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 Han Li held his silver helmet with one hand and waved at the guards behind him with his other hand.

The guards stared at each other and quickly stepped forward. One of them took out a jade bottle from his Spatial Spirit Tool, one that was completely smooth on the outside. There seemed to be streams of light flowing on the jade bottle.

"Lord Dog, this is a four-mark spirit pill. Smell the dense pill fragrance in the air... It's extremely tasty!"

Han Li took out another bottle of elixir and placed it in front of Lord Dog's body. A bright smile blossomed on his face as he spoke to Blacky.

That's right, his aim was to use elixirs in order to bribe Lord Dog.

After suffering such a huge defeat on the previous day, Han Li dug up everything he could on this chef. Honestly, there was nothing special about him. He was only able to cook delicious food. There was nothing special about him at all.

As for his cultivation... Compared to Han Li, it was complete rubbish.

However, the chef wasn't the terrifying one. Instead, it was the black dog and the woman with long black hair guarding him. They were the true monsters.

The two of them were extremely terrifying.

Without talking about the woman with long black hair, the black dog itself was frightening enough. It was a dog at the Divine Soul Realm! Just the black dog was enough to scare Han Li to the point where he didn't even dare to fart.

Why would a dog at the Divine Soul Realm stay in a restaurant like that? Could it be that the dishes the chef made were tasty enough to make it stay?

Didn't the ancient saying go, "In order to keep a dog, you have to satisfy its stomach..."

Could it be that the dog was moved by all the delicacies prepared by the chef?

When he thought up to this point, Han Li seemed to have reached a conclusion in his heart. Since Lord Dog was someone who could be moved by food, could he tempt Lord Dog with his elixirs?

Of course, Bu Fang's dishes were delicious and they had extremely potent effects. They weren't inferior to any spirit pills. Since that was the case, Han Li thought of another way to tempt Lord Dog! It was to use spirit pills of a higher grade!

As an expert at the pinnacle of the Supreme-Being Realm, he had broken through five shackles. He was naturally able to take out some high-grade spirit pills!

Han Li took out a jade-green elixir from inside a jade bottle and pill energy instantly filled the store. The pill fragrance which lingered in the air was extremely dense and it caught the attention of many customers.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

This commander was really willing to fork out a huge amount in order to reach his goal.

"This is a four-mark spirit pill. Its value is astronomical... Commander Han actually took it out to feed a dog?!"

Nangong Wuque spat as he chewed on his pig trotter.

It wasn't just a single four-mark spirit pill. Han Li had prepared many different elixirs of different grades. There was even a five-mark spirit pill!

No matter how wealthy Han Li was, he felt the pinch when he took out the five-mark spirit pill.

However, if the elixirs were able to move Lord Dog, Han Li felt that all of it would be worth it.

Looking at how Han Li was flattering Lord Dog, many people wanted to spit on him. This was really a shameless fellow.

However, none of the people around revealed their true feelings.

Even though Bu Fang wasn't afraid of Han Li, they were afraid! After all, Han Li was a commander of the Pill Palace. He was the leader of many strong guards and had a lot of authority in the Pill Palace.

Blacky woke up all of a sudden and it seemed as though it was rudely awakened by Han Li's voice.

Lord Dog slowly opened its droopy eyelids and there was some displeasure on its face as it looked at Han Li. Why was it this brat again? Every time he appeared, he had to wake Lord Dog up. Was he trying to pick a fight with Lord Dog?

However, the flattering expression on Han Li's face stunned Blacky.

"Lord Dog, these are my offerings to show my respect. Please take a look at them."

He pushed a pile of pills which were emitting a dense pill fragrance in front of Lord Dog with a huge smile on his face.

Lord Dog finally realized what was going on. The corners of Lord Dog's lips curled upwards and it glanced at Han Li with an intrigued look in its eyes.

This fellow was planning to use these elixirs to bribe Lord Dog?

Did Lord Dog look like a dog who would be tempted by these elixirs?


With a curl of its tongue, Lord Dog directly swallowed the four-mark spirit pill.

Munch munch...

