heavenly Mist City.

The customers came and left and Bu Fang met a few familiar faces.

The few grandmasters actually showed up in the restaurant to eat some simple dishes. However, this time these grandmasters were there to have a meal. After they tasted the food Bu Fang made in the competition, they became addicts. They were completely unable to stop themselves.

Among them, Grandmaster Gu He ate the most. In just a few days, Grandmaster Gu He's face became fatter.

When Xiao He and Ximen Xuan came to the small store this time, their feelings were completely different. Ximen Xuan was still okay, but Xiao He was overwhelmed with emotions. In his heart, he had already determined that Bu Fang was someone who came from the Valley of Gluttony. With such a noble position, he had to make a good connection with Bu Fang.

As such, Xiao He had turned up every day in order to eat in Bu Fang's restaurant.

As for his original purpose for coming to Heavenly Mist City, he had completely forgotten about it. Compared to the envoy from the Valley of Gluttony, his purpose in coming to Heavenly Mist City didn't amount to much.

However, he would never imagine that Bu Fang was not someone from the Valley of Gluttony or whatever.

The head judge had arrived. He was there to bring news about the Magical Hand Conference.

However, Bu Fang didn't care about the news at all. He instantly opened his mouth. "Finals? I'm not going... There's no meaning." Bu Fang refused expressionlessly. The winners were not rewarded with crystals and Bu Fang had no interest in the competition anymore.

A reward of an elixir? Elixirs were like candy to Lord Dog. It was the same for Bu Fang. Wasting his business hours to take part in the competition to win a candy would pain him.

When the head judge heard about this, he was completely stunned.

So he was going to give up just like that? Even after he reached the finals of the competition? Why would he do that?

However, Bu Fang's reply was still the same. He wanted to give up.

The head judge felt indignant. Toward the greatest black horse in the Magical Hand Conference, he hoped that Bu Fang would finish the competition. There was even some part in him that hoped for Bu Fang to win the competition.

Considering that his opponent was Pill King Mu Bai, his chances were extremely slim. However, weren't humans supposed to dream? What if he succeeded?

"Owner Bu! If you don't like elixirs, you can exchange the reward to that of crystals... The judges would definitely adhere to your wishes!" The head judge clenched his teeth as he seriously said to Bu Fang.

When Bu Fang heard that, his eyes lit up. He turned his body to look at the head judge.

"You should have told me earlier that I could exchange it for crystals... I'll take part in the Finals!"

The head judge looked at Bu Fang speechlessly.

Owner Bu, where were your morals?

Who would have known that you were this type of person...