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 "Can you even defeat this dog?"

Bu Fang's voice was extremely bland. There wasn't any fluctuation in his voice at all. It was as if he was asking a question of no importance.

Bu Fang's question was extremely straightforward.

When everyone heard it, a weird expression appeared on their faces. They sucked in a cold breath.

The silver-armored man was stunned. He tilted his head and glanced at the fat dog which was sleeping soundly on the Netherworld Ship. He fell into silence. In the next moment, many black lines appeared on his forehead.

He narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at Bu Fang. A sneer appeared on his face.

"Are you insulting me? Using a dog to insult this commander... What are you trying to say?"

Han Li was, after all, a commander in the Pill Palace. He was an expert at the pinnacle of the Supreme-Being Realm. He broke through five of the Supreme-Being shackles and his inner qi and blood were surging wildly.

Bu Fang actually compared him to a dog who didn't possess the aura of a supreme beast... Han Li felt as though he would be able to kill the dog with a single finger!

Looking at this fellow in front of him, who compared him to a dog, Han Li felt as though Bu Fang wasn't simply looking down on his ability. Bu Fang was essentially making a personal attack on him.

If it wasn't because of the Shura Tower, Han Li would have flipped out on the spot. He would have killed the little brat with a single slap.

He had the guts to humiliate a commander from the Pill Palace. He was definitely looking for death!

Bu Fang was shocked and narrowed his eyes. He suddenly realized something... This fellow was someone who just arrived. He should be unaware of what just happened.

This fellow probably didn't know that the Shura Sovereign, who was able to exterminate the heavens and earth, made an appearance. He also didn't know that she Shura Sovereign's clone was killed with a single bark and slap from Lord Dog. He was oblivious to everything which happened. That was why he looked down on Lord Dog...

Bu Fang became somewhat speechless as he was simply stating the truth. This silver-armored man in front of him was basically a weakling in front of Lord Dog!

Han Li saw that Bu Fang went silent all of a sudden and his gaze became deeper. He glanced at Nethery, who was standing behind Bu Fang.

He knew this woman. She was someone who could fight a huge battle against the Shura Saintess. She was definitely no weakling. She was probably an expert at the pinnacle of the Supreme-Being Realm as well. He didn't dare to be careless when facing an opponent at the same level as himself.

"You should hurry up and make your decision. Give me the Shura Tower and I will protect you. In the Pill Palace, there will be no one who will dare to bully you." Han Li was extremely confident. He had faith that, other than the four elders and the Pill Palace's Palace Master, everyone else would give him some face.

"This time you were lucky you didn't die. What if there isn't anyone there to protect you the next time someone from the Ancient Shura City comes? What if you die? An ordinary man is innocent... You should know that it's a crime for a common man to hold onto something precious," Han Li said.

However, he didn't know that, after he made his statement, everyone's gaze turned weird. There were people who looked at Han Li as though he was a retard. For example, Nangong Wuque and a few other people. There were people who were about to say something, but they restrained themselves. There were only five people like that... They were the five grandmasters.

In fact, when Bu Fang asked him to defeat the dog, the hearts of the grandmasters jumped. They were different from Han Li. They personally witnessed the power of the dog. It was absolutely terrifying. It was as though it left an indelible nightmare in their hearts.

A single paw from the dog could destroy the clone of the Shura Emperor. The deafening roar from Lord Dog seemed as though it could shatter the heavens.

That dog was an extremely terrifying being!

When Han Li gestured at the dog, all of their hearts were in their throats. They were afraid that Lord Dog would suddenly extend its paw toward Han Li. If that were to happen, their Commander Han would really disappear from the face of the earth.

"Commander Han..." Beads of sweat started to form on Grandmaster Xuan Ming's forehead. He quickly opened his mouth in order to persuade Han Li.

However, before he was able to say anything, Han Li raised his hand and stopped Grandmaster Xuan Ming from speaking.

"Grandmaster Xuan Ming, you don't have to continue. I know... This chef is a black horse in the Magical Hand Conference. However, the item on his body is too important. I have to take care of it for him. Otherwise, the experts from the Ancient Shura City will continue to harass him." Han Li had a serious face as he spoke with reason.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming was stunned for a moment and his eyes widened. He became somewhat speechless and felt his heart tighten.

"Since you chose the road to hell, don't blame this old man for not reminding you."

Han Li's gaze landed on Bu Fang's body again. He said, "Make your choice. I don't have time to waste with you."

The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards. He slightly raised his eyebrows and glanced at the silver-armored man whose eyes were glowing. He said, "What if I don't hand it over? Are you going to capture me and throw me into jail?"

Han Li frowned. He looked at Bu Fang with a look of surprise. He never thought that this chef would be so stubborn.

"It seems like you made your choice. I won't capture you and throw you in jail. This is because with your behavior, throwing you into jail is a waste. Aren't you a chef? I heard that there is a restaurant in Heavenly Mist City. As a commander of the Pill palace, I have a say in how the city is run. I can tell you right now that if you don't give me the Shura Tower, your restaurant is definitely going to close down." Han Li crossed his arms across his chest and boldly declared.

Bu Fang sharply raised his head and stared at Han Li. The look in Bu Fang's eyes gradually grew sharp and it was as though a sharp sword shot out from his eyes.

"What did you say?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

Han Li's lips twitched and he said with a peal of cold laughter, "I said... I will force you to close your restaurant."

Oh no... Why did you say that, Commander Han?

The five grandmasters had dumbstruck expressions on their faces, and Grandmaster Xuan Ming instantly slapped his forehead. Did he know who he was talking to?

