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 "Crazy Hot Chili Strips... It really sounds like Latiao." When Bu Fang heard this name, he felt as though it sounded familiar. His lips curled upwards.

In his previous world, Latiao was an extremely famous snack. Although Bu Fang rarely ate it, its fame definitely reached his ears.

He felt a surge of strength fill his body as he wore the feathered robe. He felt as though his body became lighter and with a swing of his fist, sounds of cracking filled the air. It even seemed that Bu Fang was able to shatter space with his pure strength.

He really became much stronger... Bu Fang sighed in his heart. His strength really increased explosively once he reached the Divine Realm.

In the past, there was a cyclone in his dantian. However, today, after he broke into the Divine Realm, a white colored crystal condensed inside his dantian. The white crystal was formed with true energy and a dense cloud of true energy constantly enveloped it.

The crystal continuously supplied Bu Fang with true energy and it improved all of his physical abilities.

Wearing the robe, Bu Fang stretched his waist before leaving the room. He walked into the kitchen as usual and prepared to start the day. Of course, the first thing he did was to practice his knife skills.

When Bu Fang walked down the steps, Whitey was quietly standing guard beside the kitchen door.

Today, there seemed to be something different about Whitey. It was as though there was a mysterious light being emitted from Whitey's body, which caused Bu Fang to be stunned for a moment when he looked at it.

Bu Fang finally recalled something. The system had reminded him before that Whitey's fighting abilities had been improved and it was comparable to a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Divine Physique Echelon.

It was apparent that Whitey's fighting abilities became stronger. The aura coming from its body was completely different from before.

Patting Whitey's round stomach, Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. He grabbed Shrimpy who was sound asleep on Whitey's head. It seemed as though this little shrimp was addicted to sleeping. It was spitting bubbles from its mouth and there was a dreamy expression on its face.

Placing Shrimpy on his shoulder, Bu Fang seemed to have angered the little creature. Shrimpy was sleeping comfortably on Whitey's round and soft head. However, Bu Fang just had to separate it from Whitey.

When Bu Fang placed Shrimpy on his shoulder, its small eyes started to open. Still spitting bubbles from its mouth, Shrimpy's numerous legs started to move. It climbed around Bu Fang's shoulder.

Shrimpy became confused for a moment. There was something strange about Bu Fang today; something seemed different.

The feeling of warmth coming from Bu Fang caused Shrimpy's eyes to narrow and a contented expression appeared on its face.

Bu Fang scratched his head as he looked at Shrimpy's appearance. He found it somewhat funny as he laughed in his heart. This little fellow should have felt the aura coming from the Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body. After all, it was the God of Cooking's outfit. The aura it emitted was naturally extraordinary.

Shrimpy accepted Bu Fang again and lay on his shoulder without moving. It pretended to be dead.

Bu Fang smacked Shrimpy's head as he turned around. He stepped into the kitchen and quickly arrived at the kitchen top which belonged to him.

With a green smoke twirling around his hand, the heavy Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared. Bu Fang placed it into the platform and started his everyday routine.

After his abilities were amplified by the Vermillion Robe, Bu Fang's control over the ingredients became much more refined. He was able to easily control the spirit energy in every single one of the ingredients.

According to Bu Fang's estimations, his mental energy should be comparable to that of an expert in the Supreme-Being Realm who had broken through five shackles.

Before his breakthrough, Bu Fang's mental energy was comparable to an expert in the Supreme-Being Realm who broke through three shackles. Of course, he had assistance from the Shura Tower. Today, his mental energy increased by leaps and bounds and he felt that it would be of great assistance to his cooking skills.

Of course, there was no need to mention how his cooking talent was raised.

It could be said that the current Bu Fang was much stronger compared to the Bu Fang before the Magical Hand Conference.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh...

The fragrance filled the air and hot bursts of steam appeared from inside the wok. The flames charged into the skies. Before long, a thick cloud of smoke filled the kitchen.