It chewed on the four-mark spirit pill and there wasn't a change in Lord Dog's expression.

Han Li's pupils shrunk. He lightly sighed. Could it be that he had already succeeded in bribing Lord Dog?

However, in the next instant, Lord Dog's movements didn't stop. It directly swallowed all of the remaining elixirs. Crunching sounds were produced as Lord Dog munched on the spirit pills.


When the rest of the customers looked at how Lord Dog swallowed all the elixirs, a sharp pain pierced their hearts. Those were extremely precious spirit pills! They were actually swallowed by a dog just like that?

Did he know how much the spirit pills were worth?!

This Han Li was basically wasting heavenly resources!

The smile on Han Li's face was so wide it was about to split his face apart. He didn't think that Lord Dog would have no integrity at all. He actually took the bribe so easily. He actually prepared many other killer techniques in order to bribe Lord Dog, however, he didn't have to use them.

Sure enough, it was a lazy dog who only knew how to eat! Although it was extremely powerful, it wasn't able to get rid of a dog's personality.

"Lord Dog, look at your esteemed self. How can you stoop so low and stay in this small restaurant? It's not befitting of your status at all. How about you follow me back to my residence? I will feed you delicious elixirs every day."

Han Li's smile was extremely wide as he probed.

After chewing for some time, Lord Dog swallowed all of the spirit pills. Lord Dog's nose twitched and it opened its mouth. A satisfied burp escaped its mouth and it brought along a dense burst of spirit energy.

Shooting a glance at Han Li, Lord Dog licked its lips. However, Lord Dog quickly lost interest in Han Li as it lay down on the ground. Its eyes started to narrow as the fats on its body started to shiver.

Han Li was stunned. He wasn't the only one who was stunned as everyone in the restaurant was shocked speechless as well.

What was the meaning of this? After eating so many elixirs, you simply let out a burp? At least show us some reaction.

However, after waiting for some time, the atmosphere in the restaurant became somewhat awkward.

It was the scariest when everything became silent...

Sure enough, this dog forgot everything after eating.

Everyone was speechless.

Han Li's forehead was filled with black lines as he sucked in a long breath. Realization dawned in his heart. After all, it was a dog at the Divine Soul Realm. How could Han Li bribe with some ordinary spirit pills? He was really too naive. Since this was the case, it was time to show his killer moves!

Clap clap clap!

Han Li clapped his hands and a serious look appeared in his eyes.

Behind him, a guard solemnly walked out.


A flash of light blinded everyone for a moment and a wooden box suddenly appeared on the guard's palm. The wooden box was beautifully carved with an intricate design and there were mysterious arrays carved on the box.

Opening the wooden box, a dense aura charged into the skies. There was a faint shadow which could be vaguely seen lingering in the sky.

Looking at the object in the wooden box, everyone's heart almost stopped beating. A shocked expression appeared on their faces.

"A six-mark spirit pill? This Han Li is crazy!"

"He really thinks that spirit pills are like dirt?"

"Is he going to feed a six-mark spirit pill to a dog? Commander Han, this is too much!"

A pained expression appeared on the faces of the customers. Looking at the elixir in front of Lord Dog, their heart shook.

However, in front of everyone's heartbroken gaze, Lord Dog swallowed the elixir and started chewing on it.

Han Li's heart was dripping with blood as well. It was a six-mark spirit pill! That wasn't some random elixir... Its worth was astronomical! It was worth more than all the spirit pills Lord Dog ate just now combined! Even if he was Han Li, his heart was aching when Lord Dog swallowed the six-mark spirit pill.

He observed as Lord Dog's mouth was chewing continuously, and eventually the six-mark spirit pill went into Lord Dog's stomach.

Han Li felt as though his heart was ripped out from his chest.

However, the thing which caused his heart to ache the most was that this black dog actually pretended to not recognize him the moment he ate the elixir! It lay down on the ground and started to sleep soundly once again.

Everyone was stunned and became speechless.

Han Li was overwhelmed with shock as well. He stared at Lord Dog with his jaws agape. In the next instant, his anger pierced the sky. Was this dog messing with him?! How could it treat him like this?

