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 A sudden surge of true energy made Bu Fang slightly astonished and suspicious.

He slightly widened his eyes, feeling the true energy in his body surge like boiling water. When the tides rose, the boat would start to float. Within his energy core, the vortex formed by the true energy started to whirl around rapidly. The more it swirled around, the faster it got. Within the eye of the vortex, a white crystal was condensed.


A wave of mysterious fluctuations scattered at that moment, spreading across Bu Fang's whole body. At this moment, he felt that his own pores were opened up and they were greedily sucking in the surging heaven and earth energy around him.

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the target volume of business, now beginning the upgrade." The solemn and serious voice of the system resounded within Bu Fang's head. He was slightly dazed as he narrowed his eyes.

He had indeed advanced a level.

Bu Fang lamented in his heart. With the combination of the business of Fang Fang's Little Store in the Light Wind Empire and this Cloud Mist Restaurant of the Heavenly Mist City, he finally managed to hit the target volume of business. After two months, Bu Fang finally managed to advance into the next realm.

Although it didn't take too long, to Bu Fang, it felt like an extremely long time.

"Above the Supreme-Being Realm is the Divine Realm... With the breakthrough this time, I will break through to the Divine Soul Realm in the future?" Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he considered deeply.

Lord Dog, who had been ravishing the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, seemed to feel something. It raised its head as it gave Bu Fang a meaningful glance.

In the next moment, Lord Dog buried its head into the food and started to gorge itself. The fats on its entire body started to tremble.

Cluck cluck cluck.

Eighty ate with glee. Initially, it didn't dare to eat as it couldn't stand the aroma coming from the Dragon Blood Rice. However, it gave in and decided to give it a try.

After a taste of the Dragon Blood Rice, it became unable to control itself. It simply couldn't stop!

Eighty's eyes widened in that instant, crying out non-stop. It had never thought that, as a chicken, it would be able to taste such heavenly stuff. That delicious rice, compared to the dry and rough herb valley, tasted so much better!

Nethery ate the Dragon Blood Rice and the complexion on her face became much better. After having the replenishment of enough spiritual essence, her condition had improved greatly. She held onto the porcelain plate as she constantly licked it clean. She only stopped when she finished licking up all the rice grains.

When her vitality energy had been completely used up, she felt that the taste of the Dragon Blood Rice became even better.

Nethery placed down her plate and she pouted her mouth. It was her expression of satisfaction and she wished that she could have another bowl.


Nethery's gaze landed on Eighty who was not far away, and her eyes instantly lit up. It was because she realized that Eighty was pecking at a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice!

Dragon Blood Rice... Blood... Rice... Rice!

Eighty narrowed its eyes as it pecked at the bowl seriously.

I'd eat a grain, then another grain... The life of a chicken was blissful.


Eighty felt its entire body stiffen and it suddenly felt as though it was floating in the air. For some reason, it was getting further and further away from the Dragon Blood Rice. It became unable to reach the dish.

What was going on?

Eighty moved its body with difficulty. That was its rice!

Nethery held onto Eighty as she pouted her lips. Learning from Bu Fang, she rubbed Eighty's head before grabbing Eighty's portion of Dragon Blood Rice.

She carefully placed a grain of the rice on her finger before feeding it to Eighty.

Eighty froze for a moment before happily pecking at that grain of rice.

Nethery's eyes slightly curved as she rubbed Eighty's head once again.

Once again, she placed another grain of rice on her finger to feed Eighty.

Eighty once again happily pecked.....

Hm..... Was this woman feeding the chicken? So compassionate! A beauty who was compassionate! Compared to that chef who usually rubbed its head forcefully, she was much better!

After eating another grain of the Dragon Blood Rice, Eighty excitedly nodded its head.

However, Eighty's excitement did not last for long as it watched Nethery with wide eyes. She grabbed a handful of Dragon Blood Rice and stuffed it into her mouth.

Eighty could only watch on blankly as the rice started to disappear quickly.

"A grain for you, a handful for me. A grain for you, a handful for me..." Nethery chewed before picking up a grain of rice to feed Eighty. She placed it in front of Eighty's lips and she muttered indistinctly.

Eighty's face had an expression as though it was unable to find love in this world. Did you know that you were cheating a chicken? This was morally wrong!

Scanning over the store once, Bu Fang looked at Nethery, who was playing around with Eighty, before letting out a long breath.

The breath he released contained extremely dense true energy.

He turned his body and climbed up the steps, returning to his room. Sealing up the door to his room, he sat down in a crossed-leg posture.


His whole body was shaking. In the next moment, he felt as though the true energy in his whole body seemed to overflow out from his skin.

Bu Fang was suspicious in his heart. The advancement this time was completely different from the advancement in the past. What was going on?

In the previous advancement, there was never such a huge spectacle. It was always low-key. It was as though his advancements in the past were like a stream of water. However, it was different this time. His advancement was extremely explosive.

Could it be that it was because of the advancement from Supreme to Divine realm? Could it be because he was breaking through a great realm?

It was a reasonable explanation.

Bu Fang felt that his body was slightly burning up. The burning sensation caused his body to feel a little uncomfortable.

After taking off his clothes, Bu Fang went into the bathroom. Even after taking a cold shower, he was unable to lower the temperature of his burning body. His head was also slightly giddy. Bu Fang staggered a few steps before falling on his head with his hair still wet. He rolled himself up in a blanket and fell asleep.


When rays of the morning sun pierced through the window, they landed on Bu Fang's face. Feeling that his face was slightly itchy, Bu Fang woke up.

