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 That familiar manly voice resounded throughout the central plaza.

Because of the magic arrays, the ruined central square was slowly repairing itself. The slag converged together on its own, like a stream of water, forming the ground anew.

Amidst the gentle sounds of the surrounding self-recovery, the eyes of the onlookers went wide as they turned in the direction from which the manly voice had come from-the Netherworld Ship.

Aboard the ship was a black dog whose body fat was jiggling slightly. A sneeze had sent the silvery-armored Han Li flying.

After Han Li stabilized himself, astonishment overwhelmed his heart!

This dog... really was not ordinary. Just the power behind its sneeze was so strong that he was sent flying. This... What exactly was going on?

Did he miss out on something very important?

From her position on the Netherworld Ship, Nethery, whose hair fluttered in the gentle breeze, watched events ensue with a cold expression on her face. After eating some of the purple crystal essence source, her condition had recovered by a lot.

Lord Dog glanced at Nethery before yawning. The combat ability of the Netherworld woman was at its peak within the secret realm, but in the world outside the secret realm, it was restricted by the curse. This was nothing something that could be helped; even Lord Dog itself was unable to help Nethery.

At first, Lord Dog thought that having Nethery make a move would be enough to solve the problem. Who would have known that the wild and mighty Shura Sovereign would emerge so suddenly?

And he threatened to kill his way back.

Did he think Lord Dog was scared of him?

"Lass, you should get ample rest. When we return, get that brat Bu Fang to braise that chicken for you, to help you replenish..." Lord Dog muttered, with a smile, as it glanced at Eighty, who was being held in Bu Fang's arms.

Eighty's eyes widened, and its feathers instantly stood on end. Don't be like this... It's not good to eat chickens!

When Han Li's gaze fell on the Netherworld Ship-where Bu Fang and his posse were talking, amidst laughter-his face turned gloomy; he felt that he had been disregarded. This made him, someone who was used to being the center of attention, feel a bit disgruntled.

However, he was no fool. That fat dog's show of strength had frightened him. A single sneeze from it had sent him flying. There must be something he had missed. He furrowed his brows and turned to look at Grandmaster Xuan Ming, with the intention to make inquiries.

However, Grandmaster Xuan Ming was unhappy at heart and did not want to pay Han Li any attention. Weren't you so cocky before? Weren't you going to seal up someone else's store? Why don't you continue...

The other grandmasters laughed awkwardly but said nothing.

Nangong Wuque and the rest were watching Commander Han, hoping to revel in his misfortune. Since he had dared to anger Lord Dog, he had to take responsibility for it.

Lord Dog began to walk toward the bow of the Netherworld Ship with cat-like strides.

The wind blew past the black dog, causing its body fat to jiggle.

It looked up at Han Li, who was still in the sky, and its eyes narrowed.

Seeing the gaze, Han Li's body stiffened; his face turned blood-red, and his eyes widened in horror.

Just a casual gaze from the dog... How could it be so terrifying?

Suddenly, Han Li felt gravity forcefully act on him, and he began to fall.

"You... You..."

He landed on the ground and began to tremble without stop. This type of pressure... Was this dog really an existence at the Divine Soul Echelon?!

Oh god!

A Divine Soul Echelon dog?

Han Li felt his view of the world turn on its head.

When facing someone at the Divine Soul Echelon, who would still ask for the Shura Tower...

"It's a misunderstanding... It's all a misunderstanding!" said Han Li, who had just gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He removed his helmet, revealing his ash-colored hair, a scrunched up face, and an ugly smile.

"I heard you wanted to seal my little store?" Bu Fang said as he stared at Han Li expressionlessly.

Han Li's heart shuddered in fear. He could feel the gaze of the black dog beside Bu Fang land on his body, causing him to break out in cold sweat.

"I was just joking. You are, after all, the dark horse of the Magical Hand Conference, and a strong contestant for the championship title. How could I possibly seal your store?! I am even late in coming to show my support! Tomorrow, this Commander will come to visit the store, and I will present you with a plaque written by me, the Commander!"

Han Li's face changed, and he hurried spoke with conviction.

The speed at which his face changed made the eyes of everyone watching widen.

His subordinates were all confused. What exactly was going on? They had even followed his orders to use true energy to pressure the Netherworld Ship... Now that his attitude had changed so suddenly, should they release it or not?

Lord Dog did not move, while Nethery's cold gaze swept across this group of people.

These guards under Han Li all had very strong cultivations; they were all existences that had broken at least three Supreme Being shackles.

However, at that moment, they all felt a chill crawling up their spines.

That unrealistic beauty seemed to emit a wave of... killing intent.

Killing intent?

Oh shit!

The hearts of the guards lurched, and they spotted the beauty point a finger at them.

Pu chi! Pu chi!

Blood splattered throughout the surroundings.