It was the chef who had a mysterious dog and woman protecting him! If Han -+**+really wanted to seal the store, could you actually defeat the waitress guarding it?

Nangong Wuque was finally unable to control himself and he started laughing loudly. Tears of laughter started to stream down his face. He suddenly found out that there was a bigger clown than him in this world.

Seal Owner Bu's restaurant?

Wasn't he afraid that Brother Blacky would kill him with a single slap? As if that wasn't enough, Sister Nethery would be able to poke him to death with a strand of her hair!

People nowadays... They wanted to act tough so badly that they were overdoing it. They were completely unlike him, Nangong Wuque. He was awesome as always.


Bu Fang lightly sighed.

In the next instant, he glanced at the silver-armored man and coldly said, "Come and seal my restaurant if you have the abilities. Nethery, let's go."

Bu Fang was too lazy to speak to someone as greedy as this commander.

Nethery coldly glanced at Han Li but didn't speak. She simply used a thought to propel the Netherworld Ship forward.

Commander Han furrowed his brows and coughed dryly.

"Did I let you leave? I said that you have to give me the Shura Tower!"

Boom boom boom!

The guards who were standing behind him stepped forward with huge steps. Chains made from true energy started to float behind them as they slowly linked the chains together. They managed to surround the Netherworld Ship.

In an instant, the atmosphere turned explosive.

The man who wore silver armor crossed his hands behind his back and stood in the distance. He sneered as he observed the Netherworld Ship.

"Obediently hand over the Shura Tower. What uses do you even have for it? Why don't you give it to me..."

"You want to stop me?" Bu Fang frowned and interrupted the man.

In the next instant, Bu Fang raised his head and looked at the audience members before looking at the five grandmasters.

When the five grandmasters met his gaze, a bitter smile appeared on their faces. Grandmaster Xuan Ming's gaze seemed to be pleading with Bu Fang.

"Bu... Contestant Bu Fang, let's talk about this peacefully..."

"Don't look at Grandmaster Xuan Ming. He can't help you. Today, it doesn't matter who you call, no one can save you. Even if you don't want to hand over the Shura Tower, you have to give it to me!"


When Han Li finished speaking, a threatening aura erupted from his body. It seemed as though it wanted to break through the heavens, and a terrifying pressure covered the earth.

The void started to rumble and Han Li directed all the pressure towards Bu Fang.

He wanted to suppress Bu Fang with his aura!

He believed that as a mere Supreme-Being, Bu Fang would only be able to grovel before the pressure of an expert at the pinnacle of the Divine Psyque Echelon. He was definitely going to obtain the Shura Tower today.

Although he didn't know why the people from the Ancient Shura City failed, it was probably because of the woman behind the little brat. However, after fighting with the people from the Ancient Shura City, how would she still possess the energy to save him?

Today, that little brat was a fish. And he, Han Li, was the knife!

The expression of everyone in the central plaza changed. The tense atmosphere which filled the area all of a sudden shocked everybody.

What was the commander doing? Why did he have to use force? Why was he treating Bu Fang as an enemy? Where did he get the courage to mess with Owner Bu?

Right now, in the eyes of the audience, Commander Han was a retard.

He didn't know how terrifying the dog was. Everyone who was there during the confrontation between Bu Fang and the experts from the Ancient Shura City was extremely clear about the dog's abilities. He wasn't an ordinary black dog at all! That was a dog whose bark could shatter the heavens and his claws were unparalleled.

"Suppress the ship for me!"

Han Li shouted.

Wasn't he just a black horse in the Magical Hand Conference? Compared to the Shura Tower, what was a black horse worth? That was a divine tool that the Ancient Shura City was willing to fight to the death for!

After the guards received their order, they started to shout.

All of them charged into the sky and a fierce aura emerged from their bodies. They all shot toward the Netherworld Ship and seemed to have transformed into statues. They sealed every single part of the Netherworld Ship and exerted all the strength they could. They directly pulled the Netherworld Ship down from the sky.


The Netherworld Ship emitted a deafening blast as it landed on the ground. A huge cloud of dust rose to the skies.

Bu Fang and Nethery were expressionless as usual as they stood on the deck of the ship.

The silver-armored man held his hands behind his back and there was a faint smile on his face. With an overwhelming pressure, he slowly walked toward the Netherworld Ship step by step. He believed that Bu Fang would be groveling on the ground before long.

When that moment came... he wanted to see how stubborn the black horse would be.

Step... step...

Han Li walked toward the Netherworld Ship step by step as he held his hands behind his back. He finally stepped on the ship.

Nethery's eyes turned completely black and a fierce aura erupted out of her body.

However, before Nethery was able to do anything, Lord Dog's nose slightly twitched. Opening its mouth. Blacky's droopy eyelids gradually opened. A sneeze could be heard.

The dog was awake!

Oh my god!

Everyone was shocked. In their minds, the horrifying scene which happened not too long ago played out in their minds once again. They quickly retreated.

As the sneeze echoed through the air, a raging wind was swept up!

The silver-armored man had just stepped on the Netherworld Ship and was stunned for a second. In the next moment, his pupils shrunk and he was blown away by Blacky's sneeze.

His body flipped around in the air several times before he was able to stabilize himself. He instantly stood straight in the air.

Lord Dog's nose twitched and it glanced at the silver-armored man with its sleepy eyes.

"Where did this fly come from? How dare he disturb Lord Dog's sleep? Also... Is this lass' ship something you can board?"