Let's talk about it reasonably. After eating so many precious spirit pills, shouldn't it at least express some goodwill? Wouldn't Lord Dog feel some guilt in its heart?

Actually, that was exactly the case. Lord Dog felt no shame at all and there wasn't the slightest hint of guilt in its heart.

Lord Dog raised its eyes as it glanced at Han Li. After burping once, it continued to sleep soundly.

Han Li was absolutely enraged. He was played by a dog! Although this dog was really awesome, it should be struck by lightning for being such a shameless dog!

At this moment, Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he walked out of the kitchen.

Raising his hand, he smacked the door. He looked at the Han Li's group with his expressionless face.

"What's going on? Is no one going to order anything? Why are you gathered around here? Are you here to cause trouble?"

The customers were shocked. They glanced at each other and quickly returned back to their seats. They started to relish the food left on their plates.

Han Li and his guards had awkward expressions on their faces. Were they supposed to leave or not?

All of their elixirs which were worth cities were devoured by a dog. Could it be that they had to leave with their tails between their legs?

Although Han Li fed the dog to show his respects, he wasn't trying to throw his money away!

"Hehe, Owner Bu, I brought something for Lord Dog just now. Lord Dog seems to be very satisfied with it. Can you help me put in a few good words with Lord Dog?" Han Li laughed.

When the customers heard what Han said, they spat in their hearts.

This Han Li was really shameless! No wonder he was able to climb up to a commander's position in the Pill Palace!

Bu Fang looked extremely dignified as he stood there in his vermillion robe. Frowning, he coldly glanced at Han Li.

"What are you talking about? Why do I need to speak good stuff about you? I'll count to three. If you don't order any food, please leave the restaurant," Bu Fang blandly said.

What the hell?

If this dog didn't acknowledge his debt, so be it. This chef actually pretended as though nothing happened. This old man's savings were all used to feed a dog?!

Han Li's face was twisted and he felt as though an invisible arrow shot through his heart...



"Owner Bu, you should at least talk to Lord Dog..."


"Bu Fang... Let's talk about this reasonably, shall we?"


Han Li frowned as he thought of what to say next. However, Bu Fang was still leaning against the kitchen door as he looked at Han Li's group. He finally finished his countdown.

"It seems like you really are here to cause trouble," Bu Fang blandly said.

Han Li really didn't place Bu Fang in his eyes. He was just a mere Divine Being. What did he count as?

As such, Han Li really didn't place Bu Fang's abilities in his heart. There was no way Bu Fang would let Lord Dog throw him out today. This dog actually swallowed so many precious spirit pills which belonged to him. It wouldn't be so shameless, right?

Without this dog, was Bu Fang going to rely on the Netherworld Woman?

Even though the Netherworld Woman's cultivation was comparable to his, he wasn't afraid at all. At most, they would fight against each other in a huge battle!

Thinking up until this point, Han Li's heart loosened. A smile hung on his face as he stared at Bu Fang. He said, "Owner Bu, do you know how much those spirit pills were worth?"

"You were the one who wanted to feed them to a dog. Why are you blaming me now?" Bu Fang said.

Han Li was instantly floored. In the next instant, a look of annoyance flashed in his eyes.


"What? Whitey, what do we do when someone is trying to cause trouble?"

Bu Fang didn't move from his original position and continued to lean against the kitchen door. Glancing at Han Li, Bu Fang turned around and spoke a single sentence into the kitchen.

Han Li was stunned.

The customers in the shop were also stunned.

Whitey? Whitey wasn't able to fight against Divine Physique Echelon experts who had broken through two Supreme-Being shackles. Why was Bu Fang calling Whitey out?

Shouldn't he be asking Lord Dog to make a move?

Bu Fang's choice left them with a bewildered expression.

However, Bu Fang had just finished speaking when something happened.

A fluctuation came from inside the kitchen.


A figure slowly appeared as a head poked out from the kitchen.

With violet eyes glowing in its eye sockets, Whitey's gaze landed on Han Li, who had a fearless expression on his face.

"Troublemakers... will be stripped as an example to others!"