Bu Fang brought the dishes out of the kitchen.

On the table, Blacky and Nethery, these two gluttons, were already seated. They pouted their lips as they looked at Bu Fang who was walking out of the kitchen with plates of food.


All of a sudden, Blacky and Nethery's pupils constricted. They looked at the figure which was slowly walking out of the kitchen and were somewhat shocked.

The figure seemed to be emitting a blinding light and all of their attention was focused on him. He had a warm temperament but, at the same time, he seemed to be able to blend into the crowd as he had a face which was easily forgotten.

"When did this little brat become so high-profile?" Lord Dog stuck out its tongue and grumbled. It was impossible for Lord Dog to not comment about the robe Bu Fang wore. It was too eye-catching.

Lord Dog narrowed its eyes. When it looked at Bu Fang's clothes, it seemed to be able to sense a familiar aura. However, Lord Dog had no idea what was so familiar about it.

Forget it... Blacky decided to stop thinking so much. In an instant, Blacky's eyes turned to look at the plate of piping hot Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in Bu Fang's hand. There was a trace of anticipation in its eyes.

Nethery was also slightly stunned when she looked at Bu Fang. However, in the next moment, her gaze was attracted by the dish in Bu Fang's hand.

As soon as Bu Fang placed the plates in front of the two gluttons, they nodded their heads at him and dug in.

Eighty was extremely pitiful as it stood at the side with a depressed look on its face.

Bu Fang felt that something was wrong as he walked towards Eighty. Reaching out his hand, he picked it up by the head.

Eighty suddenly felt an aura which caused its entire body to relax. Its eyes instantly widened and it rubbed its head against Bu Fang's body.

Bu Fang rubbed Eighty's head, turned around, and walked back into the kitchen.

He fried up another portion of Dragon Blood Rice and fed it to Eighty who slowly pecked at it.

However, Eighty felt that there was something wrong as it continued to peck at the Dragon Blood Rice.

After completing everything, Bu Fang opened the bronze gates of the restaurant as he started his business for the day. Outside the gate, there was already a long line as they slowly streamed into the store.

Today, the store was extremely bustling. It couldn't be compared to its past self.

Everyone in Pill Palace seemed to have heard the name of the Cloud Mist Restaurant. There were countless people who wanted to have a taste of the food.

Of course, it wasn't because this was a restaurant opened by the black horse chef. The most important point was that there were terrifying existences in the store. Residing in the store, there was a scary black dog and there was a devilish woman whose beauty could topple cities.

This was an extremely special restaurant. It was a restaurant which could attract countless customers.

There were people who started queuing up before daybreak. They were extremely excited as they laughed and talked to each other. They patiently waited for the bronze gates of the restaurant to be open.

When the bronze gates emitted a dull rumble, everyone's spirit rose. The doors of the restaurant were finally open!

Everyone widened their eyes as they looked at the figure standing inside the door.

Hiss hiss hiss...

When they saw the figure, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

"This is Owner Bu? Why do I feel that there is something different about him?"

"There is something special about the aura around the black horse chef. It feels extraordinary!"

"His clothes look so good... Where did he buy them? I want a set too!"


Bu Fang had an expressionless face as usual. He didn't care about the excited customers at all.

"Everyone queue up. Come in one by one and please maintain order in the store," Bu Fang blandly said. After he spoke, he turned around and walked back into the restaurant.

In the store, Nethery held on to Eighty as her eyes were narrowed. She was messing around with the chicken and its wings flapped around. There were tears in its eyes as they rolled around in its sockets.

To be a chicken with aspirations, one had to learn how to rebel! Go screw yourself! I'll give it to you good, hahaha!

Even though Eighty tried, its rebellion was unsuccessful as nothing changed. Nethery picked up a grain of the Dragon Blood Rice and fed it to Eighty before grabbing a large mouthful of it. She stuffed it into her own mouth with a blissful expression and there were grains of Dragon Blood Rice all over her mouth.