The eyes of the guards narrowed, and they began to spit blood, convulsing intensely on the ground. Their chests were cut, with their hearts almost being shattered by strands of black hair. Fortunately, the armor on their bodies glowed, helping them to block the blows.

These few moves seemed to suck dry all of Nethery's energy, and her initially rose-colored cheeks turned pale once more; after that, she staggered pitifully.

Bu Fang began to nurse a slight headache. This woman... She knew she did not have enough strength, so why did she make a move? Was this the pride of a Netherworld Woman?

He took out some purple jade bottle once more and gave Nethery some purple crystal essence source to eat; after that, her complexion recovered.

When Han Li looked at his subordinates coughing blood and those that were already dead, a chill crawled up his heart. He had finally realized who the two demonic stars aboard the Netherworld Ship were.

That dog and the woman with long black straight hair... were terrifying beyond comparison.

They were the chef's reinforcements. No wonder even the experts from the Ancient Shura City were forced to retreat. Just that dog alone was already able to frighten people to death. Unless an expert at the Divine Soul Echelon intervened, no one would be able to fight them.

However, how many existences were at Divine Soul Echelon? In the entire Pill Palace, there was only four-the Pill Palace's great elders and its Pill Master; they were all existences at the Divine Soul Echelon.

How would they all come running over just to deal with one dog?

"Today's matters were a misunderstanding. I, Han Li, will personally apologize some other day. You guys are all tired, right? Just look at how bad this lady's complexion is. Quickly go back and rest. If there are any other matters, let's have a nice conversation about them," Han Li said with a wide smile.

Seeing this, everyone secretly spat. So, the great Commander of the Pill Palace was actually such a soft egg?

Where did your authority go? What happened to that "If I can't do it, who can?" temperament? He only knew how to bully the weak and fear the strong!

The expressions on the faces of the alchemy grandmasters turned to expressions of disdain.

Being able to get to the position of the Pil Palace's Commander, he surely had to be a senior that knew how to adapt.

Lord Dog rolled its eyes. This was the first time it had met such a hoodlum. It had no interest in swiping its paws at people like that.

With cat-like strides, it found a comfortable spot aboard the Ship, lay down comfortably, and fell asleep.

This time... Would there be anyone who dared to wake it up?

Bu Fang rubbed Eighty's head gently while silently looking at the Commander, whose face played host to a wild smile.

Nethery made the Netherworld Ship hover before speeding off into the horizon, leaving Heavenly Mist City's Central Plaza behind.

As Han Li watched the figure of the Netherworld Ship disappear, his smile slowly vanished. Suddenly, he staggered and coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. His Heaven and Earth pressure had been shattered by a dog. While he was already injured, the dog's casual gaze had wounded him further. Back then, he felt as though he was facing a demon; he was completely incapable of rebelling.

"What's there to see? Everyone, get going!" With an ugly expression on his face, Han Li roared coldly. "We are heading to the Pill Prison to interrogate this demon of the Ancient Shura City. About today's matter, no one is to speak a word of it! Or else..."

When Han Li faced Lord Dog, he was terrified. However, he was still the Pill Palace's Commander, so he held authority over the people.

No one could go against him, so they all nodded hurriedly.

Once again, movement could be heard within the Central Plaza as the audience slowly shuffled out.

Despite the warning, however, tales of the events that had occurred after the match spread like wildfire.

That dark horse chef's background was shocking. A dog had killed the clone of the Shura Sovereign and forced the Pill Palace's Commander to apologize profusely and humbly.

It was too terrifying!

What a dark horse chef! He had used his dog to fight once again! Once again, he became the center of attention of the public! Now, more than ever, everyone looked forward to the next match of the Magical Hand Conference, which was to be held a week later.

Two talented alchemists against a dark horse chef. One of the alchemists was Mu Bai. Although the semi-finals had yet to start, it was already a hot topic of discussion in every residence within the Pill Palace.

In comparison, the infiltration of the Ancient Shura City did not garner much attention.

However, this matter was naturally not so easily settled.

The Pill Palace and the Ancient Shura City held the same authority in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Naturally, they would not accept this sort of humiliation. They would definitely have to settle this.

However, this matter was not something that the residents of the Pill Palace were allowed to know.

Han Li, who had experienced a lot of humiliation, currently wore an ugly expression on his face. His heart was not yet resigned, but the enticement of the Shura Tower was too huge; he felt that he could not give up just like that.

Within one of the towering metal buildings, Han Li stood by the window, with his hands on the windowsill.

A chance would present itself eventually; that kid wouldn't always have that dog and woman to protect him.

What's more, the top three in the Magical Hand Conference had won the opportunity to enter the Heaven Secret Territory. The Heaven Secret Territory was Pill Palace's greatest secret realm. The number of natural treasures inside was countless, so that chef would most definitely not let go of this chance.

When that time came, he would have a chance to snatch that Shura Tower!

At that thought, Han Li's gaze became deeper, and his lips curled into a cold smile.