His eyelashes shook. He slowly opened his eyes and was still drowsy. The burning feeling from the previous night seemed to have vanished in the blink of an eye. Right now, Bu Fang felt extremely relaxed. His mind was extremely clear and furthermore, his mental force seemed to have become a lot stronger.

Bu Fang's eyes slightly narrowed. Everything in front of him seemed to be extremely clear. Even the lines on the distant wooden table seemed to be right in front of him.

"Does this count as a successful breakthrough?" Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. He was still curious in his heart. His body seemed to have undergone some unusual changes.

Bu Fang sat up from the bed.

When his state of mind settled, he began to check the system panel.

Host: Bu Fang

True energy cultivation: Divine (One-shackle Divine Physique Echelon)

Culinary talent: Four and a half stars

Skill: Second-grade Meteor Knife Technique (100/100), Second-grade Big Dipper Carving Technique (100/100), First-grade Knife Technique: Overlord Thirteen Blades (6/13), Gourmet Array (1/6)

Items: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking Set), Heaven and Earth Metamorphosis Wok (God of Cooking Set)

God of Cooking's comprehensive score: Intermediate chef (Cooking talent goes up to the next level. Culinary techniques become more familiar, a wider selection of cooking option will be opened up. Will now be able to start cooking utility ingredient)

System level: Second grade, Ten stars (energy conversion rate is at a hundred percent)

System rewards: Utility dish: Crazy Hot Chilli Strips, fragments of the God of Cooking Set (3/3)

"Congratulations to host for collecting all the fragments of the God of Cooking Set. Do you wish to exchange?"

"Exchange!" Bu Fang froze before agreeing hurriedly.

To be able to get the God of Cooking Set, Bu Fang would naturally not reject it. No matter if it was the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife or the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the help that the God of Cooking Set offered was simply too great.

"Exchange is in process... Exchange complete. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the God of Cooking Set: Vermillion Chef Robe." The solemn and serious words of the system resounded inside Bu Fang's head.

In the next moment, he realized that an array was floating in front of his eyes. A burning flame circulated in front of him as it formed a magic array.

From within the array, a fluctuation started to spread out. In the next moment, a red and white checkered chef robe floated out from within.

Bu Fang was slightly dazed. That robe was simply too beautiful! Both his body and mind became enchanted by the robe.

On top of the robe, there was a beautiful pattern. The pattern seemed to be a flying phoenix and red feathers scattered down all around the creature.

Bu Fang deeply sucked in a breath of air. Looking at the Vermillion Chef Robe suspended in the air, he couldn't resist himself as he reached out his hand to touch the robe.

When it touched his hands, Bu Fang felt the silky and slippery feeling. In the next instant, Bu Fang felt as though the robe appeared on his body.

The tidy Vermillion Chef Robe made Bu Fang's body seem all the more slender. The neatly arranged feathers in front of his chest were like buttons arranged on the clothes. The back of the robe was extremely long and many feathers were stitched up neatly on it. Whenever Bu Fang moved, the robe seemed like a soaring Vermillion Bird.

Bu Fang's eyes slightly lit up. He walked in front of the mirror, watching the even more handsome figure of himself. He became slightly amazed.

This Vermillion Chef Robe made Bu Fang look extremely energetic.

"Vermillion Chef Robe, one part of the God of Cooking Set. Possessing powerful defensive ability, it is able to make one invincible for five seconds. Every time it is used, it has a cooldown of three days. The Vermillion Chef Robe is able to strengthen the energy transfer between the host and the ingredients. It can also strengthen the host's reaction speed, increase the host's mental force, and also increase the host's charm."

The system made an analysis of the Vermillion Robe. However, after Bu Fang heard its analysis, his expression became weird.

The other functions were indeed not bad, but that five seconds of invincibility was even more exaggerated. However, what in the world was "increase the host's charm"?

After touching the Vermillion Robe on his body, Bu Fang felt the soft feeling yet again. He was extremely satisfied. Wearing the robe felt extremely comfortable.

After all, it was the God of Cooking Set. Bu Fang was able to adjust the temperature and it was a must for traveling.

However, his heart was still suspicious. Yesterday, when he had a breakthrough, weird symptoms had shown up but there was no difference between this breakthrough and the previous breakthroughs.

Bu Fang asked the system the questions in his heart.

"Host has completed the first great realm breakthrough. The primary system reached completion and the second-grade system was unlocked. Some information changed."

"What changed?" Bu Fang's heart jumped and he felt that it was a little strange.

"The current system is a second-grade system. The second-grade system stipulates that every time the host needs to cook the respective dish to advance, he must first go through the system's assessment. Also, it has a limit on the opening and closing hours," the system solemnly and seriously said. "Whitey's combat ability rose to the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon. The host is able to make improvements on the Gourmet Array."

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. It seemed as though everything happened due to the system upgrade.

However, with the advancement of the system, it seemed as though the difficulty to advance increased.

Bu Fang deeply pondered for quite a while. The system's advancement had been beneficial to him as a whole. However, it meant that the test for himself became stricter. With a requirement for advancement, it was possible for Bu Fang to fail in his advancement.

There were worries and joy. However, since it was only an assessment on his cooking skill, as a young man who wanted to be the chef at the top of the food chain in the fantasy world, Bu Fang had no fear.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin and his lips slowly parted. A confident smile appeared on his face.

He continued scanning the system panel.

Suddenly, Bu Fang's expression froze.

"Huh? This Utility dish... What exactly is Crazy Hot Chilli Strips? A Chilli Strip?!"