Bu Fang's cooking abilities were at a new level. The Dragon Blood Rice tasted even better now!

Eating the Dragon Blood Rice, Nethery felt an unprecedented sense of enjoyment.

"Stop messing around. Ready yourself, we are about to open for business."

Bu Fang looked at Nethery who was snatching Eighty's rice with a face full of joy and became somewhat speechless. He hurriedly spoke to her before walking back into the kitchen.

Nethery's face was full of disappointment as she placed down Eighty's plate of Dragon Blood Rice. When Eighty looked at the porcelain plate before it, it became so touched that it wanted to cry. That was because there were still some grains of Dragon Blood Rice left on the plate!

As customers streamed into the store, they were incomparably excited. They looked around with their curious gaze.

They came to the Cloud Mist Restaurant with an open mind as they were really curious about it. Even when they saw the expensive dishes on the menu, they were completely calm. They even felt that the prices were reasonable...

After all, these were the dishes personally prepared by the black horse chef. He was someone who gained his fame through the Magical Hand Conference. These prices were actually extremely reasonable.

As dishes came out of the kitchen one by one, an irresistible aroma filled the entire restaurant. When the porcelain plate was placed on the table in front of them, the customer's eyes widened. They were extremely shocked and surprised at the same time.

As they placed a mouthful of food in their mouths, a pleasant aroma started to spread out. Their faces flushed red and they were unable to stop eating.

"This is too delicious!"

"These dishes are indeed cooked by Owner Bu! Its taste is simply heavenly! It's much tastier compared to the dry and uninteresting Multi-Taste Fasting Pill!"

"This is really too delicious... I can't stop myself!"


An intoxicated expression appeared on the faces of the customers. Praises and compliments continuously poured out from their mouths.

As groups of customers arrived, groups of satisfied customers left.

The customers in the restaurant changed regularly.

"Oh my god... I finally managed to squeeze my way in! Old Bu, once your restaurant became famous, it has been extremely hard to see you!"

A voice which was full of resentment reverberated through the store. Nangong Wuque walked into the Cloud Mist Restaurant with beads of perspiration dripping down his forehead. After finding a seat, he yelled towards the kitchen.

"What do you want to eat?" Nethery appeared in front of him and shot in a flat gaze. She asked in a bland voice.

Nangong Wuque instantly narrowed his eyes. A smile appeared on his face as he said, "Sister Nethery, you look much better compared to before..."

Nethery didn't reply to him as she stared at him with her expressionless face. Nangong Wuque's lips flattened and he ordered a portion of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. He didn't speak after ordering it.

Outside, there were several figures who were walking into the store.

A set of silver armor which emitted a blinding light attracted everyone's attention. This person was naturally Commander Han who had made his appearance the day before.

"Haha, Owner Bu, I promised to visit your store yesterday! This commander is here to show his support!" Han Li narrowed his eyes and he laughed. He walked into the store.

At the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Blacky, who was sound asleep under the Path-Understanding Tree.

"Oh, Lord Dog is currently sleeping..."

Bu Fang slowly walked out from the kitchen wearing his red and white Vermillion Robe, but there seemed to be a completely different air around him.

He cleaned off the water droplets on his hand and glanced at Han Li. He blandly said, "Hm. If you're here, sit down somewhere and pick something on the menu. Order anything you like."

After he spoke, Bu Fang exhaled a breath of air as he turned around. He walked back into the kitchen.

Han Li deeply looked at Bu Fang's back as he frowned. Taking off his silver helmet, he waved his hand behind his back.

"Bring out the elixirs I asked all of you to prepare. It's a token of respect to Lord Dog."

After he gave out his order, he cleaned his hand and a bright smile hung on his face as he walked toward Lord Dog.

The customers in the surroundings were stunned for a moment. Nangong Wuque was biting on a pig trotter but his mouth suddenly stopped moving. He was shocked.

"What is this fellow trying to do? Is he trying to bribe Lord Dog with elixirs?"